The New Dezinformatsiya

Several years ago I wrote about the Soviet counterintelligence state, whose principal intelligence organ underwent numerous mutations from 1917 to 1991, becoming successively the Cheka, the OGPU, the MGB, the NKVD, and various other acronyms before it settled into its final form as the KGB in the 1950s. The state intelligence apparatus did not dissolve after the Soviet Union collapsed, but was reorganized as the FSB, and still serves as the security service for the Russian Republic.

In addition to enforcing total Bolshevik control within Soviet Union, the KGB was tasked with sowing confusion, conflict, destabilization, and revolution abroad. Ten broad classes of counterintelligence were conducted abroad by Soviet agents and their proxies:

1.  provocation (provokatsiya)
2.  penetration (proniknoveniye)
3.  fabrication (fabrikatsiya)
4.  diversion (diversiya)
5.  agent of influence (agent vliyaniya or agent po vliyaniyu)
6.  clandestine work (konspiratsiya)
7.  disinformation (dezinformatsiya)
8.  wet affairs (mokrye dela)
9.  direct action (aktivnyye akty)
10.  combination (kombinatsiya)

As Ion Pacepa notes in his superb book Disinformation, #7 dezinformatsiya was considered by the Soviets to be the most effective tool of subversion against the capitalist world. The dissemination of disinformation absorbed more resources and manpower than traditional espionage (that is, the collection and analysis of the enemy’s secrets). The acquisition of the H-bomb was a crucial necessity, but so was causing disgust, doubt, and despair in the hearts of ordinary Westerners.

Interestingly enough, a wave of disinformation recently surfaced here in the comment threads at Gates of Vienna. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first; it took me a while to catch on to what the new commenters were up to. They obeyed our rules and didn’t engage in ad hominem attacks — their comments were just hostile, and I’m used to that.

The new trolls asserted various negative things about Christians, white people, Europeans, etc. They left information contradicting the post or other commenters in ways that made Muslims look good or non-Muslims look bad, but without providing any links.

What made me start paying attention was the issue of the teenage girl in New Zealand who was forced to wear a burka to cover up her injuries after her father beat her up. Several commenters — who may have been sock puppets for a single operative — appeared on the news feed thread and stated that the information in this news story was incorrect, that the family were Maoris and not Muslims. They reported that major media outlets in New Zealand had in fact run corrections. They even named specific media outlets, but supplied no links.

By this time I had realized we were being trolled, and deleted all the new instances of such comments. While I was at it, I took the trouble to look more deeply into the New Zealand story. After extensive searching through media reports, I concluded that no such corrections existed. There weren’t any stories that contradicted the initial reports from The New Zealand Herald.

This confirmed that we were the target of a deliberate, sophisticated disinformation campaign.

From then on I watched carefully for new troll comments of this sort. As they continued to come in, I noticed that the same IP addresses appeared repeatedly, but with different nicknames and email addresses.

A day or two after the first report, a follow-up story from the The New Zealand Herald was published. It reported that the (definitely Muslim) father of the abused girl had been arrested. I featured it in the news feed that night as bait for the disinformation trolls, hoping that I could lure them back. Sure enough, one of them showed up and said, “…it was reported today on APN that she was a Maori and that she’d been kidnapped.” I deleted his comment, and did another search on news stories about this from media outlets in New Zealand and Australia. Once again, it was absolutely certain: no such corrections or counter-reports existed.

I called the troll out on his behavior, and surprisingly enough he responded, confirming that he had indeed been trolling us. It was interesting that he would own up to it. I let that particular comment stand, and also a later one in which he spoofed himself — it was amusing, so I let it be.

