The Land of Ice and Snow

Update: Whoo-hoo! 9:30am, and we still have electricity — for the moment…

Winter weather is headed for Schloss Bodissey late tonight. But the above photo is somewhat dishonest: that’s not the sort of climate change we’re expecting.

Before dawn the storm will begin with a little bit of powdered climate change, and then switch to pelletized climate change before changing to solidified climate change. Or snow, sleet, and freezing rain, respectively.

That last one is the most likely candidate to knock out our electric power. In preparation for that possibility I’ve just filled the bathtub, along with eight or so large containers of water. We have a gas stove, so we can continue to prepare hot food and coffee.

But no gas-powered internet, alas. So, if you don’t hear anything from us for a while, you’ll know why.

5 thoughts on “The Land of Ice and Snow

  1. -41, I read about Montana. That’s the same in Celcius and Fahrenheit: Bloody cold!

    I hope you’ll get through the changes unharmed. Stay warm!

    Cold here in Denmark, too: just over 0 centigrade 🙂

  2. Well, it might be a good practice for ‘the disconnect’ 😉
    Many warm thoughts for Ned and his sweet wife. Spring will come again some day.

  3. Here in Poland has also been a storm, damaging a Dreamliner (apparently), as well as tipping over buses and uprooting a large tree in my family’s garden. 2 storms, at the same time, over 4,000 miles apart… “climate change” is really hitting us this weekend!

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