Challenging Our Faith

Our Minnesota correspondent Henrietta sends this afterthought to her post from earlier today about the Somali immigrant crisis in her state:

As a new ‘correspondent’, and to the casual reader, I would like to add some clarification to today’s posting. I am not against Somalis or Muslims. I feel compassion for those who’ve never been allowed the privilege of free will, which our Creator so graciously provided to humanity. Plus, they themselves suffer cruelly under sharia law. Rather, I am against the ideology that most of them have been raised to subscribe to. Islamic ideology compels its adherents to agitate, overtly and covertly, to subvert all the world to Allah and sharia law. I take offense at that, and I am appalled and repulsed by the kind of ‘fruit’ Islam produces. And I care about the kind of world that I pass onto my children.

Here are some more ‘interesting’ facts:

World Relief MN has allied with the Evangelicals, Transform MN, to ‘transform’ Minnesota. These two organizations have allied with a group called Immigrant Hope.

The executive director of Immigrant Hope, Alejandro Mandes, spoke at a G92 Immigration Conference with the notorious Communist Jim Wallis.

Unfortunately, Marxist ideology has permeated and perverted many of our Christian institutions, especially in Minnesota.

I had one Pastor from World Relief MN exclaim to me that Christian missionaries don’t have to go abroad now, the lost world is coming here now! I asked, What kind of Shepherd would invite the rabid wolf to enter our neighborhoods?! He had no response.

Not only have our ‘Shepherds’ been ideologically compromised and are leading their blind flocks like a Piped Piper to our utter destruction, but they are also bilking the American taxpayer. Here is a 990 Tax form from Lutheran Social Services.

Refugee Resettlement Watch has been doing outstanding work researching and documenting the co-opting of American compassion by aggressive ideologues who do not have the best interests of Americans at heart.
Here are a couple of articles about MN:

The Minnesota Council of Churches has been working very closely with the Islamic Center of Minnesota, including monthly Interfaith Dialogues:

Compare the Islamic Center of Minnesota logo to the Islamic Society of North America logo:

I’ll let you connect the dots.

In addition to learning about our Radical Islamic and Communist enemies, I pray this ‘conflict’ will be an opportunity to reexamine ourselves: ‘Who am I?’ ‘How did I get here?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘How should I live?’
Because, you see, according to the ancient Chinese General, Sun Tzu, knowing who the enemy is only half the battle. We, also, must know who we are and what we stand for.

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
Sun Tzu

Radical Islam (and Communism) not only challenges our identity, but it is also challenges our faith, if not primarily so. According to the “Quranic Concept of War” by SK Malik:

“In war, our main objective is the opponent’s heart and soul.”

“Terror is basically related to the strength or weakness of the human soul. A weak faith offers inroads to terror.”

“To instill terror into the hearts of the enemy, it is essential, in the ultimate analysis, to dislocate his Faith. An invincible Faith is immune to terror. A weak Faith offers inroads to terror.”

May Christendom and freedom-lovers rise up once again to preserve freedom against the ravages of tyranny.

— Henrietta

74 thoughts on “Challenging Our Faith

  1. Lutheran Social Services is a commie front group. PERIOD! They give in to every muslim who wants access to the USA.

  2. Deep in the heart of every western government there is a document that must go something like this:

    Your predecessors be they Emperors Kings Presidents and Primeministers managed to ram ideas like Absolutism, Divine Right, Fascism, Socialism, Papal Infallibility, Sola Scriptorum, Imperialism, Nationalism, Republicanism, Constitutionality, The Peace of God, Feudalism, Whiggism, Toryism, Anglicanism, The Gold Standard, Council House Sales, Enclosure, Cigarette Taxes… What have you…and end like this.

    Just make something up that is as equally as stupid and make the suckers parrot the tenets of the idea. If they deviate humiliate them. The more humiliating the better. The more they are bewildered the better you have done your jobs.

  3. If any US CITIZENs are reading this and need financial help to pay for food, electricity, help finding a job… I dare you to go to Lutheran Social Services and ASK for help.

    IF you get anything at all I WILL BE SO SURPRISED !!

    I know several very needy ( white Christian) American citizens WITH children who asked them for help and were sent over to the Jewish Community center to sign up for some food from their food bank and told that LSS does not have ANYTHING for them. No food, no clothing …no JOB help… NOT ONE DERNED thing.

    So I got these folks over to the Jewish C.C. and they got a box or two of canned food and breads …Even a few vouchers for fresh produce at a local grocery store. Some people at my church donated to help two families with their electric bills. And one fellow at my church gave one of the men a part-time job at his factory as a maintenance man. We are still trying to help the other two men and one lady with jobs.

    We are just individuals from a church trying to help LOCAL people… LSS has a MACHINE but they only help illegals and foreigners.


    I loathe LSS with a passion!

  4. Catholic Charities also takes its filthy lucre from the Gubmint in order to settle the toxic people of the world into quiet mostly white suburban neighborhoods. Payback on the bourgeoisie.

    • If you read Refugee Resettlement Watch regularly, it’s the Lutherans, Catholics and Jews who most often collaborate with the State Dept to bring in these 3rd world primitive people and dump them on unsuspecting towns. They ‘help’ for a few months and then leave the townspeople to bear the brunt of schools, social workers, welfare benefits, etc.