He was only one of a half dozen or more disinformation trolls operating from different locations and using various sock puppets. I didn’t have the time or energy to root out all the older comments, so readers who are interested can go back and read them.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I draw several conclusions from all this:

1.  These are professional trolls. Their comments are carefully written to appear credible. They are not filled with insults or invective. Someone is paying people to sow this disinformation on various websites.
2.  These comments seem to serve several purposes. They sow dissent, discord, and doubt among anti-Islam factions. They tend to pit Catholic against Protestant, Orthodox against Catholic, Christians against Jews, secular people against believers, gays against straights, French against Germans, etc.
3.  They leave patently false information, but always without any links. If enough such items are left in enough places, it raises the Google profile of the false meme, causing it to appear in searches alongside factual reports. This gives the falsehoods more currency than they would otherwise have, undermining the truth.

“But Baron,” you say, “these commenters are sticking to the rules. They are being civil, temperate, on-topic, and decorous. In the interests of free speech, shouldn’t you allow them to have their say?”

In a word: No.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to allow commenters to say whatever they want, it is to serve the interests of the Counterjihad. The dissemination of false information that creates discord and confusion in the ranks most emphatically does not serve the interests of the Counterjihad.

The pseudo-facts left by these trolls may seem innocuous, and if there were only one or two of them every couple of weeks, their presence would indeed be inconsequential.

But this disinformation is being pushed en masse by multiple commenters. I presume they are tasked with doing the same at other blogs and forums. If enough false information of this type collects in enough places, it can supplant the facts. What begins as fabrication can metamorphose into settled truth, at least within certain circles, among people who are already inclined to believe it.

In just such a manner the Soviet dezinformatsiya machine created the meme that Pope Pius XII was a Nazi sympathizer who did nothing to help the Jews. This “fact” was not true; it was launched to damage the Catholic Church, which the Soviets feared more than any other Western institution. The false meme about Pope Pius was one of the KGB’s greatest successes, as evidenced by the number of people who still cite it as fact even today.

In the same way, the story about the Muslim man in New Zealand who broke his daughter’s nose with an umbrella, broke her teeth with a stick, and nailed a door shut to keep her in the house may become the story of a Maori girl who was kidnapped — provided that enough instances of the falsehood appear in enough places.

And the same goes for innumerable other stories about sharia-controlled zones, sex-slavery gangs, honor killings, female genital mutilation, lawfare, armories in mosque basements, and all the other news reports that are gathered and disseminated by various Counterjihad sites. If each of these has a contradictory meme competing with it, and enough such memes gain currency in the cyber-world, then the falsehoods may eventually overwhelm the factual accounts.

I won’t enable such a process at Gates of Vienna. Therefore, every comment that makes my spider sense tingle — and has no links to back it up — becomes suspect. My new policy is: “No links — no post!”

These more stringent standards are a regrettable necessity. It’s unfortunate if anyone posting here in good faith has had comments deleted because of this policy, but that’s just the way it goes.

Consider yourselves collateral damage in the New Disinformation War.

58 thoughts on “The New Dezinformatsiya

  1. Congrats to you! You are on the map.

    We are in a gigantic war that has ideological, racial and religious components. It’s also a tech war. Whites don’t have numbers, just superior military and civil tech.

  2. In a free society, there is room for people to be honestly mistaken or to hold opinions that aren’t well-founded, but those working to deliberately confuse people about issues of importance make themselves enemies of freedom.

  3. Baron,

    No doubt there are many professional anti-Western trolls and they’re probably well-funded and given the widespread ‘anti-White, anti-Western’ racism in the Third World, the lying propaganda becomes viral. Many people outside the West are more than willing to support anti-Western, anti-democracy campaigns.

    • Watch out for commenters displaying the – as I call it – ‘we attitude’ (like, ‘We here down under are a bunch of …’)! In most cases, they are hostile intruders and certainly in no way authorised to speak on behalf of their victim host nations.

  4. Baron

    I haven’t commented Takuan’s post, but I have followed the thread thoroughly. The amount of disinformation and the language and the methods used told me that it could impossibly be coincidental. It cost Takuan rather much extra work, but that is one of the main purposes of disinformation, cf. Ronald Radosh’s review of American Betrayal. If you don’t have the energy (Or possibility!) to correct them, they win.

