The Caucasus Emirate Declares War on Russia

The mujahideen of the Caucasus have put Russia on official notice that they will do whatever it takes to stop the Winter Olympics from being held in Sochi. They consider the games a satanic ritual that profanes sacred ground belonging to Caucasian Muslims.

Many thanks to DarLink for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:07   Caucasus Emirate’s emir Dokka Abu Usman canceled moratorium
00:10   on operations in Russia, calls for retaliation for every strike
00:13   and prevention of Olympic games on the land of Caucasus ancestors’ burials.
00:17   June 2013 Caucasus Emirate
00:30   I speak to Caucasian mujahidin
00:35   and to mujahidin which are currently in Russia
00:44   Jihad is gaining in strength nowadays
00:50   By will of God, the struggle is ongoing and spreading worldwide
00:59   There is no Muslim land, geographically speaking, where Jihad or mujahidin are absent
01:09   We are part of the Global Jihad
01:13   This is a great honor bestowed on us by Allah.
01:17   That’s why I am speaking to Caucasian mujahidin.
01:21   You see us here, in Caucasus. We are your brothers.
01:24   We love you with all our heart, as Allah wills
01:27   and hold you in our prayers.
01:36   In my recent announcements, I made some peace building offers,
01:43   showing our good and merciful intentions on our side.
01:47   But kafirs proved to us with their recent barbaric actions
01:52   in Caucasus that they do not understand our kindness and take our good intentions as a sign of weakness.
02:02   So after our peaceful announcements where we promised not to attack Russian civilians,
02:07   kafirs went ahead and ruthlessly attacked Caucasus civilians
02:17   with all their strength and also places where peaceful mujahidin live.
02:26   That is why for every barbaric response we have to respond in kind from our side.
02:35   Today we have to prove to those in Kremlin, not the Russians but those who are in Kremlin,
02:45   those infidels, that our kindness is not a weakness.
02:51   Today they desecrate our Muslim lands, our Muslim laws, by holding Spartakiada games
03:02   on the lands of Tatarstan. They are fully aware of our laws and are still disrespectful
03:06   and are going to have these Satanic games.
03:09   We know that the Olympic Games will be held on the remains of our many ancestors, true Muslims,
03:17   who were buried along the Black Sea coast.
03:21   We, as mujahidin, must prevent this from happening by any means allowed to us by Allah.
03:31   That is why I ask from every mujahidin, wherever he is, in Tatarstan, Bashkiristan or Caucasus,
03:41   to make maximum effort on their way to Allah and to prevent these Satanic games, Satanic dances
03:50   from taking place in the land of our ancestors, on their bones.
03:53   Inshalla, Allah will help us, Inshalla we are going to make Jihad for you and for us.

21 thoughts on “The Caucasus Emirate Declares War on Russia

  1. So, given the propensity for the muslims to call for this kind of violence, pretty much like ordering chinese carryout, will it result in any significant elevation of violence in sochi and the surrounding region? Are there significant numbers of muslims in that region? This could be a scary olympiad.

  2. Will David Cameron and William Hague form an anti Russian alliance with the mujahideen of the caucasus?

    • I see this as a real possibility.
      There will be serious political and diplomatic consequences to the Islamization of Britain.
      It is only a matter of time– Britain will take the side of Al Qaeda, like they have already taken the side of militant Palestinians and, by omission, the MB.
      They are a de facto ally of the Ummah.
      As such, they make themselves the enemies of the West.

      • The US is much further down that road than the UK. The Parliament baulked at declaring war on Assad. The US has fully allied itself with AQ and quite frankly you know it already did side with AQ during the 1980s.

        You’d bomb white Britons…wouldn’t you?

        • If they were good Muslims, yes.
          To be white is not necessarily to be Western.
          And Western civilization is much more worthy of survival than any one race.
          Our civilization, our culture, are far superior to our biology.
          Worth giving our lives for.
          Well worth it.

    • I would be more worried about the U.S. We bankrolled and equipped Libyan Al-qeada elements to go fight in Syria and almost got into a shooting war with Russia over said country.

      Then McCain and some State Dept goons went over to Ukraine to help topple the current government in order to economically isolate Russia.

      The only problem with these sorts of games, is that they can end up causing a hot war. Especially when you have mentally unstable people like McCain and bumbling incompetents like Rice, Jarrett, Kerry and Obama at the helm.

    • In case you missed it the US and UK have always sided with Steppe Muslims against Russia. It’s a large and obvious element of Cold War history.


  3. Well at least they believe they have their God on their side unlike the secular West where God has been banished to the outer limits of human consciousness!

    • They see this and they know it’s a weakness.
      Unfortunately, the West has lost its perception of the sacred and the profane.

    • Faith vs. crass materialism, individualism and nihilism. It’s not a fight it’s a slaughter.

      Yeah I know many don’t consider Islam a religion, but it does work for its adherents and that’s all that matters.

  4. The mujahidin are right on one point. Whatever the Olympic Games once were, they are now (by London’s stark example) clearly a Satanic ritual. I will never watch another.

  5. Game on, Putin. Time to [engage in intemperately-phrased vigorous actions to discourage Islamic extremism].

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  7. Say what you want to about the Russians but, the muslims made a very huge error in judgment by essentially declaring war against the west and Russia. The Russians are not afraid to kill as many as it takes to win and how many cities they have to level to accomplish that goal, and the Russians have rightly pegged the west as weak and decadent and won’t do anything to help the muslims that are about to become a very endangered species. Bring the steel rain Russia!

    • It just shows how deluded muslims (and specifically Caucasus muslims ) are – in even thinking they could win.

    • you clearly don’t know russians….. don’t you…..
      too much propaganda about wrestling bears……

      Typical example of our russian reality…… russian girl hardly beaten in front of russian students by 19 y.o. muslim bully….. FOR UPVOTING COMMENTARY (about islam) IN RUSSIAN ANALOG OF FACEBOOK.

      Nobody helped her (at least she is alive)…… we as “enriched” “tolerant” blinded and scared to defend ourselfs as most other white christians of europe continent….. maybe even more scared and weak/weakminded……

      also ……we don’t have wilderses here in power to spread his type of words…… not a single one.

      p.s. we are probably doomed to die in very unpleasent ways here….. and there is not a single country who will be on our side.

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