VOSAN Calls Out Obama

President Obama has voiced his support for amnesty — a.k.a. “immigration reform” — for illegal aliens. However, Mr. Obama has given no indication of support for immigrants, legal or illegal, who are at risk because of their apostasy from Islam.

The latest Victim of Sharia featured by the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) is Albina Kurmanbekova, who escaped Islam in Kyrgyzstan and is seeking asylum in the United States. According to the VOSAN report from ICLA:

Call For Obama To Intervene In Victim Of Sharia Asylum Request

27 December 2013, Basel, Switzerland: The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) has today launched a campaign in support of the recent asylum request of Albina Kurmanbekova in the United States.

VOSAN Program Director Chris Knowles said:

“Albina’s case is very worrying. Lawmakers need to be made aware of such cases. They need to understand the dangers that sharia can pose to individual human rights. Granting asylum in this case might even go some way to assuage worries that sharia principles will not be allowed to take root in the United States itself.”

Miss Kurmanbekova’s case is currently being heard by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and a decision is imminent. She was born a Muslim in Kyrgyzstan but converted to Christianity. Apostasy is a crime under sharia law and returning her to her country of origin may be extremely harmful to her personal safety. Furthermore, in Kyrgyzstan the second class status of women under sharia is compounded by the local cultural practice of ‘bridenapping’. This combines kidnapping with forced marriage and the authorities seem reluctant to stamp out this wicked and degrading practice.

Albina’s case illustrates a widespread problem — the persecution of Christians. During the current holiday season we should be mindful that large numbers of Christians currently face severe persecution in many parts of the Islamic world. It is time for human rights leaders such as the United States to put this problem high on the international political agenda.

Albina entered the United States legally on a work-and-travel visa and has respected American laws by going through the official channels to seek asylum.

While President Obama continues to support an amnesty for illegal aliens we hear very little from him about compassion for people who entered the country legally but seek genuine asylum through the proper legal channels. He should make his views on the Kurmanbekova case known to the public and should intervene on her behalf if that becomes necessary.

It is time for America to take a stand on human rights abuses in the Islamic world, making it clear that it is supports freedom of religion and therefore opposes practices that punish apostasy. President Obama will be endorsing sharia law if he allows this poor young women to be deported to Kyrgyzstan.

More information on the VOSAN campaign on behalf of Albina Kurmanbekova can be found here. More information about the Victims of Sharia Action Network can be found here and here.

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10 thoughts on “VOSAN Calls Out Obama

  1. A concerning case, which seems to have the potential to be a repeat of Rifqa Bary’s ordeal at the hands of US courts. (although in her case, it was Ohio state rather than the Federal government threatening to bring her back into the “care” of the Religion of Peace)… Perhaps some help could be gained from friendly legal organisations, such as the Thomas More Law Center?

  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25505393

    Given this thought process, this might give us a clue as to why apostates from Islam or persecuted Christians aren’t deemed to have the right to a safe haven…

    Frightening but I hope that there is some way of dispelling this:

    “We’ve forgotten that rights aren’t the only way to protect universal values. For several centuries the Ottoman empire was a haven where religious minorities that were persecuted in Christian countries could live together in peace. The Ottoman regime wasn’t based on rights. In fact, since it involved separate systems of law for each community, it was incompatible with a system in which everyone had the same rights. Where something like peace between religions has been achieved, it’s because the difficult art of toleration has been learnt.”

    • You’d think the Ottoman Empire was heaven on earth.
      Study some history of the Ottoman Empire.
      Particularly its imperialism, campaigns of conquest and its enslavement of Westerners.
      And how about that genocide of non-Muslims, 1890-1925?
      Think again.

      • Replace Ottoman Empire with British, Dutch or French Empire, Westerners with Easterners and non-Muslims with non-Christians and you would get an society I would find tolerable to life in, and which is tolerant of different faiths and ethnics groups.

        Because what is tolerance? Tolerance is not about equal rights, multiculturalism, or antiracism, but about tolerating conquered people within your own borders.

        Therefor the Ottoman empire was perfectly tolerant, until there genocide against the Armenians and there dispersal of the Greeks.

        • I disagree.
          Tolerance is about the acceptance of difference and the insistence on its preservation.
          The only protection diversity has is diversity itself.
          Islam preaches a message of unity.
          Unite in diversity.
          There is no such thing, no such context.
          How tolerant was the Ottoman Empire in May, 1453?
          Look at the compound the Patriarch of Constantinople is forced to occupy and then tell me that the Turks of the present day and their ancestors are tolerant.
          They are not.
          They are Muslims.
          They demand unity.
          And they will destroy every cultural other to get it.

          • Again everything you said makes no sense to me and seems to have to bearing on what I previously said.

          • Islam is profane.
            Mohammed is a false prophet.
            And Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
            Offended yet?

          • The context in which you place tolerance, the context of conquest and occupation, speaks to Islam.
            Not against it.

    • “In fact, since it involved separate systems of law for each community, it was incompatible with a system in which everyone had the same rights. Where something like peace between religions has been achieved, it’s because the difficult art of toleration has been learnt.” ”

      As usual with all things Islamic, look for the nuance… All that’s required is for all the non-Muslim communities to submit and recognise the Muslims as their overlords, and voila – the “difficult art of toleration has been learnt”!

  3. Does anyone know of a current book out there on this subject? If not, there should be one about this, about non muslims, and former muslims running for their very lives, IMO.

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