Welcome to Poland!

As I mentioned last October, Poland is relatively free of Muslim immigrants, which made it a refreshing place to visit after seeing the condition of so many Western European capitals. Unfortunately, the Polish authorities seem to be preparing to join the rest of the European Union in its celebration of extreme diversity.

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends this photo from Warsaw. Notice the fourth language represented in the sign — you’d think it might have been, say, Czech, or Lithuanian, or even Romanian to reflect more accurately the likely demographics of visitors to Poland:

Here’s the same sign with the foreshortening removed:

Green Infidel includes the following note about the sign:

Yesterday, while stuck in traffic, I noticed a poster, opposite the Warsaw Masovia region immigration office where a friend of mine works. I asked her to take a photo.

Besides the Polish, English and Russian (the last one being the language, along with related ones such as Ukrainian, that she most often has to deal with), a certain other language, perhaps signifying the “cultural enrichment” that the powers-that-be expect to strengthen in Poland?

Besides, it seems very similar to the EU “help for immigrants” websites you posted about previously — and indeed contains the EU stars, although less noticeable, behind the text.

This is Eurabia, Polish-style. Our tax Euros are in action, helping culture-enrichers to settle and “enrich” society also in this part of Europe.

Recently it was announced that the Polish government won a great “victory” — many more billions of Euros from Brussels, than it had expected. It made me wonder — what was the EU expecting in return?

In any case, the public here seems to have much stronger opinions against the “Religion of Peace” than in any Western country I have visited. And is prepared to voice it. There may be hope yet…

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75 thoughts on “Welcome to Poland!

  1. Keep your head down Green Infidel or Poland maybe allocated a batch of Syrian refugees to break the multikulti ice.

    • Currently, the main argument of the “mainstream” brigade here is NOT that Islam is a “religion of Peace” (a la USA), or that a “tiny minority” of Muslims are Islamists (a la Britain), or even that Muslims are “allies” against the Big Bad West (a la Latin America, and far-leftists elsewhere).

      Istead, the main argument in Poland is one that I heard only today – “don’t talk rubbish… Why would they come here?!”. If large amounts of them start appearing, this argument goes out of the window… and what then??

      Already, I’ve heard here slogans from friends, and also as graffiti on walls, stating “You buy a kebab, you import an Arab”… perhaps some locals are not so naive, and are becoming aware of the main methods of Islamisation?

      To add to this, there is no significant anti-Western opinion, and no significant amount of leftist opinion (with leftist parties changing their names, to avoid being seen as “socialist” or “communist”) – in spite of the best efforts of Poland’s main newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza. (aligned with, among others, the Guardian and Le Monde)

      Then, there are 2 other factors perhaps lacking in any other European country – 1) a large amount of deeply religious Catholics, including youth, all too eager to voice their disapproval of Islam. And 2) a large amount of football hooligans, of different clubs, who regularly fight each other in the forests at weekends, but are joined together in their patriotism, hatred of anything “leftist” or of any newcomers showing up “on their territory”… If any refugees come and start showing “typical Muslim behaviour”, rest assured that a bunch of battle-hardened Legia Warsaw supporters (or their rivals around the country) will be there to meet them 🙂

      • I doubt the Poles are any different. They will be silenced like everyone else. A little cash in all the right places will see to that. Eventually it is going to take what it takes to stop islamisation.

  2. Recently, the Kosciuszko Foundation in New York came out in support of “Amnesty” — i.e. within just the next 20 years 50 million more Mexican peasants, Mexican and Latin American narcogagsters, Pakistani and Libyan taxi drivers, Chinese “catch-as-catch-can” Chinese ethnocentrics, and who knows how many thousands of jihadi moles among them. Not to speak of the $6.3 trillion deficit http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/amnesty-for-illegal-immigrants-will-cost-america/2013/05/06/e5d19afc-b661-11e2-b94c-b684dda07add_story.html that just the current (grossly lowballed) 11 million illegals would entail, if they be legalized.

    The justification given for this astonishing madness of the KF (let’s leave Schumer and the LibProgs for now) was that KF had worked out a deal with Sen. Charlie Schumer (I can’t go into personal pejoratives, what with NSA reading this etc.) to the effect that as a quid pro quo the visa requirement for Polish visitors in the United States would be waived.

    A Polish-American friend sent an enraged letter to the KF Board of Directors, making the argument that the visa waiver could have been accomplished at an opportune time in the future anyway, but the children and great grandchildren of the KF swells will have to live with the consequences of their foolish decision.

    Money and perks talk. In Poland, in these matters, there are two Dark Planets: the EU and George Soros. But since the large core of the country is still not infected by the cultural spongiform encephalitis that’s rvaging EU countries to the west of Poland and the U.S. as well, there should be a much wider latitude for empirical research, PhD dissertation etc. with respect to how this unwanted immigration imposed on the Polish people lowers the national IQ (cue: Jason Richwine), depletes all-important social capital (cue: Robert Puttnam) and strains the public treasury (cue: Robert Rector).

  3. It has to get worse, and it is going to get worse, before it’s going to get better. And all who wish to preserve what is theirs and ours must accept that the road to ‘better’ is going to be long, hard, rocky and lined every inch of the way with self-serving invertebrate illegitimates, to put it politely. Only the strong, the ruthless and the determined are going to make it through – if any of us at all do so.

