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Until Geert Wilders published his redesign of the Saudi flag here a couple of weeks ago, I was not aware that he had a brother. Then a man named Paul Wilders began posting comments on that post. Later he returned to say more on the Dutch-language version of Geert Wilders’ open letter to Pope Francis.

When other commenters referred to him as “Geert’s brother”, at first I thought it was a hoax. But as far as I can determine (not being able to read Dutch), Paul Wilders is in fact Geert Wilders’ brother. I’m told he’s nine years older than Geert, and that they do not talk to each other. The elder Wilders brother also has a blog.

In a comment on the open letter, Paul Wilders left a link to his post at Dutch Politics about his brother’s decision to publish material at Gates of Vienna. The machine translation of the piece was inadequate, but its repeated references to Anders Behring Breivik piqued my interest. Knowing that Fjordman would also be interested, I requested a manual translation.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for doing the job. The translator includes this note:

I hadn’t known that Geert Wilders has a brother (he looks similar, see this video from Pauw & Witteman), nor that he posts against his famous brother (and the fact that blogs like yours publish him…), nor that the media abuse the situation — but with possibly little or even adverse effect. Just see what he has to say: one ‘ingenious’ thought, and he manages to make a complete article of it, filled with repetitions (even using the same words and terms over and over again).

The translated post from Dutch Politics, with a couple of phrases bolded for further attention:

Gates of Vienna is an ominous platform
by Paul Wilders

Everyone who wishes to spread his message has a vast number of options at his disposal. In doing so, it is only natural to choose a platform as unquestionable as possible. And if only to prevent any appearance of critical association. After all, who would wish to be associated with Anders Behring Breivik? Geert Wilders does not seem to have any problems with that…

The atrocities committed by Anders Behring Breivik are still in everyone’s memory, as if they had happened yesterday. Rightly so, the massacre of a vast number of adolescents committed by him shocked the world, and continues to do so.

What maybe not everyone knows is that Breivik was — and very probably continues to be — an ardent fan of Gates of Vienna, a blog of very ominous contents. Furthermore, Breivik participated actively, looked for encouragement and found it at Gates of Vienna. ‘The Gates’’ owner himself claims that in 2008, Breivik was reinforced several times in his inhumane and gruesome imaginings, and ultimately his acts.

This is a fact which simply everyone knows who is familiar with Gates of Vienna. Now to the root of the matter. Knowing this, Geert Wilders chose purposefully this very same platform to publish his ‘Open letter to his holiness pope Francis’. This same Geert Wilders who turned away and distanced himself from… Anders Behring Breivik, with as much certainty as possible in all the media, in all tonalities possible. This does grace him.

Furthermore, what provokes more question marks is Wilders’ purposeful choice to purposefully [sic — twice purposeful/doelbewust] choose Gates of Vienna as a platform to spread his message. So on the one hand to totally turn away in words from Anders Behring Breivik and his inhumane massacre, on the other hand to intentionally use the platform where the same Breivik obtained his motivation to spread his message. Could you please explain? Innumerable digital media are standing in line to publish whatever ‘open letter’ by Wilders. And which one does he choose? The platform which gave Breivik all the space and reinforced his convictions – ultimately leading to a massacre. This should be some food for thought…

Clearly, Gates of Vienna is not more or less than a very ominous platform for publishing whatever message. That much should be clear by now, seen the more than evident relation to Anders Behring Breivik. That Geert Wilders still purposefully chose this platform to publish his digital brainchild is at least food for thought.

Preaching in front of his own parish no matter what, supported by a broad audience? This is certainly allowed at any time. In the light of the information received above it is up to you to reach your own judgement. Just get going.

The description of Anders Behring Breivik as an “ardent fan” of Gates of Vienna is disingenuous at best. Anyone who actually read his manifesto — and few chose to do so — would have discovered that Mr. Breivik was unhappy with our blog, Fjordman, the EDL, and all the other prominent figures in the Counterjihad movement. From his point of view, we didn’t go far enough: we didn’t advocate violence, as he did.

