Great Expectorations

The sputum is airborne again.

Regular readers will remember the “Spitting Professor” Dr. Erik Svensson, a professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Lund in Sweden. Dr. Svensson cause a bit of hubbub last summer by expressing a fervent desire via Twitter to spit in the face of Ingrid Carlqvist, due to his disagreements with her over political issues.

The resulting tweet-storm induced the university authorities to call Dr. Svensson on the carpet and have a little chat with him about his off-campus activities. Despite his displeasure with the esteemed professor’s behavior, in the end the Dean of the Faculty of Science at Lund University decided to allow him to retain his position on the faculty.

The furor over the Twitter-Spitter had died down by the end of August, and the issue was forgotten. Or so we thought.

Now the Spitting Professor has returned to the fray to have one final say against all those people who maligned him last summer. At one point during the fracas he had expressed his hope that understanding, moderation, and balance might replace all the nastiness and vitriol. However, Dr. Svensson seems to have changed his mind: on Christmas day he left a comment on our original post about the controversy that was notable for the depth and ferocity of its spitefulness.

He hates us. He will always hate us. He will fight against our views as much as he can.

How can we go on?

Here’s what the Spitting Professor had to say. NOTE: I have no way to authenticate the commenter’s identity as Erik Svensson, Professor of Biology at the University of Lund. His IP address was from a provider just to the west of Lund in southern Sweden. His email address was not the official University one (no fool he), but a normal-looking account with a popular email provider that included his name and location in the address. If the following text was submitted by a malicious hoaxter rather than the Twitter-Spitter, I apologize in advance to Professor Doctor Erik Svensson:

I have returned to this website, about 6 months after this ridiculous “affair”, which would never have become any affair at all, if it were not for the right-wing extremists and fascists around Ingrid Carlqvist (“Dispatch International”, “Exponerat”, “Fria Tider” and this blog) and their campaign against me and my right to excercise [sic] free speech, as any other Swedish citizen.

I, like any other Swedish citizen, have the right to express my political opinion outside my work, including on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. It is simply not a matter for my employer (Lund University) what I say, or how I express myself, outside my work. The campaign from the fascists and right-wing extremists is actually a campaign against free speech, including the campaign from this far-right blog.

I just clarify a few points here, and then I will never more waste my time on your pathetic blog:

1.   I hate you fascists, and you will not silent me. I am an antifascist by heart, and I will always be. You are the followers of Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy, and every democrat needs to fight you.
2.   I am proud socialist and marxist, as I believe in a society with equal rights for all, irrespective of race or religion. Those equal rights apply even to fascists like you, even though your opinions are absolutely disgusting.

In summary: I hate you, and I will always hate you. I will fight against your views as much as I can.

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68 thoughts on “Great Expectorations

  1. Is he mentally ill? Does he know what a real “fascist” is? I only ask since he seems confused in his definition. A fascist is somebody who purports to govern via dictatorship and The Party- that is in fact the state. Like so many of his kind, they fail to dsecribe what they mean as “fascist”. The epithet seems to be applied to anybody that disagrees with them. That is what my children used to do when they could not get their way. There is no logicality or structural analysis- just name calling..


    • Well, unlike the professor, we are not ‘professionals’ so we’re unable to assess his mental status. But as one human being to another, your Grace, I think he might indeed be unwell. As I pointed out to the first foamingly angry Dr. Swede, Ph.D. he badly needed a few lessons in rhetorical debate before going any further.

      BTW, I did show that first fellow’s rantings from back in 2011 to a forensic psychiatrist to ask his professional opinion as to the fellow’s stability. He shook his head and said, “oh man. He’s nuts”…I love it when they use big words.

      You could maybe pray for him?

      • Dympna, I’m not a propessor but just an ordinary common-sense person, who has witnessed the death of close relatives. It looks like this sad person is either in the 2nd (anger) and/or 4th (depression) stage of the Kübler-Ross model. Let’s just have pity upon him, he’s doomed.

          • It’s a variant spelling of the name. She goes all the way back to 7th century Ireland (and then on to what is now Belgium). Same goes for the old monk who accompanied her – his name has several variations…

    • The first impression is that the dude is delusional or
      deranged but there are so many idiots like this littering
      our Western lands that surely they can’t all be cookoo.
      More likely they have been effected by the constant
      propaganda spewed out by our ridiculous media. This guy
      almost certainly took the wrong path when he was a student at uni, and then just carried on believing the only version he was used to. Unfortunately once they are like this, even though some can seem very intelligent academically, they cannot be reasoned with or turned back to normalcy. They have become part of the problem,
      not the solution. Don’t waste time on this retard.

      • i’m letting ad hominem remarks into this thread only. Otherwise your summation of his character as a “retard” would’ve been redacted since the rest of your comment is spot on.

