Memo to Geert Wilders Concerning “Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis”

Takuan Seiyo has written a response to Geert Wilders after reading the PVV leader’s open letter to Pope Francis.

Memo to Geert Wilders concerning “Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis”

Dear Geert,

Bravo! I am a supporter and admirer. I do not “get” at all your White critics and persecutors, except those who are Socialists and pursue a not-so-secret strategy of destroying the West via the Cultural Marxist prescription of, as British Labor has admitted, “rubbing their face in it.”

But you have not gone far enough either in your criticism of this “Liberation Catholic” Pope nor in your own positions relative to Muslim presence in the Netherlands, in Europe and in the West. I will help you with the former; the latter would be redundant as your country is too far gone for you to state the truth openly. You have already been punished enough just for stating the half-truth.

It needs to be said, however, that your going on about Islam, the Koran and all that is like a discourse about the volatility and flammability of paint solvent, without touching on the issues of who has placed this large, open container of it so close to the stove, why, and what needs to be done about that.

The Koran is not the problem, no matter how vile its content. The Koran existed in the same form in 1813, 1913, 1953 etc, yet there was no problem. The problem had ended in the years 1683-1715 through the application of brutal force. There was no problem because there were hardly any Muslims living in the West, and the West was strong, not engaged in the constant mea culpa, self-torture and scraping of old wounds that opportunistic pathogens, the Ummah chief among them, have now so skillfully utilized to their advantage.

The Pope’s statement you address is therefore colossally deluded even beyond the false apprehension of Islam that you have so skillfully skewered. The lines in Evangelii Gaudium about Christian persecutions of the Jews are of central importance here, for Europe’s hara-kiri now is in unacknowledged self-punishment for the mistreatment of Europe’s Jews in the past. But just as the Christian persecutions of Jews were vile madness, and Hitler’s industrial abattoir another, greater madness, so is our self-eviscerating expiation now, reflected in the Pope’s super-ecumenical pabulum.

All this reflects a strange binary syndrome wherein our collective consciousness and history swing like a pendulum always from one extreme pole to the other, never able to contain the amplitude within a homeostatic zone of salutary equilibrium. This is how I described the syndrome in an article for The Brussels Journal in 2007:

“Unlike the Confucians, Daoists or Zenists, we are a cultural species apparently unable to internalize and act on any reality but that which we construe at either of the far ends of the arc of the pendulum. We go from Hitler to our self-inflicted Hitler’s revenge; from vile, racially targeted, industrial-scale mass murder to masochistic, self-erasing impotence; from scientific racism to nonscientific anti-racism; from ein volk to ‘celebrating diversity.’”

Frank admission of early madness is a precondition for recognizing that what we are doing now is the antipole madness. Pope Francis has laudably recognized the former, without evincing any consciousness that he himself is an important agent in the current mirror-image lunacy.

The seppuku-by-thirdworlder-immigration, particularly Muslim immigration, and even more so the deep lying about it, are a prima facie civilizational psychosis, a suicide to atone for a homicide — of Jews. The mysterious Spanish writer Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez expressed this well in his poetic lament “Europa murió en Auschwitz” (reposted here). I did so differently, in an article for The Brussels Journal that discussed the negative impact of immigration on Switzerland:

“It has not been explained how admitting to Switzerland over 300 thousand mostly primitive and Jew-hating Muslims can expiate for indifference to the Nazi slaughter of the Jewish kin of Einstein, Freud, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Wittgenstein, von Neumann, von Mises, and von Stroheim.”

The Pope’s delusion about Muslim immigration and the Koran itself are indeed an unconscious self-destructive compulsion engendered by the Church’s and Christianity’s long and onerous persecution of Jews. He admits now to the persecutions, but is not conscious that his own and modern Christianity’s waning, anemic, multiculti, voluntary-dhimmi ecumenism is just as crazy as the earlier treatment of the Jews was — and of “witches,” sex per se, proto-European pagans, Anabaptists, “devil-possessed” cats and pigs, and so on).

For the same reason, the Christian and ex-Christian White majorities are cowardly with respect to criticizing the outsize role that Jews — who have their own deep psychoses — play in the multiculti “our-strength is in diversity” charade. Western autochthons do no better with respect to recognizing that the current rule-by-women is delusional Yin toxicity with horrific consequences for the West. After all, our adroit foes — the Ummah, China, North Korea etc. — are all macho, patriarchal societies. That rule-by-men led to the Yang toxicity of World War I is certainly germane, but does one quasi-suicide justify another, however satisfyingly antipolar it be?

We have to get off that pendulum of doom. Freely admitting to earlier evil craziness is key to seeing and containing the current antipolar evil craziness. We cannot see too soon that the Western delusion of linear “progress” ends, inevitably, in a slide down the arc of diminishing and, by now, negative marginal returns.


Takuan Seiyo
American dissident expat
Demographic refugee from California

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45 thoughts on “Memo to Geert Wilders Concerning “Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis”

  1. The supreme irony being of course that for all the vain attempts to expiate Auschwitz, Jews still get more than their fair share of approbation.

    The problem here being the guilt complexes, and, particularly, about those who are ruthless enough to exploit them, namely the political left, those who, in their Nazi guise, caused the problems anyway, and in their Communist guise have perpetated and fertilized the rot.

