Headed to the Middle Ages, or the Lebanese States of Europe

The Israeli journalist Alexander Maistrovoy describes what is happening in the Modern Multicultural West by examines the analogy of the forced multiculturalization of the Soviet Union.

Headed to the Middle Ages, or the Lebanese States of Europe

by Alexander Maistrovoy

The nations of the former Soviet Union experienced the grim consequences of social experiments on their own skin. Western Europe is next.

Marxist dogma suggests that “national question” should be resolved by “erasing national differences” and the affirmation of internationalism, and the artificial implantation of language and culture of the carrier of the “progressive ideology”.

According to Lenin, “international culture of the global labor movement” should be solely based on the great historic culture of Russia.

These principles were consistently implemented by the Soviet Communist Party, especially in the first decades of Soviet power.

On the one hand, there was the Marxist ideology, which suppressed “nationalist philistines” as Lenin called them. On the other, there was the expansion of the Russian nation as a “progressive nation”.

Ukraine became the first victim of this policy, and the current strife in this country is has its roots in communist ideology. In the 1920s Lenin worked to accelerate the process of assimilating Ukrainians by “migrating tens and hundreds of thousands Russian farmers and workers to the Ukrainian mines and cities”. According to Stalin, “Urban culture is superior because it is Russian; as for the rural (Ukrainian) culture, only the devil understands their language”.

These weren’t just empty statements. The “Rural culture” underwent total destruction, part of which was the artificially crafted Holodomor (“Hunger-extermination”). At the same time, “urban culture” was imposed by resettling millions of Russians in Ukraine. “Russification” became an instrument of Marxist dogma. Although the bloody deportations of people and settlement of Russians on the “liberated territories” were dictated by imperial considerations and personal pathology of Stalin, they fit perfectly into the Bolshevik concept of the “national question”.

The same policy was implemented in the Baltic States. Hundreds of thousands of Latvians, Estonians and Lithuanians were deported to Siberia and the Kazakh steppe. The deported “nationalist philistines” were replaced by representatives of the “worldwide labor movement,” i.e., ethnic Russians. In some cases the domination of the “worldwide labor movement” was achieved by territorial manipulation. For example, Ukrainian Transnistria was forcibly attached to Moldova. Transnistria was turned into an industrial center of Moldova and was actively populated by Russians.

When the giant and unsustainable monster known as the “Soviet Union” collapsed, people who had been victims of bloodcurdling experiments gained independence, and with it the “national question” inherited from the “Red Empire”. It turned into a time bomb. Ukraine has split in two parts: the Western Ukraine – cast off from Poland with Lvov as its capital, and Russified Eastern Ukraine — with industrial facilities. President Victor Yanukovych represents Eastern Ukraine, and the current confrontation is not only between the supporters and opponents of “Europeanization”, but also between the “Russian proletariat” and the West Ukrainian “peasantry”.

As soon as Transnistria declared itself an independent republic with Tiraspol as its capital — Moldova, which had become independent as well — immediately plunged into civil war. Although the battles raged for several months in 1992, claiming the lives of more than a thousand people, the bleeding wound of the conflict is still open.

The Slavic population (Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians) exceeds 30% as a result of forced Russification of Latvia; prior to forcible annexation to the USSR it was less than 10%. Ethnic Russians who populate the south-eastern area of the country, which is adjacent to Russia, are quite capable, like the residents of Transnistria, of demanding independence, either by their own initiative or by Kremlin’s behest.

The situation is similar in neighboring Estonia, where Russians are quarter of the population and where the border with Russia is densely populated by Russian natives, among which about 100,000 don’t have Russian citizenship.

All European countries of the former Soviet Union are in a state of constant friction between the national majority and the Russian minority, which is perceived as an agent influenced by the Kremlin.

The solution of the “national question” in the West was carried out in a more sophisticated fashion. Wrapped in multiculturalism, it was tainted with poison deadlier than Bolshevism. On the one hand, Western consciousness was suppressed by “international” dogma. The survival instinct atrophied; the average Frenchman, Italian, German, or Englishman became a hostage of powerful self-censorship, even stronger than in the totalitarian Soviet regime where people were fearful of the authorities. In Western Europe they are afraid of themselves and their innate feelings. External censorship, however, also existed: zealous and ubiquitous EU bureaucrats resembled the Communist Party apparatchiks.

