Joining the Resistance

Vlad Tepes and I just had an interesting conversation prompted by his recent thoughts about the four stages of Western totalitarianism, which he lists as follows:

Stage one would be to change the fashion of the culture so that certain ideas or statements or kinds of speech or symbols would make you a pariah…

Stage two would be to criminalize it so that there was no longer a choice at all in the matter…

Stage three has now begun in the UK where you look into the past and persecute people who said things or used ideas and symbols that were central dogma to the period, meant no harm then, and had an utterly different context than they might under the new ideological regime and persecute them for it as if they had said these things today and meant them maliciously…

Stage four will be where those people on the list go to provide free labour to the state…

His post was prompted by a Daily Mail article about a British comedian named Jim Davidson who is now in hot water for saying evil racist and homophobic things many years ago.

I told Vlad that we have to mount a resistance before it becomes illegal to say such things, while it’s still just peer pressure and shaming.

That’s why I call different groups by their derogatory names. It’s my form of protest and defiance.

I say chink, wop, nigger, kike, gook, slant, spic, bohunk, polack, dago, frog, towelhead, camel-jockey, kraut, mick, taffy, jock, limey, honky, fag, dyke, retard, and cripple.

I call the announcer on the Weather channel the Weather Babe.

It’s my form of resistance.

I read the entire Mail article, and it made me really like Jim Davidson. And I was furious to see someone’s spirit broken that way. I hate to see once-proud human beings turned into pitiful, crawling, sniveling, pleading wretches.

The Powers That Be are able to emasculate Jim Davidson and others like him by employing the “you’ll never work in this town again” technique, the same one attempted (without success) against Diana West.

When that happens to you, all your income streams start to dry up. You may lose your mortgage. You have to draw down your savings account. Not only are you publicly humiliated and turned into a social pariah, but you suddenly face the prospect of penury and bankruptcy.

It’s the most common technique for maintaining total social control in the “Free World”. Not many people can stand up to that sort of treatment.

In the USSR it was guns, psycho wards, and the gulag. Here in the West it’s $$$.

That’s why the IRS is our equivalent of the KGB. Nothing can make a man’s bowels go loose like the arrival of a letter from the IRS.

Vlad maintains that we in the West will eventually arrive at Stage Four and live under the jackboot. But I don’t agree. The elites who run our multicultural utopia may never need to move on to Stage Four. They seem to have achieved total mind control without it.

A few days ago a teenage white girl in upstate New York was attacked by five black girls. Her face was cut from top to bottom with a razor, and required 47 stitches.

When someone in the comments section of the news story pointed out the race of the gang that attacked the girl, the girl’s mother went ballistic, lashing out at the “racists” with angry obscenities. She then launched a campaign on Facebook to champion diversity and discredit the people who dared to discuss the racial aspects of the wanton crime that disfigured her daughter.

I tell you, Vlad, they have got our minds right. It will take universal deprogramming to change the situation. The gulag is not necessary to keep us in line.

Not until the currency collapses, anyway. Then it will be an entirely different matter. When people can no longer buy iPads and Air Jordans, all bets are off.

That’s when the system fails. But it won’t fail ideologically. It has already triumphed completely.

Listen to everyone, even real conservatives, when they say something even slightly critical of immigration or multiculturalism. They begin by saying “I’m not a racist, but…” That’s a sure sign that PC has achieved hegemony in our culture.

To resist, we must say: “I’m a racist. Deal with it.”

Or: “I don’t care for poofters. So what?”

Or even: “There are far too many handicapped parking spaces. This is insane.”

The way to deny the PC/MC overlords their hegemony is to refuse to allow their memes to invade your mind and control what you say. Resistance, at least initially, must be fully conscious. Your mouth has to be forced to say things that utterly terrify you. You know that you will be cast into the Outer Darkness for saying them, but you say them anyway.

Repeat after me: “There’s no more hard work for poor old Old Uncle Ned, for he’s gone where the good darkies go.”*

* For a really unbowdlerized lyric for “Uncle Ned”, see this version.

Hat tip for the Last Refuge post: Takuan Seiyo.

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  1. Do you remember Andrew Dice Clay? He was a very successful comedian in the 80’s and had a very funny set of jokes lampooning homosexuals. The Gay mafia eventually ruined him and I’ve barely seen him since then.

    Eddie Murphy used to mock gays too but his being black saved him from total ruination.

    • Andrew Dice Clay used to use his 50’s leather jacketed ignorant macho routine.

      Andrea Dworkin of the US feminist group NOW organised boycott campaigns with the stated purpose to kill his career by claiming he was a woman hating misogynist, when in fact he was clearly lampooning that type.

      These radical “activists” like to force others to their will as a means to power and money they could never otherwise obtain.

      All I remember of Andrea Dworkin is that she was a shrieking irrational lunatic who before becoming a well paid feminist activist had spent some time as a prostitute.

  2. Don’t forget the categories of verboten things…like joking to the TSA guy with the blue gloves that you don’t have a bomb in your suitcase.

    I ran across Alan Korwin recently:

    Bomb Jokes @ Airports and 186 Other Things You’d Better Not Say: The Not-So-Funny Guide to the Threa

    That long title ends with …Threats to Free Speech

    From the only review on Amazon:

    “Sure, saying Merry Christmas could get you fired,” says the book’s author, Alan Korwin, who has written 14 books, including Bomb Jokes at Airport–and 186 other things you better not say, about the limits of free speech. “But revealing that our own government is supplying guns to Mexican drug lords, or that the NSA is spying on all of us can force you into hiding, just for speaking truth to power,” and it gets worse, he says.