      Some of them come to work as veritable slaves in Big Agra and Big Meat. They often can’t pass the simplest health test – TB or AIDS. They fall over in the production line and someone takes their place.

      This happens to American workers in these places also. Processing chickens for Tysons, etc., lasts about 6-8 months before your hands are too twisted to do the work fast enough.

      All the mega food processors give big bucks to politicians. Made Bill Clinton a rich man and those folks are standing in line with their checkbooks for 2014, too.

      • I believe that you and I and anyone else who knows the REAL Bill Clinton and his missus, know they should both be in jail for defrauding the American public.

        I wish every yard of karma on them!

        • Amen to ALL that !! Have had no experience personally with Catholic Charities but I KNOW they helped bring in THOUSANDS of Bosnian muslims to Florida. Now those folks have their OWN country…THEY should be sent back!

      • Thanks for iterating it so well. It’s more the loss of the 50 million Americans who should be reading GoV daily than the loss of GoV in not being so read.

        And don’t forget the new perversion that’s been cooked up in Washington: EB5 — the “Investors’ Green Card.” You invest $.5 mil. in some “jobs producing” enterprise and you got yourself the American citizenship. Wht it means in reality is that there is a lot of hot money in China and a lot of demand for American citizenship too. Huckster lawyers and RE developers all over the U.S. have set up businesses to lure such Chinese “investors,” with the result being that cheap, unneeded hotels are springing up in various places providing minimum wage jobs for more Mexicans and Guatemalans legal and illegal, bringing urban blight that’s unstoppable because too many decision makers are well greased through this racket, and importing Chinese “investors” whose 1/2 mil was not necessarily earned in a way that brings pride to America’s “city on the hill.”

        • Is this our karmic retribution for what we did in limiting Chinese immigration in the 19th century to males who could do the back-breaking, soul-killing work of building the railroads?

          As in the mills of God grind slowly…

      • Don’t forget to add Hormel to the list of producers who workforce is almost entirely illegal alien, and the way they make SPAM is just short of a nightmare.

        The sad fact is that today’s American businessman is more likely to side with illegal alien and open borders activists than they are to side with the average working class American. You see that with the way the Chambers of Commerce, corporations and well known executives are major amnesty promoters.

        They are quite ready to throw us under the bus and IMO are a much greater threat to our well being than any other ethnic or religous group.

        • These business’ will KILL the GOLDEN GOOSE of REAL AMERICAN prosperity…and laugh all the way to the bank.

  5. There may come a time when Christians are going to be persecuted by everyone from within their churches and from without. Maybe consider an underground church movement.

    • In fact, a true Christian can never have a tranquil life in this world. He or she will always be persecuted either by non- Christians or by pseudo- Christian false brethren.

  6. I am so tired of all the religious(christian) [material I find odiferous]. As an agnostic/athiest I’ve been biting my tongue for years in the name of “tolerance”, but it’s really starting to grate. You wanna believe in magic? Fine! Just please stop spouting that [information that seems meaningless to me] like it’s truth, like it’s the answer – it’s not. In fact, it’s part of the problem. The faster we leave [ideas that I consider to be unsuitable for adults] behind, the faster we can move on.


    • Poor baby, biting your tongue all those years.

      How about you move on even faster and not stop to read our christer material at all? See that ‘X’ up above? It means you can click off any page you find offensive, boyo.

      You’re not nearly as tired of all the religious whatever as I am of aggressive atheism posing as ‘tolerance’… If you think you’re tolerant then you think more highly of yourself than the average reasonable person would. A truly tolerant person would simply pass on by in silence with a shrug. Which is what most religious people do when atheists start spouting their One True Belief, the one for adults only. I know it’s possible because our atheist donors do exactly that. Because they’re the real adults.

      Seriously, there are hundreds of atheist websites where you’ll find a real welcome for your views, where not nary a soul goes to church or talks about how their faith informs their lives.

      Go away, Mr.Dynamite or you’ll surely explode with what I put up tomorrow.

      • Dymphna

        I guess you don’t belong to the tolerant christian crowd then. You couldn’t keep from editing my comment either. Quite a show of weakness of faith.
        Let’s be honest Dymphna, Atheists don’t “spout their One True Belief” anywhere, only the religious do that. You know that. And as for most religious people being tolerant… I’ve seen what you american christians do to atheists. You throw them out of your families, throw them out on the street, even if they’re kids, divorce them, disown them etc. etc. Ofcourse, that’s hardly surprising given that more americans find atheism threatening rather than islam… As a group you are dangerous allies indeed.

        But this isn’t about that, it’s about how you christians can’t stop yourself from proselytizing. It’s a shame you have to pervert the issue of resistance to the jihad with your religious, self-righteous, holier-than-thou nonsense.


        • Atheism: The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason what so ever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs.

          Makes perfect sense.

          • Yes well, atheists can ofcourse believe in magic, it’s not a requirement of atheism to not believe in magic, but I find it highly unlikely.


        • I love my atheist family members just as much as I love the believers. I just step carefully to avoid offending them…it’s the Baron who takes the time to edit your replies when they fail to meet minimal standards of courtesy. Me? I’d just hit the delete key. With limited energy, I choose to spend it on those who follow the rules here & speak reasonably.

