FGM Kurdish Style

Of all Western nations, Britain seems to have the most serious problem with illegal female genital mutilation, due to the large Muslim enclaves in its major cities that operate under a parallel system of sharia “justice”. Yet other countries are fast catching up with the UK. Any major urban area where the concentration of Muslim immigrants is significant enough to create no-go zones will also be likely to produce a local epidemic of FGM.

The problem is largely occluded from public discussion, due the reluctance of the legacy media to talk about any issue that might make “brown” people look bad. The evil inflicted on all those little girls is often kept hidden within the family or the clan, so that the full incidence of the crime is difficult for social agencies and law enforcement to determine.

The latest newsletter of the Tennessee Council for Political Justice takes a look at the issue of FGM in the United States, particularly among Kurds:

“Dropping the Knife” is a 2013 BBC documentary aimed at exposing the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kurdistan. The trailer starts:

“Kurdistan, the safest and most prosperous region of Iraq. But for years, the country harbored a secret. Many of its women have been cut in the name of religion. Few in the outside world knew that female genital mutilation existed here until a charity launched a campaign with the help of local filmmakers to tell women’s stories.”

The documentary addresses the social, cultural, and religious beliefs that support the practice of FGM. The film pointedly asks whether “enough is being done to end the practice in Kurdistan” since only very recently have steps been taken to halt this savage, dehumanizing practice.

Studies by the Human Rights Ministry of Iraqi Kurdistan, WADI (a German-Iraqi human and women’s rights organization) put the numbers anywhere from 40.7% — 57% of girls that have been mutilated. A more recent and larger study conducted in the city of Erbil found a self-reported incidence of 70% but a lower 58.6% upon examination but nonetheless concluded that “[p]revalence of female genital mutilation among Muslim Kurdish women in Erbil city is very high.”

Women interviewed for a 2010 Human Rights report on FGM in Kurdistan gave the following reasons for FGM:

  • It is linked to Kurdish cultural identity [of tribal honor/shame]
  • It is a religious imperative [a practice permitted by Islam]
  • It is necessary to control women’s sexuality; and
  • It is carried out as a result of social pressure [of Islamic mores]

The report notes that while FGM is not addressed in the Quran [but is in Hadith or the traditions of Mohammed], some interpretations of Islamic law followed by the majority of Iraqi Kurds, makes FGM permissible for girls. The report includes reference to a hadith that “mentions the Prophet Muhammad telling a woman who had been circumcising girls ‘to cut only a little’ thus, according to these clerics, Mohammed did not ban the practice and FGM is permitted.

Although FGM was banned in 2011, Human Rights Watch reported one year later that the Kurdistan Regional Government had done nothing to enforce the law. More recently though, there have been reports that awareness raising campaigns are having a positive impact.

FGM in Tennessee

The “Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act of 1996” was introduced by Democrats Sen. Thelma Harper and Rep. Lois DeBerry (deceased). Their bill stated the following reasons about why Tennessee needed a bill to protect women from the FGM assault:

“WHEREAS, female genital mutilation is defended by both men and women in the cultures where it is practiced as a rite of passage and a social prerequisite of marriage as well as a method to control a woman’s sexuality; and

WHEREAS, while female genital mutilation is prevalent in many African and Middle Eastern countries, it also is found in some Asian countries and among immigrant populations in Western Europe and North America; and

WHEREAS, due to the immigration of people from countries where female genital mutilation is practiced, the mutilation has continued to take place in the United States. Usually the immigrants will either send their daughters back to the native country to have female genital mutilation performed or a group of them will pay to bring a midwife to the United States to perform the painful procedure on their young daughters…”

The “immigrants” referenced in the preamble to the legislation filed by the Democrats were most likely correlated to the influx of refugees being brought to Tennessee by the refugee resettlement federal contractors.

Despite being a crime in Tennessee since 1996, 21 cases of FGM in Tennessee were reported last year. Legislation passed by the Tennessee General Assembly last year now requires that healthcare providers report cases of FGM to law enforcement.

We hope word has spread to Catholic Charities and the other refugee resettlement agencies as well as Nashville’s “Little Kurdistan” and that the local Muslims are aware and speaking out against this barbaric sexual mutilation, helping their community learn that some customs are better left behind in the old country.

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    • If you mean the leftist feminist professional emasculators, their karmic debt is incalculable. Elitist, spoiled, and in the final analysis, trifling. They missed the opportunity to go down in history by helping poorer women out of their hole but instead threw it all away by using their energy to establish frivolous academic ghettoes for themselves.

      • The proper punishment for leftist feminists like Martha Nussbaum is to replace them by the women they despise. Example: children of Jewish men and Muslim women should be considered full Jews.

