Fjordman: Breivik’s Confession and the Media’s Silence

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at FrontPage Magazine. Some excerpts are below:

From his prison cell, the confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik in January 2014 circulated a letter in which he repudiated all association with the Counterjihad and anti-Islamists. He gloated over how easy it was to fool the Western mainstream media (MSM) into supporting his intended witch-hunt on peaceful anti-Islamists:

The idea was to manipulate the MSM and others so that they would launch a witch-hunt and send their <<media-rape-squads>> against our opponents. It worked quite well. (…) I tried to hint about this double-psychology, by quoting <<war is deceit>> x number of times, but I couldnt make it more obvious, as it had to be credible to the aggressive army of 2000 media psychopaths (the MSM-rape-squad). The <<hug-your-opponents, kick-the-ones-you-love>>-tactic is one of the oldest in the book.


Breivik’s letter from prison was sent to a number of international media outlets. These included The Wall Street Journal, the largest newspaper in North America, Die Welt in Germany and Ekstra Bladet in Denmark. In January 2014, these publications acknowledged receiving the letter and stated that Breivik complained about “torture” in jail. Yet they were not honest enough to admit that he confessed that he had quoted anti-Islamic writers in order to harm them. The only outlet that stated this was the left-wing radical magazine Expo in Sweden, which is usually very hostile to Islam-critics.

As the author Robert Spencer noted on Jihad Watch: The New York Times, the BBC and many other Western media in the aftermath of Breivik’s attacks in 2011 contributed to a smear campaign against Islam-critical writers on both sides of the Atlantic who had done nothing wrong. When it later turns out that Breivik wanted to damage these writers and used the mass media as his allies to do so, the same media say….nothing.

No apologies for having unfairly smeared decent people for years, just nothing. They pretend it never happened. Breivik was only useful as long as he could be employed to intimidate and silence critics of Islam and mass immigration. When that’s no longer the case, he ceases to be useful.

Anders Behring Breivik did great damage with his attacks. The single positive side effect is that he may have inadvertently helped to expose just how rotten and dishonest Western mass media are, how much information they hide and how much they distort. It is shocking to witness, although sadly not surprising. It leaves one wondering what information the same media distort on other topics.

Robert Spencer is perfectly correct in pointing out that the international press should apologize to Islam-critics for their behavior over the last few years. One of those who should receive a public apology is yours truly. Sadly, I don’t think most journalists have the decency to apologize.

The attacks of July 22 2011 are first and foremost a story about how many families lost their loved ones due to the actions of a sadistic and deeply sick individual. However, these events were cynically exploited in a political witch-hunt, much to the satisfaction of the terrorist himself. The media who participated in this witch-hunt have so far been unable or unwilling to engage in some healthy self-criticism over their unfair smears against their ideological opponents.

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16 thoughts on “Fjordman: Breivik’s Confession and the Media’s Silence

    • 3rd rate novellas at that.

      The plots are predictable, the villains and heroes have huge pointers over their heads so you can’t mistake them, and the outcomes are written in advance.

      Which is why newspapers are dying as a medium of delivering ‘news’. They survive thru infotainment.

  1. I would like to pause You for a moment and point out that he killed a lot of Norwegians. elsewhere you have probably expressed some sympathy for them but I’d just like to point out that they are the only flesh and blood that got damaged.

    I’d also repeat that this admission by Breivik shows that he was acting politically. Even if he modifies his tale later to fit other narratives.

  2. Breivik was a deep state stooge…..

  3. Somebody- well connected trained him and gave him everthing he needed. Somebody or somewhere in the “elite” wanted to doscredit the anti-jihad movement. This has the classic hallmark of a “Gladio” op……

    • I don’t assume you’re being paranoid, as your scenario is plausible, but isn’t it just possible that he’s an insane loner?

      • I am ex military-Royal Signals and Infantry. Nobody could have fired off all those rounds without assisted preparation. One of my priests is an ex arms instructor and he agrees. Tow ou cannot be nuts. The elite are absolutely capable of doing this. They are disgusting!