    Korwin was censored by the city of Phoenix recently for saying “Guns save lives,” in a case that made national headlines (NY Times, USA Today, FOX News, Capitol News Service). “Why should we be burdened with such messages,” was the city’s position, as the case went to the Arizona Court of Appeals, and may go all the way, with the ACLU as an amicus to the Goldwater Institute’s defense of Mr. Korwin’s right to make statements some politicians would prefer to suppress.

    Bomb Jokes at Airports looks at more than 200 people, some of them murdered, many arrested, bankrupted, ruined, suspended or just humiliated, for saying things that met with disapproval, and were no longer protected under the classic belief that, “It’s a free country and I can say what I want.”

    I don’t think many – any?- people believe they live in a free country anymore. The door has definitely closed on distinctions between descriptive and normative speech. We are becoming ever more ignorant as we lose any sense of discernment…

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  4. It would appear we all have to be intersectional now unless you are white that is.

    If you have time, read the tortuous piece below – how the guardians of correct thinking turn on one of their own should they be foolish enough to step out of line.

    Quote: Just as post-colonial guilt is a cudgel used to shame and silence white men and women, so accusations of ‘inauthenticity’, ‘Westernisation’ and betrayal of their tribe are used to shame and silence people of colour who will not fall into line and accept their ascribed position as the wretched of the earth.

    • Fortunately, many black folks refuse to be cudgeled. For example, Walter Williams – one of my favorite economists who refuses to let “the dismal science” get him down – has a great gift for guilty whites: a certificate forgiving everyone of past generations’ crimes.

      He was hardnosed in his youth, especially during his military service:

      In 1959 he was drafted into the military, and served as a Private in the United States Army.[4][6] While stationed in the south, he “waged a one man battle against Jim Crow from inside the army. He challenged the racial order with provocative statements to his fellow soldiers. This resulted in an overseeing officer filing a court-martial proceeding against Williams. Williams argued his own case, and was found not guilty.[4] While considering filing countercharges against the officer that had brought him up for court martial, Williams found himself transferred to Korea. Upon arriving there, Williams marked “Caucasian” for race on his personnel form. When challenged on this, Williams replied wryly if he had marked “Black”, he would end up getting all the worst jobs. From Korea Williams wrote a letter to President John F. Kennedy denouncing the pervasive racism in the American government and military, and questioning the actions black Americans should take given the state of affairs, writing:

      “Should Negroes be relieved of their service obligation or continue defending and dying for empty promises of freedom and equality? Or should we demand human rights as our Founding Fathers did at the risk of being called extremists … I contend that we relieve ourselves of oppression in a manner that is in keeping with the great heritage of our nation.”[4]

      He received a reply from the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Alfred B. Fitt, a response which he termed “the most reasonable response that I received from any official.”[7]

      • This reminds me of the stats about “Fragging”.

        Fragging is the US euphemism for killing your own superior officer. This is probably a custom as old as the military itself, testosterone being testosterone you see. However in the US military fragging is a black speciality. I read a fantastic book about fragging in Vietnam and discovered that around 1000 American fatalities could be traced to black troops murdering their commanding officer. Admittedly this peaked in 1969 after James Earl Ray assassinated MLK but the reasons for a segregated military are quite obvious once you begin to look at JAG case loads today.

        The book is also an alarming preview of what will happen to the US military in the multiracial American future.

        • one of the reviews of that book (there are only five but they are all 5-star), says:

          …there were a myriad of causes leading to fragging. One of them was Secretary of Defense McNamara’s social experiment in Project 100,000, in which men were inducted who failed to meet enlistment standards. That was a disaster of the U.S. Army on many levels. Ironically, the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfield, did exactly the same thing in the Global War On Terror, allowing the enlistment of men and women who didn’t meet heretofore enlistment standards.

          That was a miserable Trojan Horse whose effects are felt to this day.

          We have been cursed with a president who has made clear his disdain for and ignorance of the military – e.g., his reference to “corpsemen” for corpsmen in referring to the medics in the Army. The man knew what he was doing.

          Military life is a pressure cooker. To wilt in the face of p.c. demands to have openly gay people serve in the ranks is to invite disaster. The p.c. warriors are using the military to destroy us from the inside. Race is the least of it.

        • @About Fragging

          Did you ever think that fragging might have had something to do with the draft?

          You’re some guy drafted into the Army against your will while people like George W Bush get to play pretend pilot back home. (At least Al Gore actually set foot in Vietnam if only as a reporter.)

          Now Imagine your CO says, “Run up that hill and take 60% casualties so that I can get a commission for heroism.” And you decide, very logically, to shoot him between the eyes.

          If you join the service you have made a commitment that you MUST honor. If you are drafted (while rich jerks stay home) then you are a conscripted slave. ALL SLAVES HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL THEIR CAPTORS.

          But go ahead and blame fragging on the blacks.

          • Oh, please: I hold no brief for racism of any kind, but the slur on Bush is ridiculous. Not only did the F-102 have a very bad record of training accidents, but some ANG units actually deployed to VN.

          • Fraggingwas rare in actual combat units.

            Generally speaking, and I read the book, unlike yourself, the fraggings were about being forced to work. Forced to work. Not forced to fight.

            was black militancy and a direct result of allowing blacks to serve in integrated units.

            We are not talking about platoon commanders and companycommanders getting shot in the bush. Fragging
            was about arguing over peeling spuds and filling sandbags and staying awake on guard duty. Basic stuff.

            [Note from the Baron: this is the last comment on fragging I’m allowing in. The topic of this post had nothing to do with fragging. The fragging sub-thread is now closed.]

      • There are many serious problems with allowing homosexuals to openly serve in the military – all of which were – and are – and will be – known by the military but were recently ignored to serve the interests of Marxists using homosexuals to destroy the United States of America from the inside out.