One would think that such a distinction would be crucial. But apparently it isn’t, not in the mind of a dedicated Progressive.

Note: when Mr. Wilders says that Breivik was “reinforced several times” at our blog, he is referring to the two unremarkable comments that the Butcher of Utøya left back in 2008. Which comments, I might add, were discovered by me and republished here in July 2011 without any lefty having to point them out to me. Readers are invited to follow the link and read the comments, and then make up their own minds about how alarming they are.

I don’t have anything else to say about Paul Wilders’ post. His reiterated phrases may speak for themselves.

53 thoughts on “Wilders vs. Wilders

  1. I can just hear Geert’s mom now talking to Paul:

    “Paul. Vatsh de metter vit you. Geert hash made a mayor name foor his self and you are still sitting on your thumbs. You younger broother is a member of de Dootch Parliament and you are shtill vit doing nootink!

    No wonder he is trying to sabotage his kid brother. Must be hell for him.

    • Hell also awaits him. The Karma Dude plays for keeps. This guy plays “me, too”. Imagine having to sit across the breakfast table from him every morning. No wonder Geert Wilders followed his own path, side-stepping the morass.

  2. 10 bucks says Mr. Paul Wilders wouldn’t be willing to live in a rough area of Rotterdam for a month.

    • I’d give that much to have someone chain him in a “rough area of Rotterdam”.

      Since I don’t believe in violence, the chain should be a soft plushy velvet, covering the iron links, with plenty of room to duck and dodge…umm, move a little to get some exercise.

      Let’s erect a little shelter from the elements, perhaps one with colorful graffiti of Christian icons on the outside and a big red neon flashing arrow pointing to his arm chair.

      I’d make provisions for food, but I doubt he’d be there long enough to have need of them.

  3. Just because this man failed utterly to read the evidence so plainly stated in Breivik’s manifesto, just because he besmirches our work through a combination of deliberately ignoring what we’ve stated repeatedly and substituting what he thought he read, just because he he puts words in our mouth we never said…thereby proving he’s merely one more progressive regurgitator, one without a moral compass…doesn’t mean I don’t respect his point of view as much as I do Breivik’s.

    He is lost in the fever swamps of seventy years’ worth of lies. I’ll bet he has a secret Che t-shirt he wears like a medieval hair shirt. This man has the moral acuity of Breivik, and neither of them can be held to the normal standards we would expect of fully functioning and morally sane persons. The only difference between them is PW attempts to murder others’ reputations.

    Paulie Wilders’ obvious failure to read Breivik’s manifesto in order to see what ABB *actually* said/thought about the Counterjihad movement (Breivik scorned our non-violence) makes him worse than ABB. At least the latter actually read us before turning his nose up at our philosophy.

    On the other hand, PW’s intellectual laziness in failing to read Gates of Vienna’s beliefs and our reports on Breivik’s slaughter bespeak a willful spiritual blindness in service to his own ambition.

    This person doesn’t investigate, he parrots. He doesn’t think, he simply repeats whatever the “consensus” happens to be at the moment. I picture him with his finger held ever to the wind, alert to changes in propaganda as he breaks into a run to keep up.

    When this man gets to Dante’s circle in hell, whichever one is reserved for those who spread lies and slander, I hope they nail his tongue to the swinging door that separates a busy restaurant kitchen from its dining area. And I hope that rushing waiters and bus boys and sous chefs push through that door in a frenxied rush all day long, for eternity.

    Other than that – as you can tell – I’m not bothered by his moral turpitude at all. Fortunately I’m a theist with a strong belief in karmic reverberations for our words and actions. IOW, the Karma Dude will sort it out.

    Meanwhile, the Baron, by posting this thing, has given PW another thirty seconds of fame. Soon he will sink again into his well-deserved oblivion since it’s very clear that Geert Wilders is an only child.

