Stuck With the Bill

Like other U.S. states, Tennessee is experiencing a budget crunch, and Governor Bill Haslam expects the citizens of Tennessee to tighten their belts.

But not the federally-sponsored refugees in Tennessee. Those refugees were brought to the state with a promise that the federal government would help with their welfare costs. However, now that the feds have withdrawn their cash, Tennessee still has the refugees, and tax-paying citizens have to pick up the slack for Medicaid and similar expenses.

The latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice has this report:

It’s no news to anyone listening in Tennessee that Governor Haslam is warning that projected revenue shortfalls will mean budget cuts.

Speaker Harwell acknowledged that with “revenues down a little this year, [balancing the state’s budget] will be tough. But we will stick to the principles of fiscal responsibility and balance it responsibly.”

On January 2, 2014, The Tennessean reported: “The governor has argued that the annual growth in Medicaid spending has put the squeeze on other programs the state would like to spend money on. ‘Medicaid takes up all of our new dollars, and that’s just the hard fact,’ the governor told reporters after a Rotary Club speech last month.”

The week of January 20, 2014, the newspaper ran a series titled “Broken Trust” about the 7,100 most vulnerable Tennesseans with developmental disabilities who are forced to go without needed services because of the state’s failure to allocate the funds.

The funds needed to provide these services are Medicaid funds. These are dollars that the State spends and the federal government matches.

Rep. Bill Sanderson believes that these state Medicaid dollars should NOT go to Tennesseans with developmental disabilities, but instead, to refugees who don’t even live in Tennessee yet. He’s referring to the refugees that are eventually brought to Tennessee by Catholic Charities, a federal contractor that gets paid a lot of taxpayer money to bring refugees to Tennessee.

When refugees are brought to Tennessee by the federal contractors, they are immediately enrolled into any and all public assistance programs, including, state-funded TennCare, SSI, and cash welfare. The federal government used to reimburse the state for 3 years worth of what it cost the state to provide these benefits. But typical of the federal government, they broke their promise to the states and stopped reimbursing the states for what the federal program cost.

A recent op-ed in The Tennessean notes: “The federal government assumed there would be a cost to states when it established the resettlement program in 1980. That’s why it promised three years of support for refugees, reimbursing states for their social-service costs. That period quickly shrank from three years to eight months, and there is no longer any reimbursement for state costs. The federal government has repeatedly documented the fact that refugee program costs are being shifted to states.”

In fact, the federal government acknowledged in multiple reports, that they were simply “passing these costs onto the state.” During an August 2013 legislative hearing it was disclosed that when Catholic Charities took over the program, the number of refugees being brought to Tennessee increased pretty dramatically and that in 2011, for example, 58% of over 2000 people they brought to Tennessee, were enrolled into TennCare (that’s a little more than 1,000 people).

Last year, a bill was brought to Rep. Sanderson’s committee that was designed to help Tennessee figure out how much it was costing the state to pay for the federal program, a program that the state withdrew from in 2008 and is now run by a federal contractor.

But Rep. Sanderson who scathingly accused the bill sponsors and advocates of going on a “witch hunt against Catholic Charities,” related how he had watched a “60 Minutes” segment about refugees and it convinced him that they needed our help. He enthusiastically joined up with the federal contractors and led the effort to not pass the bill out of the committee.

The lobbyist for Catholic Charities was also the lobbyist for the TN Disability Coalition supported Sanderson’s position. Isn’t this Disability Coalition supposed to advocate for the needs of the 7,100 people with disabilities waiting for services? Did this lobbyist have a conflict of interest? The lobbyist may have had a conflict of interest since she is no longer the Disability Coalition lobbyist.

But how does the Governor propose a budget and how does the legislature pass a budget if they don’t know what everything costs? What if they knew how much money the federal contractors were racking up for the state and then decided not to spend that money on that program? Could they use that state money instead for some of the 7,100 Tennesseans with disabilities?

Maybe Speaker Harwell needs have a heart to heart with her House colleague.

Maybe Sanderson hadn’t read about or met one of the 7,100 Tennesseans with disabilities. Maybe they need “60 Minutes” to help them get his attention.

Better yet, let him and Speaker Harwell know what Tennesseans think:

16 thoughts on “Stuck With the Bill

  1. This is the eclipse of white America.

    Chuck Shumer is quite explicit about it.

    “Anglo-Saxon men no longer exclusively run the country” and added “they are scared”.

