“The Worst Thing That Can Happen to a Society”

Geert Wilders has made his revised version of the Saudi flag into a bumper sticker, and has raised some hackles among Muslim leaders by doing so.

In the following video, Mr. Wilders explains his motives for creating the sticker to a hostile interviewer. Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   Nobel peace prize winner and leader of the PVV party in the Dutch parliament introduces an anti-Islam sticker!
00:16   “Islam is a lie. Mohammed is a criminal. The Koran is poison.”
00:20   This is the Saudi flag
00:24   with the Shahada on it. The so-called statement of faith.
00:28   We’ve changed the text to something else.
00:32   We had it translated into Arabic,
00:36   actually on the “anniversary” of the fact that I, among other things by Islam —
00:41   R: I can’t read Arabic, what does it say?
00:45   I’ll leave that to your people to translate.
00:49   It says that Mohammed is a criminal,
00:53   that the Koran is poison, and that
00:57   Islam is a great lie.
01:01   And that on the flag of the country that is the cradle of Islam.
01:08   Not just on the Saudi flag, a statement of faith that says the opposite, I think, I believe that this …
01:13   The core … the core of Islam. I did indeed do that at the moment when —
01:19   How radical is this … for someone who believes?
01:24   This is the truth,
01:29   this is what Islam means. This is why
01:34   I went into politics, why I started the PVV,
01:39   this is why I said what I said to you last year. R: You are always saying that Islam is an ideology.
01:42   A wrong ideology.
01:45   but, if you as a believer
01:48   see it as a religion, this is really hurtful.
01:52   Was that your intention?
01:55   My intention was to shock people. To let them see
01:58   what Islam means.
02:01   It’s not my intention to
02:04   cause trouble with people who are believers.
02:08   It is my intention to try and liberate people
02:11   from the yoke of Islam.
02:14   To tell them
02:17   what Islam means. That’s why I travel round the world
02:20   that’s why I wrote a book, and why I had this flag made.
02:23   That’s why I made a film; to show what Islam means.
02:27   Islam doesn’t just —
02:30   where it’s present, where it’s active,
02:33   is the cause of a great deal of violence, misery,
02:36   intolerance, whether it’s a woman, Christians, or unbelievers
02:39   homosexuals, there’s no end to it.
02:42   It’s the worst thing that can happen to a society,
02:46   but to people too. I’ve said it before, I’ve been to nearly every Islamic country
02:50   many times. They are often
02:54   wonderful people with an enormous potential; extremely friendly,
02:58   but because of this, the original, they are held back
03:02   and imprisoned in an ideology of hate and violence…
03:06   R: Why do you insult these people? … and that has to change.
03:11   R: Why do you to choose to shock and not another way to get the message across? … I try
03:15   every manner, every manner is aimed at
03:19   the truth. I do what I believe. I show them
03:23   what I believe is the truth. R: So this is to personally tell them …
03:27   1.5 billion people are crazy? … that they certainly believe in a madman.
03:31   Yes, absolutely, and people ultimately aren’t evil, but the culture
03:35   that they bring with them is a culture of hate and violence. The important
03:40   thing, so important that I
03:44   think it’s worth being threatened again every day and to have lost my freedom for nine years
03:48   this is, to my last dying breath,
03:52   and I hope there will be a lot of breaths yet, I will fight for.
03:57   There are also people who say that by announcing this with so much passion
04:01   you are planting the seeds of division
04:05   between people, planting the seeds of hate
04:10   between groups of people. Can you imagine that people will be shocked
04:14   by this, attacking people with so much violence
04:18   what they believe in. You say with so much violence, but I have never
04:22   used or advocated violence, yes … R: verbal violence
04:26   there is a difference, and I don’t do that either. For two years
04:31   I was a suspect in court in Amsterdam and
04:35   cleared on all points. It’s not just a fact that it isn’t so,
04:39   it is legally not true what you say. R: but the division, that’s what it’s about …
04:43   and we should, … and what Cohen said, keep things together …
04:47   and in essence that is naturally what the difference is all about,
04:51   do you try and find a solution together, and you become combative … Look,
04:55   you are confrontational in politics too,
04:59   that is your choice, your deeply rooted conviction
05:04   that it has to be like that. I can’t
05:08   do anything else, and then you’re accused
05:12   that you exaggerate things; I don’t do that. I fight for who we are,
05:16   and we are anything but Islamic. Islam is the greatest danger
05:20   on this planet.

6 thoughts on ““The Worst Thing That Can Happen to a Society”

  1. The last line says it all:

    “Islam is de grootse gevaar op deze aarbol.”

    “Islam is the greatest danger in this world.”

    Say it plain, Geert Wilders!

    It’s a retrograde Death Cult.

    And trying to “get along” with it is as ludicrous as trying to get along with a carcinoma.

  2. Every western European nation needs a Geert Wilders in power. In the UK we have appeasers like Cameron and Clegg, the Neville Chamberlains of our time- where is our new Churchill who incidentally hated Islam as much as Nazism.

  3. America 2014:
    If you say this: “Islam is a danger to freedom.”
    They say this: “You can’t say that about 1 billion people.”
    If you say this: “Christians are a danger to freedom.”
    They say this: “Christians are all insane and should be suppressed.”
    They say this: “If we just say this and don’t do that, Muslims will like us. It is totally within our control.”
    Rational People say this to those who say that: “You’re nuts.”

  4. Islam is the cancer of humankind. I am not religious but I don’t see other religions doing harm to humanity in modern day light.

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