On the other hand, Third World natives — the “proletariat” of XXI century — became the embodiment of the “progress” against “nationalist philistine prejudices”. While inhabiting European cities and creating ghettos, they’ve destroyed the natural structure of society. The initial demand for manpower was put at the service of ideology. As a result, the deformation occurred from the top (EU bureaucracy) and from the bottom — an alien and often hostile population.

There is no doubt that the “Pink Empire” will collapse just like the “Red” one did. The question is: how could Europeans cope with the multicultural heritage?

Sensitive Urban Zones — a bounty of closed and isolated communities — already exist in European cities. As in Lebanon, these are in fact “states within a state” which have their own laws, implicit government, “guards” and courts. In contrast to Lebanon, where ethnic-religious mosaic evolved naturally and took a century, in Western Europe the process was rapid, chaotic and random.

From London to Geneva and from Oslo to Vienna we see improvised criminal organizations, mini-”Islamic Republics” such as the “Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets” (Kafkaesque combination), tribal unions, and mafias, such as Albanian or Caucasian ones. The state, as in Lebanon, with its courts and police, is helpless in the face of these extraterritorial entities that emerge like mushrooms after rain. They can create a coalition or collide with each other. It is already a reality. On the Edgeware Road, in London, Salafis led by Anjem Choudary attack the Shiite Iranians. Gangs of teenagers from Africa and the Caribbean in Birmingham’s Handsworth terrorize neighboring districts. In French town of Mulhouse (Haut-Rhine) Chechen criminal clans start a war with Arabs. In French cities, such as Nimes and Sarcelles, Arabs dominate local markets, hindering pork trade, alcohol and bathing suits; in Marseilles in September 2012 they vandalized a gypsy camp. Turkish neighborhoods dispute with Kurdish neighborhoods in Germany; a Muslim ghetto in Copenhagen imposes its rules on African neighbors. In all cases the authorities refrain from intervening, and are afraid to resort to force. And in all the cases these archaic, patriarchal communities are expanding their living space at the expense of the indigenous people and the state.

Repressions, deportations and cruel punitive actions would be required in order to establish the rule of law — the European consciousness is absolutely unprepared for such brutality. As a result the real power will be in the hands of those who are better organized, well-armed and have a powerful patron — like Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Russians relocated to Ukraine and Moldova were more or less people of somewhat similar culture to the local population (in many cases they belonged the same Orthodox faith as in Moldova). It did not eliminate conflicts, but reduced their intensity and hatred. Intruders from outskirts of Russia with alcohol addiction and bad habits annoyed prim and composed Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians, but the gap was not as sizeable as between Western Civilization and closed patriarchal communities with clan vendettas, institutionalized pedophilia, the beating of women, girls’ circumcision, polygamy, ritual cults, legitimized slavery, a caste system etc.

Russian youth in Ukraine and the Baltic States are not sacrificial. They don’t have any intention of dying for Mother Russia. They want to enjoy life and dream about citizenship in Switzerland, the USA or Canada. Young Pakistanis, Afghans, Sudanese, Somalis, Moroccans, Caribbean don’t have even a smidgen of sympathy for European history and culture. Deep contempt for Europe and fidelity to the laws of blood and honor are their driving forces.

Similar to the situation in Lebanon, it will be a war of all against all, but, unlike the Lebanese case with Druze or Christians, an average European does not have a cohesive clan and the quenching of eternal war behind his back.

“There is nothing more miserable as moralization of the great social catastrophe!” wrote Trotsky. His followers in the West certainly agree with him. The revolutionary ideal takes first place. No one cares what will happen to the “natural material” of revolution — ordinary people (white, black, colored, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, man and woman).

