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  1. Robert Tracinski has been closely studying this “Affordable Care” debacle since before it was even written. He could predict what was going to happen several years ago–

    As my friend Jack Wakeland put it to me: “Obamacare can’t be fixed because it was designed to break.”

    “Obamacare was designed to fail; to fail slowly and incrementally; to fail in a way that would convince people that private, for-profit health insurance companies are the reason why America’s catastrophically overpriced and malfunctioning health care system hasn’t worked, doesn’t work, and will never work. The architects of the Affordable Care Act wanted to ‘prove’ that third-party private insurance should be scrapped entirely and replaced with a single-payer system: straight socialism.

    “The ACA was supposed to fail slowly and painfully over the course of two or three or four presidential election cycles (which is why Obamacare’s namesake, Barack Obama, saw to it that it wouldn’t be implemented until the second half of his second term). When the backlash came, it was supposed to come on some other president’s—preferably a Republican president’s—watch.

    “But instead of failing on schedule, four or eight or twelve years from now—it has failed instantly, upon contact with reality…. Obama, Reid, and all of the other architects of the Affordable Care Act have created a problem for themselves that was designed to be insoluble.”

    Now that it’s failing on every level, you might want to follow his trail. It’s necessary reading to even begin to grasp the hatred and duplicity.

    Here, in 2009:

    The Sheer Arrogance of ObamaCare

    And, four years later, the post from which the excerpt above comes:
    Planning to Fail, ObamaCare Edition

    This is less overtly bloody than 1917’s coup, but a lot of old people are going to die, and the middle class will be destroyed. By 2017, the moral midget Republicans will surely fall on their swords rather than join with our only hope – the populist Tea Party – in rebuilding from the ashes Obama leaves behind when he flies off into his Final Vacation, his destruction finished, at least for this generation.

  2. On Obama’s election in 2008 some very close friends couldn’t understand why I did not share their enthusiasm for seeing a mulatto male elected as POTUS, and rather than get into a predictable argument over the merits or the disadvantages to America that Obama – which I knew from my own research – would inevitably bring to the vast majority of freedom loving Americans, I simply stated that the next few years would prove to them why they were wrong in their assessment of Obama.

    Those close friends now share with me the apprehension for America that many Americans are still not displaying.

    Bill Whittle has highlighted the part that the compromised SSM (Soviet Style Media) media has played in what we are now witness to and that is slowly unfolding. He also highlights the rampant trust, that surely must verge on stupidity, that has been invested by the sheeple into the SSM that has permitted the now obvious propaganda over the years to cloud their judgement and to abandon their common sense without even bothering, with some rare exceptions, to check the narrative as presented by such a lying and manipulative media.

    This coming year, 2014, will undoubtedly be very interesting as to how things turn out, and not just for America, but also for Australia and the West in general, as all nations will be forced to face their own demons.

    • For an American with his head screwed on straight, even a strict MSM diet would have raised serious questions about BHO. Exactly what had this man done in his life to qualify for this high position? How can one be editor of Harvard Law Review and then a Professor of Constitutional Law without ever having published anything? Just what is the job of a “community organizer”? What is the Alinsky method that this particular organizer was teaching?

      Now the above could be extracted just from the MSM. If one read any conservative magazine or blog, additional questions would be raised immediately. To top if off, BHO’s election speeches were so transparently manipulative, so striving to push all the comforting buttons people want to hear, the delivery so honed a la famous black preachers or JFK, that is was an obvious artifice.

      I am sorry to say therefore that your friends must have been quadruple saps: first because of not reading the MSM with the properly questioning mind, second for not seeking points of view opposite to those of the MSM, third for getting drunk on smarmy politician’s empty verbiage, and four for not being aware of their own emotional muddle: a shutdown of the rational brain in order to see a black man in the White House.

      I had such friends too, and highly educated ones — total idiots. They are no longer friends. The 2008 -2012 BHO election defined two peoples sharing the same country: the BHO People and Americans. These two peoples probably should not be carrying the same passport.

      • Spot on TS, especially your last paragraph. I have a very academically able brother who STILL
        worships the ground on which the Big O walks.
        He’s staying with us all (in UK) over Christmas. I have asked him again why he bought me the Obama biography in 2008, the Mandela book a couple of weeks ago (Long Walk to Freedom), and
        the Malala book ( the girl shot by the Taliban ). He
        really is unbelievably propagandised. Different
        passports, as you say, seems logical.
        You speak also about what comes after the Big O.
        You have to figure the Corporatocracy into this
        equation. Here in the UK we have Cameron, who was groomed from an early age for a major political role, with Prime Ministership clearly in
        his/their sights. He gets £142,000 for the ‘day job’,
        I would love to see his bank account etc details. The other professional politician, leader of the
        Labour Party, Miliband, is just another Cameron or Blair. They say Blair is not far off a billion pounds. What I wouldn’t give for an Inland Revenue audit.

