Mosque-Burning in Bangui

Non-Muslim residents of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, were upset when they discovered machetes and AK-47s inside a local mosque. Believing that the mosque’s congregation were supporters of the Seleka rebels, the angry mob set the mosque ablaze.

Many thanks to Bear and SimonXML for translating this French-language news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   With the help of crowbars or sticks, dozens of men
00:06   have decided to destroy this mosque in the streets of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic.
00:10   The building will even be set on fire under slogans that are anti-Muslim.
00:16   These men say they had found machetes.
00:21   They found this in the mosque as well as weapons.
00:25   All the Muslims in the neighborhood, they are well armed right now.
00:29   They have weapons in the mosque, in their homes, they have shot civilians.
00:35   That is why the people got nervous and destroyed the mosque.
00:41   Muslims are accused of supporting the former Seleka rebels with whom they share the same religion.
00:46   The soldiers are accused by the population of numerous attacks on civilians.
00:51   The Muslim community defends itself against any complicity with this militia.
00:56   For its part, the French Army which has set out to disarm the ex-Seleka,
01:04   is in turn, being accused of encouraging attacks by the population.
01:11   They are disarming them all, leaving them at the mercy of the population, to kill them, to stone them. That’s not good. That’s not normal.
01:18   Five days after the French operations started, scenes of looting and community incidents seem to multiplying in the capital
01:19   of the CAR.

4 thoughts on “Mosque-Burning in Bangui

  1. Well would you look at that, someone is defending themselves for once instead of falling on their sword of PC and no offending the islamic savages at all cost. Hopefully we see alt more of this.

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  3. Call me crazy, but I would bet $10,000 (of my own money, I’m not from the 47%, a congressman or the POTUS) that at least one mosque in the USA has weapons cached in it. Same for UK, France, etc, etc. The uninformed, the delusional, the ‘willfully blind’ can disagree all they want. Hell is about to break loose. Religion of piece my schnoodle.

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