  4. May I suggest the administrators of this blog consider adding one more topic to their “category” list with a link to archives of recent GoV “Rosetta Stone” projects in the left hand column of the main page. This category would help link to already translated material for the benefit of any new visitors from Poland finding themselves reading this post. 😀

  5. Poland has done oh so well with other countries and cultures “culturally enriching” them in the past, eh … what could possibly go wrong this time?

  6. Well, I guess it will not work, if thats the plan. And here is why:

    Poland has fought bravely against Nazi German and Soviet Russian barbarism. Thx a lot thus, dear “allies”, to sell us off to Russia, for having us loose our Kresy (borderlands in the east), for letting us down. BUT, as a side-effect, “progressvism” had no chance to creep into Poland. Many Poles have seen, what “multikulti” has done to:Belgium,Germany,France,UK,Netherlands,Scandinavia,Spain,Ireland ect with their own respective eyes. In Poland, even most LEFT-WINGERS do not believe in multiculturalism! In Polish television,Robert Winnicki, a member of Ruch Narodowy (National Movement) made it quite clear: We want Poles expelled to Sibera (by Stalin et al.) to come back first of all others, afterwards we want Eastern Slavs, Armenians, Hindus and Non-Muslim Asians,Christian Arabs and Africans, to come to Poland.
    He claimed that Ruch Narodowy is not racist, but Poland needs to retain its Slavic,Christian character. BTW: A mosque project sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood in Warsaw was stopped-on a “technicality” 🙂 as well as “do-not-want”

    As to Muslims who want to follow the lead of the Polish Tatars and become a true part of the Polish Nation Id like to say: Welcome! But there will be no “multikulti” German style.

    • “In Poland, even most LEFT-WINGERS do not believe in multiculturalism!”

      Exactly the point I’ve been trying to make, all the time. And why, in my opinion, leaving the arguments against Islamisation to the likes of Winnicki and Ruch Narodowy is a mistake… Should we not be making a broad front, with both conservatives and liberals ready to compromise and put aside their differences, and joining forces against Islamisation?

      • I would not necessarily call it a “front against islamisation”. Rather, a front against stupid immigration policies”. Because the immigration of,lets say, millions of African animalists would not be a good thing either. Of course, such a thing should not be left to Ruch Narodowy, but still, they brought it up, offered some good ideas in a way that reached many people, and hopefully shaped their thinking about this issue.

  7. The only way the spreading cancer of Islam and 3rd world imports will be stopped in Europe is with the demise of the EU.

    The good news is that the systems that run the EU and U.S. is that their wheels are coming off the welfare state wagon. Both economically and socially. One only has to examine Black Flash mob activity in the U.S. They have illustrated repeatedly the police are helpless in the face of large organized groups of people that organize at the last moment.




    They’ve figured out the flaws in the system, it will be just a matter of time before other cultural enrichers do the same thing and derail the entire system. The thing is they can make entire sections of cities toxic to commerce and habitation.

    BTW Blacks have been targeting Hasidic Jews in NYC with the “knock out or Polar Bear hunting game” with no fear of reprisals or punishment from law enforcement. The Democrats, ADL and ACLU are very quiet over this. Nice to see them choking on their PC/MC sandwich.

    It’s a matter of when not if before Muzzies take this up. They are adepts at detecting weakness in others due to their predatory nature.

  8. I did a job for a well off white lady in the summer who spent a week on on holiday in kracow. She said it was unbelievably cheap but she felt very uncomfortable as there were hardly any black people and it felt strange. I said it would be nice to go to a european city and feel like I was anywhere else but Iraq and Afghanistan.
    This is what it is coming too?…….

    • “She said it was unbelievably cheap but she felt very uncomfortable as there were hardly any black people and it felt strange.”

      Perhaps next time she should take a trip to Lagos… would she also feel uncomfortable at there being “hardly any white people”??

    • Why is every European city/town supposed to look like the average American ones? How about Asian cities/towns? Should they also become “colorful”, as a policy???

    • yes, the story of Simon Mol is especially poignant, imo. And worthy of a film… (btw, an interview with one of his victims suggests he also was a convert to the Religion of Peace…)

  9. I will say it again, the Polish and specifically the Polish have spread themselves all across Western Europe over the last decade since accession to the EU.

    When I see the ruination of whole communities across the United Kingdom due to excessive A8 mass economic migration my blood quickens with anger at the double standards of this people who feel its their divine right to colonise whole towns and cities in the UK and cause multitudes of problems for the locals and then start lecturing the West on multiculturalism and how they don’t want immigration in their backyard???

    The European union is a scam, a wannabee totalitarian scam that has empowered places in Eastern Europe to the chargrin of Western European nations, I never once voted to be part of a European union, im Scottish and British.

    Get the UK out of the EU and stop all 3rd world immigration, after this is done deal with the elements of Islam that are wanting to cause the UK any further problems, mass deportations would be desirable but in all probability not possible due to the UN human rights crap etc.