      • As a Brit, I don’t feel qualified to comment on Obamacare per se, though it seems at the least to have been mismanaged. I do believe people in other Western-style liberal democracies, even those otherwise well-disposed towards the US, find it strange that it’s taken so long for Americans to see the necessity for a comprehensive healthcare system which covers those unable to afford private cover.

        Regarding TS’ former friends, isn’t it possible that irrespective of your president’s many faults, they see the alternative- a party tainted by association with the Tea Party and Christian Right- as the greater evil? If I were American, I’d be conflicted despite my commitment to the CJ cause.

        • As a fellow Brit. I can see why the Americans are so afraid of socialised healthcare, barely a month goes by without some scandal erupting on how the NHS is killing its patients by the thousands, either deliberately (Liverpool death pathway, where tens of thousands who would have made a FULL recovery were MURDERED by the NHS) or by negligence (Stafford hospital among many). The constant rumblings about standards of cleanliness, medical and palliative care, which surface from time to time when a relative of a celebrity or journalist has the misfortune to be at the mercy of our national death service. (Nobody cares how the cattle are treated, least of all the cattle themselves, who, in their state of perpetual delusion still imagine their health service to be the ‘envy of the world’). The tales of indifference, incompetence and sheer laziness come so thick and fast that I don’t think they even register with people. (If they ever did, quite often when I’ve asked friends and acquaintances why they read this or that tabloid rag the usual reply is ‘I only buy it for the sport’. Which is about on the money, the average Brit could probably reel of Arsenal’s (or his team of choice) starting line up for the last five seasons, yet would be hard pushed to name you eleven (number in a football team) government ministers, let alone link them to their portfolio (government job). The women are no better they know all about Pippa Middleton (Queens grandsons sister in law) What she eats, where she shops, what she wears, but would be hard pushed to name one politician outside the prime minister (and most of them only know his name because ‘Sam Cam’ (his wife) appears regularly in the gossip columns. The only other pages that attract any attention are the banner headlines or the telly page.) The NHS treats its patients with a lofty disdain and contempt that only a nationalised industry can. THEY GET YOUR MONEY WHATEVER THEY DO. ‘Administrators’ (political placemen) are paid telephone number salaries, and in the rare event that any of them are sacked for their incompetence, they are rewarded with an obscene ‘golden handshake’ (often running into hundreds of thousands) and a job at commensurate salary with a neighbouring health authority. Nothing will ever change because NOBODY CARES, they are all far too busy with their modern day ‘bread and circuses, and to a large degree deserve everything they get.
          As for the remark about tea partiers and ‘right wing Christian groups’, it just goes to show how effective mainstream media propaganda is. Continuous soundbites of the ‘Two legs bad, four legs good variety’ are sufficient to demonise sections of the populace that the establishment sees as a threat to it’s hegemony. Of course with serious threats like the tea party and Sarah Palin the media denunciations border on hysteria – Can’t have the sheeple listening to people like that – they might actually notice whats going on. THEN THE GAME WOULD BE UP !

          • Britain didn’t have a functioning private health insurance industry when socialized medicine came around after the war. The decision to turn to socialism sent many of the best and brightest off to Australia and Canada back then. Just one reason it took Britain so long to recover from the War (another reason being the punitive measures of the US re war loans. Measures not meted out to the USSR).

            Our health care delivery system needed fixing, for sure, but it didn’t need the evils which will result from this deliberate annihilation of a once robust sector of our economy. One reason our health care system limped was the constant over-regulation by a government that also ran parallel, exceedingly inefficent, incompetent, and corrupt entitlement health insurance programs for the poor.

            This horror, so ironically labeled “Affordable Care”, is deliberately designed to destroy our middle class. As those who’ve followed this from the first gleam in the socialists’ eyes – i.e., back when Hillary the Ham-Fisted tried to hold secret meetings to carry off her healthcare coup when Bill was Prez, right down to the present – have continued to point out, the only thing the socialists got wrong was the timing of this bomb’s detonation. It wasn’t supposed to explode until BHO was out of office and some hapless Republican had taken over. Then, right on cue, the criminal class media would’ve ramped up a nuclear attack on those eeevil Republicans for the mess. But it’s falling apart already, three or four years ahead of schedule and Obama is to blame for this ‘signature policy’.