        No doubt he’s quite intelligent; many Scandinavians are. But far too frequently, these intelligent people equate their IQ with moral gravitas or some kind of characterological superiority which entitles them to be exempt from social courtesy toward others. IQ is so over-rated as to be useless now. Far more interesting are those of average IQ whose lives are a testament to stability and generosity in an increasingly unstable and mean-spirited age. *Those* people are the ones who make good neighbors and good friends – and even more crucially, they make outstanding parents and teachers.

        I’ve watched our son seek out his old high school and college teachers to see how they’re doing. THese are the ones who expended themselves on their students’ moral welfare, the ones who were passionate about their students, not their curriculum.

        • I am not so sure that you should refer to a term like “retard” as ad hominem. Reading a few weeks ago about and its “Anarcho/queerfeminist visions for no border struggles” [disappeared from the Web, links still exists:, I made a note to myself:

          “The Progressive Left is clinically insane. As such, its utterances ought to be analyzed in psychiatric terms. Our expectations and preparations for its perceptions and actions ought to be the same as the staff in an insane asylum has for its inmates. The only problem is that on the political power plane, they are the jailers and we are the inmates…”

          Indeed, if one looks up standard clinical definitions of insanity, or such colloquial ones as “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time,” and correlate that to Prog/Lib/Left statements of intention, and then their actions, and then the consequences of those actions, again and again, in so many areas, in so many countries, what other diagnosis can you render but insanity?

          Or tackle it from the angle of hard, quantifiable social reality: what it is versus what Prog/Lib/Left say it is:
          –“Islamophobia” v. Islam’s and Muslim’s hatred for non-Muslims;
          — “Race as a social construct” v. the simple reality of the NBA, NFL or Track and Field;
          — “Gender as a social construct” v. the simple reality that putatively combat-ready female Marines are exempt from even such a minimal standard of male fitness as three pull-ups.
          — “Diversity is our Strength” v. the history of Babylon and Rome, Austro-Hung. Empire and Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Rwanda etc. etc., plus peer reviewed academic research such as by Harvard’s Robert Puttnam, plus what stares in one’s face daily, hourly, on the streets of Stockton (CA) or Malmo, Birmingham or Rotterdam.

          On and on, I could come up with two dozens of those. Indeed how else is it possible to define Progressive/Liberal/Leftists than as insane or retarded?

  2. I wonder if this person is the very same Swedish professor – self-identified, that is – who wrote to us in the aftermath of Breivik’s horrific massacre.

    Whoever that person was, his email made us realize the wisdom of closing comments back then. The email had a “I’m-a-professor-and-you’re-not” intro, after which he proceeded to trip over even more lame logical assertions.

    I made the mistake of answering him, pointing out the logical fallacies in his rageful claims and explaining that GoV was like our home – people weren’t allowed to stomp through in their muddy boots but were expected to treat others, including the blog owners, civilly. His response was sickening: a sneering question about whether we let people into our bedroom too.

    The experience left me hoping that he was merely pretending because the thought that such a bizarre person could actually be employed in ‘teaching’ college students made me feel very sorry for them.

    When the Baron has the time, I’ll ask him to look through those emails from that period. IIRC, this person was foaming at the mouth because he wasn’t going to be allowed to get into the comments.

    If it is the same person, his creep factor is just as high as ever it was. That’s a shame; I was hoping his bizarre accusations were simply the result of short-term bereavement. More likely it’s long-term leftist lunacy…sickening to think this person is allowed near college kids.

    • “the thought that such a bizarre person could actually be employed in ‘teaching’ college students made me feel very sorry for them.”

      Employed – on what most likely is a VERY comfortable Swedish, taxpayer-funded, salary (even after their sky-high taxes). How many of us (non-spitting) Islamo-realists can hope to be employed on such conditions??

  3. Well, if it is actually him, and I suppose we will never really know, then his diatribe is so typical of his intellectual environment, his equally outré fellow academicians, his socio-political affiliations and his disturbed moral compass.

    I suppose he, if it is he, has never heard the truism “Every revolution ends up devouring its own children.” and his consummate failure not only to make any sense whatsoever in the course of his outraged drivelling, but also to demonstrate so ineloquently his subliminal understanding of the fact that his time is passing, would indicate a latent fear that reason is going to prevail sooner rather than later and his time, if not his lucrative sinecure, is passing.

    I personally would prefer a more definitive conclusion to his existence, but I suspect that, within the legal and temporal limitations of my own existence, I will be denied even that simple pleasure.

    • Sure it’s him. He has got his personal style. Unfortunately, there are many, many people of his kind in Sweden. When I was young, they were very, very few, and definitely not popular anywhere.