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13 thoughts on “Headed to the Middle Ages, or the Lebanese States of Europe

  1. ‘ The solution of the “national question” in the West was carried out in a more sophisticated fashion.’ But everyone (Ukrain, Poland … etc) are quite happy to get more Muslims. Poland hosted Chechnyans on its soil to strengthen them against Russia.
    Russia does not like “civilized countries” to interfere in her affairs. Do you know why? Just go to Syria, Libya, Egypt and Iraq to see why? Weakness, poverty were blessed by The Prince of peace but they are detested and hated by every other creature on earth.

  2. No nations – One nation, religionofpeace
    For “progressive languages” – See Turkish in Germany, and Arabic in France

  3. Eurotica is drunk again and it looks like the muslims believe this is their moment to create some serious stealth and other wreckage.

  4. Population relocations are as old as history is. What we see nowadays in the West, the multiculturalism as it is called, is nothing but covert islamic imperialism.

    • Facilitated by our civilized, wonderfully elected politicians. If they were not elected they would not invite invaders to thrust them into office.

  5. “On the Edgeware Road, in London, Salafis led by Anjem Choudary attack the Shiite Iranians. Gangs of teenagers from Africa and the Caribbean in Birmingham’s Handsworth terrorize neighboring districts. ”

    I don’t think the fracture lines are where you think they are. I think that Edgware Road is not one, and neither is Tower Hamlets. Walthamstow may well be one (I only have to drive round that area to feel the aggression, something one doesn’t feel driving round Tower Hamlets or Edgeware Road).

    It appears to me that the Ukrainian, who tried to start “a race war” in Britain by murdering and bombing in the West Midlands, had chosen his targets carefully. I’ve never been to Walsall where one of the bombs went off, but I have been told by those with far better knowledge of “the streets”, that the place is a powder-keg (muslims and blacks who hate each other).

    One of his other bombs was placed in Tipton (outside Dudley). Of all the EDL demos I attended, the only ones which descended into riots, were in Dudley. Certainly the riot at the 2nd Dudley demo was led by the locals (as the national EDL had been kept out of the town). It was clear as me and my small group of middle-class friends as we walked around Dudley a few hours before the demo (we went by car) that economically this town was on its knees . Moreover, it was clear that the locals were just itching for a fight (the Luddites began in Dudley). On our return to our car, it was clear there were local groups (white and muslim) running round the town trying to start violence.

    Unbeknownst to me until the past few weeks, it turns out that the Tipton/Dudley are were scenes of “race riots” as far back as 1962. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dudley#Ethnic_unrest It seems to me, that this Ukrainian bomber had a better understanding of the fracture lines in England than most of the English have. If his bombs had gone off and killed people, who knows what would have happened.

    Another area I’ve never been to, but which local inhabitants insist is a tinderbox, is Southall in west London. There it is the muslims vs sikhs & hindus. I know some very tough men who live there, and they are scared.

    There may well be more to Breivik’s ramblings about some European ethno-nationalist group than appears at first sight. After all, Breivik went to Belarus for weapons training (their secret services were following him, but never bothered to tell the Norwegians, apparently).

    The riots of 2011 showed that the whole country could very easily erupt in uncontrollable violence. And now the police are going to be deploying water-cannon, something only before seen in Northern Ireland.

    I had hoped that the EDL (which to me was fundamentally a progressive movement) would help bring about democratic change. After seeing the measures the elite took to destroy Tommy and EDL, I have no confidence of that any more. This post by Casuals United (who were closely allied to EDL leadership) shows that they too think that an entirely different route will be taken in future. http://casualsunited.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/be-careful-what-you-wish-for-casualsunited/

    It’s very depressing to see that the claims of liberal democracy that peaceful change is brought about through elections and protest is a lie. The oligarchy with their cronyism are going to just going to keep the lid on things until they explode. Northern Ireland is clearly coming to England, something I would never have imagined possible. The problems in Northern Ireland were actually minor compared to the problem of dealing with islam.

    • Thanks for that link Joe which I have looked up. Apart from the name of the site it comes as no surprise that things would start to get a little more ‘excitable’ amongst the natives after what has been done to the EDL and its founders.

      I guess knowing how the ‘authorities’ react to any kind of patriotism through the targeting of those who lead it will now cause many groups to be as invisible on the governments radar as they can be.