            So many in the insurance industry have been driven out of business that an approximation of what we had cannot even be attempted. It took me a while to understand the totality of the massacre, of the huge swath of wealth destruction caused by this horror. The young are underemployed, unemployed, etc., but the burden will be on them to provide the revenues to run this racket.

            A big hint about the intentions of the Obama Health Engineers can be found in who/what they chose as the vehicle to run the contracts: our hated Internal Revenue Service. And we nervously wonder why they were delivered so much ammunition last year.


            BTW, the “game” is up. It’s over. Obama went on vacation in the midst of the mess because he knew he was safe. When he comes back he’ll start ginning up further destruction of private enterprise with his cap-and-trade robbery.

      • I have to agree with TS. a lot of Obama’s history was put out there by the MSM and no one paid attention. His time with the bigot and anti-Semite Wright, his shady associates, his shadowy time at Harvard and Occidental where almost no one even remembers seeing him, no transcripts, etc. Then his two books which show him as a anti-Western, black bigot. He throws his mother under the bus and elevates a drunken, wife beating Communist as a role model.

        This guy set off more red lights than a Christmas tree.

        His association with Wright should have ended his political aspirations but it didn’t. Nothing did. People didn’t want to see the dump truck load of bad news associated with this guy because they blinded themselves.

      • Saps? Yes, I couldn’t believe how naïve they were in not only believing what they were saying, but also not registering my own objections as something to consider. I believe you have highlighted just how effective the SSM has been in indoctrinating the masses. Also, now that some within the SSM are finally waking up to them being their own ‘useful idiots’ I just wonder how all this will end when Obamacare gets the F minus it so rightly deserves.

  3. Takuan,

    Indeed, indeed and having followed the traitor and first black Eunuch since his fine days of community organizing in Illinoisitsan, no one, I mean no one should have been so in favor of this garbage bag and his vile beliefs of communism and having his face so far up Alinsky’s [nether orifice].

    I have stated for years how bad this man, his beliefs, his hatred for the USA and AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM would be and so now, here we are. I know how bad Obamacare is because it has already trashed much of my health insurance since 2010, living in POORegon which is one of the Poster Child states chosen to model Obamacare.

    Yes, having a Black Eunuch in the Oval Office trumps it all. Pathetic morons sitting in drum circles singing “If I had a hammer” with burned out hippies and regressive progressive morons and those so consumed with reverse plantation syndrome and guilt, it is everyone else’s fault. The mirrors have been removed and broken from their own faces. I am sure you catch me drift.

  4. I have never before seen the Federal Gov’t cause such pain, agony and financial hardship on the citizens of the United states. This really is a first.

  5. Dymphna, Britain did have a health service before it was nationalised in 1948, when I was a child in the ’60s most of the hospitals were built in Victorian times (a lot of them still date from that time), so there was some kind of health system in place before the NHS which ‘ordinary’ people had access to, though probably like your system it did need ‘something’ doing with it.
    The national health service began just like Obamacare – it was a contributory scheme called national insurance. The ‘insurance’ payment still exists today but bears no relationship to the amount of money spent on healthcare, or to the people who can avail themselves of it’s services – it is just another layer in the tax system which is the direction Obsamacare will go.
    The point I am making is once the dead hand of government takes over the running of an entity it becomes a law unto itself. Once the correlation is lost between what you pay and what you receive there is no incentive to give you the service that you deserve. You get layers of bureaucracy that inevitably build up when an endless stream of ‘government’ money is seen to be on tap. Worst of all you cease being a paying customer and become a ‘human resource’ to be managed, as we have seen in the ‘Liverpool death pathway’ scandal right up to and including murdering you as a means of ‘targeting resources’ and that is NOT an exaggeration. Of course with the dead hand of government comes the dead hand of ‘public service’ unions, making lazy, incompetent, surly staff almost impossible to sack. The patient becomes an obstruction to the smooth running of the hospital. Finally, it sucks up money, LOTS OF IT, as the bureaucracy builds up so do the costs, and once these layers build up they are immovable, any attempt at scaling back ALWAYS affects patient care – that’s what bureaucracies do, they exist for themselves, and always protect themselves first. It’s perhaps not where you perhaps think you are heading now, it’s perhaps not where they tell you you are heading but it’s where you will end up. Socialism, in all it’s forms, whatever it is applied to NEVER works.