          • Right. So You’re trying to claim that the baron believes, that words like “nonsense” don’t meet “minimal standards of courtesy”? Riiiiight.
            If, and I stress if, any editing was necessary under Your rules, then it was only the first edit, which I would dispute, since it was already “censored”. But I recognize that I’m Danish, You’re American and we have different standards and views.
            It’s great you treat atheists with dignity, but many religious people don’t. Hell, polls show that more americans trust rapists than atheists…


      • Right now Christians, Buddhists and Hindus are dying at the hands of islamists all over the world…. YOU atheists will know the sting of the islamist scorpion sooner than YOU think.

        [unpleasantness redacted]

        • You really believe atheists aren’t being killed by islamists already? Are you for real?


    • Is it religion you have a problem with or the simple belief in God?

      I can sympathize if you believe organized religion has a problem with the realities of day to day life for some folk like yourself, but to deny the existence of God is a fools errand.

      • Nemesis

        I don’t have a problem with people believing in god or gods, if that’s all it is. But it’s not usually that simple is it? Usually a belief in a deity comes with all manner of other beliefs – afterlife, superiority, morality etc. My problem mainly lies with religious peoples superiority complex, wether they be organized or not.
        I don’t deny the existence of God as such. I don’t believe god(s) exist(s), but I acknowledge the fact I don’t know that for a fact and that I never will.
        Anyway, this isn’t really the forum to discuss this.


    • Quote:
      You wanna believe in magic? Fine! Just please stop spouting that [information that seems meaningless to me] like it’s truth, like it’s the answer – it’s not.

      Your inability to differentiate between religion and magic demonstrates your utter historical and cultural incompetence, not the ignorance of the religious.
      I “spout” my beliefs as if they were “truth” because for me, they are true.
      Get over it.
      I have every right to cultivate the perception of the sacred and the profane.
      Your refusal to understand these things does not make you more rational.
      If anything, it makes you more chaotic.

      • goethechosemercy

        There’s no difference between believing in leprechauns, unicorns, fairies, santa clause, magic or gods. You want there to be a difference but it’s all in your head.
        Usually people say truth is truth, but apparently you believe truth is subjective. It’s an interesting stance, one I’d love to hear more about, but this isn’t the forum for this so I’ll just stop here.


        • Religion is a legitimate discourse to me.
          Magic is a completely different one, but also legitimate; magic exists for different purposes and to do different things.
          Magic has nothing to do with things like redemption or salvation; it has no ethical core, it contains no spirituality whatsoever.
          Historians study magic, religion and demonology, and understand these discourses as part of life, even in their largely vestigial forms in the present.
          Obviously, someone disemboweled your perspective, because it seems quite impoverished to me.
          If someone was to tell you to itemize the doctrinal and practical differences between Islam and Christianity, I wonder if you’d be able to list them, let alone explain them.
          In Islam, if you pet a dog, or kiss a woman, and then pray, your prayers will not be heard.
          Is this belief a religious practice or a magical one?
          In Christianity, the intent of the prayer defines whether or not it is sacred.
          One is irrational, the other is rational.
          Can you see the difference?
          You live in a dark world, and Muslims are exploiting your darkness for their gain.

    • If you’ve been biting your tongue all these years, I have no sympathy.
      You’ll bite it harder if Islam proves more powerful in the world than Christianity.
      Then, and under Sharia, you will not even have the right to live.
      Now that’s magic!

      • goethechosemercy

        I agree with you that islam is much worse than christianity, why do you think I’m here? And as for me biting my tongue, I’ve done that because I didn’t want to rock the boat, thinking that we’d be better off allied than apart. Religious/christian people don’t seem to feel the same way, they don’t care who they alienate as long as they get to proselytize… or so it seems to me.


        • Quote:
          And as for me biting my tongue, I’ve done that because I didn’t want to rock the boat, thinking that we’d be better off allied than apart.

          I know that there are lots of secularists out there who understand the reasons for the Counterjihad.
          As a secularist, you will be able to attack Islam through its effects, the denial of liberties, the denial of property and security in the human person. And I’m sure that you will fight hard.
          The problem is that you will not be able to attack Islam at its roots, and its roots are religious and lodged in the continuum of the sacred and the profane. My religious background gives me a platform you never will enjoy, and so while you attack at the limbs, I can shoot the beast in the head and cut open its very heart.
          Your protestations will offend Muslims.
          The profundity of my own faith will do far more damage in the long run because it cannot be dislodged by terror or death.
          The five Constantinopolitan patriarchs who were beheaded by Ottoman Caliphs were far stronger than their executioners.
          The Christians who are dying only for their faith in the present day carry that seed of heroism planted at Otranto in 800 AD and fostered at Famagusta in 1570.
          Even if you died at the hands of the Ummah, for what do you think you would be giving your life?
          What does your life mean?

          • Goethe, the roots of Islam are political. It’s a system for meting out punishments, which is one reason Hitler liked it. Islam = control via slaughter or the threat of slaughter. As one imam said recently, without the law of apostasy, Islam would empty out.

            The “religious” part is a thin veneer that cracks with the least pressure but those who failed to develop any depth of discernment stir it all into a mush of “same thing”. It’s easier than investigating for oneself if the subject of religious belief makes one uneasy.

