The Muslim Agenda

The video below is a two-hour compilation of material juxtaposing Islamic teachings the behavior of Muslims with what Western political leaders say about the “Religion of Peace”. It demonstrate that Islam is much more a cult-like political ideology than a religion.

NOTE: Some of the photos and clips in this video are graphic, and may be disturbing to sensitive viewers. On occasion foul language is heard in the sound track or displayed in the subtitles:

Hat tip: Steen.

5 thoughts on “The Muslim Agenda

  1. I could only last about 5 minutes into that 2 hour video.

    After David (call me ‘Dave’) Cameron, Gordon Brown and George ‘Dubya’ Bush served up their words of wisdom on the Islamic death cult I found myself laughing so loudly and uncontrollably, to the extent of disturbing my neighbours, that I couldn’t go on.

    Make no mistake. None of the three were lying. They are no more stupid than anyone else.

    Their worldview is derived entirely from within the framework of the various political cults to which all of them subscribe to one degree or another. They cannot reason because the doctrines of their political cult have already provided them with all of the answers that they need and, as far as they are concerned, all that they will ever need.

    They are not necessarily completely stupid; stupid people can be educated even if they are misinformed.

    They are simply cultists.

    Therefore they are mad.

  2. I have arrived at the conclusion that most Western Christian communities have never suffered persecution in a society country completely controlled by muslims in History. Therefore they refuse to believe it happened /is now happening to Middle Eastern, African and Asian Christians. SO they IGNORE the reports of the persecution and make excuses for the persecutors.

    Never ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for YOU….. but you MUST better ask, WHO IS PULLING THAT ROPE?

  3. Is someone holding a nuclear weapon to someones head that we don’t know about? It’s just too strange. Muslims make no secret about their agenda. We still have a voice.

  4. Not so sure about the Top Gear petrol sniffing for the masses inclusion, Jeremy Clarkson is more of the crowding sort than of the right crowd.

    Get well soon Schumi!

  5. I don’t need to watch the video; my ancestors are from Slovenia, and the Turks fled Ljubljanski Grad after an unsuccessful takeover bid; the direction in which they fled is now a district known as bezigrad (flee castle, literally). My joke is that they left so fast they forgot their coffee.

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