    • Phil, you speak of the ‘dead hand’ of government, a process which is inherent when numbers of individuals get together to lord it over those who have foolishly elected them into positions to do so and which Reagan tried to warn us about all those years ago, but nobody seemed to notice.

      With the ‘dead hand’ of government also comes the victimizing of its citizens through trivial fines and taxes designed, not so much to keep the peace, but to fill the treasury coffers which feed the ever burdening political largesse.

      You may find it interesting that as a retired police officer, I am now more attuned to the injustices against ordinary citizens that are carried out under so called traffic laws that in times past would have earned an offender a warning and/or, maybe a lecture from a dedicated peace officer.

      I only ever issued traffic infringements when the offender just flat out refused to take responsibility for what they had been observed to do, and as you can probably imagine, there were many. Those who admitted their mistake got a stern talking to which I had no doubt from their demeanor at the time, kept them on the straight and narrow without the need to issue the punitive and so very tyrannical traffic infringement notice fine.

      Now to the point for this comment;

      I recently had my youngest son’s father in law (Simon) approach me about a traffic fine he had incurred as part of his delivery business. It has become the norm in the state I live in ( New South Wales) for the local council rangers to issue parking infringement notices (fines) for what they may determine is illegal parking.

      I have heard that some have even issued fines to ambulance officers while on the ‘job’! Go figure that one!

      One of my pet hates in life is the injustice that is now so very common in nearly every day life, so it was with that in mind that I helped Simon, who had decided after conferring with me that he would fight his ‘injustice’ and to help him prepare a ‘brief of evidence’ to the court as his submission to prove his ‘innocence’ regarding the fine issued by a council ranger who seemed to lack any discretion at all in judging the circumstances when writing up his ‘victims’.

      On the day, Simon won his case at court and was acknowledged by the magistrate for presenting such a thorough and detailed Brief. No costs were awarded against him and a stern warning was issued from the bench to the council involved to better train their rangers!

      So far that is one out of one that has been won from those who tyrannize the little man. I am now giving guidance to another ‘victim’ of the dead hand of government, and I do not charge for my input as my input gives me much satisfaction in seeing real justice served.

      • Nemesis, How nice to here from what we used to call here in England ‘A good old fashioned copper’. That’s how the police were trained in the old days – to use their discretion. Their main priority was to prevent and deter crime. Especially with traffic offences it has now been corporatised, used as a revenue source, and as you get creeping socialism, you get reliance on statistics – quotas, so a pretty useless copper who manages to book loads of people for quite trivial offences will score higher than one who is far more successful at actually deterring crime with a word here and a warning there will score quite lowly. Speeding is the big one, an immense revenue raiser for the police, I always say the intention is to catch people speeding rather than stop people speeding, which are two completely different objectives with completely different approaches. How we kill off this creeping bureaucracy is completely beyond me. It used to be that these things used to collapse under their own weight, but in these days of limitless government deficits the prospects for endless empire building in the public sector are, well, endless.
        Nice to talk to a good old fashioned copper.

        • Ah the good old days when cops were trained with the intention of keeping the peace and not used as revenue raisers!

          The whole concept of punitive remedial action through monetary penalty has gotten way out of control!

          University type education for police forces has a lot to answer for in the kind of cop we now notice these days. Policing has become law enforcement focused rather than peace officer orientated, and I guess one could say that kind of training so readily reflects the totalitarian/control mindset agenda that the collectivists adhere so much to.

          I noted in today’s Daily Telegraph (Sydney, December 31, 2013) a driver has been issued with a speeding fine for driving one kilometre over the posted speed limit!

          I have no idea if this was issued by a ‘speed camera’ or a highway patrol officer as I do not have reading access to that newspaper, but the fine is what I believe a graphic example of what has now become, in my mind at least, a police state and this has been allowed to occur under a so called ‘conservative’ state government!

          And you are correct when stating that the targeting of ‘speeding’ drivers is not so much about the safety aspect of road use, but more to do with raising government revenue. If governments of all stripes were truly interested in keeping the roads safe they would do the obvious – saturate the roads with highway patrol cars!

          There is nothing like a fully marked police vehicle on the open road to deter would be offenders!

          ‘How we kill off this creeping bureaucracy is completely beyond me.’

          I believe 2014 is going to be the year where every government will be made to do some very deep thinking which may lead to some very unpalatable actions by those concerned about where they are pushing us.