            Islam is a #FAIL…wait for the MENA oil to collapse. They won’t be able to fund jihad and it will cause a heap of hurt.

    • Agnostic? Really? My interactions with atheists have indicated that many atheists are very hostile people when God is mentioned even in a neutral context. In front of one group that contained atheists, I read a brief historical war time speech where Queen Elizabeth referred to God a few times. You should have seen the pure hatred that passed across the face of a couple of the atheists when the name of God was mentioned in a purely historical context! Very few Christians understand that many atheists actually HATE God rather than merely disbelieving in God. Many atheists seem to have a baseline anger at God – and thus at people who believe in God – that is off the charts….

      Very few Christians understand the depth of pure hatred that is fast headed our way when non-Christians (including atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews) get the upper hand in the world.

      Worst of all are those Christians who understand the problem but who falsely believe that Christians will be ‘raptured’ away from the end times pain and conflict – and thus omit to participate in the political sphere in the here and now when Christians still have the upper hand in the world. Hence, many Christians are actively and/or passively helping to create a conflict of Biblical proportions that the Christians erroneously believe that Christians will escape without a look backward….

      ag·nos·tic (g-nstk)
      a. One who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God.
      b. One who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism.
      2. One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something.

      • Hello Egghead,

        I rarely comment anywhere anymore because it is usually a waste of time. In spite of that I wanted to state that I am one of those Christians that believes in the “rapture” of the church yet I am not expecting to be saved any pain or suffering . Just like you I have been told to Count the Cost and I realize that difficult decisions, pain, suffering, trials and tribulation occur in this life.

        Since we both have the same Lord and Savior is it really necessary to cast aspersions on other Christians like myself? If push comes to shove you will find me standing shoulder to shoulder with you defending the true and the good. Beyond that I don’t see why my theology should concern you.


        • Hi Glenn,

          NO ONE gets a pass from being questioned – or offended.

          If your faith is your faith, then research it, know it, believe it, explain it, and defend it, BUT expect others to critique and criticize it.

          Rapture has been an absolutely debilitating belief to getting many otherwise ardent Christians involved in the political sphere (including voting) because too many Christians cite ‘rapture’ with the idea that Christians are immune from the (upcoming) end times. Oh, and it is NOT just me saying that. In fact, prominent talk hosts on American Family Radio have highlighted this problem several times (that I have heard).

          “American Family Radio (AFR) is a network of more than 160 radio stations broadcasting Christian-oriented programming to over 40 states.”

          If Christians were more involved in political life, we could PREVENT push coming to shove in World War III. One rather gets the idea that some Christians believe the end times are coming and welcome them BECAUSE they believe they will be ‘raptured’ – a most selfish view that is sure to greatly displease God, in my humble opinion. So, yes, the theology of ‘rapture’ greatly concerns me.

          P.S. If the rapture were true, how exactly would ‘raptured’ Christians be available to fight shoulder to shoulder with the people left behind???

          • Hello Again Egghead,

            I am not saying that I can’t be challenged. My problem with it is that your comment, in my opinion, is flat out wrong and goes counter to what the Baron and Dymphna have been trying to accomplish. Did you read the Baron’s post about some commenters he believes were being paid to sow discord at this site? Those comments attempted to pit Christian against non-Christian, Jew against non-Jew, Protestant against Catholic. How is your comment different from theirs?

            Just to make it clear I have heard these accusations before and they are tiresome. Such stuff usually come from the intellectual descendants of Abraham Kuyper (Cornelius Van Til, Francis Schaeffer, R.J. Rushdoony, and Gary DeMar to name a few) who’s theology I reject. These men are/were political activists who make no distinction between God and Caesar.

            Just to make it extra clear I have always been encouraged to exercise my rights as a citizen and I have always done so. I have NEVER heard anyone who believes that the Church will be raptured at some point (probably well after I am dead and gone) discourage Christians to be engaged citizens. We just don’t happen to think we are bringing in the Kingdom, we leave it up to the Lord to take care of that.


          • Ah, the big tent theory of counterjihad – which is the SAME big tent theory as jihad – just different actors.

            Every can be GOOOOD friends if NO ONE says anything….

        • “I know you won’t believe me, but the highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others.”
          ― Socrates

      • No one escapes, Egghead, except through the Death Door. So filling out the “what” of faith is perhaps one way of passing time till we get to that Door?

        The center of Christian belief is those two commandments: to love God wholly, and to love one’s neighbor as oneself. It’s easier to start with a neighbor and work our way up.

        Many atheists do hate believers, but many believers return the favor in spades. IOW, your comment seems to indicate that the feeling is mutual perhaps?

        Very few Christians understand the depth of pure hatred that is fast headed our way when non-Christians (including atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews) get the upper hand in the world.

        And if they did understand things your way, per that statement, what then? The Jews, just to name one group you fear is headed your way, have got a theocracy in Israel. Does that make others less-than-first-class citizens? Yep. But that’s no evidence of “pure hatred”…in fact, lots of folks would love to live at that level of 2nd rate citizenship enjoyed by Arab citizens there. Israelis are too busy bickering…

        Most haters are fearful, I’ve noticed. Christians minimally believe that Christ-as-center means you can live freed from hatred, even self-hatred. Rapture? Why not.? What harm does it cause to leave someone to their own version of how things began and how they end?

