Idled Again

Or blog was down for several hours earlier this evening. It was the same old problem — our database put too much of a load on the CPU on the shared server at the hosting service.

Our migration to the new, improved service is not yet complete. When that’s done, this sort of trouble should no longer occur.

There may or may not be a malicious element to these outages — no one seems to know. All we know for certain is that our database causes intermittent spikes of CPU usage on the server.

So, if you come back here later on and get another one of those “500” error messages, you’ll know that it’s more of the same problem.

One thought on “Idled Again

  1. During a good portion of your outage, the lesser American counter-jihad (and American conservative activist) blog the 1389 blog was also down, giving the same kind of error messages — a bit too much of a coincidence unless you share webhosts or there *was* an element of malice involved.

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