    I was going to send you a mail, but you were faster than me. I think they might have underestimated The Kook Army.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. This is, alas, what the entire educational apparatus of the West has become: a purveyor of disinformation. I am reading now a “U.S. News” interview with one Jacqueline Jones, Ph.D., Walter Prescott Webb Chair in History and, Ideas [sic!]; Mastin Gentry White Professor. of Southern History, MacArthur Fellowship; member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Bancroft Prize in American History: Taft Prize in Labor History; Spruill Prize in Southern Women’s History; Brown Publication Prize in Black Women’s History; Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer, on and on with a long list of publications including “Teaching What the Truth Compels You to Teach: A Historian’s View” — a title than even Pacepa wouldn’t have been crafty enough to conceive when he was running the Romanian KGB.

    It’s about Professor Jones’s book, A Dreadful Deceit: The Myth of Race from the Colonial Era to Obama’s America,” The interview’s theme is “The origins of the myth that race is a biologically determined characteristic” and it is peppered with Miz Jones’s pearls of dezinformatsiya like “For much of American history, there has been this notion, this idea, that race is real, that you can tell something about somebody else by their so-called race.”

    Note the crafty structure of that phrase. It asserts that race is unreal, which is a specious lie by now totally blown apart by genetic studies. And then it asserts that those who say that race is real also think you can tell something about somebody by their race” — which is a lie aiming to bolster the other lie. Yes, Bubba Sixpack used to think that, but a person who is both intelligent and not brainwashed only thinks that you can tell something about some group by its race, and not about each individual within that group. This makes for a major, qualitative difference.

    Note further, that “U.S. News” gives considerable space to this toxic moron, and no space to a hundred academics who could blow her out of the water — for instance Linda Gottfredson: like Jones, a woman, a professor, a Delawarean. The program of dezinformatsiya via all levels of education and mass entertainment is tightly bound with the means: all mass media.

    The kind of dezinformatsiya GoV encounters may originate with the offended race-ethnic-religious group, but more likely it originates from white dhimmis with university degrees who were trained in dhimmitude by their Frankfurt School-acolyte university professors and by now believe that they are fighting a holy war “for truth”: a postmodern, postwestern form of jihad. Hence anything goes.

    • Apart from the Kulak bashing in the last post I agree with almost everything you say. I don’t know if I was counted among the number of the damned n censored though.

    • All the data suggests that modern Europeans have a considerable admixture of Neanderthal ancestry, and that Subsaharan Africa has an admixture with another hominid that the tests cannot or will not identify. The Australasians have a heavy mix of Denisovian. The differences among us are extraordinarily old and they point to a fast adaptation that either points to separate subspecies or dramatically different breeds. Paabo over at the Neanderthal Genome project seems to have exploded the idea that the Neanderthals were a separate species from non African humanity, or that the hominid family is especially unified.

      • I think your comments qualify as disinformation as you have provided no proof of your assertions

    • If you want to be further depressed go to the National Association of scholars for reports on Marxist/Leftist control of academia – it’s quite scary and maddening. It’s scary in that the professors are promoting garbage and maddening in that parents and students are forking over tremendous sums of money for what amounts to pure agit prop by a myriad of Ward Churchills.

  6. “various negative things about Christians, white people, Europeans, etc.”

    Hm, I did recently argue with a few people when I thought they were getting quite racist, because I think THEY might be infiltrating this site to make us look like a bunch of racists.

    My point was: melanin is useful and melanin levels in skin are not what islam-criticism should be about! I’m genuinely islam-critical. One might genuinely argue that European natives should have their country as should every other native group, but that does get a mighty difficult argument for American, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian caucasians to hold. I think we’re far better off sticking to the ideological points against political islam.

    Regarding the NZ story: I immediately checked the NZ Herald re withdrawal of initial story. There was no withdrawal and posted that information here.