        I believe in some sort of ‘life’ following this one, though I’ve not developed a ‘theology’ of death, per se. However, I figure we get to pay attention to whatever it was we were too scared to look at while we were here.

        That should keep us busy.

        • “Many atheists do hate believers, but many believers return the favor in spades. IOW, your comment seems to indicate that the feeling is mutual perhaps?”

          No. I pity atheists – as any believing Christian would. To deny the infinite love of the triune God for oneself and the world is utterly sad for the atheist – and God who created and loves the atheist.

          Mentioning that many atheists hate God and Christian believers is descriptive of my personal experiences. It needs to be expressed that many atheists are hardly the ‘neutral’ players that people assume – even the atheists themselves may think that they are acting ‘neutral’ when atheists display a seething rage that is evident to others. Atheists can be downright destructive to Christianity and Christians. Sadly, Jews can, too.

          Christians have had the upper hand in the West for so long that Christians have grown careless to proudly define and defend Christianity as being the greatest of all religions – including atheism.

          You should do your own research on the ‘rapture’ and its origin and meaning. It might surprise you. But, I already explained its harm – that the idea of rapture makes those who might be politically active Christians into apolitical complacent Christians. God asks Christians to hate evil and fight evil – NOT to sit back and watch evil unfurl and shrug our shoulders because we erroneously believe that we have a heavenly get-out-of-jail free card – NOT to ask that the end times come so that we might get to heaven while billions of others suffer horrible torture and death – perhaps even eternal damnation – to believe in ‘rapture’ and ask that the end times come is a completely selfish and ghoulish request!

          Google ‘hate evil’, and you will see a list of verses where the Bible instructs people to hate evil.

          Here is a relevant essay about the topic:

  7. The crucial phrase here is “I feel compassion for those who’ve never been allowed the privilege of free will.” You may feel compassion. You may act on this compassion and go to the countries and places where these suffering souls are. What you have no right to do is import the objects of your compassion and thereby cripple the society you live in, destroy its social capital, and add another $1 million-per-refugee in lifetime public cost overages over each such beneficiary’s tax contributions. But then again, unless the sheeple can make this argument to the saboteur Christain Lambs (Jewish too; check out HIAS), assertively and unequivocally, they deserve the sorry dystopia being forced upon them.

    • When these useful, I feel therefore I am, leftists import the 3rd world into our 1st world nations and they wonder why their quality of life goes into the sewer, and they wonder who let this happen to them, I will point to a mirror and tell them to look into it to see who to blame. God save us from the left and their good intentions, for the road to hell is always paved with good intentions. As one of those from MN, I refuse to give any money to CRS or LRS period and I explain why in very blunt terms why these communist traitorous organizations get nothing but absolute disgust from me.

      • Well, maybe you’re helping individuals who have been unemployed then? A few bags of groceries? Some coats? Maybe a community garden in the Spring?

        IOW, while you’re being blunt with the misguided how about using your other hand to help the unfortunate? Thanks to the socialist policies in our country, jobs are getting hard to find. Just ask the Baron…or maybe someone in your neighborhood. I’ll bet the postman could give you a few names. Oh wait, that’s probably illegal.

        Pay it forward, Drakken. While you can…

        • We have not seen bad times yet, but we will soon enough, as for giving? I do drop my hard earned cash into the collection plate when I do attend mass when I do make it home.

          • Well, if you attend Mass then you’re aware of the Corporal Works of Mercy. There have been studies proving that when people give of themselves personally, they enjoy better physical and mental health. There are always opportunities to put those into practice thereby helping oneself in the process.

  8. The UK has somehow managed to import around 300,000 Somalis.
    The credit side of the balance sheet…two gold medals in the Olympics
    The debit side….the vast majority are on welfare, and most of the few who work (legally) still get welfare top ups.
    Creation of crime ridden, filthy, dangerous, disease ridden ghettos.
    Horrible blotches on the pavement (side walk) where they constantly gob out that disgusting stuff they chew. They are a modern day plague.

  9. Henrietta, funny how governments who allow the importation of a culture that is the complete antithesis to what most of us in the West have been raised to believe in, fail to provide any support for those who may happen to disagree with the logic of their religion and would wish to leave it behind.

  10. The Byzantines in Egypt justifiably thought that the Arabs were nothing more than a heretical sect of Christianity. No more of a challenge than the Arians or whatnot. Eventually they would assimilate to Orthodoxy. At least that was what Imperial history had taught these folk about the belligerent Barbarians. A painful 5-10 years followed by continuity.

    What did these Lutherans NOT understand about the immivasion strategy of Islam?

    • I suspect many in leadership positions within the church are closet Social Marxists. These people hate Western Civ and people of European descent and want it destroyed. Others simply live in a self-referential bubble where it is ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ and just want to feel good about themselves and their decisions. People underestimate how many Christians have adopted this mindset.

      I think this is one reason why Christian denominations have been so silent in regards to the slaughter of Christians in the ME.