    Repatriate every EU migrant including the millions of Polish who have done nothing but suck the UK economy dry for the past decade alongside the Musims and Africans and the other Eastern European migrants.

    [Develop some masculine anatomical characteristics] British people and get the lot of these parasites out of our country and let them improve their own places but not at our and others expense.

    Poland has been free of Communism for 2 decades, time to improve your own country and stop sucking off mine as well as putting it down at every opportunity.

    • Seconded.

      Green Infidel states that the likes of football hooligans will fight to defend Poland against immigrants because they are practised fighters and patriotic. The worst football hooligans years ago were British, but after decades of propagandising and brainwashing the youth of the country have now been ‘taught’ to accept the P.C. ideology of the age. Look at how Eastern European countries are now pilloried by the Football Association because their supporters throw bananas on the pitch and scream abuse when foreign teams with black players arrive. This is just the start of your ‘education’.

      Also the inclusion of the Arabic language on the sign says it all. Welcome to the European Union – you will regret joining.

      • Scotland today is demonstrably anti-Catholic. Could this have something to do with Jocks Polish problem?

        • EPIC wrong CEL: Half my family are Irish Catholic from Dublin Eire, the other half Scottish protestant. Nice try though 🙂

    • I will not engage in an argument even though I have some observations and stats that would counter and challenge your generalization lumping Poles with the other ones. Nor will I act out of “pride” even though it’s my ethny you may be deemd to offend as well as that of the author of this article.

      What interests me is what’s true about what you are saying (concerning Polish immigrants). When I read some years ago that 10% of Ireland’s population was Polish, I said to myself, hey this is insane; how can that be allowed. Poles have been immigrating to the UK (and, curiously, Catholic Scots to Poland but that’s another subject) for centuries. I assume you have no objection to the likes of Joseph Conrad or the pilots in RAF Squadron 303 immigrating, or the Polish mathematicians who broke the Enigma code immigrating. The difference between then and now is 1. Quantity and 2. Quality.

      Mass immigration allowed under the fake ruling-class claim, “We need them” or for insane Schengen-Postmodern socialist premises will always be at the detriment to local autochthons. Selective immigration screened for quality and cultural compatibility and limited in quantity is usually beneficial to the receiving country. You need to blame the British ruling elite for opening the floodgates, rather than blaming the foreigners who flow in.

      • Immigration is life, Poles migrate, French migrate, English migrate, Scots migrate etc etc etc.

        Scotland and the rest of the former island that was known as Great Britain experienced Polish migration in the 1940s, this was a positive migration from a polite and hard working people, we have Polish communities up and down the UK from this period, the Polish had a lot of respect.

        FFWD to the early 21st century and we have had an invasion of Polish that is borderline colonisation, the mass of these migrants are not the friendly Polish that came in the 1940s or perhaps stayed back in Poland, this is different, the migrants have been largely unfriendly and their attitudes and behaviour have been nothing short of repulsive not to mention extremely arrogant.

        Don’t throw the old ones about Scots catholics escaping reformation, or the Polish pilots in WW2 (who were escaping an invaded land and keen on payback and the British gave them spitfires to do so) This migration over the past decade has been abysmal and like nothing the UK or many other parts of Western Europe have ever experienced. The most arrogant unfriendly and avaricious people I ever met were the thousands of Polish I met here in the UK over the past decade, and they are absolutely everywhere you can imagine, and always at cash machines.

        [Insert] the EU and Poland [into a fundamental aperture] alongside Judeo Communism and Islam.

        Have a nice new year.

        • I smell bias on this site, happily for me I use more reliable sources other than Gates of Vienna.

          Happy new year .

          • The editor of this post comes out with some complex grammar for an American, im impressed they usually don’t understand much of this world, nor want to & are as a nation the cornerstone of much of this planets woes.

          • Well, Jock, a few of us inbred hicks here in Trailer Park Land can just barely manage to chew gum and parse syntax at the same time.

            I declare, once I was even able to put the subjunctive mood in a sentence I wrote! But I done plumb fergot how to do that now, I reckon. It’s all that paint thinner I drinks — kills off them brain cells quicker’n you can say “Bonnie Prince Charlie”.

            But I hear tell haggis is real good brain food. That — plus the cold wind blowin on your goolies under them kilts and keepin you alert — explains why you Scots boys is such smart fellers.

          • Eh, chew GUM?? You lie like a rug, old man. Everbuddy known that chaw sticking out the side o’ your cheek is naught but tabaccy. Took me a dozen years to learn ya to spit outside, too. Besides, you ain’t got nuff teeth fer gum and you know it.

            I swan, next you’ll be telling us you drink soda pop too, wontcha?

          • Smart fellers we are, and smart enough to have sussed out the clannish bias in operation on this site.

            And its not a trailer park, its a caravan site.

            Haggis is a brain food as far as I know, as it certainly does contain sheeps innards and brains and eyeballs etc. Even in Scotland we are more likely to come across that great stateside brain food of Mcdonalds these day aka the American embassy, mmmmmm so tasty & nutritious.

          • You seem to have an ornery temperament, sir, not good for discussion or self-enlightenment. Were you more in control of your temperament and tenor, your input re: your negative experiences with Poles in Scotland would carry more weight.

