A Minor Skirmish

As mentioned here previously, Gates of Vienna experienced technical difficulties a few days ago. Readers may have received errors when loading pages, and especially when attempting to comment.

The cause of the problem was eventually determined to be a low-level DoS (Denial of Service) attack, which went on for a couple of days. It was relatively ineffective, and our site remained up the entire time, with only some minor inconveniences (although would-be commenters may have felt otherwise). It absorbed quite a bit of my administrative time, which led to lighter posting, but other than that it had no great impact on Gates of Vienna.

According to the old adage, “when you’re taking fire, you must be over the target”. So we must be doing something right.

The proximate cause of the attack was probably our posting of the full text of the “ideological” portion of Anders Behring Breivik’s letter, which was otherwise unavailable. Numerous mass media outlets had received it, and some had published quotes from the non-ideological part, but none had released the entire text. It may be that someone, somewhere was so unhappy enough about what happened that they funded a cyber-attack against Gates of Vienna.

In any case, the incident has forced us to ponder our long-term prospects. If the attacks get more intense and more frequent, we may have to move up to a more expensive hosting option.

If that happens, you’ll hear about it: we’ll be pounding on you that much harder when the next fundraiser rolls around.

7 thoughts on “A Minor Skirmish

  1. (I am doing this on a Public Library computer, because I thought the interruption of receiving you was due to a virus in my machine.)

    For several days, whenever I called up your site, the loading meter would get maybe three-quarters of the way across, then the screen would shift to “c.vindicosuite…”

    • Same computer targeted virus like symptoms suspected that the connection was being intercepted and injected.

    • From your keyboard to the Karma Dude’s eyes, Mr. Gantelius…oh, wait. Do we want to leave our safe position here flying under the radar?

      It’s more than passing strange that our small blog would be the target of some hacker’s efforts in another part of the world. Those boys (and hackers are almost all male) don’t work for free…

      I liked being a website the leftists could sniffily dismiss as inconsequential. It allowed for more latitude…

  2. My thought is that you were above the radar limit years ago. This isn’t the first DOS you have experienced. I think the thought that you were the only source of the complete letter did have something to do with it. Planet X or any group with a vested interest in the elitist narrative probably has software that continually looks for items to be countered. Thus, nothing is too large or small to escape notice. Action becomes a matter of cost of DOS vs. damage estimates to let it ride. Showing that the media and the elitists have been played by Brevic counts as very damaging.

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