    • I wouldnt worry Esau and Jacob

      Agamemnon and His Bro the King of Sparta…

      Edward VI and Richard III…

      Brothers eh?

    • You said “When this man gets to Dante’s circle in hell, whichever one is reserved for those who spread lies and slander, I hope they nail his tongue to the swinging door that separates a busy restaurant kitchen from its dining area. And I hope that rushing waiters and bus boys and sous chefs push through that door in a frenxied rush all day long, for eternity.”

      WHAT imagery. I sure like to know you came with such a perspective.

      • Just read Dante. And then look at the paintings; absorb them – preferably as a child.

        The people in southern Europe particularly learned a lot from the repeated and brutal incursions of Islamic raiders down the generations (remember Venice’s attempts to create a work-around?).

        What those people assimilated allowed them to create horrors like “The Inferno”, and equally to balance the dread with the beatific visions of Paradise – something their own religious beliefs allowed for. Beatific visions without the virgins or raisins.

        But down the generations, we have always been more drawn to the horrors. – e.g., Stephen King has lived well off the scary part of what it means to be human. I cannot read King at all; Dante is more removed and therefore of academic interest.

        Dante lived during a plague-ridden, politically repressive time…it is obvious that he and the visual artists who followed after, even down to Blake, limned from the collective unconscious all the horrors that stalked their visions of hell.

        Personally, I don’t believe in Hell. If I did, I could never have publicly conjured up that Dantesque scene for Poor Paulie. To do so would constitute spiritual hubris of the kind in which the left wallows. Of course, they first wrap themselves carefully in a Calvinist atheism to cloak what they’re about…

        In truth, “coming up with such a perspective” is merely genetic. Celtic glee at creating vibrant curses and equally lively blessings.

        The Joos have the same code. Look at the Psalms, or the way The Beatitudes flow down the page. The parallel curses are missing from that passage in Matthew 5, but you can find them in places here and there. I like especially the future Christ predicts for those who hurt children.

  4. I hope people appreciate the irony. Despite us all having (collectively) 100 years’ worth of interest in Geert Wilders, none of us had ever heard he had a brother.

    The only way this man has acquired any recognition (which he surely graves, since he has a blog), was by posting comments at Gates of Vienna, a website he despises. One must assume that when interviewed, he appears to be [a person whose mental capabilities lie well below the mean]. Otherwise, the pro-islamonazi media would be all over him for comments.

    • Joe, this entertaining fellow is simply the Dutch equivalent of the crazy uncle in the attic. He escaped, obviously. Just as our American version slipped the bonds of his strait jacket and became our Vice President.

  5. And yet people like this have such a difficult time accepting that there just might possibly be a connection between what Islamic terrorists read … and their actions.


    They need to live in the real world for a while. It’d do them the power of good.

  6. Brother’s arguing, it’s fascinating. My bro is a union organizer. I respect what he has to say for the most part. I understand the perspective.

    • So…how are your family’s Christmas dinners? Many of them here have become somewhat…erm, “fraught”. Lots of issues that the matriarch rules off the table during dinner.

  7. Quote:
    What maybe not everyone knows is that Breivik was — and very probably continues to be — an ardent fan of Gates of Vienna, a blog of very ominous contents.

    Guilt by association– flawed logic.
    I thought Europeans were better educated in rhetoric.
    I suppose where passion overtakes reason, you get this sort of thing.

    • ALL leftists use guilt by association, up to seven degrees of separation, to make their ammunition. That’s why so few of them appear here: most of their rhetorical ‘reasoning’ was never hammered out by Reason to begin with…they by-pass Reason and move straight into assertions of “I feel” and “I believe” and “I know” sans any logic. They do love a good preacher, though – to wit, Obama.

      While you sit there wondering how anyone could fall for his bumpf, the lo fo folks are praising his wonderful speechifying. This has nothing to do with education or intelligence and everything to do with an atrophied ability to reason critically. Just look at the Norwegians and Swedes with their now-besmirched Nobel Prize. Where did *that* insane idea originate? Simple: they fell under the Redeemer’s spell and they’re still waiting for the fog to lift.