        1. The incidence of homosexual rape appears to be substantial – and increasing – due to the repeal of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.” It appears that homosexual men often sexually assault lower ranked men when homosexual men are placed in positions of authority in the military. In the ever-increasing PC MC political environment that point blank REFUSES to ‘profile’ violent assailants based on race, religion, or sexual orientation, excuses have been made that homosexual rape is simply an expression of violence by assailants who otherwise ‘identify’ as heterosexual. So, to avoid impugning homosexual men, the PC MC political environment effectively impugns heterosexual men for exhibiting the behavior that defines homosexual men (i.e., Men who rape other men ARE homosexuals.).

        “More military men than women are sexually abused in the ranks each year, a Pentagon survey shows, highlighting the underreporting of male-on-male assaults.”

        “When the Defense Department released the results of its anonymous sexual abuse survey this month and concluded that 26,000 service members were victims in fiscal 2012, which ended Sept. 30, an automatic assumption was that most were women. But roughly 14,000 of the victims were male and 12,000 female, according to a scientific survey sample produced by the Pentagon.”

        “‘It appears that the DOD has serious problems with male-on-male sexual assaults that men are not reporting and the Pentagon doesn’t want to talk about,’ Elaine Donnelly, who heads the Center for Military Readiness. She noted that only 2 percent of assailants are women.”

        “Subjects of investigations are almost always men (90 percent), compared with women (2 percent) — a statistic indicating that male victims are assaulted by other men.”

        “For male-on-male assaults, 73 percent happened on base and 26 percent in a combat zone.”

        “Among the details in the reports: While, since 2006, 5 percent of the violent sexual assaults have been against men, recent reports now put that figure at 12 to 14 percent.”

        “…statistics show a more than 20 percent increase in reported sexual assaults on males.”

        2. As the incidence of homosexual rape rises, it would stand to reason that heterosexual men would NOT want to serve in the military with homosexual men. As open homosexuals join – and thus increase the incidence of homosexual rape, heterosexuals will omit to enlist or re-enlist. However, there are NOT enough homosexuals to fully staff the military. The lack of heterosexuals willing to join the military may well result in an enforced draft – where unelected judges via the court system will then enforce women to serve in the military under the current equal rights rhetoric (versus reality – and, “No!”, women are NOT paid the same wages as men despite the junk science that makes those false claims). Women bear the babies who populate the next generation. The United States can sacrifice a lot of men without affecting the population base, but the USA CANNOT sacrifice a lot of women without affecting the population base – unless the plan IS to diminish the amount of white people in the world – in which case, drafting white women makes perfect sense.

        By the way, I firmly believe that the next draft is one reason that the PC MC crowd is actively pushing for EVERYONE to attend college. That way, the white middle class can be tapped for the draft. If everyone goes to college, then everyone will be tapped for the draft. The fact that some people are wholly unqualified for college will be masked by assigning inflated grades and artificially high test scores based on membership in preferred racial groups (i.e., affirmative action).

        3. A high-ranking army officer told me that, in the military, the idea of shared sacrifice greatly affects unit morale. If a unit is all heterosexual men, then no one is having sex but everyone shares the sacrifice. Adding either women or homosexual men to a unit usually means that some soldiers will be having sex, giving favors in exchange for sex, or protecting a sexual partner at the expense of other soldiers – which negatively affects unit cohesion.

        • The reason for banning homosexual activity in the military is so obvious that it almost doesn’t require explanation. A superior officer can rape and abuse underlings with virtual impunity if he’s allowed to do that stuff. The JAG cases are a sight to behold.

  5. “I say chink, wop, nigger, kike, ”

    Wait, what?

    You do?

    In everyday life, or here in the public eye as well? I can’t say I’ve ever seen that sort of language on this site – and I say “that sort of language” with no intent of disapproval. The logic expressed is correct. But I am very surprised to see a statement like that, it seems several leaps beyond anything that has been considered acceptable here in the past.

    Funny enough, it’s the exact same reasoning Harold Covington uses. (That’s a man who is either crazy or dishonest in other ways, but he does have some good points to make.)

    Tangentially: Disney’s “Frozen”, which contains not a single non-white character, was #1 at the box office in its 6th weekend. If you have not seen it you should.

    • No, NOT in every day life, except as a joke when the Baron is talking to his mick wife. IOW, it is a joke because our dictators claim you can’t say that.

      The only time you will see that kind of language on this site is for the sake of satire or to point out what may not be said. Surely you’re not so brainwashed by p.c. doctrine that you can no longer recognize satire?? Please go to your dictionary and look up normative language vs. descriptive language. That’s a good place to start.

      As for Disney, he was a pioneer. But the movies churned out by the company bearing his name haven’t been worth the time it takes to see them for many years. They are distractions and have long ceased to be aesthetically pleasing. Same goes for television and a a great deal of what passes for “literature”.

    • I’m all for free speech, but using gratuitously offensive language is simply rude, and maybe a bit childish?

      • That’s how you see it. But the point was to unearth those “offensive” terms so as to prevent us all from being further buried. Look at the progression from the once-medical designation “idiot” through all its various permutations down into “challenged” – can’t even say “mentally challenged”. As if avoiding the reality makes it less painful.

        We live in Alice in Wonderland times but we don’t have a Lewis Carroll to paint the word pictures so we do the best we can.

        “A bit childish”? If you say so…since Truth is whatever the individual decides it is. But for us it’s more important than that. It’s about being able to speak on non-trivial levels. And sometimes, to do that, one has to dig a bit.

        • Dymphna, well said. Whether it’s childish or not isn’t the issue. That we are being actively prevented from using certain words, or expressing certain ideas is what I applaud you and the Baron for fighting against.

    • Rollory et al. —

      My use of these words is a political statement. If it were appropriate to use them on a public occasion, I would. But I do almost nothing in public except what I write here, so that is hardly relevant.

      I don’t use them to be pejorative. I don’t like tossing epithets around to insult people. That’s why I don’t allow insults and name-calling in our comments. It debases the discussion.

