The Breivik Ideology and Media Disinformation

After reading Anders Behring Breivik’s letter to the media, our Swedish correspondent Styrbjörn sends some thoughts about the killer’s ideology and the actions of the mainstream media:

The entire letter tells us who Anders Behring Breivik is — a classical Nazi (he calls himself a “nordicist”). He refers to persons such as Tore Tvedt, Varg Vikernes, Erik Blücher and Nicolay Kvisler. Check them out on Google. Nice fellows.

The interesting part of the letter begins on page 3, “When dealing with media psychopaths,…….” and includes the next two paragraphs. But first a background story:

In the 1990s, one of my very good friends in Copenhagen was Torben Bo Jansen, leader of “Center for Udviklingsteknologi” — something like the Institute of Developing Technology. Torben was one of the sharpest brains I’ve ever met (The EU killed him, but that’s another story).

Among many, many other things, Torben wrote about the “Evasion of Responsibility” that was spreading like a cancer in the society. The issue is: Identify the true merchandise!

One example is big companies hiring management consultants before reorganizing their companies. As we all know, this often leads to a catastrophe. The board put the blame on the management consultants, and the management consultants claim that the company haven’t acted according to their instructions. Evasion of Responsibility. This is the real merchandise, and there’s a big market for the product.

The real merchandise of today’s MSM is dezinformatsiya (disinformation) and taking every opportunity for beginning a witch-hunt as soon as they can detect the smell of blood. Especially regarding the witch-hunting — the market among “average” people is huge. I’m inclined to agree with ABB’s use of the word “rape”. Purposeful rape.

ABB understood this, which gave him the sovereign ability to manipulate the media.

The MSM will never give an apology to Fjordman or anyone else they have witch-hunted and whose lives they have destroyed. They have only been delivering their goods.

But they won’t like it if somebody shines a light on their real product. That might be the reason for their almost complete silence in this case.

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8 thoughts on “The Breivik Ideology and Media Disinformation

  1. Really, at this point what difference does it make? The man murdered scores of people, yet he still lives. Your legal structure mocks every friend and relative of his victims.

    • Nope, oldguy, not OUR legal structure. We executed the American Breivik who killed all those people in Oklahoma. It’s the dessicated, deracinated Eurofolk who are too far gone to apply the requisite punishment to someone who cannot be rehabilitated and has no remorse for his massacre.

      In all probability those Norwegian elites will let Butcher Breivik out of prison eventually, to live and move and have his being in a world where the people he murdered have been irrevocably extinguished. Nice Nice Norwegians are far too civilized to rise up against this ultimate mockery of justice. Nor will they do anything more than shun and shame him on his release. Like he cares.

      They’re oh-so civilized, those intelligent Europeans who are busy killing off their culture via the predators they invited in to destroy the thousands of years of work by their forebearers. I much prefer our knuckle-dragging method of dealing with the murderously depraved. However, I expect that we’ll achieve The Full Europe sometime in this century and execution by the state for heinous crimes will be ruled off the books.

      The only thing that might put a spanner in the spokes is the equally criminal moves of the banksters who, with the permission of the political class, have created a financial morass into which many will eventually sink. The resulting desperation and chaos won’t be pretty; things already look bad in southern Europe.

      As the ruin continues our petty concerns over this psychopath punk will be academic when their house of cards finally collapses into the surrounding fetid moral swamp.

      Breivik is a symptom of our terminally ‘civilized’ culture.

  2. Watch what happens in Ukraine! If I am correct, the EUSSR maybe about to get its long overdue “cumuppance”. They have seriously overplayed their hand and awoken a slumbering monster that will devour them……

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