            As to bias… You want bias? Here is some, from Macaulay’s “History of England” http://www.strecorsoc.org/macaulay/title.html:

            “Had such an observer studied the character of the Highlanders, he would doubtless have found in it closely intermingled the good and the bad qualities of an uncivilised nation. He would have found that the people had no love for their country or for their king; that they had no attachment to any commonwealth larger than the clan, or to any magistrate superior to the chief. He would have found that life was governed by a code of morality and honour widely different from that which is established in peaceful and prosperous societies. He would have learned that a stab in the back, or a shot from behind a fragment of rock, were approved modes of taking satisfaction for insults. He would have heard men relate boastfully how they or their fathers had wreaked on hereditary enemies in a neighbouring valley such vengeance as would have made old soldiers of the Thirty Years’ War shudder. He would have found that robbery was held to be a calling, not merely innocent, but honourable. He would have seen, wherever he turned, that dislike of steady industry, and that disposition to throw on the weaker sex the heaviest part of manual labour, which are characteristic of savages. He would have been struck by the spectacle of athletic men basking in the sun, angling for salmon, or taking aim at grouse, while their aged mothers, their pregnant wives, their tender daughters, were reaping the scanty harvest of oats. Nor did the women repine at their hard lot. In their view it was quite fit that a man, especially if he assumed the aristocratic title of Duinhe Wassel and adorned his bonnet with the eagle’s feather, should take his ease, except when he was fighting, hunting, or marauding. To mention the name of such a man in connection with commerce or with any mechanical art was an insult. Agriculture was indeed less despised. Yet a highborn warrior was much more becomingly employed in plundering the land of others than in tilling his own.”

            He goes on from there. About “throwing the old ones about Scots [in Poland]”, here is Google-translate of a synopsis of a book by two University of Edinburgh scholars, Tom M. Devine and David Hesse:

            “Relations between the two countries date back to Jagiellonian times, but on a larger scale the Scots began to settle in Poland in the years 1600-1650, engaged primarily in trade in grain and cloth or as traveling vendors, in banking, and in soldiering .

            Some came to senior positions . For example, Alexander Chalmers of Dyce, Scotland was a four-time mayor of Warsaw in the seventeenth century, and his compatriot William Bruce taught Roman law at the Academy of Jan Zamoyski in Zamosc and described the Tartar customs.

            According to a well-known journalist Neal Ascherson “successful Scottish colonization in the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth largely created the basis for a future model and structures of Scottish expansion in other parts of the world.” Among the features of the Scottish settlers in Poland, Ascherson shows, were a high propensity to reinvest profits in local trade or earmarking them for educational or charitable purposes.”

            There is more: http://www.polskieradio.pl/39/284/Artykul/351488,Polak-Szkot-dwa-bratanki.

        • @ Scotsinfidel – sorry Jock, many of the rest of us in the British Isles would be happy to see the back of the malign influence of you and your socialist brethren (Blair, Brown, Cameron, Galloway et al) who have caused far more havoc recently than the Poles to the well-being of this country, and sincerely hope you vote for independence and float off into oblivion into the North Sea. Then we may have the possibility of regaining some semblance of sanity!

          • Socialist Brethren???

            So you are blaming me as a Scot for Scottish born mp’s and former prime ministers, yet conveniently don’t mention the bulk of these ministers excluding B-Liar and Brown are actually English, I dont mention that, then im not anti English.

            You fit in well on this site with your glaringly obvious double standards.

            Jock? Not my name are you called Nigel or Cecil???

            You are another of the little Englanders that abound on this website, or a [denigrated individual] as you would say in England.

          • Phoebe – Despite the problems between us in the British Isles I would much rather we stuck together. By splitting up we are even more at risk of divide and rule by the evil that is the European Union.

        • this is different, the migrants have been largely unfriendly and

          Well, considering how Polish workers are often treated by British businesses, how they are often exploited (of course, this is costing British workers jobs, as they cant compete) I dont blame them.

          Scottishinfidel, Id like to ask You to change Your attitude towards Poles and others.Here is why: These people did not want to go to Britain, but they are FORCED to. Let me explain: The EU with its policies is ruining Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic ect.Lately, it is considering to ban certain kinds of smoked sausages.Technically, it does not “ban” them outright, but it imposes insanely high standards forcing many Polish businesses to close down and thousands of Polish works to loose their jobs.Interestingly, Western European businesses can thus take over and flood the Polish markets with their goods.

          But they dont care, because they will gladely have these people immigrate into Western Europe.Why the heck, they are (as the German author Sarrazin has stongly implied in his famous book) great,much much better than immigrants from Arab and African countries.

          This has left me with an idea as to why the EU expanded at all. It was NOT to bring Europe together, or to heal the wounds of the horrible betrayal during and after WW II (the selling of these countries to the UDSSR). No. It was to:
          1.gain new markets
          2.make these countries the Mexico of Western Europe.Because Poles,Hungarians,Slovaks are needed as cheap labourers.
          3.saving the demographics of Western Europe by destroying the economies of these countries, thus focing young people to migrate to Western Europe. What will happend to Poland? Oh well, how about taking in “cultural enrichers” from Africa? Not our problem!