      I don’t like it when people call others “fools”, “idiots”, “morons”, “useless”, “deluded”, etc., either, even if the words are not in the Index Librorum Prohibitorum kept by the PC Vatican.

      When we use the forbidden words among ourselves, it is with ironic zest and humorous intent. If I need a French translation, I might ask, “Are there any frog-speakers here?” Or, for German: “Can anyone do a kraut translation for me?”

      This is not just understood as a joke by everyone on the team. All of us have the conscious intent of subverting the dominant regime of political correctness. One way of doing that is to deny those who would rule us the ability to tape our mouths shut.

      For those to whom it appears “childish”: yes, I can understand why you feel that way. But that’s at least partially because your sensibilities have been successfully occupied by the dominant PC meme.

      But my use of these terms is hardly childish. Quite the opposite, in fact: mounting a conscious political resistance to an oppressive cultural regime is the most adult thing one can do.

      • As someone with French heritage, if someone wanted me for “frog-speaking”, I would not attempt to prevent them from saying it. I would, however, fail to respond, and continue to do so until they stopped being a jerk.

        The point of these words is that they are NOT funny.

        Trying to pretend this is humor is fleeing the truth.

        I agree that using them specifically because the powers that be are attempting to prevent it is sufficient reason. I cannot, however, imagine any circumstances where I could (for example) use the word “nigger” and not intend it with withering contempt – in part because that is precisely how it would be heard by anyone with African connections, and in fact by just about anybody else as well. Communication is two-way. If a word is said, it is said with some awareness of what the listener will understand from it.

        These aren’t funny words. These aren’t jokes. They are weapons. Pretend otherwise and you lie to yourself.

        • Well. If you don’t think that these words can be humorous and ironic, then I don’t suppose there’s any way I can convince you. I’ll just have to disagree.

          And so did the Firesign Theatre, apparently. I more or less cribbed my gig from them (although my list doesn’t rhyme, and is more extensive) from the album How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You’re Not Anywhere At All?, ca. 1969, answering the question “What makes America Great?”:

          It’s candied apples and ponies with dapples
          you can ride all day!
          It’s girls with pimples and cripples with dimples
          that just won’t go away!

          It’s spics and wops and niggers and kikes
          with noses as long as your arm!
          It’s micks and chinks and gooks and geeks
          and honkies (Honk! Honk!) who never left the farm!

          Chill out, honky. And lighten up. We’ll never get through the awfulness that lies ahead without a robust sense of humor.

      • “mounting a conscious political resistance to an oppressive cultural regime is the most adult thing one can do.”

        Hope you don’t mind if I borrow this – great sentiment!

  6. I’ve been following this face slashing story on another site.

    The mother is an enricher dater and so is the daughter. my feelings toward the two are a mixture of pity and contempt garnished by disgust.

    The daughter was slashed by black women for dating a black. What did she expect from such people? Did she miss the OJ trial?

  7. Well let this chink tell you this: Whenever I engaged a western leftist, I notice that they hold values like love or equality to be totally infallible. These can, and are used as ultimate justifications for everything. So when they argue “It’s not fair!” and I respond with a clear “So what?”, they get this stunned look on their face. It’s like they don’t consider anything else in life but emotions.

    Which is why I encourage you all to say “So what?” more often.

    Someone feels offended?

    So what?
    Welcome to life.
    Deal with it.

  8. Hey, Baron, you forgot “Kraut” and “Limey” and I stand up for my right to be insulted like everyone else.

    Someone I know encountered a particularly obnoxious fraternity brother and allowed his distaste to show, whereupon the brother sad: “You don’t like me because I’m black.” His reply: “No, I don’t like you because you’re an a(rest of obscenity deleted).

      • And pommie bastard, and wog, spik, dago and greaseball and honkey and crackerbarrel, whitey and a host of other quite inventive and amusing words that are so rarely seen these days (apart from those pertaining to white people, of course), it’s almost a pleasure to come across them.

        • I spent the best five years of my life being addressed as ‘pommie bastard’. To return the compliment by referring to the Antipodean s**t stirrer(s) as ‘convict detritus’ was no less well received even by those who had to go and look up the definition of detritus 🙂

  9. Sorry, I just noticed that I was included. Now if I just had the nerve to say any of that to the people I know.

  10. Well I use a lot of the above in conversation with many friends. I do so to resist the way things are going and to take pleasure in seeing them squirm. I find people who are most offended have never really had a friend of ‘colour’ or for that matter tip toe around people in order as not to offend. I have a friend who has a son born of Uganda and Scotland. This boy actually has a little trouble in coming to terms with his identity but I make friendly fun of his african roots and do not hide behind any notions of pc. People need to realise black , white or whatever people are people and you should talk to them as equals and that includes taking the piss out of them for whatever reason, regardless of colour . There is difference between racism and banter and we will only ever be free when we can accept eachothers cultural or ethnic differences ( within accepted moral boundaries) and laugh at them.

    • The only one the Baron uses with any regularity is in trying to bend feminist friends (and the chinless men who love them) by talking about “babes”. As in “babe lawyer”, “babe doctor”, “babe soldier”, etc.

      Sometimes he varies his heresies with “lawyerette”,”doctoress”. Think of it as akin to BHO’s “corpsemen” for corpsmen – i.e., deliberate dissing, except that the B’s is done in fun.

      One of our favorite authors, back in the 70s, had a blurb on her book which identified her as an important “authoress”. And then there are the ‘unenlightened’ country women we know who call women “girls” to this day. As in “yeah, I know that girl. Her and me went bow hunting last year”…it’s a southern thing.

  11. Mark H,

    The infusion of enrichment from the 100,000 diluted the quality of the US military by bringing in and I quote, bringing in an infusion of troops that were 41-50% African American, many of whom did not graduate high school.