    The RC establishment has never came clean about the role of prominent and high ranking Catholics in the Holocaust and ODESSA, how deep did Pope Pius XII support for the Nazis go? Why was Stepinac not excommunicated? Where did Eichmann’s Vatican passport come from? And the curent Pope, is he a Communist plant?

    Islam is just a symptom of the much deeper problem of socialist ‘religion’.

    Unfortunately the ‘pendulum’ is stuck in an extreme ‘socialist’ position by the wedge that is TV and associated mind control mechanisms, and is no longer swinging freely. A world without ‘socialism’ is now inconceivable to most people.

    • MC- I’m puzzled by your assertion that “Jews still get more than their fair share of approbation”. I happily pull a Jewish friend’s leg because he keeps Kosher, though not a believer! Seriously, if a people who constitute under 1% of the world’s population get around 20% of the Nobels (ignoring the discredited Peace Prize), enriching the sciences and the arts, which benefit us all in various ways, I’m quite happy to put you on pedestals.

      In fact it seems anti-semitism is on the rise again (and not only from our bearded friends), so given that you’re not indulging in self-flagellation (never a pretty sight), would you like to amplify your statement?

      • I was playing with irony, Jews are a tiny minority yet are credited with ruling the world, running the white house, dominating the communist party, the banks and the oil companies. As I have said before, these things are actually rather flattering, we are, after all ‘uber’ untermensch……

    • What is your take on Mandela?

      I tend to see the fate of the whites down there as a preview for American whites. Whatever your view on the morality of Apartheid or white supramacy, you might want to look at the biography of Mandela’s collaborators in the white community of SA. Look at the whites arrested and put on trial with Mandela. These whites were deliberately formenting a race war in the 1950s -60s and the Afrikaaners only just managed to put a lid on a full blown genocide. Look at Mandela’s co-defendants from the white community down there. It’s telling.

  2. The Baron is reading a book by the former head of the Romanian KGB, Pacepa is the author (I think – this is on his Kindle Paperwhite and I don’t do too well with the ‘touch’ features) and the book is called “Disinformation”.

    He says that making Pius XII into a Nazi sympathizer was a deliberate USSR campaign to destroy the credibility of the Catholic Church. The left in the US has been parroting that line ever since, so it worked.

    Anyhow, there’s a contrary source, right from the horse’s mouth…if you have an equally credible contrary source for this assertion, let us know.

    Providing we have power tomorrow, I’ll put in a link to the book, which was recommended to the B by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

    • Pacepa is a treasure trove on other Commie tricks as well, including the funding and stoking of the anti-Vietnam war movement, of the 1968 chaos in Europe, miscellaneous “social justice” Progressivwe causes, ditto for Palestinian terror (he hosted Arafat personally). Other than his books he published numerous illuminating articles in National Review, when it was strong, knew what it stood for and was DTO only.

    • Like most, I have conflicting evidence, but would ask the Vatican to make available what they have if they want to beatify him rather than leave the impression of a whitewash. Yad Vachem’s only real criticism seems to be that there was no real condemnation coming from the Vatican, but then London treated the Holocaust with disbelief as well…..

      I am suspicious of the role of von Papen and the centre party who, in reality, put the Nazis into absolute power, but whether that came from the Papacy (Pius X), the Nuncio (Pacelli) or the Black Pope (conspiracy theory!) is unclear.

    • Interesting to see how the Disinformation campaign both minimized the Pope’s efforts to save at least some Jews and dusted off _The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion_.

      I’ve also got a book plug for those who read English: Rodney Stark’s _Triumph of Christianity_ and _Triumph of Reason_. I think they’re good, layman-friendly works that challenge a lot of the assumptions we’ve gotten from the way history and other social science disciplines were taught to us when young.

      I am a professional swindler of the young–oops, High School history teacher in an American public school system–who has actually read a lot of the subject I’m supposed to “teach”. I am deeply disturbed by the narrative I’m supposed to fob off on my students, because I see how it is a major support of the PeeCeeEmCee enterprise.

      • My wonderful teacher of history in my Swedish college must have felt the same dilemma as you do. I quote myself from an essay here at GoV not long ago: “I’ve never forgotten what he (my teacher) once said to me: “Marten”, he said, “NEVER EVER believe in a scholar of history!””

  3. I did indeed recommend the book to the Baron. What a story, only that it is true! Amazing how we are being duped, and have been duped for decades.

    This book is a wake-up call. It will open your eyes. Get it and read it. An prepare for surprises. Though not any good ones. Such is our life today.

  4. Yes, but the underlying challenge is ever Islam, the Koran/hadiths, the destructive template they are for humanity. Btw, liked the seppuku terminology/imagery.

    • No, the underlying challenge is the rot of the soul and rot of the brain that our own ruling elites — ruling in politics, ruling in government administration, in education, media, in arts and entertainment — have inflicted on us.

      Islam, Koran, hadiths — that’s nothing: just a flu virus floating about. The state of our ravaged immune system — that’s everything. If you want to understand better what is being done in America’s schools, which is mentioned in one of the comments here, read this recent article: It’s inconeivable what destruction the maggots running America’s K-12 education are inflicting on their society — and it being America, on the future of the West. And Islam has zero connection to it, except as yet another viral disease that they themselves — the White, formerly Christian educators, are foisting on the tender young minds in their charge.