      Of more recent vintage, look at the hi-jinks of that bewitched cutie of a Danish prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, during Mandela’s funeral. I wonder if the spell broke after Michelle got between them?? Probably not. The Dane was putty in the hands of our polymorphous and perverse Numinous Negro…that scene will go down in the history books despite all her po-mo attempts to create distance via self-mockery for a gob-smacking breach of good manners.

      Come to think of it, BHO has now pOwned all of Scandinavia.

  8. Quote:
    Clearly, Gates of Vienna is not more or less than a very ominous platform for publishing whatever message.

    You do not practice democracy.
    Not in your thinking, not in your writing and certainly, I’m sure, not in your life.
    Why don’t you get it over and submit to the Ummah now?
    You could live under divine law.
    You would have every voice of approval when you facilitate your brother’s and your culture’s harm.
    You claim to despise hatred, but there is hatred at your very heart– for everything that surrounded you in your youth.
    The sweetness is gone.
    Certainly no wonder it is then that you support the culture of a stranger as it crushes the delicacy and brilliance of your own land, your nation.
    Only the loveless and rootless could behave so.

    • I don’t agree.

      Mr. Paul has had only five minutes — that appearance on Pauw & Witteman seems to be his only moment of fame.

      He deserves his full fifteen, so I’m giving him the other ten. 🙂

      Besides, his words can stand and fall on their own merits. There’s no need to hide them.

      Let the world see what he has to say. Then the world can form its own opinion.

  9. Well here in the Netherlands the saying goes: every family has a “black” sheep. The Wilders family has Paul in that role. I am deeply ashamed about Paul’s public statements and the fact that they now reach GOV.

    Paul should change his name to Jim. Jim suits him way better. Guess Paul never will understand the concept of Jihad Islam and Muslims.

  10. It’s good that Paul Wilders includes links to his sources. In that way, any reader with a brain can go in and check the facts and find that they don’t line up with his interpretation.

    Take this gem:

    ‘The Gates’’ owner himself claims that in 2008, Breivik was reinforced several times in his inhumane and gruesome imaginings, and ultimately his acts.

    No, he does not. The owner (Baron, that is), simply notes that after extensive research, it was found that Breivik had apparently left two (2, count them) comments at GoV in 2008, comments that drew no major discussion, as the content of them did not resonate with Gates of Vienna nor its core readership. Apparently disappointed by the lack of reinforcement, ABB was not heard from again.

    Apart from the misconstrued argumentation, seeking to smear others with Breivik the Monster is a destructive approach to debate. Looks like Geert snatched all the talent in the family 🙂

    • Any Norwegian journalist could have got the information you provide before publishing. If they have had only a tiny knowledge of journalist ethics, they would never had mentioned GoV.

      In my opinion, the worst media action was the witch-hunt of the totally defensless Fjordman. What really scares me is that everybody participated like piranhas.

      I lived in Copenhagen 1992-2002, and since then I have visited my Danish friends regularly until I moved to Martinique in November 2012. In my opinion, Denmark’s ability of resisting the islamic threat is substantially higher than that of Sweden and Norway.

  11. Even though I’ve had analytical/ empirical social research training, I am a firm believer that our culture has erred in relying to much on intellectualising in matters human and too little on the ineffable and intuitive. So much can be read in Paul Wilders’s face itself, before one gets to analyzing the words.

    To ease the reading, one should take a look at the face of the German actor Klaus Kinsky who specialized in roles of angry psychopaths and was notorious for his violent outbursts, sour disposition and other excesses in his personal life, all perhaps due to a difficult childhood and adolescence. At least one of those parallels the Wilders circumstance: being an ethnic mixture: something that in pre-multiculti days was a personal challenge. The thing is, some rose to that challenge and used it to build themselves, and others turned it into self-pity and bile directed at others. It’s etched in the Kinsky face:


  12. As the Baron pointed out above: As far as we know, Anders Behring Breivik posted a grand total of two – 2 – comments on this website. He didn’t find any support and left again. Breivik made more comments at the websites of Norway’s largest newspapers, VG and Aftenposten. Why not go after them?