    This link is to a fairly typical militant enrichment type btw so please wear latex gloves.

  12. In the UK the epithet ‘racist’ is rapidly becoming a badge of honour. After so many years of watching the race card played at every needless opportunity and being beaten with the race whip for showing even the slightest hint of cultural patriotism the real British public outside of the Westminster/BBC bubble, the affluent chattering class and the compliant legacy media really no longer give a damn when talking amongst themselves beyond the reach and hearing of both the official and the self-appointed Thought Police.

    In fact we are a damn site more racist, and rabidly so, then we ever were before the word was used to grind our freedom of speech underfoot, rub our noses in some perceived and unique ancestral wrongdoing and to generally excuse and justify the racial parasitism and predation that is taking place in this country on a biblical scale.

    The times they are a changin’.

    • Who decided that being “racist” (whatever these insane people actually mean by that) was a baaad thing anyway? I must have missed that meeting. They just seem to have decided on something, anything, and used that as a stick to hit other people with.

      • @Seneca III,

        The false impression of speakeasy UK is being well managed to ease the pressure and nudge those bad white boy sentiments on to the Western European battlefields of old, for the powers that be know full well that if they lose control of the race relations script the outcome for them and their Third World guests will be catastrophic.

        • It’s no different in the U.S. where race relations are enforced by police through the barrel of a gun and via legal bully boy organizations like the ACLU and SPLC and if need be the Department of Justice.

          And all these organizations are targeted at one particular demographic group – people of European descent, doubly so if they are straight and Christian.

          In short the melting pot isn’t no such thing. It’s a illusion when it comes to dealing with hordes of 3rd worlders who don’t like their host country and refuse to assimilate outside of figuring out how to scam the welfare system for more goodies.

          Should the economy take serious downturn and money is no longer there for keeping a massive police presence on the streets or for handouts to our 3rd worlders, events will get nasty for our guests.

    • “In fact we are a damn site more racist, and rabidly so, then we ever were before the word was used to grind our freedom of speech underfoot…..”

      have the powers-that-be not yet worked out that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction?
      it seems not.

    • A Welshperson, to put it sexually neutrally and politically correctly, although I have always referred to particularly attractive members of the opposite sex as ‘Totty’ irrespective of their provenance so I suppose I am nothing really more than a sexist. Al Hamdu!

      • P.S. From the River Taff (Welsh: Afon Taf) which rises in the Brecon Beacons and after passing through a lot of iconic countryside, towns and villages ends up emptying into Cardiff Bay. Quite a harmless and pleasing derivation and one which every Taffy I have ever known has had no problems with until the Thought Police arrived on the national scene.

  13. I’m so tired of this pc nonsense that I NEVER try to defend myself but whenever someone mentions the r word I IMMEDIATELY turn round and tell them that they are INSANE. Short circuit their procedure & tell them that there is something horribly wrong with THEM and THEIR thinking. It’s amusing to see the shocked, incredulous looks on their faces as their poor pre-programmed brain struggles to cope with this unfamiliar thought – that they are CRAZY.

    • A bohunk is (1) a Central European, or (2) an ignorant vulgar white person.

      It is probably derived from “Bohemian”, or maybe “Hungarian”, or a combination of the two words. It may also be the source for the word “honky”.

      • I offer this as a false etymology.

        Bohun? Wasn’t that the name of a number of famously brutal knights? Roger De Bohun or Bohun Fitz Roger?

  14. It’s about time. The resistance needs to start openly ridiculing these people.

    Bill whittle, who I am surprised hasn’t been posted here released an awesome video about this the other day. You guys really need to get involved with the new right/dark enlightenment/conservative renaissance.

    check out PJ Media on Youtube.

    Generation Identity

    and check out what’s going on out there! There is a whole movement of young people to destroy the left, and I never see it talked about on this site.

    • I changed your book from a Canadian amazon site to our American one. Your link ran over the width of our comments and would have messed with the stream eventually.

      As for your suggestions:

      1. You obviously are not a regular reader here or you’d know our long admiration for and praise of Bill Whittle. Bought his book when it first came out – I think it’s out of print now. The Baron eventually brought it to a member of the European team as a gift.

      2. I am a non-paying member of his site and receive his Tuesday newsletter in our email. Also, have subscribed to his videos for a long time.

      3. We post his videos from time to time on GoV and, again, have done for years (He was inactive for a while);

      4. Even more important for us, he is an articulate supporter of the Tea Party movement and understands what it is trying to accomplish in pushing for a smaller federal government. He supports it with his talent, resources, and time.

      5. His video on the Conservative Treehouse and citizen journalism was an inspiration to all bloggers. You can find it on their archive or in his.

      6. I have a year’s subscription to Pajamas Media bec it was on special for 9.00 – but except for a few videos, I don’t visit much. One has one’s priorities and after the lack of integrity they evidenced toward Diana West’s work, I simply don’t have the time for the tedious games they played with that.

      Besides, YOU obviously don’t visit here much or you’d know that we were kicked out of Pajamas Media because of our language years ago. We were among the first victims of their fearful p.c. hatchet.

      Pajamas Media offers a good venue for some writers. Others – and I mean important people, not us – are snubbed. Who knows why?? The Baron wrote a post on Planet X…I suggest you search for it since he explains what he thinks *may* the problem with Pajamas and other foundation-funded places like Gatestone.

      IOW, the bruises and contusions you suffered jumping to ill-humored conclusions about who we are, what we do, and who we consider important are unfortunately well-deserved, sir.

      Your ignorance about the Baron’s work shows when you begin by saying “it’s about time”. No, it’s not. We’ve been talking about this very subject for almost a decade, as it stands here and in Europe.

      So where have you been that we didn’t know about *your* efforts, eh?