          I have completely lost hope with regards to the “European” project. The current budget is scheduled to run out in 2022, we will see what will happen afterwards.

          • No one has put a gun at peoples heads and forced them to come to Western Europe, there is work in Poland and Eastern Europe, and Poland’s economy has been growing whilst Western European nations have seen zero or little growth in their economies

            I can think of hundreds of companies who have shut their plants down and re-opened them in Poland and Eastern Europe, leaving whole towns .
            and communities jobless here in the UK.

            The pull factor for Polish & Eastern European migrants is the exchange rates on the Polish Zloty etc, why would millions of people cross 3 countries to work in the UK for minimum wage? Exchange rates are the answer, the £ is still one of the strongest currencies in the World and is stronger than the Euro. Right now if I exchange one pound in to Polish zloty I shall receive 5.03 Polish Zloty in exchange.

            We also have a generous welfare state in the UK and in many other Western European countries and the option of taking welfare for Polish and Eastern Europeans is a better one than working in Poland or Eastern Europe for most people, as our welfare pays more than wages in these countries.

            You talk about people forced to leave their countries and migrate to the West en mass, the answer is no one is forcing you, you are converging upon us as it pays you well to do so. Most of the Polish and Eastern Europeans have a 5 year plan when they arrive in the UK, their plan is to buy a large property back home whilst living meagrely in the UK and working, fair enough you and I would say, but when this is being done by millions of people it becomes a major problem for the host countries.

            The United Kingdom is a Net contributor to the European Union, we pay over £50 million a day to the EU and see very little in return, our infrastructure is creaking and even more with the overload of migrants all across this small island that is smaller than most US states but the most crowded place in the world now.

            Now allowing Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe was a mistake and was done by the EGO maniacs in Brussels that want to seethe EU compete with China & the USA and the B-R-I-C countries. Poland tales as much from the EU as the UK pays to the EU per annum and more, then we have all the economic and welfare migration from your country such as 600.00 on British welfare.

            And what about the British people and families that have been pushed into poverty by wage suppression or being laid off and replaced by Polish and Eastern European workers and having their welfare stopped not being housed etc, don’t they matter??

            As for horrible betrayal in ww2 for Poland, well as far as I can see the British and the Americans and the rest of the Western World declared war upon Germany for subjugating Poland, whatever deal was carved out between the UK, America & Russia at the end was not down to me a& you have to stop blaming ordinary British people or indeed the UK state, its history. Poland was never part of a British commonwealth, we don’t owe you people nothing at all, yet you have done very well out of the British state and now the EU, as well as being propped up by Soviet Russia for 50 years, its time you stood on your own two feet and stopped crying like babies about how badly you have been treated and using it as an excuse to live of other countries.

            As for the talk of Poland never becoming multicultural? Well I am afraid you have bought and paid into the beginnings of your multicultural paradise that many of your leaders and the Eurocrats desire for you, it began when you signed up for the E.U.S.S.R and you were seduced by billions in Euros for grants to replenish your infrastructure and economy, and when your migrants took full advantage of the EU open borders policies to live and work and prosper elsewhere.

            I keep hearing Polish and others on this website saying they shall never allow what has happened in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands , Austria , Sweden etc to happen to Poland? Well you are bought and paid members of the evil EU empire & will have to endure what all else have and I gather its beginning already there.

            You talk about the UK and Western Europe as if they are all weaker than Poland, but is Poland not one of the most subjugated lands in history? Havent your former invaders such as Russia or Germany been having the same problems with Islam and Multiculturalism? What makes you think you are any better?????

      • I am in general agreement with Scotsinfidel. I am English. My husband’s father was a Pole from the Second World War. My husband knew very little of him but we are in touch with Polish expats from the time. One old Pole told him that the Poles we are getting of late in the U.K. are ‘no good’, not like his generation, ‘the dross’ he called them.

        As far as I know no Polish mathematicians immigrated to Britain with the Enigma code. The man credited with that was Englishman, Alan Turing, who built the Enigma machine decoder, he is acknowledged as the father of modern computing. Look him up on Wiki and also look up ‘Bombe’ on the same site to see Polish contributions to this science

        I agree with your comments on screening for immigrants and where to put the blame for the mess this country (U.K.) is now in by the way.

        • P.S. to Baron and Dymphna – I can understand where Scotsinfidel is coming from. I follow a number of American sites with similar views to those of Gates of Vienna and it is possible to read comments regarding us British that are beyond ridiculous. You often wonder where they get their ideas and information from. If you are then stupid enough to comment that they may not be quite correct in their beliefs you are totally disbelieved or ‘in denial’.

          Not only ‘divided by a common language’ it seems.

          Happy New Year to you both.

          • Pat —

            Yes, I know what you mean. Interestingly enough, the anti-American comments from Brits (and other Europeans) are a mirror image of that phenomenon. At least as bad, maybe worse.

            When I was in grammar school in England forty-five years ago, I learned to deal with Yank-haters by using humor and light-heartedness, and managed to avoid fisticuffs. I found out that after a while, most (but not all) abandoned their derogation of America and Americans, and accepted me as a schoolmate. Some even became my good friends.

            My years in Yorkshire taught me how to let those sorts of insults roll right off my back.