    • Isn’t it strange how the photo of Breivik wearing Masonic regalia has disappeared down the memory hole, & no attempt is made to link that part of his past to his actions?

  13. Thanks ladies and gents for all comments! It’s clear as well as obvious for all to see you fail to grab the issue at hand here. In the end it boils down to: “you can run, but you can not hide”. Gates of Vienna has played a mayor part in Anders Breivik life. Merely a statement like “we never endorsed real violence” did not en will not do the trick. On the contrary: places like this one have been and always will be a podium builded on fear and hate. Therefore it attracks those who do seek (re)inforcement for their sick idea’s – like Anders Breivik. Your friends over at for example http://www.loonwatch.com have exposed sites like this one for what they in fact are: fear mongering and violent.

    In this context it has been a very, very bad choice from Geert Wilders to pick an ominous platform like this one (being polite here) to publish whatever message he wants to publish. And “the world” (sic) knows by now.

    Nevertheless: I do wish all of you a Merry X-mass and a happy New Year! Enjoy your fear and hate, or – even better – may your life be guided by far more positive and open minded influences.

    • You have now posted at GoV as many times as Breivik – I guess “the world” needs to worry about you going postal now, climbing a church tower in your underpants with a high powered rifle, eh?

      You know, since you have chosen such an “ominous platform” to air your views and all …

      • I, for one, welcome more posts by Mr. Wilders, even if they be critical. But let them be posts sieved through a screen of rationality, Western empiricism, general wisdom of the ages, fairness, and conscious stripping of PC dogma, or any dogma, from his cognitive apparatus.

    • Yes, wow, things are ever so violent here–just see all those threats in the comments directed toward your own sad self.

      And there is no such thing as “X-mas”–X’s mass? Feast Day of X? That makes no sense whatsoever, but then, who could expect you to make sense? May the Christ of Christmas have mercy on your darkened soul.

    • Merry Christmas to you too Mr. Wilders. We should be saying it as much as possible, before it becomes illegal under the incoming blasphemy laws.

      I won’t argue the fear part, I am fearful, very fearful, especially when I have to visit my pensioner grand parents in, what you call “culturally enriched” areas. I’m also fearful of even going to the store sometimes, after seeing videos of “the knockout game”, which has been proven to be done by a specific group, happening only a few kilometers away from where I live. Another thing I’m fearful of is, after seeing horrific stories on the news, people from the countries where these stories are coming from, are coming here as well. Is that wrong, Mr. Wilders?

      As for hate, no, that is untrue. Based on the evidence, I would say you’re the one who is trying to bring hate into your country, while the average person who goes on this site is trying to prevent hate.

      I try to be guided by positive influences, and will keep doing so, but said influences can’t be delusional, or wrong.

      Merry Christmas again Mr. Paul Wilders.

      • Quite so. I travelled through the Netherlands a few times during the late eighties, even spending a few days there during a Queen’s Birthday celebrations, which was fantastic – every one liked the Dutch, their footballers spread a great image around Europe, the country has produced some of the top guys in that field, no question about it. So it’s all good.

        Or it was. If there is fear and hatred anywhere, as I have said to old Paulie there, it is between his own ears. He insists on supporting the multicultural fantasy – and that is all it is, a fantasy – and it is he who cannot find it in himself to be tolerant of other people, including his fellow countrymen, who disagree with him on that point.

        As for hatred & violence – I guess old Paulie has forgotten what happened to Theo van Gogh.

    • You’ll find all the “fear and hate” fit for a lifetime in the Koran. Your brother (who is really our brother) has pointed this out many times. Did you miss what happened to Pim, Theo, and countless others?