        • I have insisted from the beginning that he had ‘help’ each step of the way. Right down to the so-called “leaders” of that camp on Utoya sneaking off the island in a boat to save themselves while they left the others to die

        • “I am ex military-Royal Signals and Infantry. Nobody could have fired off all those rounds without assisted preparation.”

          I seem to remember that a story surfaced that Breivik had been to Belarus for weapons training. Their secret service had him under surveillance all the time he was there. But (supposedly) they did not inform the Norwegians.

          I can’t remember where I read this.

  4. correction

    “Two of us cannot be nuts”

      • Not making judgements either way, Seneca III, but I enjoyed that as much as Dymphna recently advising me to quit while I was behind!

  5. Apparently, the irony escapes some commenters here. If they believe that their own Western governments are controlled by powers dastardly enough to be behind the Utoya massacre in order to further their ongoing devious machinations for power and evil, then they should logically believe in fighting against these dastardly powers at the very least in terms of a violent civil war — little different from Breivik’s vision (sans, at least for some, the “nordicist” theorization his writings indulge in).

    • It seems almost certain that Breivik did not operate alone. However, I don’t think that the elite would get any benefit from him killing their children or the children of their friends. Whether or not they are capable of having people wiped out, well shortly after 7/7 a Brazilian man in London was “terminated” on the Tube. It’s my suspicion that his killing was not accidental, but was meant to serve as a contained warning to potential muslim terrorists. The Tube CANNOT be protected at all, but potential terrorists could be made to think they are under observation, and will simply be gunned down before they can detonate. The elite could not assassinate a muslim to serve as an exemplar (for fear of blowback). But killing an immigrant from Brazil, that would be feasible.

      As for the unconscionability of civil war. It looks like very significant numbers of people in Britain believe that civil war is almost inevitable.

      Strangely enough, in some inchoate manner, many people uninvolved with the counter-jihad movement appeared to have a kind of sympathy with what Breivik did. Among ordinary people (at least in England) there was a surprising lack of horror at what he did.

      The British government is taking steps to arm police with the kind of equipment used in Northern Ireland (just as many American organisations are also apprently buying military grade hardware), so it looks like the elite are clearly expecting our society to drift closer to civil war.

      • The “elite” (I only put mock quotes around it because such a term unduly delimits the sociocultural and demographic breadth of PC MC) are notoriously irrational about what they perceive to be a “right wing” danger, and they likely exaggerate that way beyond its reality.

        Secondly, the Western “elite” are not utterly incognizant of the danger of Muslims. In fact, they are virtually as cognizant as are those in the minuscule Counter-Jihad; the major difference is that PC MCs tend vigilantly to suppress their rational fears of Muslims, and the more industrious among them elaborate a veritably complex paradigm of Denial inside their heads about it (co-dependent, of course, with the rich content of a shared Weltanschauung). As with most psychological conditions of denial, the thing they are in denial about is not rendered inert, but still exerts a good deal of effect upon their thoughts and actions. Thus the elite in various ways continue to pursue quasi-rational policies with regard to the danger of Muslims — considerably (if not, at times, comically and grotesquely) handicapped by the other half of their schizophrenic psyches working overtime to handicap that rational fear of Muslims.

  6. ‘The British government is taking steps to arm police with the kind of equipment used in Northern Ireland (just as many American organisations are also apprently buying military grade hardware), so it looks like the elite are clearly expecting our society to drift closer to civil war.’ Would really appreciate it if someone could post a link supporting this assertion (to be clear I fully believe it and in fact think I’ve read this elsewhere) but its been puzzling me for a while the way our police don’t seem to be ‘tooling up’ like in the U.S when generally the West moves in tandem (also they would have to be utter fools not to realise this WILL all end in massive bloodshed). P.S I suspect the reason I am not aware of this is that, unlike Infowars etc in the U.S, the U.K is still catching up when it comes to alternative media and so such matters aren’t reported on-but are almost certainly still happening in the shadows.

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