      • Quote:
        Elitist, spoiled, and in the final analysis, trifling.

        The best essential statement about feminism I’ve ever heard.
        The language of “entitlement” and “rights” has detracted from the exposure, critique and elimination of the worst crimes against humanity in recorded history.

  1. In the UK, these areas are not “No-go Zones” per se: look at France where public utilities and the emergency services can, sometimes, only enter certain areas under a hail of rocks, petrol bombs, and occaisionally gunfire. It doesn’t work like that in the good ol’ U of K.

    The police go pretty much were they have an inclination to, whenever they can be bothered to leave the station. True enough, ambulances and fire engines do recieve the odd shower of bricks and molotovs, but these incidents are inevitably in poor white areas, and precipitated by white youths ‘for a laugh’. Postal staff sometimes boycott am adress or a street due to the preponderance of large, semi-feral dogs; but these again are a largely Poor White cultural accessory.

    In one sense, Mulsim communities in the UK are a model of integration. The largesse of a modern welfare state flows into them without any sign of resistance or hindrance. Muslims are enthusiastic recipients of welfare benefits, free healthcare and modern sanitation, plumbing and domestic power supplies. Nary a single Muslim spokesperson has, too my knowledge at least, suggested that as flushing toilets and free money transfers from the taxpayer were not in existence in Arabia at the time of Mohammed, modern Muslims should stop claiming the dole and perform their ablutions in holes in the ground. Although they do deploy that line of reasoning frequently elsewhere. Perhaps it’s context-sensitive?

    No, what the Muslim communities have absented themselves from is the reciprocity implied in the contract. Their children are educated in state schools or, increasingly, in tax-payer funded Muslim-run ‘faith schools’ which are expected to adhere to the National Curriculum and its values but, on inspection, sometimes do not.

    The values paramount in British education at the moment are ‘respect’, ‘tolerance’ and all the other touchy-feely, nebulous ‘values’ that seem to be the ethical bedrock of the doctrine of Multiculturalism. Some might say that this paramouncy is achieved at the expense of teaching the children to read, write and do sums, for example; but never mind.

    Despite this immersion in the warm and gooey current of Liberal happy thoughts for the first decade-and-a-half of their lives, young British Muslims are resolutely and in increasing numbers turning away from mainstream secularism and pluralism, and towards fundamentalism.

    There are Muslim ghettos, but they are ghettos of the mind. A continual influx of immigrants from the ‘Old Country’ keeps alive the cultural imperatives, and renews contact with political organisations and developments ‘back home’. Saudi money funds any firebrand with a big gob, an impressive beard, and enough grit to rise to the top of community politics. Islam is riding high here. Perhaps the ghettos are more like fortresses: permeable to the tangible benefits of Western Civilisation, but utterly non-porous to modernising currents of thought.

    There was a story in one of the left-wing papers over here a short while ago; the usual tosh by an “ex-fundamentalist Muslim who has now seen the light”. One image has stuck in my mind, though. The writer related that her mother taught her, from a very young age, to hate the kuffar. As a young girl, the writer would sit in the front window of her house and, when a non-Muslim walked past, would bang on the window and shout “Go away, you filthy kuffar!”

    It’s funny, but my mind immediately assigned a location to this incident: a once grand row of three-storied Victorian villas that sit by a busy road just north of the centre of a Midlands city. A hundred years ago, this area was inhabited by the wealthy bourgeoisie, and my Gran would have known them in her, and their, prime.

    If my Gran walked those streets today, she would have seen the little dark-haired girl banging on the window. Above the traffic roar she would have been unable to make out what the girl was saying. I imagine she would have smiled and waved back.

  2. Well said, Bobo. FGM has been illegal here in the UK for some years, but there have been no prosecutions to date, though there are signs that this may change. There have been over 100 in officially secular France, despite its higher Muslim population.

    Just to put the record straight, FGM was a cultural, rather than a specifically religious, practice, predating Islam, though Muslim spokesmen (and occasionally women) have defended it; it used to be carried out by some Jews, and still is by some Coptic Christians, much as I’d want to defend their freedoms in general.

    • Mark, Please read the wiki link below for the actual FACTS about Forced Genital Mutilation (FGM).

      Saudi Arabia has paid the United Nations, et al, a lot of money for a lot of years to spread the propaganda that FGM is an African problem rather than an Islamic mandate. The reality is that the people who practice FGM are Muslim – or their neighbors.

      “There is no mention of FGM in the Bible or Quran.[102] Although its origins are pre-Islamic, it became associated with Islam because of that religion’s focus on female modesty and chastity, and is found only within or near Muslim communities.[103] It is praised in several hadith (sayings attributed to Muhammad) as noble but not required, along with advice that the milder forms are kinder to women.”


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