          • Yorkshire! Baron, I am impressed. In the north they never mince words! They do not, generally speaking, even like us from the south, so you did well.

          • We used to say “bloody Southerners”. And also: “Wogs begin at Settle.”

        • In fact, Polish cryptoanalalysts from the University of Poznan made the first important breakthroughs in cracking the german Enigma-code. And especially the work of Marian Rejewski was crucial in finding a method to decipher the code. Actually, Rejewski could dechipher german transmissions as early as 1934. But in 1938 German cryptograohers increased Enigma’s security, and in 1939 Poland was invaded. But Rejewskis work, as well as a reconstructed Enigma-machine was smuggeled over to England, giving Turing and the others at Bletchley Park a good basis from wich to continue the work. I think it is worth remembering.

        • Well, You should also ask him how “his generation” had been treated by the British. It is a humangous disgrace. Or, as Orwell but it: Once a wh…re, always a wh…re.Google the fate of the Polish top agent Krystyna Skarbek to experience the courtesy of the British Empire. It is a sad reality that these fine men and women fought for Britain (with the hope of winning Poland back) had to stay in Britain, and enriched it by having decent children. For Poland, this is a huge loss.

          Today, about 1 million (or am I mistaken?) young Poles are working for the gain of the British economy-Poland having paid for their education. Interestingly, when some Poles out of 1 milion misbehave were are considered bad news and should leave. When a large percentage of “Asians” misbehaves no one is complaining. How come??? Fear?

          As for the Enigma: If the current Polish government would not be the bootlicking outcome of 50 years of communism we would it would perhaps remind the British kindly that it was a Pole who hacked the Enigma, not a Brit.

    • Dear Scotsinfidel, how about standing up to Muslim invaders?ah, yeah, thats more dangerous,better spilling hatred against Poles, who are a peaceful nation. Also, I would LOVE to have our current disgraceful, and antipatriotic government in Poland removed.I would love for all of my compatriots to come back-why on earth should they toil for the dishonored Western Europeans digging their own graves? Why should they stay in countries, which are in danger of being islamized-along with their progeny?

      Also, when I read what you are writing I actually feel a great relieve that Western Europe will become a huge caliphate.Because you do kind of deserve this for treating us like crap.

      • If the wages payed to EU migrants were frozen to that of the rates they receive in their home countries then we would certainly not have this problem in the UK and in France, Holland and Germany oh and in Ireland that once great little country that is abound with Eastern European welfare junkies.

        Where do the British and German working poor and unemployed go when all the work is taken in their countries??

        To Bulgaria and Romania or Poland to work for one euro an hour and with no help from that countries state in housing, welfare and medical.

        The EU is the common denominator here, we don’t want it here in the UK, it seems Poland and others have had a good deal thus far from it.

        Next step will be when the eurocrats enforce 3rd world Africans and Muslims en masse upon you, and it will happen, how you deal with it we shall see, though I see the Russians have their seemingly unsolvable problems with the same elements.

        Enjoy the new year .

        • Seconded again. I do not blame Sobieski for defending his/her nation and culture. Forty or fifty years ago we were the same. He/she is only looking at things from the Polish perspective though, they would see differently if they were on the receiving end as we are. Unfortunately I do not think he/she is aware of what is lined up for them and how big the fight is, hopefully the Poles may learn from us but as they are now fully signed up members of the ‘evil empire’ they will have their work cut out.

          To Sobieski – they start on the very young ones (children’s television for example) and never give up with the propaganda. Older people are left to fume and then die out.

        • it seems Poland and others have had a good deal thus far from it.

          Next step will be when the eurocrats enforce 3rd world Africans and Muslims en masse upon you, and it will happen, how you deal with it we shall see,

          Again: Young Poles are FORCED to emigrate, because this is what the EU WANTS. To us, this is a shere catastrophy. And about 3rd world migrants-As I have stated above, our “government” and MSM is deliberating along the lines of: 2 mio young Poles left-they will not come back- we will need migrants ect.
          The point is: Over 90% of all Poles believe that, first of all, we should try to get our compatriots back, amongst all from the UK ect. We have paid for their upbringing,they are needed here. Then, we should invite Ukrainians,Belarussian,Armenians,you know, Christian European nations, to our country. Than people like Filipinos, Buddhist nations ect, but not to much of either group.

          Of course, You are right:Eurocrats, expecially from richer countries, will want to get rid of their “cultural enrichment”. Along the lines of: Well, we have “helped” you by taking in your unemployed. Now show some “solidarity” and take in these “refugees” (= often colored,uneducated,fanatic,backward, thus unemployable masses),hey, we will even pay (a little bit) for that.

          Please try to view it from our point of view: Imagine, 1-2 millions of Scots would have to leaf Scotland, being unable to find work there. Imagine, that Scotland would not only be using its future (which resides in young people) but you would also have to read from a GermanInfidel, how [intensifier] aweful these “loud,pesky Scots” are. How’d that feel?

    • Iam afraid that your grand children will not dare call themselves “anythingINFIDEL”, your country will be part of Ummah, complaining about Polish immigrants will not help them..