      Where were you when Pajamas Media threw us out for talking about forbidden subjects that their funders didn’t like?

      Where were you when LGF tried to bury us for supporting the free speech of the European rights and succeeded in painting us as Nazis and racists?

      Where were you when our readers stepped up to the plate to donate so we could stay free of ads? Something Pajamas Media hasn’t managed to do, despite their funders? The ads on their site are annoying.

      Pajamas has to pay their essayists. Ours serve voluntarily and their quality is at least a match. In addition we have volunteer translators, transcribers, etc. Not that we wouldn’t pay them if we could, but that’s not how it turned out…no non-profits have showed up to offer their moolah…

      Read our mission statement. We are a counterjihad blog and not limited to American subjects. We are knee-deep in the culture wars and we’ll fight as long as our donors keep coming.

      As for young people, in addition to a fair number of young readers (and home-schooled kids), we actually hatched our very own conservative and raised him to adulthood.

      Finally, “destruction” of the Left won’t work. It may implode, but it is too strong and its tentacles are woven into all our institutions for any children’s crusade to succeed. Wisdom lies in waiting for that implosion while we train youngsters (and others) to live outside those realms.

      • Hold on there, before you start taking this personally it was a call of agreement, not ridicule.

        I was unaware of the pj media debacle. That sucks, but is unsurprising. Money is the most effective inhibitor of the cause.

        As for Generation Identity, I never see them talked about. Once I saw a video. As for where I was? I was far away unawares tucked into a mountain village. Don’t take my newcomingness personally either. I’d apologize for my generalizations, but at this point, I think you went a bit overboard into reading into my comment anyway. I’ll give some if you give a little.

        • Then you really haven’t been reading this blog. If you had, you’d know that we (Gates of Vienna) worked with some of the Europeans to do the first English-subtitled version of the first Identitaire video, 2 or 3 years ago.

          It seems to me that you’ve been making a lot of assumptions about things with which you are totally unfamiliar.

        • The heck it was a “call of agreement”, bub. Look at your comment, and the various things you told us we weren’t doing, what we shoulda, coulda, do instead. It wouldn’t have been so odious if you hadn’t listed things we were already doing.

          You did not announce yourself as a new-comer. Indeed, you talked just like a know-it-all. Nor did you generalize. You were quite specific and quite wrong about what we do. After reading the comments on over 14,000 posts I can spot a “know-it-all, do-it-this-way” response a mile off.

          I took it personally since it was couched in personal terms about what we’d failed to do – in your eyes. It you want to employ a less offensive approach, fine by me. BIG HINT: you’re not there yet.

          Here is one of three videos on Génération Identitaire. There are also posts. Our valuable contributor Kitman gave us this translation.

          If you check out the comments, you’ll see a young man in Poland who is working toward the same goals. Since you aren’t even aware of the basic assaults we’ve endured, or the victories we’ve managed, I suggest you study our website for a while before inserting yourself in here to tell us what we should be paying attention to.

          If you can’t perform due diligence ahead of telling us what to write about, don’t be surprised if your attitude is seen as superior. Being ‘tucked into a mountain village’ isn’t an excuse. We live in the Middle of Nowhere – not even any cellphone reception here – and we manage.

          There are over 14,000 posts here…read a few hundred and come back…


      • “no non-profits have showed up to offer their moolah…”

        But, but, but… I thought it was well known that Mossad pays you !

  15. My children (two or three of them at least) give me crap when I describe someone with origins east of Armenia as ‘oriental’. They think its rude to do so. I can only chuckle at them.

    • Chuckling is good for your blood pressure and general outlook on life. Especially where your children are concerned.

      Occasionally when I’m low on energy, I do drive-bys on our Twitter feed. Nothing systematic, just when the spirit moves me.

      The thing about Twitter is that if someone likes your “Reply” to their comment, they or others who also like it will retweet what you’ve said. The tweet that seemed to get the most attention was one in which I suggested to someone stuck on “racist” that it was a tired, limp meme & they should try moving out of the 1990s since that was the last time using the word meant anything.

      Not only did it get retweeted, but I’ve seen it popping up here and there ever since, kind of the way some of the Baron’s small but subversive images appear when ppl use them as avatars.

      IOW, dismissive chuckling works…esp if one has nothing left to lose

  16. I remember Jim Davidson being villified in the 1980’s. He was a very funny man so it was easy to see why he upset the po-faced PC brigade. Another man who was cruelly attacked by the feminazis was Benny Hill. At the end of an illusrious career in Music Hall, Radio and television, Hill who always surrounded himself with a bevy of attractive and scantily dressed young women was accused of being sexist and immediately dropped from BBC and ITV schedules. He passed away afew years back. RIP Benny, you are severely missed.

  17. I have always referred to muslims as “wogs.” It not only upsets them, it also antagonises the lefties and PC mongers. If they object, I just tell them that I do not subscribe to Cultural Marxism. So far it has worked.

    • I respectfully disagree. The characterization ‘wogs’ is just another mask to add to the extensive list already enforced by PC obfuscators. Arabs, Turks, Moors, Barbary pirates, Moro guerillas, Chechen rebels, Hamas, Hezb’allah, Janjaweed , al qaeda , etc. ad infinitum. . .throughout the fourteen centuries since Muhammed . . .the ethnic and cultural cleansing culprits in every instance were Muslim followers of Islam. To our utter shame, these various characterizations leave far too many ignorant of that fact.

  18. In general conversation there are ways to say no, e.g. keep referring to ‘fishermen’ rather than the PC ‘fishers’ and even ‘sex’ rather than ‘gender’.

    • You have touched on one of the Baron’s pet peeves – i.e., that “gender thing” as in ‘trans-gendered’. Perhaps saying ‘trans-sexed’ would make it too real?