      • Takuan Seiyo, being a high school history teacher in the USA, I partly agree with you–and often introduce myself as a professional swindler of the young–oops…

        The temptation to any educational system is to see the current set of ideals and values as the goals towards which history has ever been striving. Hence, we are bamboozled by the idea that “Dark Ages” really preceded the Renaissance (as if water mills, wagons with springs, ecologically sound three-field cropping, and the architectural innovations of the High Gothic were primitive!). If I had a green American fiver for every time I’ve heard someone who ought to have known better take the idiotic Weber-Tawney thesis as the last word on Calvinism’s contribution to modernity, I’d be comfortably retired. I’ve seen oh-so principled attacks on people who’s chief crime was to take a long, hard critical look at Communism. And of course there’s the BIG LIE about “tolerant” Islam.

        However, I should note that while I can get an alternative view out to my students who are willing to learn, no teacher can give what he doesn’t have. If we in the USA could put mathematicians and historians in positions now filled by “educators” (I refuse to be called one: I am a teacher, which is an honorable enough appellation for me), we could probably effect a worthwhile revolution.

  5. Good analysis. If admitting hundreds of thousands of Muslims is Europe’s way of repenting for anti-Semitism, then all I can say is: Please don’t do us any more favors!

    • I don’t think that there is a single “narrative” – expiation is just a tool for the Left to deploy. The fundamental thing to understand is that the Left have no principles – everything is a tool to give them power. Power is all they are interested in. As George Orwell pointed out about the British Left, their enthusiasm for communism grew as it became more and more obviously totalitarian.

      If the Left had principles they would spend more time going on about contemporary slavery of black Africans in Mauritania and Sudan, instead of going on about the enslavement of black Africans which ended 150 years ago. But to focus on the islamic slave trade would undermine and contradict the Left’s reason for being interested in the slave trade at all: it’s a stick to use to bash the (christian) guilt of the white people in the west. Their principle of concern for black people is just a short-term tactic (along with other things that the Left will jettison when no longer useful).

      There seem to have been many factors involved in the importation of muslims into Europe — keeping down wages for the natives, reducing the demand for Labour. Britain began importing muslims in the 1950s. Then in the 1970s, the increasing power of the islamic oil states serves as an explanation for Eurabia.

      The lack of principle of the Left means they will happily attack the morals/behaviour of white christians, whilst not only keeping silent about worse morals/behaviour of non-white muslims in the west. Moreover, they’ll attack those who do apply the Left’s principles to non-white muslims.

      And on top of all this, we have to remember, that from the 1920s onwards, muslims in India were constructing fabrications around islam – rebranding it “the religion of peace”, claiming that Aisha was 18 or more when Mohammed married her, etc. And (probably not) coincidentally with this re-branding of islam for the kuffar, Indian muslims like Mawdudi were hell-bent on reconstructing the Caliphate.

      Thus, there are many strands that have led us to where we are. My information mostly concerns a British context. There will be other some other strands at play in other countries in Europe. Fundamentally: the muslims are all working together, whilst we are betrayed by capitalists, by the Left, and by pusillanimous journalists and academics.

      • >> betrayed by capitalists, by the Left, and by pusillanimous journalists and academics. <<

        Succinctly put. I am eternally mystified by the subtleties of bonds, derivatives, and the like and used to tell myself that at least the people who understood such things were "our" people. Sort of like the observation regarding some fellow a while back: "He's a son of a bitch but he's our son of a bitch.”

        That naive belief has been undermined by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s determination to work for amnesty, as well as by the stampede by business to locate substantial manufacturing capability on the shores of a communist strategic competitor. Does the Chamber agitate for a lowering of our highest-in-the-world corporate tax rate? No. Damage to our citizens is a tertiary concern to these people, just so long as ruinous practices contribute to the immediate bottom line.

        Similarly, the Left and the intellectuals have sold us out in the pursuit of the airy nothings of impossible socialist economics, critical studies, PC, and multiculturalism, all of which fly in the face of screamingly obvious contrary realities, even when the destructive intent is not conscious and deliberate. Which isn’t often.

        The studied efforts of the Founders and the hideous slaughter of out-of-control leftists in the last century count for nothing in leftist circles. Childish nostrums are pursued by liberal idiots and sinister ones are pursued by progressive zealots. Is there not a deliberate effort under way to degrade our nuclear forces? Even to tank the economy with mad spending?

        Is there not a mechanism in healthy muscle tissue that causes it to contract smoothly rather than with a sudden powerful pull. It allows me to scratch my chin without stabbing myself with all the force of my hand and arm. Culturally, as Mr. Seiyo notes in effect, we do not have such a mediating mechanism. The left is quite duplicitous in characterizing reasonable conservative positions in favor of ethnic identity, immigration, free markets, and limited government as “far right” or “extreme right.” Where is the middle ground?

        Problems in health care? Government take it all over! Blacks mistreated 50 years ago? Make them a new privileged class and excuse all pathology! Unlimited abortion/infanticide, um, troublesome? War on women! Borders too open? Hatred of immigrants! Black crime rates disturbing? Never ending white racism! Thirty million illegal aliens inside our borders? Jettison immigration law and make them citizens! (“Comprehensive reform.”)