      I hope a list of traitors is being kept for future retribution when the time comes.

    • I can confirm that in Southall (West London) this is the case and it has been so for at least twenty years. EG; twenty or so years ago I was working an on call shift one night in the A+E dept. at Ealing hospital. I was intubating a young hindu male when his muslim attacker brust in with a knife looking to finish him off, lucky a couple of OB (policemen) were present in the department and the attacker was wrestled to the floor and arrested. This was about nineteen years ago so god only knows what the current situation is like.

    • Very good post Joe. Your comment about Southall is interesting. Just after WW2, it became a magnet for Asians, Sikhs and Hindus being the dominant Communities. About 25 years ago, there was a Pakistani/Bangladeshi migration to the area which has not stopped. In 1988, I moved to Hayes which is adjacent to Southall. In those days it was a white working class area. Most of the white people have now moved out and those that are left keep a very low profile. A few years back, I felt the need to forbid my wife from going into Hayes town centre on her own for her own safety. The former Hayes Community Centre had become the Hayes Muslim Centre and the whole area was beginning to look like the Northwest Frontier Province (Yes, I have been there.) In February last year, we emigrated to South East Asia and we will not be coming back.

    • Excellent analysis. I have been wondering what would happen after Tommy was neutralized. I agree with you 100%.
      You can only keep a lid on things for so long. Politicians think that just because they keep telling us things are fine, we’ll believe they are.
      In time, I think, they will discover quite how delusional that was.

  6. Putin’s Master Stroke!
    The Croesus Factor that will allow the EU to destroy itself…..

    26th January 2014

    The EU will be “allowed” to annexe the West Ukraine. While the Russian speaking east will enter again into the orbit of Moscow to play its traditional role of “Client Buffer State”: a term used by us Romanist historians to describe the “Eastern Settlement” established by Pompeius Magnus in the Near East after his successful reduction of the area. Rome at this period preferred to rule through client Kingships.

    As the period known as the “Principate” evolved, from 27BC onwards Rome gradually substituted direct rule as a guarantee against encroaching Parthian-Persian power. We are at a between stage point at present but it will not take years to ‘evolve’ as it did in the days of Rome but months; even possibly weeks, such is the power and speed of modern communications. It took 6 months for a fully armed legion with all its accoutrements to reach the Near East from the Northern European limes to be redeployed to counter a threat. Politics moves at the salient speed of the day- horse and foot in Rome’s days, or train in the First World War, or by air in the Second. Today we have instant communications and attack ability……

    In my scribbles I have oft wrote of the “Croesus Factor” in which a Lydian King, after consulting the Delphic Oracle, was told that if he invaded Persia, an Empire would fall. His fell, not that of Persia and this led to the total annexation of Asia Minor and nearly Greece itself, until stopped at Thermopylae by the heroism of King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans.

    We are about to see a modern version of the Lydian example. It is my belief that Putin is encouraging the German desire for the Ukraine in its EU “extensionism”, by exploiting the unrest caused by the same, seen in the undiplomatic, shameful visits of Senator John Caine, Baroness Ashton and others right into the heart of the violent events in Kiev and beyond. The audacity of these people is breathtaking but this arrogance will cost them and their EU Soviet dear -very dear indeed, as the same tactics did in Syria.

    Being the good Marxist-Leninist idiots they are, blinded by total adherence to a bankrupt ideology, irrespective of where this has already led, as in Syria, Egypt and Libya, where their goals and NATO have already been defeated and their aims crushed, after similar results in Iraq and Afghanistan and even in “Obamacare” itself, they have handed Putina a ready weapon to pursue his aim of neutralising an increasingly weak US and NATO but also, (the) la piece de resistance the utter destruction of the EU itself, so ending any threat to Mother Russia but also giving us European nationalists our countries back.

    Putin knows he is popular in these circles and Russia stands to resume its traditional domination of not only eastern Europe but also a grateful West, sickened by the travesty of a putative Islamic-Soviet entity- “Kalifate” stretching from Cornwall to Pakistan, via the Ukraine………

    One thing I admire about even Russian and even Chinese leaders, is that despite their Communist credentials, they never sacrificed historical notions and strategic commonsense, when it came to national interests. I have met Soviet military and all were far better educated in global history and events than their western, especially US counterparts.