    The left, gay, feminist side of the world (and that basically includes me and my friends) are waking up, but we’re not going to become full-on conservatives. So I hope we don’t get considered as trolls when we enter such forums as this and disagree on issues such as abortion and ethnicity. Don’t kick us out, because basically we have nowhere else to got at the moment to learn about the islam issue and meet other middle to left people who are concerned.

    • The comment section doesn’t need to reflect the exact outline of the GOV site owner.

      There is a clear racial component in the Counterjihad though.

      If you are interested in a pure form of Counterjihad I strongly suggest Jihadwatch, Robert Spencer. A slightly or strongly Jewish flavored version is called Atlasshrugs run by Pamela Geller. The Dailymail is a good gateway newspaper for assessing Jihad.

      I like this site because it does appear to address the racial component of the immivasion in a candid way even as it stresses the ideological folly of Communism a bit too much.

      Horses for courses.

      • Neither damning nor censorship, Napier. I would, however, invert your statement above, at least with respect to my own writing, as addressing the Muslim component of the racial invasion, rather than vice versa.

        It’s an odd fact that the majority of White Nats who care about “race” hate Jews so much that they are totally quiet about Islam -“the enemy of my enemy.” Conversely, the majority of CJ sites are afraid of “race” so much that they don’t want even to begin thinking that what the United States is doing to itself via prostration before its Blacks and a 2400-mile welcome mat for Mexico’s and Latin America’s rejects is similar to what Europe is doing to itself via its importation and coddling of Muslims.

        I am grateful to GoV for it’s allowing my bastard views– welcome warmly in neither camp — to be aired on this site, even though it may not necessarily reflect the personal views of the owners-editors.

        Merry Christmas to all.

        • Then you should note that “brown” Muslim men do not have to wears beards etc. to be accepted, while “white” Muslim men do have to.

          Also, note that “white sluts” are groomed, pimped and gang raped, while “brown sluts” are killed BY THEIR FAMILY. Why these different rules? Why this ASABIYYAH?

        • Were the white settlers of North America “Europe’s rejects”, or (leaving aside those who emigrated for religious reasons) just people looking to better themselves?

          • It’s proper to call those settlers Europe’s rejects too. I am always amused by the American stereotypes of the “dumb Polack,” the “volatile, catholic ritual-obsessed Italian (or Irishman)” and so on. Those were (but are no longer) true stereotypes at the time waves of such immigrants came, because they were indeed from the lower, uneducated classes, and from the stagnant areas of their respective countries.

            However, one cannot escape race. Those were white people, raised in European cultures, and those were pre-welfare and pre-multiculti times. Major difference from the current immigrants’ profile and the socio-cultural climate into which they come.

            Jason Richwine was Clare Lopezed this year
   from another outfit putatively on our side, the Heritage Foundation, because of having written a superb Harvard PhD dissertation that concluded “Hispanic” immigration is counterproductive because of the lower mean IQ of that group relative to the 200 million descendants of the white settlers you refer to.

        • What the anti-Jew white Nationalists miss repeatedly is that the so-called bad Jew didn’t create this demographic disaster alone, far from it. It took a lot greedy white businessmen, politicians and globalists to make it possible. Jews are indeed politically influential but it takes two to tango or make the current situation possible.

          IOW if the white elites were staunchly or even partially nationalistic, it wouldn’t matter what some Marxist Jews or any other minority wanted. But the sad reality is that our white elites are hostile to their own people and countries for a multitude of reasons.

          For example Mickey Weinstein – a well known Jewish atheist and anti-Christian and anti-white bigot routinely shuts down Christian pastors on military bases and public expressions of faith. BUT he wouldn’t have the power unless the Obama administration at the highest levels had promoted and empowered him.

          Still he’s just a tool and no more, and if it wasn’t him, the Obama Admin. would have found another nasty SOB to club Christians in the military into submission.

          That’s the gist of it. Look past the ethnic faces and see that it’s our own ethnicity that is betraying us.