      Clearly you are not a fighter of “fear and hate” but an enabler.

    • Presumably Paul Wilders thought that people like Churchill were motivated by fear and hatred of Nazism. Were people wrong to fear and hate Nazism?

      The majority of attacks on jews in London come from muslims, yet muslims are a minority of the population of London. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7831897.stm Those of us who are the target for attacks by muslims have even more reason to be fearful of islam than we do of Nazism: the nazis were not protected by the media, the way that muslims are. The above report by the BBC appears to be attributing the rise in attacks on jews to the the traditional enemy of jews (i.e. Nazis), with muslims condemning such Nazi attacks. It’s only by reading the report carefully, that one realises that most of the attacks are from muslims, and that jewish organisations have somehow managed to find some muslim organisations to condemn such attacks (the jews vainly hoping that somehow this appeal will stop the muslims attacking jews; subsequent reports by jewish organisations show that despite this appeal, most of the attacks on jews in London come from “immigrants”, the Leftist jewish organisations now going out of their way to disguise that these “immigrants” are actually muslims).

      In WW2 the name for people who attempted to stop the truth about nazism being told was “collaborators” or “quislings”. Holland was one of those countries which had its own home-grown Nazi movement. In those tumultuous years, families were torn apart — one side of a family supporting the Dutch Nazis, the other side of the family opposing Nazism. Those who supported the Nazis were known to be “verkeered” (on the wrong side) in WW2.

      I wonder who Paul Wilders would have been supporting in 1939? Does he spend his time only criticising those who condemn islamo-nazism?

  14. Then Mr. Paul Wilders if politically motivated multiculturalism is so wholesome why the necessity for compulsion by fear and hate, the actuality and fear of life destroying criminalisation for any individual who opinions against the deliberate and systematic dissolution of European identities. The hate driven violence for those that dare to express themselves as dissenters in the public space, most of all the innocent crushed by a self indulgent utopian social engineering project that feeds them like fodder to the alien customs and ideologies that target and brand them as inferior human beings or simply as prey.

    Multiculturalism is a wilful denial of all that humanity is.

    Merry Christmas to you Mr. Paul Wilders.

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  16. Intrigued by Mr P Wilders observation that GoV has been revealed/debunked/exposed whatever by “Loonwatch” I took the trouble to visit that website over the weekend. Fascinating reading.

    The first thing one notices is a list of “Loons” inscribed in a horizontal top banner. The list of so-called Loons speaks volumes about Loonwatch’s notion of who is insane (in order): Robert Spencer ( you know that hysterical bearded guy who addresses mass rallies foaming at the mouth and exhorting his followers to kill the enemy, sorry that’s a different bearded guy whose name is an Arabic one) Pamela Geller, Bat Ye’or, Brigitte Gabriel (see below), Daniel Pipes …

    Thus far we have a list of some of the most erudite, temperate, civilised and informed people on the planet who have one thing in common: they recognise that Islam is a problem for Western cultures.

    I didn’t know of Brigitte Gabriel a day ago, but I’m grateful she was listed. My world is richer for it. A Lebanese Christian she is demonised by Loonwatch as an apologist for the Lebanese Phalange and the South Lebanon Army and a “racist”. I dug a little deeper on the Net and found out that Ms Gabriel makes statements such as:

    “We, as infidels in the eyes of our enemy, need to understand the danger we face: A totalitarian ideology – whether its origin is mainstream or marginal – threatens to enslave, dominate, and murder us in order to realize its vision for global conquest.”;and

    “Forcing Israel to accept a two-state solution is not going to work unless the Palestinians first are forced to clean up their act and eliminate hatred from their schoolbooks, teach tolerance to their people, and preach acceptance of Israel and the Jews as a neighbour”

    Now those there are some truly outlandish beliefs, ones that no sane person could subscribe to or endorse. Except the vast majority of Israelis, myself, every non-troll regular at Gov and most Western conservatives.