  10. I don’t think the Eastern European countries will succumb as quickly and completely as western Europe to ‘political correctness.’ Two reasons: they know and instinctively distrust all propaganda, and they have experienced their fill of authoritarian repression. Once bitten.

  11. Perhaps I should have said why are a couple of people from a nation of migrants attempting to lecture others from what were Monolithic societies until fairly recently? On the subject of immigration.

    • Certainly.Because in Poland, when talking about migration policies, we ALWAYS cite the UK,France,Scandinavia,Belgium,Germany as examples, how NOT to do it 😀 Coming from a nation, which actually happens to posess a 600 year old Muslim minority (the Tatars),which has become an integral part of our nation (some years ago they were even honoured with a monument in Gdansk-a Polish-Tatar soldier on a horse bearing a Polish flag with a crescent and a star), we do know what you are doing wrong. So yeah, we can offer some helpful advice on the subject of Muslim immigration.

      • That’s exactly what all my Irish acquaintances said
        way back in the 1980’s. ”Ireland will never become like Britain, over-run by immigrants, because we
        have seen it all happen and won’t let it happen in Ireland.” Guess what, it has been happening there
        and is increasingly happening there, and what are these big mouthes doing ? [Obscene phrase in the form of an acronym, meaning “absolutely nothing”].

  12. @ Takuan Seiyo: My temperament is fine, had a few drinks yesterday evening as I was celebrating the coming of 2014. A [representative of the principal ethnic group residing in Poland] lecturing me on being primitive, now that’s interesting.

    Don’t try and shoot me down mr Pole , when you yourself come from one of the most subjugated nation states (or should I now say former now your on the EU gravy train?) in world history, a nation of catholic bigots and Copernicus.

    Scotland for its faults has more than contributed to improvement of this world, economically, scientifically, politically and in every other field throughout its history, we have also spread across the globe and millions can claim Scots heritage worldwide.

    And I would from experience state we could outdrink and out fight your average [person who identifies his genetic origins as Polish].

    [Individual of low intelligence whose value to society I dismiss].

    • Scotsinfidel seems to me well-balanced; he has chips on both shoulders.

      I might add that many of us on the Left here in colonial England wish Scotland to remain in the UK for what could be regarded as selfish reasons; without all the Scots who vote for left-wing parties, the Westminster Parliament would likely have a permanent Conservative majority, but I’m not expecting too much sympathy from posters on GoV!

      • David Camoron has Scottish heritage (its in the name).

        A vote for him or any other is a wasted one. Wake up sleepyheed.

      • My point exactly, Mark H – to which could be added the damage recently caused by the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland to the UK banking scene. Would that we could today count on the former wonders of Scottish engineering and invention which contributed so greatly to our success as a nation! Then I would fully support the Union. How Scotland has fallen in my estimation, even though they are fellow Celts.

    • Thanks for the reply. You have brought the discussion down to a jejeune level that cannot support my further investment of time in it. Too bad, for I thought you made some interesting points that I do not fundamentally disagree with.

    • Well, You are comparing Poles to Muslim invaders, implying that we are some kind of white Gypsies—what do You expect? Or this “gem” here: in world history, a nation of catholic bigots…..

      Being called a nice guy???
      Do You happen to be aware of the concept of: What goes around, comes around?

  13. @ The Baron: You could not be more wrong about me, I really admire America and what it has achieved over the last 300 or so years, its a place that seen creativity and invention unforeseen previously in this world. It breaks my heart to see the way things are going over there and I would guess the party is over?

    As for Poland it has had a wonderful past and an unfortunate history in the past 300 years. Sure the politicians are to blame for the whole mess with the EU & immigration in the UK, I blame them 1st and foremost, I don’t blame any person for emigrating to improve their fortunes and I have met many a nice Polish person, unfortunately it seems that we have received the worst of your people in the wave of immigration over the past decade, its a whole lot more serious than you may imagine and is compounded by the fact we shall be receiving another disastrous invasion of EU migrants starting from today into the UK from Bulgaria & Romania.

    Its like the Eurocrats have stuck the knife into the very heart of the UK twisted it and its snapped.

    Like I say UK out of the EU, stop all unwanted migration and return them to their respective nations, stop the EU/UN human rights scam that is allowing the 3rd world in the backdoor and make a stand on Islam and the Muslims residing in the UK with their 85+ sharia courts up and running etc etc.

    • How about not attacking Poles, remember:What goes around, comes around. The likes of You make me not want to meet other Scots, cause I have already met enough [orifices], You know? Apparently, when it comes to the Costa Brava, the worst Scottish hools are are always staying right next to ones own condo…..

      • Well stop trying to turn Scotland & the rest of the UK into your Polonia and then try and lecture us on immigration.

        Without the EU and the revenues flowing into your country from remits from your millions of migrants in Western Europaean states you would not even be online right now.

        Poland is [insulting description redacted].

        • Scotsinfidel —

          That is the last time I will redact your insulting and derogatory language.

          In future, whenever you violate the commenting guidelines for our blog, it’ll be back to the bonnie braes wi’ ye.

          D’ye ken?

          In other words, from now on: outright summary deletion.