          The ironic thing is in all of this, is that the Jewish people are cutting their own throat by supporting policies and parties whose pro-Islam immigration plans will put Jews through out the West in mortal danger.

          • TS- I followed the link, and read some of the comments following; seems to me the jury’s out on whether IQ differences are inherent, or will level out as Latinos (or any immigrant group) assimilate, always assuming they do!

            David Thomas, in his 1993 book “Not Guilty: In Defence of the Modern Man”, quotes (pps 228-9) a 1983 study (in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology) which shows that there was a massive difference between the academic performance of West Indian and (presumably South) Asian children- yet they did equally well in IQ tests at age five. Thomas attributes the gap (and other problems) to absentee fathers in the first group.

            In any event, people’s characters are more important than their intellects.

          • This is in reply to Mark H, can’t post under his post:
            The IQ nature v. nurture issue was settled as long ago as the issue was settled whether better training can produce Olympic long-distance runners of the caliber that East Africans are predisposed to. There is nothing to discuss anymore, except where above-the-50% share that nature share rests. If I recall correctly, Arthur Jensen, one of the giants in field, posits that nature is 80% in matters IQ. Of course, it matters greatly What Kind of IQ We Are Discussing, but for my purpose here let’s agree that it’s the kind that allows one to become an innovative neurobiologist.

            There are tens of thousands of peer-reviewed pages inveighing on the nature side — though you do have to have tenure to publish such heresy or else you can kiss your career goodbye. As I can’t keep with all this, I found that two highly intelligent and lucid writers are covering the topic with great knowldege and without the unpleasant odor that wafts from the nether strata once such info trickles down to the White Power dudes. They are Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire. You google either name plus IQ and much will pop up.

      • Sure, of course I’m familiar with all those named. But this site is good because it deals with European news often not covered by Spencer and Geller.

      • [Material which I find repugnant].

        An example of what the Baron was just talking about, perhaps?

      • Are you seriously telling me taht the Daily Mail is a good gateway paper for assessing Jihad, the amount of Islamic honey coating in that newspaper and the way they control comments sets my teeth on edge. The only thing it does do is report events that others often do not…

  7. ” No source, no post.”
    I wish western politicians were conscionable, accurate, scrupulous, objective, thoughtful, considerate and loving of their own citizens, no insane, not foolish, not inviting invaders, had taken lessons from history, learned something, know about human nature, knew about history’s twists and turns and how it works, had an iota of conscience, say the Lord’s prayer 3 times a day, not be cowards, not be servile to enemies of their own nation, had a little bit of spine to defend their long lost honor, know what’s right, know the intentions of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Muslim Brotherhood, know who Saiyyid Qutb is, I wish they New and name who brought down the twin Towers, and did Madrid Train explosions and 7-7-2005 London underground tube, and Boston Bombing and who Nidal Hassan did. I wish they were like human being and not radicalized in their own perversive thinking. I wish they knew what the essence of principles is. If they don’t know i’ll explain to them: Principles are causes people stand and lost money and even life defending them. But I pray that those principles are universal not selfish, fascist, or twisted.
    Happy Christmas to you Baron and Dymphne and pray to Almighty to preserve or nations from invaders and selfish, cowardly politicians. “In the last days people will be lovers of themselves” typically politicians, who embody that perversion to the full. I pray that a union will happen and enlightenment will come to both Christians and Jews to unite again as they were once one. God is love. So we must love each other. Sorry for preaching.

  8. “Progressives” have captured the commanding heights of our society. They have educated several generations of youth. They propagate much nonsense that they often back up with bogus scientific studies. The have distorted history. Professor Jeffrey K. Olick of the University of Virginia is teaching his students and the readers of his book, In the House of the Hangman, “Harry Dexter White, was accused in 1948 by Joseph McCarthy’s House Un-American Affairs Committee [HUAC] of being a Soviet agent.” This bit on nonsense was repeated by the “historian” Bill O’Reilly. Fortunately Ann Coulter pointed out to him that Joe McCarthy served in the Senate not the House. “Progressives” have successfully destroyed the study of history. What they don’t ignore they distort. Cicero asserted, “Not to know what happened before you were born, that is to be always a boy, to be forever a child.” He might have added “defenseless children.”