    For them and their leaders, Communism was simply a means to an end, whereas for our current crop of Germanic-Islam dominated “Useful Idiots” posing as global “actors”, Communism is the end in itself and why they will fail, since like the Soviet previous version it defied evolutionary Reality.

    One reason why the USSR survived for 70 years, until Reagan matched them strategically in Reality, rather than the relativism, previously favoured by former Washington regimes, was due to the Russian ability to not place false paradigm Marxist-Leninist above national interests. Russians have always been pragmatists over idealists.

    The so-called “American Century” devised by closet Marxist Bush family and Cheney and Co, is a glaring example of this idiocy and why it is failing. The EU is another example. Putin knows this and he will now use it so that the EU and perhaps even the US will auto-destruct as Obama the Moslem Brotherhod-Marxist stooge imposes Marxism via “ObamaCare” and disarms its population, via legislation and fake mall massacres.

    Putin knows his history. The examples are legion. Trajan in the early second century AD, Napoleon in 1812, and Hitler in 1941. All overextended themselves, as did another great General, Alexander the Great. Septimius Severus is another example and following his demise and others, Rome was all but destroyed by civil war and only saved by a motley collection of strong soldier Emperors like Gratian and eventually Constantine, who reunited the imperium through Christianity.

    These were strong men- principled but ruthless men. We are led by amoral self-aggrandising fantasists whose take on history and especially global strategy. is almost criminally imbecilic and infantile and if it were not so potentially dangerous, quite hilarious but then my humour always tends to the fatalistic and darkly ironic.

    Enter also into this messy equation, an unstable, savage Arab fanatical religious sect and the stage is set for a massive re-alignment of global power and defeat of the West. Let me now explain….

    The Ukraine is several “countries in one”. Much of this divide is religious- Roman Catholicism in the West Ukraine while Russian Orthodox, dominates the eastern mainly Russian speaking part. It is the East that Russia desires, since it gives direct access to a ‘Warm Water Port’ an age old Russian desire, namely the Black Sea (Pontus Euxinus) and a southern strategic reach. It also allows Russia to control and protect her southern oilfields and resources, which NATO is attempting to “annexe” by fomenting trouble in Syria to gain access via the Caucasus.

    This is why Hitler failed at Stalingrad. Only our modern Islam controlled backed NATO is not using troops but economic and paramilitary terrorism and butchery of opposing interests like Christians and Assad, an Alawite. Putin has already learned the value of a unifying faith and I predict he will set himself and Russia up, as the new all powerful source of a revived Christian faith against a homosexual loving, Islam dominated dhimmi godless decadent toothless West.

    The Roman Church realised that East and West Ukraine were different so assigned the Western Catholic part as a special “Province”. The Church new and understood its strategic importance as a Eurasian transit point straddling a variety of ethnicities and cultural traditions.

    This is where the German desire for “lebensraum” will be its undoing but also lead to the situation I described above. Putin will allow the West Ukraine to separate from the East to “join” the EU. The remaining East Ukraine will provide Russia with a friendly cultural ally ‘client state’ in the west against Germano-Eurabian ambitions but it will unleash a myriad of problems and chaos- those we see in Kiev today- across the EU as countries like Poland, Hungary, Slovenia find themselves confronted, contained and distracted by the very same formerly slumbering ethnic rivalries, now unleashed in Ukraine by EU politicians. All these nations share ethnicities, cultural, racial and languages with the diverse groups of the Western Ukraine.

    The effect will be to act like a virus that will infest and disease the whole EU institution, spreading like plague across an already Balkanised multicultural landscape, already simmering with financial chaos and failing economies held together by a politically expedient currency, that is in itself a false paradigm feeding deep resentment across silenced populations in the former countries, destroyed by mass immigration and and an increasingly assertive Islam, that controls the cities. The result will probably be a Europe in chaos. It’s going to be rough but worth seeing the end of the Eurabian fantasy…..


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