  19. Baron: The questions by Rollory and Mark H. trigger what I believe is your most cogent point, at 9:41 pm. I’m still hoping for Rollory or Mark H. to come back and say “oh, now I get it!” But not holding my breath. I suggest you keep coming back to this point, maybe spin off on this great point.

    Leftists want nothing less than our submission to their will and for us to hand over the reins of our destiny. In the light of this demand, whining about political correctness is itself seen as submission. Whining about PC got us nothing, nada, and my hope is traditionalists be less meek and work toward actual push back in language and action. That is what this essay implies to me.

    You know all the alpha/beta male crap that’s on the internet. Well, leftists are alphas, dominating; conservatives are polite betas and living in their approved corral designed by their very enemies; read National Review, etc. Think about alpha Joe naturally crushing the life out of beta Ryan.

    • You New —

      Yes, my point precisely. It’s the same with people who are obsessed with Obama and get hysterical about everything he does. Obama is NOT the problem. Obama got elected twice — how did he manage that? It wasn’t just electoral fraud.

      I don’t blame black people for supporting Obama. Voting for one of your own is sane ethnic behavior. But millions and millions of white people still support Obama. That’s the problem.

      The same applies to the Counterjihad. Getting hysterical about each of the 10,000 beheadings or stonings as they come along doesn’t change anything, not if all you do is feature the jihad porn on your site and rant about the Moose-limbs.

      At some point calm, centered, concerted, collective action has to commence, or we are lost.

    • You New- I usually switch my computer on once a day (important as the counterjihad and other matters are, I have a life), so hope you haven’t expired! Flattered to be described as an alpha- why haven’t I had more girlfriends? Anyway I was wondering where to break into this long thread, so I’ll start with your post.

      I’m proud to be on the Left because I believe the rewards of work and enterprise should be more equitably distributed; this is why I find Ayn Rand and her followers self-congratulory, to put it mildly. I have no problem with capitalists with a social conscience, such as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.

      I do take exception to being criticised for views I don’t hold, however. I found GoV through a link from my brother to Pat Condell (hardly PC!), to Jihad Watch then here. I’d hardly have persisted if I were the person you seem to imagine. Nor am I alone; check out the blog of, say, Anne-Marie Waters, who’s been linked here by the Baron.

      So, Napier, Egghead et al: I believe our fellow-humans should all be treated equally, allowing for intelligence, aptitude and character- no more, no less, ok? So if the US military tried to beat the dedicated, indeed fanatical Vietcong not with trained professionals, kept on duty (other than leave) as they further honed their skills, but with conscripts who were replaced regularly, and if black people were disproportionately represented (for various reasons), it’s little wonder that some rebelled. Part of the reason why the Third Reich, desperately outnumbered, fought on for so long was that until near the end, the Luftwaffe and Panzer crews had been fighting continuously for years, so the survivors became very good indeed- all the top fighter aces were German, as the Brits and Americans were rotated. But I digress…

      If homosexual rape is as common in the services as suggested (is it not likely that the heterosexual variety is under-reported?) then the authorities should be more proactive, to use the buzzword. And there is a school of thought that the military attracts homosexuals, in or out of the closet.

      Dymphna- I so agree about the use of euphemisms: “challenged” for “difficult”, “issue” for “problem”, etc, but I think they come not just from the PC brigade, but management (business and public) putting the onus for solving problems of their own making onto their staff.

      • Mark, I really do appreciate the fact that you are returning to the Gates of Vienna which will surely challenge your world view that appears to be defined by propaganda. We will stretch your mind.

        “…I believe our fellow-humans should all be treated equally, allowing for intelligence, aptitude and character….”

        Please use ACTIVE VOICE when you write because it will force you to see that the idea that you advocate is COMMUNISM.

        WHO should treat our fellow-humans equally?

        WHO decides the definition of ‘equal’ treatment?

        WHO measures intelligence, aptitude, and character?

        WHAT weapons will used to enforce the ‘equal’ treatment?

        Is it acceptable for WHO to shame, fire, coerce, punish, fine, jail, torture, murder, or ethnically cleanse people for failing to agree with ‘equal’ treatment?

        “If homosexual rape is as common in the services as suggested (is it not likely that the heterosexual variety is under-reported?) then the authorities should be more proactive….”

        First, it is clear that you omitted to read the source material at the various links to which you refer.

        Second, you ask rhetorically if it is likely that heterosexual rape is under-reported. To which I reply, read the source material. And, I will ask you, do you know anyone who has been raped – anyone – woman or man? Well, of course you do EXCEPT the rape victims that you know probably did NOT tell you that they were raped….

        For your being a person who claims that humans “should all be treated equally,” I ask you, do the victims of rape deserve at least as much concern as the homosexuals that you have defended. If statistics indicate that homosexuals in the military are a clear and present danger to rape men, do potential rape victims deserve any consideration in the equation of so-called ‘equal’ treatment? Same with adoption, if statistics indicate that homosexuals are likely to molest children, do potential child molestation victims deserve to be protected under ‘equal’ treatment?

        Third, you insinuate that ‘daddy government’ which you call ‘the authorities’ can solve the problem of gay rape in the military – HOW you never specify. But, it is the ‘the authorities’ applying the argument of ‘equal’ treatment who are responsible for the current INCREASE in the incidence of gay rape in the military measured for the last two years.

        • Egghead- I appreciate the trouble you’ve taken, and my world view is often challenged by you and others here. I regard much of what I read and hear from the MSM, BBC included, and from politicians, as “propaganda”, but I also apply the same critical standards to bloggers and posters such as the Baron and yourself, necessarily so; people who feel themselves beleaguered have a tendency to paranoia, sometimes justified, and this is not exclusive to those anywhere on the political spectrum.