    • One can add to this George Orwell’s insight that he who controls the present controls the past, and he who controls the past, controls the future.

      Who controls the present we know, and what designs they have for us for the future we can infer by examining what they are doing to our past and how they perpetuate their control of the present via demographic sabotage.

      • @Takuan Seiyo,

        The past, present and future maxim.

        Most young in the UK have been educated through the PC system, to confront head on their indoctrinated present is essentially taken as an assault on their (false) historical identity.

        Any discussion then descends into a binary historical quagmire resulting in the PC barricades of the present being thrown up. To diffuse the (false) historical identity and circumvent the PC barricades the discussion has to be advocated from the political dead ground of the future.

        “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

  9. Hi Baron, well done. It may even be that “no links” is not sufficient. It’s easy enough to produce bogus links or even to link to parallel disinformation. But you don’t want to create an impossible level of cross-checking for your admins.

    I’m not your most frequent commenter but I value the integrity of information here. I don’t know how many I speak for, but I would not object to a registration process that guarantees some level of identity verification. I personally have nothing to hide.

    Napier, what do you mean by “There is a clear racial component in the Counterjihad though.” and the “pure form” of JihadWatch? If you’re pushing the “too bad this movement is full of racists” meme, sorry I’m not buying. There are racist opportunists everywhere, and the Counterjihad attracts them as much as BHO’s election campaign or the U.N. There is nothing of particular note in that racists, race haters and race baiters get involved in this fight — they get involved anywhere they think they can gain traction or sow dischord, but they have nothing significant to do with this movement. That’s a meme that is unworthy of spreading.

    • I took Napier to be pro the racial component and think he was telling me that if I didn’t like it I should try the other sites. But I’m not leaving Gates of Vienna. There is useful news here, and we need to debate the topics from our various angles.

      “There is nothing of particular note in that racists, race haters and race baiters get involved in this fight — they get involved anywhere they think they can gain traction or sow dischord, but they have nothing significant to do with this movement. That’s a meme that is unworthy of spreading.”

      I totally agree – people like you and I need to be here to counter that meme.

      “I personally have nothing to hide.” I don’t say anything here I’m ashamed of saying, but in a crazy pro-islamic world merely posting here could perhaps lose me my job. But presumably we’re being watched ever since Breivik became associated with this site (wrongly). Each time we post, presumably we can be traced. I can just keep saying: I object to a theocratic system BECAUSE it doesn’t give equal rights to all people, BECAUSE it would treat women, gays, non-muslims etc as inferiors. Any democratic, liberal humanitarian should object to such a system.

      • Not so.

        Jihad Watch is extremely well focused on the Jihad. Possibly to the point of diss interest.

      • The other day I reacted to a person saying that an Arab could not be French and pointed out that the correct definition was that a devout Muslim could not be French. French is effectively a collective and is made up of people who accept its laws and way of life and while I live in France I accept its laws, I could never accept French citizenship because for me individual freedoms as per my Anglo-Saxon heritage comes before being a member of a collective.

  10. Among the blunter instruments the disinformers use is simple denial. Whatever you say, they simply dismiss, often in contemptuous terms: “Your evidence is fallacious and your logic is absurd; in fact, you are the one peddling falsehoods!” A large enough mass of that can derail a valuable informational post as effectively as the more sophisticated techniques. Pushed to the extreme, a writer beleaguered by such trolls can give up the fight altogether.

    The route to sanity is to recognize disinformer trolls for what they are, suppress any absurd notions about “hearing all sides,” and deny them your server space, your response, and your time of day. It’s easier said than done, especially when their confreres attack you for “censorship,” but necessary all the same.