  4. ” I’m a proud..marxist “…….which means he’s an idiot. And more than that, given the elimination of particular groups in society that marx advocated, he’s exactly what he claims to hate, a fascist.
    Strange dude. Would suggest his heart is in the right place, more or less; it’s his brain that’s non functioning; proud marxist……stupido.
    Hello Erik, we don’t spit on people, nor threaten to, unless we are seven years old.
    Oh, what the heck, Sweden’s lost anyway. I’ve known a few Swedes, lovely people, but naive doesn’t even begin to describe them. They are interesting combination of well educated and incredibly stupid, with the stupidity being a naivete that precludes learning from reality. Sort of, if i’m reasonable, well then, everyone on the planet is reasonable, or will be once I’ve spoken to them…kinda like Obama, well intentioned, but oh so stupid.

  5. I think this proves that such liberalism, political correctness, excessive diversification and over the top multiculturalism addles one brain if this ‘professional’ has one ‘left’ at all. Might I add a nasty case of cognitive dissonance has set in. Of course everyone else is wrong and he has got caught with his knickers down, as I see this from my common sense and unprofessional view based on life in higher education( yes I have a degree), many years working for the gov’t in the USFS and for the State of Oregon which has come to end and is not a bad thing at all. Trying to find any new job at my age and battered body might be mission impossible but it can always be worse.

    Tragically, this is now what represents much of the free thinkers from the intelligentsia and the academic nether regions of what constitutes ‘higher education’. I know many fine, retired educators who are as noted, sadly retired and loathe that the foundations that they tried to lay down were destroyed by the regressive progressive morons who followed them. I know a few of these types here locally and they hate me on sight and it does not matter the setting. One actually threw his hot tea at me and he got tripped by my ‘carelessness’ with my cane.

    And these types have the nerve to whine about freedom of speech, their rights, indeed.

    I would love to add one more comment but I will not as I refuse to do anything to sully the work done here by Baron and Dymphna.

    • Patriot- It’s so good to hear from you!

      I can just imagine the comment you’d love to add – but honestly, it’s bad for your back.

      If you’re not working now wouldn’t this be a wonderful time to begin collecting some of your finer essays to make an anthology?

      You could start with the one about the greenies who wanted to take you to task in your own yard for the way you chose to eradicate some weeds…your response to them is definitely worth the price of a book on Kindle! At the very least you must’ve made them more cautious about accosting strangers in order to deliver sermons regarding Gaia…I smile every time I think of that post.

      And then there is the tour of…was it Portland? … when you took your child to college, or back to college…I hope your kids know what a jewel of a Dad they have – I’ll bet they have great stories to tell.

      The job market is the pits, sadly, and for all ages. Since you’re in blue Oregon, unless you can find a bureaucrat position, the job market is looking pretty Grecian. I don’t believe the reports about the improving economy. ObamaCare has radically destroyed a number of jobs in the private sector. Owners and managers can’t afford to hire now because they can’t afford the new insurance laws.

      • Bad for me back, good for the rest of me.

        Here you go and if not OK. do not share:

        “There is a… [redacted to “solution”]… for every Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Statist and regressive progressive Liberal”.

        I am getting sent to me room with no supper?
        From Dymphna: Nah, just no beer with your beans, old boy. Sure am glad such stout-hearted men as you are still among us and willing to speak out

  6. “You are the followers of Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy, and every democrat needs to fight you… I am proud socialist and marxist”

    democrat, marxist… does he not see the contradiction?!

    PS, when it comes to Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, I would a thousand times rather find myself living in Mussolini’s fascist Italy, than in the marxist Soviet Union.

    PPS, on 2 previous posts I posted links to “The Soviet Story”, which some readers found useful. So, just for Professor Svensson, a film about his marxist heroes in action:

    • GI, I don’t want to start another long discussion with you know what kind, but Róża Luksemburg (you’ll recognize her by the original spelling) said a long time ago (I quote from memory, i.e. more or less): “There is no democracy without socialism; there is no socialism without democracy.”

      Democracy is dead anyway. As I never tire of pointing out, democracy can only function among an informed, virtuous citizenry of high social capital. There is not one country in the West, save perhaps such outliers like Andorra or Liechtenstein, where those conditions still exist. The Long March, ¾ implemented by now, has made it impossible to be informed, except through state-run (or dependent) education and the MSM — that are themselves the key Panzer columns of the Long March. And nowhere more so than in longtime, voluntarily Socialist countries like Sweden. Virtue and social capital are still higher in Sweden than, say, in the U.S., but because 75 years+ of major Socialist dezinformatsyia has by now cut off living Swedes from even a faint memory of reality, those other components can no longer help either.

      • Your living in your own little bubble world.

        Your communicating via a free medium, that barely existed 20 years ago, your living in an age when most European countries have abandoned the excesses of welfare statism and in an time when we see a return of identity politics, but you somehow think that the march through the institutions is still going on?