    I do not see how it is possible to address the the decline of the US and not highlight the demographic decline of our own flesh and blood and the wholesale replacement of one people by another. The spread of Islam merely looks like a side effect of this decline.

    • Just a thought…what about us NORMANS and the GAELS???

      We ain’t scared of anything!

      • Irish and Scottish Gaels and the Norsemen of France and Scandinavia I would say are getting quite nervous and hopefully for only now have chosen to live in complete denial and continue to elect politicians who stand steadfastly by the religion peace at home and abroad. You may as well add the Picts, Anglo Saxons, Dutch, Germans and numerous others. In fact the whole non-muslim world is a little apprehensive – I imagine.

      • Deeply unserious stuff.

        You think Ahmet cares about such fine differences?

        When Romney visited England he said “I’m Anglo-Saxon” the British press dominated by godonlyknowswho these days eviscerated him. The US press did likewise.

        It was the tragedy of the election contest. America knowingly electing a black Muslim (sympathizer)
        over a competent Anglo-Saxon from a reasonably productive Christian sect.

        • The main point of the New World Order presenting Mitt Romney as the GOP Presidential candidate was to entice uninformed Christians to accept, support, and announce the Mormon cult as being a Christian sect.

          Mormonism is NOT a Christian sect.

          When asked for specific rituals she considers bizarre, Erickson claims Romney and other Mormons take part in clandestine marriage ceremonies involving “outrageous” customs. Explaining her own Mormon wedding, she says she was forced to completely disrobe against her will.

          “It was horrific,” she told WND. “There I was standing naked. They brought this bowl of water, and started washing my body down and whispering prayers over my body. They stopped over the right and left breast, the navel and knees and prayed specific prayers.”

          To help ensure the general public did not learn details of the rituals, she says believers took a symbolic knife to feign their own murder if members spilled the beans of what really goes on behind closed doors.

          “They actually had us slashing our guts open and our guts falling to the ground if we told people of the secret dogma of the ceremonies,” Erickson said.

        • Well, I hear rumblings about the GOP running Mitt Romney for President again….

          If so, I would have to INSIST that Mitt Romney, as a self-identified high-ranking member of the Mormon church clergy, answer DEFINITELY whether any Mormon-approved wedding ceremony in the last 10 years has included presenting a naked bride to the congregation.

          The existence of such a demeaning practice would be a COMPLETE deal-breaker for me!

          As for Mormons being real trouble: Mormons are the front men for Muslims re-introducing state-sanctioned polygamy back into the USA.

          The Mormon Church NEVER truly repudiated polygamy. The Mormon Church simply told its members to defer to U.S. law against polygamy. However, a lady acquaintance who was a Mormon told me that Mormon teachings still promote the idea of polygamy. Even Mormon ‘heaven’ promotes polygamy.

          And, the practice of polygamy ALWAYS leads to forced marriage, child marriage, and pedophilia.


          “In 1890, the article says, God ‘inspired’ then-church President Wilford Woodruff to issue a statement that became known as “the Manifesto,” ushering in the end of the church’s practice of polygamy.

          “In the Manifesto, now canonized in Mormon scripture as ‘Official Declaration 1,’ Woodruff ‘declared his intention to abide by U.S. law forbidding plural marriage and to use his influence to convince members of the church to do likewise.’

          “After that time, the church preached monogamy, but some ‘new plural marriages were performed between 1890 and 1904, especially in Mexico and Canada,’ as well as ‘a small number’ in the United States.

          “Even though plural marriage is a distant memory in the Utah-based LDS Church, Mormon scriptures — such as Doctrine and Covenants Section 132 — describe and defend the practice and remain part of the mainline LDS canon.

          “Plus, men can be ‘sealed,’ or married for eternity (Mormonism’s crowning rite), to more than one woman, while a woman can be sealed to only one man.

          “Some point to that policy as proof that, under LDS doctrine, polygamy will continue in heaven.

          “The new church article on plural marriage makes no mention of the future.”

    • The spread of Islam is indeed a side effect of the America’s open border policies that has it as it’s main goal to bring about the demographic destruction of Anglo-Saxon culture by people like Schumer and a host of other self-loathing white liberals along with a bunch of greedy corporate types.

      The fact is we can’t deal with Islam until we can fix immigration laws to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. for good, beef up border security and enforcement. And we can’t until the whole federal government apparatus that promotes diversity at the barrel of a gun and legal intimidation runs out of money. Think about it, every attempt at fighting the dumping of 3rd world immigrants at the local level is met with a barrage of lawsuits and investigations from the DoJ and by very well funded progressive/ethnic/tribal grievance group imaginable. Like the SPLC, NAACP, Maldef, ACLU.