  6. You are absolutely right. I concentrated on “Hitler’s Revenge” for the sake of conciseness and relative to the Pope , who represents the conscience of the Catholic Church. And even in that application Hitler has no relevance — as Dymphna mentions above, the Vatican did not collaborate with the Nazis or condone the Holocaust. But the persecution of Jews is germane.

    Deep down, whether it acknowledges it or not, the Church remembers that Europe’s Jews were not slaughtered in massive pogroms because of “economic” competition as modern day whitewashers have it, but because they were “Christ killers,” Torturers of the Host,” “Slaughterers of Christian babies for Matzoh blood” and so on. Remembring such bloody craziness hurts — hence the veering onto the opposite pole that I posit. And you can’t veer much with respect to the Jews — worldwide they are in excellent situation and in the Catholic countries there are too few of them remaining anyway — so you do it with respect to the other “other”: Muslims and Islam. How nice that by doing so you can stroke another Semitic ethny in lieu of the one you didn’t.

    Now as to GB and the U.S., guilt over Hitler certainly does not apply, but as a syndrome name, Hitler’s Revenge still does. The question is not what were the actual reasons for drawing in such large Third-World immigration, but what were the reasons for the gigantic delusion that it was good, that it was the right thing to do, and so on. Why was Powell pilloried for his “Rivers of Blood” — and not by the Left, that we know, but by the Right, even Churchill. Why even sober, non-PC journalists like Leo McKinstry state that Powell was wrong, that there is no River of Blood, just because there is no one discernible river but tens of thousands of rivulets, coursing blood daily. Why America has put itself under Black Rule in governing, media and entertainment, educational performance etc. thereby grossly lowering its former standards in all.

    The answer is clear, and it’s the same syndrome. Both were complicit in American slavery, then American Jim Crow perpetrated mainly by descendants of the British Isles. GB had the sins of haughty imperialism on its conscience. All’s acknowledged — but why commit suicide over it? The antipolarity of this syndrome, its evil that’s supposed to atone for the former evil — moreover, evil grossly lied about and suppressed in a thousand ways — that is what interests me.

    • My thanks to both reply’ers. I think TS is correct about anti-racism and expiation for anti-Semitism forming much of the rationale for pro-Muslim immigration attitudes, but I think it’s hard to resist the idea that anti-Semitism is really a tacit and very hypocritical element in the Left’s strategy, given the crude and obvious Jew-hatred so prevalent in Islamic culture today. Once I perceived that contradiction I became a conservative and counter-jihadist.

      • You are right but it’s more complicated than that. The Left is certainly the main culprit; but the Left is not motivated by anti-Semitism. Note how many main pillars of the Left are Jewish, even now. The Left is motivated partly by utopian delusions — a psychosis that Jews are particularly prone to — and partly by hatred of the West, its culture, history, religion etc. The Left’s pivotal role in fostering thirddworlder immigration and the spread of Islam in the West stem from these two. That this engenders anti-Semitism and even chances of a second Holocaust is not even a secondary thought — the Left, after all, is notorious for its total ignoring of the unintended consequences of its “do-goodism.”

        Then you have the the eternal “Cherchez la femme.” The “compassion” virus relative to the Third World and its offloading of its demographic dysfunctions onto the West is a direct consequences of the much greater participation of women in politics, in governing, in public opinion molding. With that has come what I call the estrogenization of Western males. Together this consitutes a wild swing into extreme Yin, in an unconscious and automatic reaction to the extreme Yang of the two World Wars.

        • Thanks, TS – great points. I just want to add a couple tweaks.
          First, it’s certainly true that many leftists are Jews, but a lot of that has to with the traditional Jewish distrust of power, as Jews have often been the hapless victims of the powerful. Also, two millenia of powerlessness taught Jews appeasement as a survival tactic. Thus, many Jews hate it when Israel uses power, while others openly side with our enemies – think Chomsky or the Naturei Karta – which I take as a form of extreme appeasement.
          Is the Left not motivated by anti-Semitism? If one defines anti-Semitism as seeing Jews as evil, then I think that the leftists who obsessively demonize Israel fit that definition.

          • I’ll share with you what just wrote to a Jewish reader who stated he’d experienced much latent-anti-Semitism while working in Germany:

            “I am not so sure about that anti-Semitism. It certainly exists in the former East Germany, because people there don’t feel the guilt that the West Germans do. Such anti-Semitism as exists in the Western part, in my experience, is really anti-Israelism motivated by Hitler’s Revenge — i.e. identifying with the weak and Eastern/Semitic rather than the strong and European (which Israel is in culture and DNA of much of its population, certainly so relative to the Arabs).

            Through the mysteries of the human psyche this results in another push for the Final Solution — both in Israel and Europe — without awareness that this is so. A trick of some absurd transfiguration places in the collective mind of the Euro-socialist street Muslims and Islam where Jews would have been had there remained enough Jews in Europe and no Israel to challenge the image of perpetual Jewish victimhood.”

        • The feminization of the U.S. is unmistakable. Boy-men in commercials and films abound to the point of being caricatures of themselves. Cascading ringlets of fluffed and buffed curls and chests and triceps that never endured the agony of even one pushup. The ability to put such images and role models before the public (and to not celebrate other valid models) is important in effecting this feminization.

