It’s Time to Join Your Clan

Below is the latest video from the French immigration-critical group Generation Identitaire.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:08   Every day in France, 2000 people…
00:12   are assaulted.
00:20   In only a year, the assaults…
00:24   Sexual assaults, have grown by 10%
00:37   In high schools, in neighborhoods, and sometimes in whole cities…
00:49   We have ideas…
00:53   of no longer letting this happen.
00:57   instead of
01:02   submitting, we decided to act
01:10   They have their gang, now it’s your turn to join your clan.
01:22   In front of society’s dregs, you are no longer alone.
01:43   We are Generation Anti-Racailles! (Society’s Dregs)

13 thoughts on “It’s Time to Join Your Clan

  1. One of the assaults are a muslim girl being knocked out by a black dude in England. So your vid responses on your insight.

    • The vid show a cowardly attack more typical of the race hating muslims. A simple example of a sucker punch on an unsuspecting citizen in this case. Most attacks are carried out by savages hunting in packs for easy targets like stray Christians or their children – anything really. I suspect the French see the wall and they are not going to wait until their backs are against it.

    • Yes, I recognised that clip, but you have to understand that this group is saying that they will take a stand against thugs, made more important by the law changes that Tauriba is about to implement that removes prison as a penalty for these thugs. It is a timely reminder to the Socialists of the perils of not having a deterent. The law changes are basically and abrogation of the governement in terms of its duty to its law abiding people, by doing so it will result in people ahving to defend themselves, its is the start of real chaos.

      I live in France, last week we went to see Hunger Games in a major French city, a thug was setting up to mug my wife as she was buying a ticket, my daughter put herself in between them and I then came at him, he fled, this is the type of incident that happens a lot, in the same station in 2008 I had a fight with 7 thugs during a mini riot by thugs, needless to say they did not get through me because I had my familly behind me.

      This video is very carefully directed indeed…

    • There is nothing muslims can do to improve their supremely well deserved low life status. Except perhaps……

  2. There is urgent need we the idigenous europeans must fight back against these nazi muslim anti white hoodlums [redacted]!

    We have a moral right to defend ourselves and our children and property against these pathetic street gangs.


    Or are we going to continue to cower down in the face of these muslim nazis?

    This evil book of murder, rape and torture, we must get it banned from our lands, and [redacted].

    The game is over! For muslims and islam in western countries!

    Islam you are finnished!!!!

    Muslims you are finnished!!!

    Get out of our countries, we dont want you here in our countries living off of our welfare money and housing.

    Islam is a death cult, a nazi racist death cult, being held aloft by left wing cultural marxists, who are using it as a battering ram to break down our systems, culture, and societys, destroy our familys, promoting homosexual marriage, sick!!!!!

    The people are waking up, god help you left wing losers when the bubble will burst.

    Ban the death cult islam!!!

    Ban the koran, book of murder and hate!!

    Deport all muslims to middle east.

    We must changecour laws immediatly to stop these murderers.


    • My sister in law is an Arab, she drinks wine, east pork and has a very similar attitude to me on Islam. By all means go after Islam, but bear in mind that there are quite a few Arabs that are locked in culturally into this death cult and who need to be supported in leaving it. The trick here is going after Islam and removing those that cannot leave it, remember that.

      Personally I think full open ridicule and exposing Islam for what it is , is what we need to do, so people will feel embarrased to be a Muslim, if only we had some sort of cultural shift to do this, personally I think it will come when teh Socialists realise that it is a bigger danger to them then us capitalistic dogs…

      • I hear you, but I just don’t see ridicule of islam leading to a level of embarrassment for ‘moderates’ that can overcome the very realistic fear of severe and violent reprisals by extremists. In large part because there are way too many extremists, and also because the violence is not being stopped by the police.

        • That needs to be sorted, and takes people of principal and courage, which is not what we have in posityions of authority at the moment.

  3. Let the Balkans on steroids begin.

    [Note from the Baron: This is the last time I will allow this particular hoary cliché to appear here. I’m sick of it.

    It’s passed on. This cliché is no more. It has ceased to be. It has expired. The cliché has gone to meet its maker. This is a late cliché. It’s a stiff, bereft of life, it rests in peace. If you hadn’t said it here, it would be pushing up daisies. It’s rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. It is an ex-cliché!

    In other words: No more “Balkans on steroids!”]

  4. One image in the video has been used in other places (WND) as an example of the ‘knockout game’ in the USA. Not sure which is the right context now…

    Still, black on white, mindless, violence.

  5. Every time we see or hear Non Europeans complaining about their lot in life – racism, Islamophobia etc this is a red herring, a complete falsehood. Non Europeans do not, generally, want equality. These complaints have one purpose – to put Non Europeans in a “superior” position to us. There is nothing about equality in their intent.

    Look to the places that Europe’s immigrants have come from. There is no concept let alone application of equality. Generation Identitaire have it exactly right. Enough is enough. In every way possible we Europeans should endeavour to put the interests of our own “clan” first before consideration of outsiders who would demean us, take our ancestral homelands from us, impoverish us one way or another, apply foreign laws in our homelands that disadvantage us.

    NSA and GCHQ assuming we have your ears pointed our way – go tell our politicians we have had enough. European people will not sit by whilst immigrants take from us and our treasonous politicians allow it. Where do they want this to go?

    And Drakken – Don’t say it!

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