    • Yes, Francis. The BBC is particularly badly infected with this brand. But there’s no hope of them taking countermeasures.

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  13. An interesting and astute observation Baron.

    I follow different websites and topics and the ones I comment at seem to have one or 2 regular commentors who seem to seek the divisive line.

    I am not sure of the merits of this but what about isolating their posts under a separate heading with a track back to the original post in the body of your work here.

  14. Baron, I agree with the majority of your post, but the evidence against Pope Pius XII is overwhelming. John Cornwell’s book Hitler’s Pope really shows that Pius XII was an anti-semite. The Pope’s views were relatively common at the time, many Christians had a low level hostility towards the Jews. No the Pope didnt run any death camps, but he did essentially nothing to help the Jews. I dont expect him to, he was the leader of Catholics worldwide, the Pope’s obligation was to them. But we shouldnt rewrite history because we are uncomfortable with parts of it.

    • Pacepa & Rychlak take a lot of space in thoroughly dissasembling Cornwell’s work in their book “Disinformation”, which is mentioned above. I would definitely recommend getting a copy of it and then re-evaluating Cornwell in its light.

  15. Good job Baron!

    It is interesting the disinformateur defended his actions by referreing to the supposed racisms of this site. I suppose denigrating Maoris, as the disinformateur did, doesn’t qualify as racism.

    More out of curiousity, is it legal to publish the IP numbers used in this campaign?

    • I don’t know, and I can’t afford lawyers, so I leave them out. Also the email addresses.

    • Oh no. I’m the racist. Not this site. You misread.

      I think that the racial component of what is going on in America and Europe is the blindside of Geller, Spencer, GoV et al.

      The Baron doesn’t see race as part of the problem.

  16. As one of perhaps few Kiwis patronising GoV I should apologise for being too busy to have kept up with the comments – perhaps I could have nipped this in the bud.

    BTW & as a matter of interest the Ummah are targetting Maori for conversion, particularly the prison population (of which 50% are Maori, 15% of the total population). I’m sure I’ve read that M$1 a year is provided for Muslim evangelism – quite a lot for a small country. As in other Western countries disenfranchised racial minorities & convicts are targetted.

    Its also a fact that Maori communities have a regrettably higher rate of domestic violence than the Pakeha (white) community. There are a number of causes of this, none of which involve the Maori being racialy inferior or deficient in morals or intelligence. I admit to bias though – it was Maori, Tongan & Samoan people that first told me of the love of Jesus 30 odd years ago. I owe them all a huge debt.

    Merry Christmas!!

    • Disenfranchised RACIAL minorities? Since when is asabiyyah 7alal???

      Are there good Muslim manuals that tell you to which race someone belongs? Is there Muslim science that tells you what the results are of crossbreeding a Chechen male with a Somali female? Or a Pakistani male and a Saudi female? Really, here is a whole new field for Muslim science!!!

  17. The Russian word “diversiya”, by the way, does not mean “diversion”. It means “sabotage”¨.

  18. Re: racism. I do not really understand how racism can fit into Counterjihad. Islam is not a race, it is a religion. A universalist religion, whose followers come from about all races: purely white (most of Volga Tatars or some tribes of the northern Caucasus), brown (Bangladeshis), black (many African peoples), yellow (Kazakhs) and peoples of mixed racial origins (Malays, Indonesians, etc.). The only exception seem to be Amerindians. Christians, by the way, also come in all colours. Black Christians of Africa and the USA, ardent Catholics of the Phillipines (who are not much different from Muslim Malays), brown Copts, Christian Arabs, yellow Koreans, mixed race Latin Americans.

    By adding racial resentment to Counterjîhad people play into the hands of militant Jihadis who are happy to portray themselves as victims of racial persecution.