          However, I think something else influences the West’s spectacular ineffectualness in defending itself against obviously inferior cultures. U.S. citizens at the border with Mexico can tell very compelling stories about the abuse they suffer at the hands of passing illegals. There are films of single-file illegals crossing the border. Even normal, masculine men, however, do not react with fury. Some do, but most are indifferent. The vast majority of men in a healthy society ought to react with fury at the mistreatment of their own people and the disregard of their nation’s sovereignty. No amount of PC nonsense in school can persuade a kid in the playground that being poked in the chest by a playmate is something good, let alone something to be tolerated.

          I’m hard pressed to identify the reason though it’s clear to me that the DOJ and any number of civil penalties and ruinous legal fees play a major part in cutting off the heads of would be leaders. Not to mention any leader’s having to determine that acting as a leader will call down the forces in the press with a furious passion to brand him as a racist, xenophobe, or homophobe and dig up every buried skeleton. Remember Joe the Plumber?

          Law and a corrupt press frustrate virile instincts. The Minutemen, a healthy citizens’ reaction to ineffectual border control, were targeted and forced away from the border.

    • >> sins of haughty imperialism <<

      This is conclusively presumed to be a particular Western moral failing. Not mentioned is Mongol, Hun, Turkish, Arab, Chinese, Aztec, Iroquois, or Zulu imperialism.

      Too, only Westerners engaged in slavery to hear tell. But, wait, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and other Spaniards landed on the Texas coast in 1528 and encountered some Indians who walked in a crouch. They were afraid that if they were seen they’d be enslaved by other Indians. Cabeza de Vaca and some of his men were held captive for six years by Indians.

      This is but a mere sliver of the history of slavery throughout all of human history. People get the world’s oldest profession spectacularly wrong. It is slave. If not thief or killer. Okay. Thief. Stealing life and liberty.

  7. Minorities feel an insecurity – one that is assuaged by messages of rainbow multiculturalism. And this is coupled with a strange view about the majority – that it is totally invulnerable, can never have a serious cause for concern about their home’s protectiveness of them.

    Jews have been especially threatened in the past, dehumanized even, and so a large number of them feel heavily comforted by the multiculture ideology.

    Indian Americans I have known have been rather knee-jerk left, especially favoring the America multi-culti ‘proposition nation’ idea with deep enthusiasm. This , I have gathered, is basically so that they can feel at home. Visiting Indian software guestworkers I have known (my unscientific “control group”) don’t harbor any fondness for this idea. I think this pattern represents the minority seeking his place in a liberal society where he feels harmoniously included and safe, despite being clearly part of a minority group.

    As a concept that promotes harmony, there is some good in the multi-culti notion among people of mutual good will seeking to live well in harmony as a community. Just as their is good in healthy group cohesiveness. Balance is important in life.

    But too much of a “good thing” can become bad. Out of balance. And a good thing applied without necessary preconditions becomes bad (e.g., all the parties must themselves be tolerance-minded).

    Another thought on over-correction and the drive to cleanse sin, I’ve noticed that it’s usually been necessary for me to *over-correct* to make any real changes in my life. Just as a recovering alcoholic has to shun drink to extremes for a while to become sober, the whole of the West is shunning strong group nationalist feeling as over-correction for its 3-4 centuries of ruling much of humanity very against its will. The consciousness of which grew and evolved over that time, but in the post WW2 era it took a very new activeness. The drive to penance and atonement is functional for both group acceptance for an individual, and for personal inner harmony and balance with one’s higher self, which is pained if we commit misdeeds against others.

    However, that process requires *balance* whether in the context of the individual within a group (for which it likely evolved) or for a group among a “community” of nations (which is likely a novel and ham-handed application of the pattern). It’s a tricky balance. And it may be prone to multiple trips back and forth between extremes, with each trip finding better footing in the middle before finally becoming balanced there. Here, that would mean tacking between mindless Kumbaya, and rejection of the Others, before coming to rest in the healthy balanced middle.

    The difference is that individuals learn their lessons from experience and evolve. Nations get a new generation every couple decades, which can’t “remember” what was experienced by its forebearers. So a balanced end to their pendulum’s swing is less likely.

  8. You are 95% there. It isn’t precisely suicide or hari kiri. The weapon is still being administered by outlanders.

    • 5% is a trifle, but actually, I do believe he is this 5% further – it is indeed a suicide. After we get rid of the ‘mercy killers’, restless minds of ours will simply find someone else to help. Fighting Islam without knowing the reason of our condition is just chopping off only one of Hydra’s heads and we want to kill it for good. And make a kebab out of it. Or a brochette.


  10. I believe that, while it’s true that Jews are over represented in movements pushing a multicultural agenda, it’s erroneous to highlight that aspect, that they (The Jews) need special attention drawn to their role, as if drawing attention to that role will amount to anything positive.

    The same point could be made of immigrant ethnic Finns to the US in the early turn of the last century, their numbers within the leadership of communist and socialist/labour movements far exceeded their demographic numbers. So what?

    The focus should be, IMHO, on the ideology behind multiculturalism, cultural Marxism. Those Jews who fall outside the orbit of Leftist politics, yes again, are greatly represented within conservative movements, (a good thing) and realize (like Black conservatives) that individualism, not group politics, is the key to securing liberty in all its forms for the greater society.

    Focusing on minorities (splicing and dicing society like the leftists do) will not do anything other than scapegoat people, when its the ideology itself to blame. I don’t harbor any animosity towards members of any ethnic, racial group per say, but against the ideology itself, and the ideologues, individually, who promote this dangerous crap. Other than that, I applaud the rest of the article.