      Once the money stops flowing so does the gravy train for every 3rd worlder and we can then stand up to the system and deal with the immigration problem properly.

      But until that time, there isn’t much we can do. Both political parties and their nomenklatura love the status quo irregardless of the long term destruction they are doing to our country and will do anything to keep the scam going.

      • I have joined several MORE American Heritage , History, Family History loving groups of late.
        Been D.A.R. for over 30 years but now I am joining EVERY single group I am eligible to be a member of . Even got the grand kids into two groups and they love the historical events with picnics and even had a hay ride. Convinced husband to join a leading veteran’s group too.

        Now working on my adult kids to join in the fun. One already is a member of two heritage groups.

        I love genealogy anyway and can tract two lines of the family back to 9 th Century, Ireland. So there are many groups that I can join and I AM JOINING.

        Why? Because I know for a fact that the “progressives” /commies/fascists HATE traditional religion AND HISTORY and HERITAGE.

        And yes I attend a tradition and conservative church.

        There is strength in groups like this because they bother the above mentioned STATIST groups. And get this, I have yet to met an Obama supporter or LIBERAL belly aching weirdo at any meetings. Of course I live in a Southern state so that may be the reason. : )

        Get busy everybody SUPPORT YOUR HERITAGE . BE PROUD of your family and its History!

    • My respect for Shumer just fell through the floor, the race-baiter.

      I am not an “Anglo-Saxon”, even if male, Protestant, and mostly white, but my sympathies with the Tennesseans who are getting fed up with our federal government saddling them with resettlement issues and then cutting and running are quite genuine.

  2. I have seen this with Lutheran Social Services as well as Catholic charities….. NEITHER of these two organizations do ANYTHING to get Christians out of dangerous situations in MUSLIM countries. THEY bring mostly muslims into the USA. They are ignoring Syrian Catholics and Orthodox Christians who are in serious danger.

    Another TEST of the LSS work… called their local office said I would like to help some Christian refugees coming in from Syria….. silence on the other end of the phone…. then,”

    let me transfer you to the volunteer co-ordinator…. ”

    He says,” well we have some people from Syria but we are not allowed to say what religion. ”

    SO I asked well how CAN I give moslems bibles and help them find a church to take them to? I , like … I mean a moslem family cannot go to the church picnic with me…we always roast a PIG!!

    “Oh, we cannot discriminate on the basis of religion.”

    So, I said you mean IF a CHURCH wants to help a Christan they MIGHT get an assigned muslim.

    “PRETTY MUCH”…he muttered.

    • My mother, in her time, was always very active in Lutheran Social Services. I can tell you that it wasn’t always the way it is now. In the years after WW2, the Lutheran Church sponsored a number of German families over to the USA. My baby-sitter, when I was young, was the daughter of one of these families. My mother would be appalled to see what her Lutheran Church has become.

      As for my family, we finally shook the dust from our feet and left our ELCA Lutheran Church several years ago. We haven’t looked back since.

      • Catholic Charities wa s the same. Back in the day…but those days are gone. Now they have chosen cynically, or been gulled, into a demonic arrangement with our State Department to transplant illegals here. Reminds me of the parable about seed sown on rocky soil, seed tossed in with the brambles, etc.

        Ain’t none of these folks gonna bloom in an environment where they’re tossed, willy-nilly with little consideration given to their long-term needs. They are for the most part from a pre-modern tribal culture that within its own milieu functioned well enough. Rubbing up against the sharp edges of our own po mo fragility? Neither side will flourish. The only thing we know for sure is that they bring pre-modern diseases from which we are no longer immune. TB anyone? Hansen’s Disease? AIDS?

        • Completely correct!!

          What about hepatitis B,C and parasites we DID not have here before?

          I believe that several Bosnians kids brought here in about 1995 with their families, caused a TB alert at our nearby Elementary school…. I remember the neighbor having to take her daughter ( they are born Americans) to the public heath dept. for tests because a Bosnian muslim girl and her brother, newly arrived …. for something like 1 month had tested positive for a very strong strain of the disease.

          Tested every month for several months as I recall. A WHAT A NUSIANCE for these Americans. I know she was OK but what about the others in the classes??

          The Bosnian kids had to wear masks at the beginning of all this …. caused somewhat of a ruckus at the school by other parents of the kids in their classes. YA think???

          Then, my neighbor said they were sent home to be home schooled with a volunteer from LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES!!

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