          • Fair play. We don’t say Dae ye ken in Glasgow and West central Scotland, that’s auld Scot’s and is still widely used in Ayrshire where Rabbie Burns came from and down at Dumfries and Galloway, they use it in Edinburgh & Fife and West Lothian too.

            Round here its more of the sallam or allua ahkbar or dare I say it nostrovia these days.

        • it is derogatory language such as these that makes me actually sheer for the muslim invaders of Scotland 😀

          • The Muslim invaders in Scotland will be handled in the correct manner required when the time comes,same for the rest of the UK and Europe.

  14. @ PAT: Thanks for your comments and a happy new year to you, the baron and all else.

    An argument is fine as long as we can still remain friends after.

  15. As for being afraid of Moorish invaders. Well time will tell on that one, were British push us into a corner like they are doing and you will awaken something not very nice that takes no nonsense. We shall see.

  16. @ The Baron: Well its my guessing that you are under the employ of Rupert Murdoch or some or shadowy organisation that dumbs down comments stating truths on social media and other websites. Not once did i F or Blind, yet screened out so many of my honest and factual comments so as to make me look like the one in the wrong. Thanks for that. Truth hurts.

    • Memo to Mr. Murdoch: My check is late.

      I deleted some of your comments because they were nasty. Bad words are not the only criterion for deletion.

      I don’t care how “true” what you say is. If it’s unpleasant and combative, into the bin it goes. And my wife and I retain the sole prerogative to decide what qualifies for removal.

      If you bothered to pay attention, you’d notice that many commenters who severely disagree with me have their comments approved with no problem. That’s because they know how to be civil in their disagreement.

      • They call it Bias Baron, whens your next trip to Poland?

        Try not to drop in to Scotland when your over this neck of the woods, we can [insult redacted].

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  18. Having just followed the Scotsinfidel contributions to this thread, I am dismayed and fully support this site electing to edit or not post his missives.

    Scotsinfidel would appear to believe that the greatest immigration problem the UK faces is the half million or so Poles who have arrived in the past decade, who in his words aim to work for five years, buy a big house in Poland and return there. Would that the Muslim immigrants to Europe would do the same. The keys words being:

    1) “work”, as opposed to engage in welfare fraud and/or organised crime as well as disrupt social cohesion through strident religious demands, intimidation and outright street terrorism;

    2) return, as opposed to breeding in huge numbers (with first cousins) and staying for generations to permanently transform the cultural landscape & place intolerable burdens on the health, education & welfare systems.

    Imagine how wonderful Germany would be if the Turkish guest-workers they imported to work as guests in the 1970’s did what they were expected to do and (followed the “Polish plan” Scotsinfidel complains of ) returned home after 5 years of working for a wage. Ditto the Netherlands (and every other Western and Northern European nation) with their hostile, work-shy, violent, parasitic hordes of Moroccans/Algerians/Somalis/Afghans/Iraqis/Pakistanis.

    I’ll bet scattered over Germany there are handfuls of long retired bureaucrats who look around at their now Islam-infested German cities & towns and say to themselves: why didn’t we restrict the gastarbeiter to 5 or 10 year working visas with no eligibility for citizenship or PR for them or any offspring?

    Personally, I would work pro bono on a scheme which for every Muslim immigrant deported we had two Poles (or Czechs, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Slovaks, Slovenians, etc) brought to Australia to replace them.

    One wonders why Scotsinfidel bothers posting on an anti-Islamicist, counter Jihad site, as he has nothing to contribute beyond parochial complaint, silly accusations that Takuan is motivated by his (partially) Polish background and the site is run by somebody in Rupert Murdoch’s pay. I wish Rupert did lend some funding assistance to the Anti-Jihadi cause!

    Finally I saw an accusation of “bias” levelled in reply when the Baron warned Scotsinfidel about reducing his intemperate language. Scotsinfidel should understand that in a civilized, informed, adult exchange of views about,say, the economics driving the British instigation of the Opium Wars somebody who chimes in with “Them slitty eyed yellow buggers had it coming to them ..” the exclusion of such person from further contribution is not due to bias or a desire to silence them; it is due to them having nothing useful to say based on a woefully inadequate comprehension of what is under discussion and their own inability to understand that inadequacy.

    • Bingo.

      Those who revile us with cries of censorship because they aren’t allowed free rein for their pet hatreds will never get what you’re trying to say. But I appreciate your saying it nonetheless.

      Since you’re from Australia, I have a question. Beyond Hughes’ book on Australia’s beginnings (which the Baron strongly urged me not to read because it would trigger my PTSD) has anyone written with any acumen about how Australia pulled itself up by its own bootstraps to move from a penal colony status to a nation which has by now outgrown the country which rejected those outcasts -> founders of Australia?

      In the beginning the people condemned to Oz were the purported “dregs of society” yet a number of them were the strong-willed rebels and determined survivors who refused to live with the injustices inherent in England’s stultifying caste system. If England had not had this dumping ground, her streets might have run with blood (to coin a phrase) generations ago.

      I think of Tommy Robinson now, rotting away in gaol, and realize sadly how Britain continues to amputate from the Body Politic some of her most able citizens while she lets in the dregs of the primitive world. Meanwhile many young British families flee the country of their birth to live in relative safety elsewhere.

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