    • You are wrong. There is something special about the Jews as far as the magnitude of past persecutions go. There is something special too about the Jewish contributions to Left ideologies, to the rise of Communism, to the Bolshevik Revolutions — not only in Russia but in Hungary and Germany too, to the rise of Liberal Rule in the USD, to the election of Hussein Obama, even his entire ascension in life –and so on.

      One of the comments above is about the Whites who were with Mandela in his fight in SA. Those weren’t “Whites.” Those were communist Jews who along with Mandela founded the terrorist arm of the ANC. Google names Joe Slovo, Arthur Goldreich, Harold Wolpe and, at a lower rung, Rusty Bernstein, Dennis Goldberg, Bob Hepple and Hilliard Festenstein.

      Your focus on “fighting the ideology” is akin to the silly “War on Terrorism” of the fools running the United States and GB. You cannot fight terrorism but only the agents of terrorism. The Nazizoid sphere has of course long ago pinpointed Jewish association with Left pathology and to this day it continues in this vein, but with such vehemence and blind stupidity that it masks a legitimate gripe. For one, the Nazizoids have purposeful amnesia with respect to the suffering inflicted on Jews in the pre-“progressive” West and also with respect to Jewish contributions not only to our civilization as a whole but also to its Right — e.g. “Austrian Economics” ought to be rebranded “Jewish-Austrian Economics,” to be fair.

      Because of this double amnesia/lie the Nazizoids are cut-off from rational analysis that would see the circularity of history, the pendulum I write about. But that doesn’t mean that one should not write about the horrific consequences of Jewish Leftism to us in the modern era, when no justification such as Christian persecution, discrimination in employment etc. has existed for over 65 years now. The only issue is how one writes about it, and to what purpose.

      You are right that, as a group, Jews are not responsible alone for the Progressive blights visited upon un these days, including Muslim “refugees” aka Jihadi Hothouse. Women, as a group, bear such responsibility also — particularly childless, unmarried women, Academics, lawyers, Scandinavians and above all, Socialists of any stripe. You cannot fight the MC/PC/Immigration/Anti-White blight without addressing how all these groups have pushed them on us and trying to pry loose those of their members who can change their mind.

      • Your latest response, IMHO, does nothing but to set up ‘the Jew’ as the target (though other groups are mentioned), irrespective of different racial/ethnic group contributions to the Communist/Socialist/Progressive/Multicultural movement that has landed the West into the predicament in which it now rests.

        As proven from the historical record, all the other non-Jewish involvement in the CSPM movement will fall to the wayside when people begin to think of someone to scapegoat. There is no doubt in my mind that ‘the Jew’ will be the only one left remaining in the cross hairs when people begin looking for ‘culprits’, especially when Jews have throughout history been made into the ‘poisoner of wells’ and persecuted.

        Think that one through.

        Focusing on the ideology driving multiculturalism is NOT akin to fighting the bogus War On Terror, for it is the utopian ideology, that the planners plan with that needs to be defeated, not the person(s). Europe is that much more far gone than the US due to its devotion to government statism/group identity politics. The US is in close pursuit due to its lunge towards the Left during the hey day of the early Progressive movement, which both parties Democract and Republican embraced (the latter in different varying degrees).

        Your focus on ethnicity, even on gender, is badly misplaced.

  11. Hmmm. ‘autochthons’….’self-eviscerating expiation now, reflected in the Pope’s super-ecumenical pabulum’. Oh yet again my weak, shallow, poorly developed brain flounders through a discourse that I cannot take in one sitting (if ever). I get the gist of TS’s article, and also the resulting posts by everyone else.

    For me, here across the big pond, islam is a big thing. A bad thing. Awful for us here and any other once predominately Christian nation/society. Sounds like the pope isn’t on the same page, he is on the ‘pabulum’ page. This guy is a double dose of problems for the USA.

    Europe seems to be headed for tough times, and unless the immigration is stopped pretty much now, and the individual governments forcibly shut down the islam overreach (sharia) I see anarchy. A civil war of sorts, but more of an actual battle between two cultures where the government’s role is more like a bystander.

    Well the pendulum of world history has a more recent sibling, the pendulum of religions. Definitely not on the same frequency as the yin/yang/world history one. Not pretty for its results, either.

  12. Oh, and TS I am not knocking your article, I truly need to develop a better grasp of the vocubulary here at GoV. Great read.


  13. Let me also add, with all due respect of course Takuan, that your argumentation doesn’t hold water water simply because it fails the German and Japanese test. We would still be fighting both ethnicities, save for the fact that both, Shintoism and National Socialism, were the ideologies being waged war against. So to with Cultural Marxism, it’s entirely irrelevant which people are driving it and how many, the ideology needs to be defeated. Full stop.

    • You are still wrong. We were not fighting Shintoism and Nazism. We were fighting Japanese and Germans. That does not mean that we would always fight them, for the fight was merited only as long as they were the carriers and executors of ideologies and policies that we found noxious.

      BTW, Shintoism is still strong in Japan, and it does not have the same consequences as it did in the 30s and 40s. That’s because we made the Japanese people pay the price of Shintoism-gone-bad. Note it’s the people who paid the price, not Shintoism

      Similarly, you can no more fight “Multiculturalism,” “Socialism” or “Islam” than you can “Terrorism.” You can fight George Soros, or Elizabeth Warren or Abu Qatada. You justify that fight by means of counter-propaganda against their ideologies, but to say that you fight the ideologies is a cowardly copout, good for a politician but not a thinker.