    • I like turning it back on those that accuse us of being racist, I did it once when I pointed out that by accusing me of racism when I was talking about a universal religion on the basis of its extreme ideology he was linking it to the Arab race and hence he was the racist, about 5 posts later he was still ranting in rage, was funny.

      The issue about race is part of the racist strategy of the leaders in Europe who are deliberately using race to chaneg the culture of Europe, and part of that mix is Islam, so it does tend to get caugh up in the whole mis-match of stupidity around the one world socialist groups…

    • Unfortunately there is no way to explain it to you, short of 5000 words, if you do not already understand. The word “race” simply carries to much baggage after Hitler, so that most people are so consumed by the burning halo that they can’t see the simple core.

      One hint: white Muslims are a very tiny fraction, and they were made Muslims by lethal coercion centuries ago. Another hint: Mongol/Tatar genes are clearly evident in many Russian and other Eastern Slavic peoples whose ancestors were raided close to oblivion and raped too, repeatedly, in the past, by (the racially different) Mongol/Tatars . For a similiar reasons some Volga Tatars look white.

      At any rate, the CJ struggle cannot possibly be characterized as a struggle between two religions: Islam and Chtistianity. Nor is the Christianity of some Africans and Asians a reason to rejoice in their settling in Europe or the United States. Nor is it anything as crude as talking about skin color.

      In the simplest terms, two equations apply: Race=Culture=(symbols here for more-or-less and for probability) Religion, plus The Greater the Diversity the Lesser the Social Capital. This works both ways; i.e. it would be entirely proper for Muslim countries to inhibit the spread of Christianity in their territories, were it not for the barbaric methods that they employ. It would also be entirely proper that they prohibit immigration of Whites or non-Muslims beyond a very small quota, except there aren’t enough such would-be-immigrants to test this hypothetical.

      One more thing: seizing on an outlier in order to knock down true precepts relative to the great majority [say, Average +/- 1.5 sigma, or 90+%] is a favorite trick in the arsenal of desinformatsyia that Western Liberals inherited directly from the Comintern and KGB. It’s therefore a favorite waza (martial arts tactical move) to parade a brilliant African neurologist in order to attack the Race – IQ connection as racist, bigoted fiction. Or, to find a wonderful Muslim immigrant woman in Cologne who works in a church soup kitchen and use her as a bludgeon against the “hateful Islamophobes.” Reality, however, does not work by outliers.

      • An observation of the interaction between culture and racial identity is given by the following examples:

        In Africa, children of Arab/Amazigh fathers and Sub-Saharan mothers identify as Arabs/Imazighen, and even Somalis don’t consider themselves Madow/Adoon.

        If two cultures A and B contact each other, and at least one of these cultures doesn’t believe in complete equality between the sexes, it DOES matter whether you have a A father and B mother or a B father and a A mother.

        In American society of today, many black men deeply hate white society, yet they reproduce with white women. They try to instill into these children hatred of white society. Conversely, black women who deeply hate white society never reproduce with white men.
        In American society of yore, black women could spawn lighter-skinned “house negroes”, while black men were emphatically denied the chance to sire lighter-skinned “house negroes”. “House negroes” had a higher social standing than pureblood black people.

        So in Europe, children of white men and swarthy (ex-)muslim women should be treated differently from children of white women and swarty men. Swarthy men do not have to wear beards etc. in order to enter mosques, although they could be rabid Kemalists.
        Even if the white man converts to Islam, his offspring should still be treated differently from the offspring of white women who convert to Islam. After all, Islam forbids the changing of your surname, in order to distinguish between ajlaf and ashraf. That is, paternal Arabs have privilege in muslim societey.

        I discussed the whole issue of paternal lineages a year ago:

        A question to Cultural Marxists would be whether children of women “with white privilege” have themselves “white privilege”.

  19. When the KGB strategists released their brand of the Progressive Genie from the bottle did they not realise that they were also enabling the destruction of the USSR and the possible future destruction of Russia by the combined forces of the East/West Progressive Genie’s – that their release provoked?

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