Signs of the Times

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but almost all the videos of President Obama’s speech in South Africa have disappeared from the Internet. For some mysterious reason the web has been scrubbed of our illustrious leader’s inspiring words that day.

Why could that be? Did it have something to do with the accompanying sign-language translation provided by the now-famous Thamsanqa Jantije? What was it that Mr. Jantije said with his hands, anyway?

Fortunately for the historical record, Vlad Tepes managed to find an excerpt of Mr. Obama’s speech and commissioned a translation of the accompanying hand gestures to make subtitles:

If the embed fails to play, click this video link.

16 thoughts on “Signs of the Times

  1. O’Brien has been hard at work in the Minitru. Very soon none of Obongo’s speeches will exist.

  2. LOL 🙂 apart from the pearl “discovered” by Vlad Tepes, I thought the fakeness of the signer was such a fitting metaphor for the whole circus.

    • The interpreter is the true legacy of Mandela. A Murderous Fake basking in the deluded adulation of a Moloch High Preisthood (the Press).

        • Although I do give Desmond Tutu credit. He pointed out that Afrikaners were ignored during the memorial.

          His education at King’s College London wasn’t all wasted.

  3. “Obongo”. Is that a racist epithet? Does it sound funny to you or am I missing something.

    I’m more worried about his deals with Israel and the Catholics in Rome to perjure priests in front of the Papal Courts on child slavery, not to mention what on earth is going on with those Muslim/Mason conversions we keep hearing about. They are definitely involved in funding jihad.

    Obama has some questions to answer but puerile racist name-calling will just lessen the focus.

    • You have no moral authority. The President of the US stood shoulder to shoulder with a man who participated in a Necklacing. This arm flapping embarrassment put a Tyre around a man poured gas on the poor man and lit the mix.
      You have no moral authority. Anyone who employs “That’s Rayciss” is just ignoring the reality of what is going on. Obama is a vicious black supremacist.

      • Unfortunately I do have moral authority, and it appears President Obama does too, judging by recent events.

        He’s certainly not a “vicious black supremacist” or anything remotely like that. Perhaps you confuse your own [derogatory word] morality with the outside world.

        Perhaps you need to [redacted].

        • No. Anti racists have absolutely no moral authority.

          Desmond Tutu, bless him, pointed out the problem with the memorial. No Afrikaners were present. The memorial was quite literally a black supremacist jamboree.

          • Quite right Napier.

            Only so-called racists have any moral authority .

            And its about time Afrikaners got the recognition they deserve for a free SA .

          • The most alarmingthing about the proceedings was exactly the thing Tutu pointed out. Theirs is clearly not a
            Rainbownation. It does no one any good to pretend otherwise, nor does it help anyone in Europe or America to swallow the Koolaid of the Multicult.

  4. Perhaps South Africa will become the Detroit of nations.
    Where the rainbow turns black and once black, all the prosperity is a memory.
    When does Praetoria fall into ruins?
    South Africa was given a structure by its white founders and architects.
    The question is whether or not the indigenes can keep it.
    Given what we’ve seen in Detroit, Chicago, Montgomery Alabama and elsewhere in the U.S., chances are that they can’t.

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