          • You are quite right to lay the blame at the door of the universities, but that is only the channel by which ‘the plan’ has been carried out. Our subjugation and eventual desruction has been carefully planned and implemented over a long time, longer than most of us, probably all of us have been alive. The creeping socialism/bureaucracy is only one angle of attack. The real damage was done at the universities, firstly by harnessing natural youth rebellion and turning it into an almost complete rejection and hatred of our own culture. It is no accident that the majority of socialists are middle class and university educated, whilst conservatives reside in the non higher educated working class. NOT totally hard and fast, and working class conservatives don’t necessarily identify with the .Conservative party. The universities managed to turn common sense on its head, and make the unthinkable not only thinkable but desirable, using moral relativism, political correctness, and the total denunciation of our race and culture until we have arrived at a point where we not only (NOT all of us) accept unfair treatment, but actually think we deserve it.
            With the police, it’s not just the creeping bureaucracy, or the emphasis on political (hate) crimes. The fanatical pursuance of minor crimes (misdemeanour’s really) and ‘hate’ crime, whilst almost totally ignoring ‘real’ crimes like street robbery an burglary, which cause pain, loss, distress, even injury has been done to a purpose. Firstly, by harassing the ‘law abiding’ continually for minor infractions you get them to resent the police, then, by ignoring very real, often very distressing crimes committed against them you alienate them still further, eventually the whole relationship breaks down-which it largely has. You can’t have a police state if the population respects and supports the police and the police respect and support the people. From your writing I can see you, an ex copper, have an, if not quite seething, but strong resentment of the police and justice system.
            JOB DONE, once the people resent and distrust the police – and vice versa, then anything is possible. Then start bringing in unfair laws, – APPLY THEM UNFAIRLY and you have a situation where the relationship has completely broken down.
            If you look on the internet you’ll see lots of video of police behaving in ways that would have seen them sacked just a generation ago. Police in parts of the US are totally out of control, often openly saying that they don’t care what the law is or what a person’s rights are. They shoot dead unarmed, often unthreatening people with depressing regularity. Also in the US you have seemingly endless paramilitary groups, armed to the teeth, mounting dawn swat raids, often with armoured vehicles to carry out investigations that used to be done by a man armed with a brief case.
            The situation is patchy all over the western world. The situation is defenitely worse in parts of the US, but that is often the blueprint for the rest of the world, but the trend is the same. Unlike you I don’t hold out much hope for the future. I’m not really bothered for myself, I can ride out this lunacy for as many years as I’m likely to have left, but those of us who can remember living in a safe, decent, friendly, civilised, SANE society are gradually dying out. ‘They’ won’t do any deep thinking, the insanity and the destabilisation are all part of the plan.
            I dread the future for my kids and grandkids though.

    • That is very interesting. A 25 quid fine for not informing an authority that a private vehicle was no longer on the road? Insanity prevails!

      The bureaucrat who made up that law and the magistrate enforcing it with the added burden of another 300 quid to pay should all be horsewhipped!

      What a novel approach to paying one’s fine and what a pity the magistrate couldn’t humor the ‘offender’, in this case, the ‘defendant’, by simply dismissing the whole thing, fine included!

      Your response above I couldn’t agree more with. On the surface it seems the collectivists are winning the game. However, I would like to give you some hope for the future with the following examples of a fight back against the collectivists who have had it too good for far too long.

      Our new federal government has or is in the process of convening several commissions of inquiry into various aspects of Australian life. Some of those commissions will have far reaching consequences for our nation both politically and economically. Here are some of those commissions;

      1. There has been an ongoing investigation by Victoria Police into what has become known as the AWU-WRA scandal. The incidents under investigation occurred some 19 years ago but were until last year, able to be kept under the rug by a well known Melbourne law firm. The people under investigation include an ex-prime minister, prominent members of the Labor Party and unions, a federal court judge and the law firm itself. Charges are expected to be laid against all those who took part in what can only be described as a massive fraud – that is the AWU-WRA scandal – once the law firm’s documents and right to client privilege – privilege which has been denied by the County Court in Melbourne, but is currently under appeal by one of the main suspects – are released to fraud squad police – a dedicated team of eight detectives who have been investigating the scandal since February, 2013.

      Michael Smith News has more info on this scandal if you wish to look it up as he was the informant for this matter.

      2. The Attorney General has appointed Tim Wilson from the Melbourne conservative think tank, I think it is IPA? as the next Human Rights Commissioner with a brief to dismantle those laws which place an unnecessary burden on the individuals right to freedom of expression.