      • You have hit the nail very squarely on the head pork chop. Our last three vicars have been ‘progressives’ (never short of a flattering label for themselves, communists). The present incumbent has the vicarage wall adorned with himself draped around Karl Marx tomb. After his last rant I couldn’t even take communion from the man, and I haven’t been back since. The last two incumbents as archbishop of Canterbury have done their best to water down or completely eradicate the tenets of the Christian faith, as well as the values and traditions of the church. As you say, all the red blooded conservatives are deserting the church (not the faith), leaving behind the members of what I call the ‘really nice club’, who owe their philosophy more to John Lennon than Jesus Christ. All you need is love is the only criteria, and any thoughts of criticising amoral behaviour, or denouncing atrocities such as the genocide of Christians in the middle east are not entertained.
        There is nothing wrong with the faith, its tenets or values, any more than there is anything wrong with a university education, television news, or democratic government. The only problem is that all of these organisations (and more) are run by people whos philosophy and aims are at odds with the ethos and values that those organisations need to function as they should.

      • Porkchop==

        I get it except for the “closet” part. They’re right proud of their social Marxism and think it’s superior to meanie social Darwinism.

        I like Bill Warner’s ideas about how Islam has lasted so long- i.e., they’re so barbarically horrific that we turn away and do a mind sweep. It’s a cultural version of what abused children and women do every day…

        Dr Bill Warner explained this very well. Can’t find this in our Word Press site, so here’s the old one:

  11. The first step is understanding that the left’s vision of compassion is something akin to a pathology.

    It’s irrelevant whether you are Christian or atheist. I am an atheist, that doesn’t mean I’d accept a different identity to alter or supersede mine, as Islam tends to do. They don’t need to be radical, or violent, or anything like that. Being different is reason enough to be rejected.

    Tolerance is an act of generosity from others, not something any human is entitled to.

    Tolerance to the degree of self detriment isn’t a virtue but a mental illness.

    • “Tolerance is an act of generosity from others, not something any human is entitled to.”
      “Tolerance to the degree of self detriment isn’t a virtue but a mental illness.”

      THE TRUTH!!! For sure.

  12. Sadly I must share with readers that the referred org in this post is not the only one engaged in this Biblical flood of immigrants. There are several and at least some are paid by the head for the herding efforts. I choose the word “destroy” over the word “transform”. We have but tasted the fruit of this evil tree. It is parasitic and will, in time, displace everything it comes into contact with for it cannot tolerate competition nor the light of reason. We left our family’s church of 50 years because its newest leadership chose to become a fount of apologetics for Islam. To paraphrase Churchill, Islam “is, in essence, an attack upon the ordinary man or woman to breathe freely without having a harsh, clumsy, tyrannical hand clapped across their mouths and nostrils.” Yes, you can exchange Socialism/Marxism/Statism for Islam.

  13. Dear Henrietta, you may drop the moniker “radical islam” and use freely “islam” only. What you describe and what we see elsewhere too is nothing but MainStreamIslam. To paraphrase Erdogan the Turkish PM: “islam is islam is islam and that’s it!”

    • Monostor,
      I use it only in deference to Muslims who desire a ‘secular’ version of Islam and love our Constitution, albeit few.

  14. [insulting and vituperative preface redacted]

    Christianity is not all about miracles and prayer (magic and talking to fairies as you put it). That is a very small part of it (though very important to us) By far the most important part of it is that it is a culture, a way of life. It dictates how we live our lives, our morals, our values and how we treat others. We happen to think that these are very good values and you shouldn’t blame us for trying to promote them and maintain them. AND THAT IS OUR RIGHT. We get bombarded with views such as yours 24/7 through the media and just about every organ of government. We actually want to live in a safe, decent, pleasant, society like the one that existed in the western world until a few short years ago. Until a very short while ago western europe, US, Canada, Australia NZ. were VERY Christian countries, and had been for over a thousand years, or from their inception. Christianity produced the most decent, safe prosperous, technologically advanced – the greatest civilization that ever existed anywhere EVER on the face of this earth – and if you don’t believe that then you are not being honest with yourself. NOBODY wants to migrate to anywhere except what used to be called Christendom – (and the more that do, and the more our Christian culture is diluted and destroyed the worse it gets -FOR EVERYBODY) NOBODY was ever shot trying to escape INTO the atheist- communist eastern europe (thousands were killed trying to escape). NOBODY ever drowned trying to escape to the athheist/communist regimes in Cuba or Vietnam. The US fought a protracted war, gave up some of its best sons trying to prevent the fate that befell Vietnam, MILLIONS risked death THOUSANDS died escaping that country after it fell to communism.
    Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, WHERE ? – China, Russia, Georgia Iran, YES IRAN, where converts risk DEATH. What do they all have in common ? STATE OPPRESSION, either of the atheist/communist brand, or fanatical Islam. I hope and pray that our countries don’t have to suffer the oppression, brutality, misery that these countries did before we see the light.
    If we appear arrogant because our morals, values lead to the best outcome, if we don’t have most (not all because of the society we live in) of the problems that come with drugs, teenage pregnancies, crime, murder, plain incivility, then we don’t apologise, we try not to be smug, but have every reason to be proud.
    AND, don’t worry, if you want to live how you want to live, believe what you want to believe thats okay, despite the propaganda, Christians DO NOT have a track record of forcing their religion on other people – otherwise everywhere the British empire ruled would be Christian, but don’t blame us for trying to persuade you – FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

  15. Dear Henrietta,

    I would like to address the following ideas:

    “I am not against Somalis or Muslims.”