      Indeed, we are not winning the war against Terrorism — it’s a thousand-headed Hydra after all — because we refuse to identify the group from which terrorists spring. Not only are we not winning but we are wading deeper and deeper into a quagmire of self-inflicted lunatic dystopia by invading them over-there, and importing them over-here.

      You have to deal with group realities, as long as you know how to construe “group” in statistical Bell Curve concepts rather than absolute terms that are fair and just to the outliers in any such group.

  14. @Kenneth Sikorski

    Taking a reciprocal privilege of a double reply, I should like to add that you are not only wrong analytically, but morally too. You ducked my pointing out that the only segment of Whites joining Mandela and other ANC swells in their campaign, including terror, against Whites, were Jews. You seem to be unaware that of the 10 largest financial contributors to the destruction of the United States via Progressive multiculti socialism, five are Jews; that prominent Jews paved Obama’s way from Columbia to Harvard, to Sidley Austin in Chicago to U of Chicago to US Senate to White House, to Obamacare, global jihad boosting, a shadow of a new Holocaust hanging over Israel and all the other destruction he has rained on us. You seem to have forgotten that 78% of America’s Jews voted for Obama. Instead, you are reflexively jabbing at the herald of uncomfortable news.

    But the flyover people in Idaho and Indiana are not so unaware, and they don’t hear anyone at all speaking about all that but Nazizoids. And when the only people in America talking about American Jews’ pernicious leftism are Alex Linder and Kevin Mac Donald, it’s their “explanations” that “open” flyover people’s eyes, rather than rational and non-psychotic alternatives.

    You evince no awareness that half of the top Russian Bolshevik top nomenklatura were Jews, and half of the German Bolshevik leaders were Jews, and that the Frankfurt School which is the ideological origin of our postmodern destruction was entirely Jewish. When German Jews – by any objective account a patriotic, loyal and exemplary minority – failed to put their commie co-ethnics in place and proclaim loudly “Not in my name,” Hitler did it for them. There is a book by a British historian (forgot name) forwarding the thesis that before the 1919 Jewish-led commie uprising, there is little evidence of Hitler’s antisemitism or his use of the phrase “stab in the back.”

    If you really cared about Jews, you’d try to book yourself as a speaker in synagogues and ask, publicly: “What are you people doing? Have you gone mad?” BTW, in his book, “America Lite,” David Gelernter pins the descent of America into Leftist insanity to the evolution of our main universities from citadels of WASPdom to intellectual clubs for Jews and the Jewish liberal ethos. Gelernter is not only proudly Jewish but also a much-lauded polemicist for the merits of Judaism. That in addition to being a prof. at Yale, a computer science supergeek, Unabomber victim, brilliant critic of architecture, painter and in all probability a genuine genius.

    At any rate, my article is hardly about Jews; rather it evokes the impact of the Jewish Holocaust and prior to that, 1500 years of the Jews’ persecution on religious grounds, on the Gentile psyche. If people didn’t jump on the Jewish angle, as they always do, from both sides of the issue, perhaps I could explain that in my opinion it’s even more important to talk to women in the same way as I propose to Jews.

    One more thing: don’t you ”think that one through” me. You have neither the equivalent of my relevant education nor the years of deep work on yourself for removal of reality-distorting personality warps, nor the personal background that put your opinion in this and related matters on an equal footing with mine. I have divulged bits and pieces of all those in my writings, including the background detail that other than my parents who emerged from WWII half the people they had been prior to it, my entire family was wiped out in the dual Holocaust: one side for being Jewish and the other for being Slav and sheltering Jews.

    • I’ll refrain from a reciprocating as an erudite response as yours, (a double reply is a ‘privilege’? Who knew?) while it might assuage a bruised ego, (comparing my scholastic achievements with your unknown credentials) it will only further escalate an already heightened tension in the exchange. Analytically and morally wrong too? I think not. As for ducking points, I fail to see you address the fact that Finns were greatly over represented in their numbers in the leadership of US based communist and other socialist organizations (labor unions etc.) during the turn of the last century. It’s also entirely irrelevant the number of Jews funding this, that, or the other, I do not look at them as Jewish leftists, but as American Leftists. Splicing and dicing the ethnic fabric of America is a leftist trait and strategy, something that I naturally try to avoid.

      For me, I couldn’t care less how many from this and that group voted for who, is not how a conservative thinks, or should think. I appeal to Americans, as individuals, with conservative ideals, it matters not to me your your gender or lifestyle, but that you think as an individual. So for me, your focus on Jews (in this context, and throughout the exchange) is badly misplaced. I’m not ”reflexing from hearing uncomfortable news”, only responding to ill thought out ruminations which I find absurd.

      I know something about world history (not all, but a lot), and yes Jews were very much represented in the Bolsheiviks, so what, most of whom renounced their Jewish heritage, they were de facto secularized atheists. I fali to see the point here, expect the one you’ve been banging on about over the past few exchanges…they’re Jews. Ok, yeah, what kind? Oh yeah, the kind who deemed themselves to be the ‘new man’ of Soviet socialism. The same could be said of German Jewish Bolsheviks and whoever else that bought into the utopian ideology. As for the Jews contributing to Adolf Hitler’s antisemitism, that’s something of an oddball thought, gee, you tell me, what good could ever come from thinking to long on that one?