    The rest of the banner list is interesting for its inclusion of Walid Shoebat and Wafa Sultan – both are prominent apostates from Islam which inclines me to the hunch that Loonwatch is an Islam-run disinformation site established to vilify those who actively oppose the Islamization of the West through speech and writing. As one delves further into Loonwatch this hunch gains traction and consolidates into a firm conclusion.

    Basically the top banner of Loonwatch is, no doubt unintended by the site’s propagators, an Honour Roll of the world’s most valuable and perspicacious anti-Jihadists active in the USA today. They missed Fjordman somehow, perhaps because Loonwatch is obviously an American, geographically speaking, site and Fjordman doesn’t have a high public profile in the States. I will now research the balance of the people on the list, Debbie Schlussel and Joe Kaufman.

    So thank you Mr P Wilders for alerting me to the existence of Loonwatch, I would never have known of it and of Brigitte Gabriel et al. Do enjoy your Christmas: I trust you reside* in a neighbourhood of the Netherlands which is not “culturally enriched” and thus will be able to join in the local public singing of Christmas carols without fear of being assaulted by some youths of Islamic cultural provenance.

    *Actually I think the readers of GoV would be fascinated to know whether you do live in a “culturally enriched” neighbourhood and thus put your life and limb (and the security of your children if you have any) where your mouth is. My money is that you probably live in the Dutch equivalent of Hampstead: a part of London where residents overwhelmingly support mass immigration from Muslim countries but none live there.

    • UPDATE: The Daily Kos, a leftwing blog has concluded the following about Loonwatch (after trying to collaborate with them on an Islam friendly, multi-culti short film – “Not Welcome”:

      “After over a year of communication with Loonwatch.com in the making of “Not Welcome” I have come to the realization that this organization is fundamentally a radical Islamic front, covering up for terrorism, spreading distorted information about the reality of rapidly spreading Islamic fundamentalism – through lies of omission. To tell a half truth is to tell a lie and the lie that Loonwatch.com tells everyday is to cover up the atrocities within Islam and only focus on attacking its critics.”

      A ray of light penetrates the brain of a kumbaya Lefty and he realises!

      And Mr P Wilders invokes Loonwatch to bolster his criticism of GoV. Hah!

  17. The main role of GoV (as I see it) is to spread awareness of how dangerous the ideology of Islam is (and it *is* an ideology). Islam *is* evil – there are over 500 verses in the Koran that are (to put it mildly) “intolerant” of non-Muslims, and over 100 verses calling on Muslims to wage war against non- Muslims.

    As another anti-Islam website put it – “what is there for non-Muslims to *like* in all of that?” Nothing.

    It seems to be very ironic that a “messenger” that warns about the danger of a hateful ideology like Islam then gets accused of being “hateful” themselves.

    I wonder if those who warned about the Nazis were ever accused of being “hateful”? Islam has a *great deal* in common with Naziism (and of course *supported* it during WWII) but it is a thousand times *worse* in that it uses the figleaf of a “religion” to hide behind.

    Anyone who studies Islam in detail (as I have done) will soon find that it is an ideology first, a cult second and a religion a *very distant third*.

    I believe that GoV (and almost all anti-Islam sites) *do* try to make the distinction between Islam and *Muslims.*
    ( It is well known that Muslims are in fact the biggest *victims* of Islam. ) I use the analogy that Islam is the “house” and Muslims are its occupants. It is the *house* that is the focus of things.

    So, having said all of that, I make no apology at all for hating Islam – an ideology that *any* sane non-Muslim should hate if they know anything about it.

    Indeed, I am *proud* to hate Islam. If that makes me a “hater” or “Islamophobe” (laughable term!) then *so be it*.
    As if hating Islam is an “irrational fear”! Pish-posh. There is *nothing* at all “irrational about hating Islam. Indeed, it is irrational *NOT* to do so.

    Those who throw around such labels as “Islamophobe” say more about themselves than those they seek to stick the label on.

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