    Why? Do you think that Somalis and Muslims are FOR Westerners or Christians? Somalis come from a country that has lacked a functioning government in memory. People who self-identify as Muslims have the STATED purpose of their existence to convert, terrorize, enslave, and murder Westerners or Christians.

    “I feel compassion for those who’ve never been allowed the privilege of free will, which our Creator so graciously provided to humanity.”

    When our Creator graciously provided free will to humanity, he also provided that free will to Muslims who are indeed humans – OR, are you implying that Muslims are NOT humans with free will….

    Muslims CHOOSE under free will to ignore their free will and practice Satanic Islam.

    No one forces a 50 year old Muslim man to ‘marry’ a six year old girl – rather, that is a free will choice to engage in sin. No one forces a Muslim man to ‘marry’ four wives – rather, he has to actively ‘shop’ for a second wife (where wives are chattel).

    No one forces a middle aged Muslim mother-in-law to beat her young daughter-in-law – rather, that is a free will choice to engage in sin. No one forces a middle aged Muslim woman to perform a clitorectomy on a young girl – rather, she has to pick up the knife.

    No one forces gangs of young Muslim boys to torture dogs – rather, that is a free will choice to engage in sin. No one forces young Muslim boys to pick up rocks and hurl them at police. No one forces young Muslim boys to burn cars on New Year’s Eve in France.

    No one forces gangs of young Muslim school girls to torture white school girls in France – rather that is a free will choice to engage in sin.

    The Muslim population is equivalent to a criminal gang where no two people have committed the same crime, but everyone has committed one or more crimes and covers up for the others. It is an indication that Muslims have free will when Muslims move to the West and continue to self-identify as Muslims because doing so provides them protections and benefits. The problem is that even Muslims who fight against one Muslim crime support the general system of Muslim crime. For there to be any improvement, Muslims MUST stop self-identifying as Muslims….

    “Plus, they themselves suffer cruelly under sharia law.”

    Socrates posited that humans must accept the moral responsibility and consequences that derive from the fact that humans choose their religion. In other words, people CANNOT commit sins and claim, “I was just following orders (of my religion).”

    Muslims practice, fund, and enforce Sharia Law. Reserve your compassion for the Christians and other non-Muslims who suffer cruelly under Sharia Law.

    To Muslims, I say:

    “Through your rags I see your vanity.”
    ― Socrates

    To those might attempt to ‘reform’ Muslims by importing them to the West, I say:

    “Virtue does not come from wealth, but. . . wealth, and every other good thing which men have. . . comes from virtue.”
    ― Socrates

    • Dear Egghead,

      You make some excellent points. Who can refute the wisdom of Socrates? 🙂

      My main point was to say that I don’t have malice in my heart towards my enemy. I have chosen this path for a couple of good reasons:

      1) I hated, once – a person who betrayed me and destroyed our family. Only forgiveness put me on a path of healing and happiness.

      2) Jesus said, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you . . . Matthew 5:44

      I admire people who are able to love their enemy, yet, hate the ‘sin.’ A couple of my role models are Richard Wurmbrand, author of “Tortured for Christ” and Corrie Ten Boom, author of “The Hiding Place.”

      That being said, I believe Islamic ideology is the most savage scourge to all humanity on the planet, for the reasons you so well articulated. To my knowledge, even Communism didn’t cross such inhumane boundaries as Islamic law does.

      In the struggle to preserve our rights and freedoms from savage totalitarianism, I believe we must also strive for the very virtues from which ‘wealth, and every other good thing which men have’ comes from, lest ‘we get the government we deserve.’ Alexis de Tocqueville

      • Thanks, Henrietta! 🙂

        I, too, love ‘The Hiding Place’ by Corrie Ten Boom.

        Here are a couple of authors that you might find relevant:

        1. Ann Barnhardt writes about Christian love and justice.

        2. Hesperado writes about the origins and development of PC MC and how it is PC MC that blinds the white Westerners to the peril posed by ‘colorful’ Muslims. Hesperado thinks that PC MC comes from good intentions, but that Westerners have NO responsibility and NO viable way to discern ‘good’ Muslims from ‘bad’ Muslims and thus Westerners are duty-bound to protect the West from ALL Muslims.

      • You can’t love someone you don’t know. You don’t know the enemy, yet you profess to love them. You seem to be loving an abstraction — a diffuse mass of Poor Brown People. I say you don’t know this Enemy you profess to love, because in your response to Egghead, you refer to the enemy as:

        “Islamic ideology”… “Islamic law”… “savage totalitarianism”…

        This is not the enemy; these represent the beliefs of our enemy. Islam did not hack and saw Lee Rigby to death in the street; neither did the Koran or the Sunnah: Muslims putting Islam, Koran and Sunnah in to practice did the hacking and sawing. If you’re going to love our enemy, at least face that enemy squarely, instead of euphemizing it into abstractions.

        And I don’t mind Christians loving Muslims — as long as they don’t trust any Muslims (including Dymphna’s Moderate Muslims) with my life, and lives of my loved ones and fellow citizens. (I hope my definition of “trusting someone with someone’s life” is the same as that of my readers here; but somehow, I’m afraid it probably isnt…)

        • Hesperado,

          The original Greek definition of ‘love’ used in the verse I referenced to is, “to love (in a social or moral sense),”
          Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. I think the modern word ‘benevolence’ is a good word to explain the sentiment of the word ‘love’ in this verse.