      Also, in the same vein, why don’t you go to all the mainstream Leftist churches throughout the US and publicly ask ”what are you people doing? Have you gone mad?” On the contrary, I prefer to muddle along and present the case for conservatism, and a return to a constitutional republic. But you’re more than free to take your own advice and ply the halls of the many cathedrals that dot the land, and state your case to the millions of Lefty Christians, you might run into a few sisters of mine along the way.

      I never said your article was about the Jews, and which by the way, I applauded, it was that purposefully placed portion that caught my eye, and so I responded. So I didn’t just ‘jump on the Jewish angle’ as you describe, in fact, I re-posted your article, in part, on my blog. As for talking down to me, I have thick skin, and i’m fine with it, perhaps you thought I was doing the same to you and it got under your skin, but if you think that you can bully or even ‘wow me’ me with bombastic statements, you’re very badly mistaken. As for your family’s personal loss, that is of course very distressing, and something that indeed saddens the heart, but in no way changes my opinion that focusing one’s attention on Jews as a group, is time ill spent.

      • You betray you Progressive stripes by writing as though Jews who renounce Judaism are no longer Jews. You must have bought into the idea that race is a social construct. But Jews are a race, a distinctive genetic pool which, for the Ashkenazim, does have a significant European admixture. This is no longer a matter of opinion; there has been ample genetic research, much of it in Israel. Read Jon Entine for the outline of it.

        With this, I shall depart this discussion. You are a Progressive, in the same vein as the American GOP is. I am not. I don’t argue with Progressives, but only with people on my side. You are therefore free to post here what you will; I only hope readers won’t fall for it.

  15. While it’s entirely true that the physical fight was indeed against the Germans and the Japanese, and it didn’t end there, but it continued against their driving ideologies after the fighting stopped, Shintoism was indeed redefined and National Socialism discredited.

    Where I totally disagree with you, is when you dismiss fighting on the ideological battlefield in regards to the core pillars of cultural Marxism. Who are you to say that the battle against ideologies can’t be won, let alone carried out? What have we been doing over the past (short) few years in carrying out out message to the greater public? All in vain? Say you?

    If that’s the case, that all of what we have done over the last 6-8 years has indeed been for naught, then, in paraphrasing your words: ”all we should then be doing is to turn our attention towards the Jews”. For what purpose and what end? Please fill in the obvious blank lines you’ve left unfilled. Outside of quaint parlor room talk over watercress sandwiches and tea, what are we to do with the information about the supposed:

    ”outsize role that Jews — who have their own deep psychoses — play in the multiculti “our-strength is in diversity” charade.”

    What is exactly your endgame?

    Mine is for informing the greater public and providing answers for them when the house of cards finally collapses. The support of unalienable individual (sovereign) rights as opposed to Leftist group rights is crucial, multiculturalism couldn’t have ever flourished if not for group rights philosophy and statism. Fighting for a return of the rule of law and governance based upon the Enlightenment is crucial.

    So, just what are we to do with your information, other than just to mull it over and bed wet? What is exactly your endgame with your information about the supposed ”outsized role of the Jews”?

  16. It may sound a bit corny, but there is only one way for men of all races, religions, and ethnic groups to bury the sins of the past and to resolve their differences……and that is by way of the truth. Most of the contributors to this blog are here because they have it “up to here”with the continuing stream of misinformation, word-smithing, self-righteousness, political correctness and plain lies that surround them. They deplore the fact that they can not express themselves freely – even if they are mistaken – without being demonized or characterized with one of the many “-ics” that lead to ostracism or other forms of retribution.

    TS is to be applauded for his honesty and his search for the truth…..wherever it may lead. He has tackled very controversial issues head-on and has opened the door to free expression that more often than not leads to tolerance and understanding.

    Eric Holder – the US Attorney General – considers whites to be “cowards”because they are reluctant to engage in a “national dialogue” on race. The fact is that if such a dialogue were to be started, it would prove to be a huge blow to the self-esteem of black Americans, though it would also open up new avenues by which blacks would gain the acceptance and respect of whites and fundamentally improve their own communities.

    A similar problem exists with anti-Semitism. The Jewish community is so guarded and sensitive on anything that could be considered “änti-Semitic” that they drive all those who would otherwise develop a benign attitude towards Jews into dark, vapid corners of half-truths.

    Recently TS and I (as well as several other interested correspondents) debated Ukrainian anti-semitism. Yes, it exists; and yes, some Ukrainians both collaborated with the Germans and partook in earlier pogroms. But – as always – there is another side to the picture. Why did they …..or the Germans…..or the Poles…..or the Spaniards….or the ancient Romans….persecute Jews and seek to drive them out of their homelands? That story is never told….except in those dark, vapid corners.

    As long as such an imbalance exists, and one side is free to magnify the sins and shortcomings of the other, while air-brushing all blemishes from their own record of activities, none of us will ever be truly free of the passions and lies that drive so much
    of the hatred that is so unworthy of a “child of God”.

    Once again, I take my hat off to TS for recognizing that in human relations, as in physics, for every action there is a reaction.

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