          I don’t know what you mean by “active voice”, however, and I think my understanding of the term “communism” differs from yours; I take it to mean a socialist system imposed by undemocratic means, as opposed to the current government in, say, Sweden, which the people have chosen for themselves, for better or worse. To try to answer your questions:

          1) Who should treat our fellow-humans equally? -Well, all of us; am I missing something?

          2) Who decides the definition of “equal” treatment? -Ok, I will (typical arrogant leftist!): Not making special allowances for ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality, except where this can be done without jeopardy to the common endeavour. And providing, say, wheelchair access for office workers.

          3) Who measures intelligence, aptitude and character? -In the military, recruitment officers, drill sergeants etc; more generally, personnel depts (I hate the term (in)human resources!)

          4) What weapons will be used…? -Application forms, assessments, reviews…

          If the above meets your- and my- approval, then coercion, etc shouldn’t come into the question.

          Now I do have a confession: I didn’t follow your links. I have now, and I’m horrified, and don’t have an easy answer. Do you have a solution for the non-predatory homosexuals who genuinely wish to serve?

          Yes, three women of my close acquaintance have been raped; one as an adult, two as children, one by her father- something she told me only after his death, though we’d been lovers, then friends, for decades.

          Adoption by gay couples, like the military question, seems to have no easy answer. I’m opposed, not on grounds of sexuality, but because children- especially boys- do best if reared by parents of both genders; I’m against single people being allowed to adopt, or given AI, for the same reason. We may disagree over the right course to adopt (no pun intended), but I hope we are unanimous that it’s not easy to decide these things.

          • “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

            – Benjamin Franklin

          • Have you read Franklin’s autobiography? Free on Kindle, and one of the first I snagged. He complained about the utter pacifism of his Quaker neighbors. OTOH, he liked that they were willing to donate funds and materiel to the Revolt against England and he understood why they ended up prosperous. He wanted the whole hog but he was certainly willing to settle for half. In reading him, one is often reminded of Churchill. Must’ve been WC’s American side coming out for if you updated the style, the underlying meanings would be identical.

          • Hi Dymphna, I have NOT read Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, I just came across his quotation and loved it. 🙂

  20. I’ve seen Jim Davidson a few times. He was, in my opinion, the funniest bloke alive. The only problem was I was laughing so much I missed half the jokes. When he toned down his act it was still good, but not nearly as good. I assumed that as he was living in Dubai most of the time he felt that ethnic jokes had to go. I think some of his financial troubles were down to a series of expensive divorces.

  21. Regarding my post of a few minutes ago, I need to add that Eco’s book is a great history-rhyme and word/name-substitution exercise.

  22. I’ve always thought that the term “limey” reflected the fact that we Brits discovered (albeit over a ridiculous period of time) that citrus fruit could combat scurvy on long sea voyages and issued it to our sailors. Therefore, I generally consider the term “Limey” to be an unintended compliment. Thank you.
    Was infuriated by the DM article you referred to though. What a load of rubbish! Anyone going to castigate the ghost of Richard Prior for all the Whitey comments? No chance.

    • That’s correct, the Brits used to issue limes to their sailors to combat scurvy, although if I remember right the Yanks started using lemons, which had more Vit C & therefore were more effective.

      • but no citrus fruit I know lasts as well as a lime. I’ve had more than one shrivel and petrify in my fruit drawer while the lemons got covered with mold.

  23. The thing about being a racist is that it’s acceptable to use violence against a racist. This is why Marxists always try to steer any critical conversation towards racism, they are not simply interested in wether you’re a racist or not, it’s an ultimatum to shut up or receive violence. Like when some nut case feminist says that all men are rapists, it’s simply not acceptable to say “yes and I’m proud of it”.

    • an interesting nic, Jack (execretive).

      If we follow the nut-case fems’ logic to its conclusion, then they themselves are merely the products of rape, thousands of rapes. IOW, it’s a dumb idea from an indoctrinated group of professional grievance mongers.

      They ought to be put on trial for assaulting and trivializing language and logic. At the very least, their fathers ought bring civil suits for libel.

      I believe in the basic tenets of equality of opportunity for all, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for the ranks of Nobel scientists to fill up with women. Like it or not, few women can attain those ranks, just as few will ever be found among the bestial unhinged mass killers.

      The tragedy of more than a century’s worth of Marxist doctrine has damaged the ability of many to think cogently about basic ideas. For Marxists it’s all about belief, especially the fervent belief in nothing. Sadly, we can’t expect the lived wisdom of thousands of years, ground to dust under the heels of the True Believer Opportunists (beginning with the bloody French Revolution) to regenerate any time soon.

  24. I am a Christian.
    I am an orthodox Christian.
    I believe in the Athanasian Creed.
    I do not believe that Muslims worship the same God.
    I also do not honor their claims on history, on the West, its religion or on its culture.
    Nor do I honor their claims to perfection in truth or morality.
    As a Westerner, I understand that perfect truth is elusive, but is still worth seeking.
    I also understand that a holy God is not a simple God.
    These things offend Islam and the Orient to their very core.
    I am an individualist.
    This offends many non-Westerners to the very core.
    I don’t just say these things.
    I am them.
    And this is why the West is anathema in the rest of the world, and why it must defend its position.
    No one else will.
    Let the Chinese master our music, the Japanese our literature, but only we understand it completely. They do not have our lens or our history, nor are they responsible for the integrity of the West.
    Don’t be an oikophobe.
    Learn all you can, master what sticks with you, and know where you stand.
    As a Westerner, you can do no better than this.

  25. All words mentioned, but especially the word “racist” need to lose their power. This isn’t an intellectual process, the reason these words have such a great effect is because of repetition. Many on the right who are still trapped in the webs of political correctness intellectually understand that “racist” is a meaningless term, the reason they are still intimidated by it is because of its significance in their “emotional” memory. The best way to eviscerate these words is by repeating them often in a different context.

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