          I desire the ‘salvation’ of mankind, including Muslims, from all false, evil ideologies/paradigms. Only truth and changed hearts and minds will produce the ‘fruits’ of faith, hope, love, joy, peace, righteousness, etc.

          Isn’t thought the root of all behavior? Isn’t that why many people submit to psychoanalysis, to understand the root of their neuroses or mental illness so that they might heal?

          Aren’t ideas and ideals (ideology) the foundation of all cultures and civilizations? I remember a time when they were called religious traditions or wisdom of the ages.

          In war, military experts explore the enemy’s ideology. Understanding the ‘threat doctrine’ is fundamental to creating strategies of defense and for counteroffensive efforts.

          Trust is a whole different matter. Trust should be given out, slowly, and to only to those who deserve it.

          Thank you for your comments.

          • Henrietta,

            What would withholding trust from Muslims mean in concrete terms? Once we factor in what dangers Muslims pose to our societies, this would mean either of two things:

            1) treating them as a hostile presence within our societies (heavy surveillance, routine searches and seizures, detention)


            2) deporting the lot of them.

            No other sense of withholding trust makes sense — again, given the dangers they pose to us which are only metastasizing, and will get worse in the decades ahead, exponentially, resulting (it is reasonable to suppose) in terror attacks in multiple places throughout the West using WMs of various types (chemical, biological, nuclear, and other imaginative ways of wreaking carnage and destruction), causing deaths that will make 911 look like a picnic.

            This isn’t about “love” (as Tina Turner used to sing). This is about defending the lives and property of our men, women and children.

  16. What should we pay for chicken? Currently, I pay 1.99/lb and I buy a lot of chicken because it is cheap and everything else in the grocery store has gone up so much that I have very few choices.
    Should I pay $2.99 or $ 3.99 for chicken because the chickens are being abused?

    • Don’t buy American factory meat, Babs. Here’s a recent headline:

      Ractopamine: The Meat Additive Banned Almost Everywhere But America

      The EU won’t buy our meat. You live in a rural area, right? Find a chicken farmer and buy your eggs and chickens from him. NOT a factory farm, either. Same for beef or pork. You can get wild boar now.

      Our CAFO meats are criminal. Even Russia and China don’t want them. But the FDA and the Agriculture Dept continue to hide the truth.

      I buy from a local health food store. Even with Whole Foods (aka “Whole Paycheck”) you have to be careful. Not all their meat is healthy. However, small independent health food stores are more reliable. You have to look past the sanctimony and some of the true-faith greenies, though.

      As a result we eat less meat.

      Organic veggies and grains are another issue. GMO grains and vegetables are open to question now. Oregon has passed a law, in spite of the millions Monsanto spent to defeat it, making GMO labeling mandatory. That same law was defeated in California.

      We eat few grains. I do purchase – by mail – small amounts of non-hybrid wheat flour and some boxes of their pasta. As a result the Baron’s digestion has greatly improved. He threw away his antacids.

      A cheap safe meat? Canned salmon. Alaska salmon is ONLY wild caught, including canned. Again, another state law; Alaska doesn’t allow farmed salmon & the reports on ‘farmed’ fish aren’t good.

      We live in a poisoned world, Babs: step carefully and read widely.

      • I would venture to guess that you live out in the country right? I am sure the Baron with diminished eyesight can still see through the sight of a rifle? I am sure there is plenty of wildlife in your area for a good protein source that meets your stringent non-government regulated requirements?

        • No, his eyesight wouldn’t allow for that kind of precision. And NO rifles. Dangerous.

          Besides, neighbors with shot guns usually give us venison for letting them hunt on our land. We’re so overrun with deer I’d pay them to get rid of the darn things.Deer are the host for Lyme Disease – they drop the ticks wherever they are. So the Baron got bitten last June and ended up with a horrible case of Lyme whilst going blind. This year I’m going to get nematodes in the Spring – Amazon sells them. Meanwhile, this past Autumn, we had regular visitations of wild turkeys for several weeks. A family of them. I just found this on Yahoo: Wild turkeys are the main predator of ticks in the USA. An adult turkey will eat up to 200 ticks daily.

          I wondered what what so interesting under the hickory tree – which is precisely where those ^%$*#@ deer usually lurk; the Baron chased a whole crew of ’em off the other day. But back in the Fall, mom and dad and three teenager turkeys must’ve cleaned up a lot of the ticks in their various stages.

          I’d keep guinea hens if we could. They really clean out the darn things. But if we did, the possums and snakes and coyotes, etc., would make short work of those guineas. Too bad.

  17. Just a note: Someone. somewhere will tell us that the chickens will not be abused under the new federal guidelines and they will raise the price of chicken many dollars/lb.
    This is all due to the Federal Gov’t stopping meat production and forcing the citizenry into a vegetarian lifestyle… Can’t have those cow farts. Chickens fart too!

    • Nope. Seriously Babs, do some reading in this area of US nutrition. The feds are NOT your friends when it comes to foods. They are the friends of Big Agra.

      And don’t get me started on soy…

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  19. It is time for the ‘bleeding hearts’ to bring the inbred mutants into their own homes, towns, communities , and institutions, instead of dumping them on us. It is only fair.

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