      Watch this space for some eye opening legislation busting!

      3. There will be a Royal Commission into union malfeasance. This one will be very interesting indeed as I predict it could spell the end of the union movement in this country and the influence it has been able to exercise over the Australian Labor Party. When one learns that most of the current Labor Party opposition are ex-union officials then one may begin to understand the future ramifications for the union movement as a whole.

      4. The Attorney General has commissioned an inquiry into the diminishing personal liberties that have been under constant attack through government regulation, particularly when socialist governments come to power. This too will be very interesting when the commission tables its report toward the end of this year.

      5. There is currently a commission of inquiry into what is termed ‘The Pink Batts scandal’ which indirectly caused the deaths of four young men at separate incidents and for which a sitting prime minister – who dreamed up the scheme – was warned about prior to their deaths, but decided to do nothing to reduce the inherent risks involved with this hare brained policy even after receiving six separate warnings about the dangers involved from his own ministers!

      An interesting year ahead for Australia and hopefully for other nations once the cat is out of the bag regarding what the collectivists have been getting up to!

      • I hope they can make some headway, the trouble is, with their stranglehold on the media the slightest misdemeanour by a conservative politician can be blown into a major scandal that dominates the news for weeks. Major scandals, and even serious crimes by members of the ‘left’ establishment are only reluctantly reported, if at all, and quickly disappear from the headlines.
        A good example was the MPs expenses scandal a few years ago. It came to light when the husband of the then home secretary was caught paying for gay porn movies on his wife’s parliamentary expenses, further investigation showed that she had been claiming a second home allowance, running into tens of thousands of pounds for her family home, whilst lodging rent free at her sisters house when in London. A criminal fraud. This blew into a major investigation (smokescreen, you couldn’t really sack every MP from every party because they were ALL abusing the system to some degree or another). There were some criminal prosecutions, quite a few paid money back and apologised, but it turned out that one tory had charged for repairs to his moat on his country home – morally wrong perhaps, but it was his second home and allowable under the system. Another had bought a duck house for his garden pond, an abuse of the system, but fairly run of the mill when MPs of all parties were fitting their designated second homes out with luxury goods at the taxpayers expense. Which do you think dominated the news for weeks ? – Major criminal fraud by a socialist minister – or a comparatively minor abuse by two tory MPs. What do you think people remember, what gets mentioned in the press any time the subject comes up – You’ve got it – duck houses and moats. I’m not saying that I approve of the tories abuse of the system, all I’m pointing out is, even when criminal fraud is involved the media chooses where to make the mud stick.
        I really hope it works out for you though, and you show the rest of the world the way forward.

  6. I do understand your concern for the Soviet Style Media (SSM) and its influence over public perception which is obvious to those who can view life as a middle of the road thinker. And while the collectivists go to extraordinary lengths to sanitize, deodorize and propagandize the ‘news’ not everyone who takes in the collectivist crap is persuaded that what they may see or hear is, in the Aussie vernacular, ‘fair dinkum’.

    We can thank the internet for providing alternative views as opposed to the SSM agenda, which by the way is not working out too well financially for most of them as compared to the more ‘balanced’ media outlets that are owned by News Ltd et al.

    The majority get to know who they can trust for information, and as an example, Fox News in the U.S. is now watched by more Americans than the free to air networks and CNN combined.

    And then we have the old stand by ‘word of mouth’ for what becomes accepted as the real ‘news’ regardless of how tight the SSM may seem to have the information services under its agenda. The next time you visit your local try to listen into some of the conversations that are going on – not everyone discusses the weather over a few pints.

    As the old saying implies, you can’t fool everybody all the time.

    And on Kevin Rudd – one of our worst PM’s of all time – he has resigned his seat which will be contested in the next few months. I shudder when I recall the time he was elected into office and the feeling of dread that came from knowing his background in state politics. Now a small insight into his personality: At the height of the Pink Batts scandal he met with several groups of people who had become financially disadvantaged after they had signed onto his ill thought out policy. There were several media outlets there at the time and Rudd, who began to note names of those who had a genuine grievance ‘commandeered’ a nearby reporters note pad and pen writing down the names and addresses of those who stepped forward – my estimation of Rudd at the time was that at least he had the guts to face his accusers, but then came the kicker – for when the crowd and media had dispersed Rudd threw his notes away!

    That is the kind of person who was once our prime minister. His comeuppance is coming and I wait patiently for the day.

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