        That march reached it’s hight in Europe in the late 70’s to early 90’s and then started a slow downward spiral.

        Neither do your claims that Europe has socialist countries, or that democracy is death make any sense.

        Most of Europe follows a social-liberal and christian-democratic path and democracy is between parties, not between an informed and virtious citenzenry, what you are thinking of is a direct democracy, where te people directly vote on issues.

        To end that post I will give a number of Dutch examples, of why your dillusions about a socialist Europe are simply not true.

        1. Several figures, Bolkestein, Fortuyn and Wilders, that openly criticised immigration and the latter two Islam.

        2. The end the Dutch police made too several anarchist and communist communes in squated buildings in the Netherlands.

        3. The decline of welfare statism, towards a stricter and more liberal politics.

        4. The slow rise of both the VVD (liberal) and the PVV (populist) in Dutch politics.

        • I decline to engage in arguments with people who have not educated themselves with respect to how Marxism has evolved into Cultural Marxism and Socialism into a guilt-driven transfer of treasure, political power, social capital and living space from the white to the not so, and from the Christian and ex-Christian to the not so. You have a long way to go if you mistake some green shoots on semi-dead trees for a splendid bloom of verdant vitality. What would I not give to see the latter…

          • That was my initial thought, but the I remembered that the forum’s language is English which might not be the mother tongue of some or many of the correspondants here.

            I also recalled that the younger generations seem to have regressed to a period somewhat before Dr. Johnson, or possibly inhabit a parallel universe that nevertheless interacts with ours…

          • When every native English speaker (myself included) can spell every English word correctly, then I’ll start criticizing the English spelling of someone for whom English is a second or third or fourth language.

      • Democracy is an utopia just as socialism. In my opinion, the word “democracy” is dezinformatsyia in itself and should be avoided – if it is not referred to as an utopia. Most of the western countries have parliamentarism in different shapes. That’s the reality. And that reality is very far away from “democrazy”.

        Btw GI, I watched the video/movie you linked to even if I knew the content in advance. Except for a little too much propaganda for my taste, it’s absolutely worth seeing.

        I’m serious when I advise Erik Svensson to watch the video together with his teenage children (I judge he has the right age.). Afterwards, it will be necessary for him to explain to them why he is still a Marxist.

        • Yes, the film could be thought of propaganda – however besides this was much new information, previously unknown to me. Not only the extent of the marxist Soviet genocide, but the Nazi-Soviet links before the war, George Bernard Shaw supporting Hitler, Marx’s views on the Basques, and lots of other interesting facts.

          Perhaps if Dr. Svensson had a chance to see such films earlier in life, he may have avoided the fate of becoming the Spitting Professor!

        • No, democracy is not utopian, democracy is simply a highly practical system for governing a modern society.

          • Democracy is not a “system.”
            It is a practice, a choice.
            Nothing more.
            If democracy were a system, then it would have carried its own ideology.
            It doesn’t.
            It is the most empirical of ideas for governance.
            That is why it is also the least appealing to the orient, where totalizing ideology is the order of the day.

          • @goethechosemercy

            Nothing of what you said, made any sense to me, or seems relevant to my previous post.

          • I presume that goethechosemercy means that democracy can be used by any system of human governance – religious or political.

            In other words, Catholics or Muslims can use democracy. Capitalists or Communists can use democracy. Democracy does NOT carry its own ideology as Catholicism, Islam, Capitalism, and Communism all carry distinct ideology.

            Democracy is MOB rule in which it becomes absolutely irresistible for the 51% majority to viciously abuse the 49% minority. In a vain attempt to avoid being viciously abused, the minority attempts to join the majority – which is how we get to 100% Muslim Saudi Arabia using Sharia Law under Islam to lead neighboring Muslim countries to become 100% Muslim.

            If there had been nowhere for non-Muslims to have run, ALL of the Muslim countries would have easily ‘reverted’ their minorities to become Muslims.

            Rest assured, the current plan of Muslims is to create a situation where NO ONE in Eastern or Western countries can run from Sharia Law.

          • Yes, Egghead.
            Because democracy is only practice, and carries no ideology, it is amorphous.
            As such, it is dangerous.
            It is not, in any strict sense, mob rule.
            But democracy can open up spaces for violent factionalism within institutions, totalitarianism and mob rule to come through the door of any society, and this is what the Islamists are counting on.
            We are fortunate in that we have Alexis DeTocqueville and his understanding of the “Tyranny of the Majority.”
            Without this awareness and basic generosity, the West would never have survived free in the 20th century. As it is, there are deep shadows all around, and the key to surviving is not to look too deeply into them all the time, but to look into them with a knowledge of exactly where we stand and what we demand.
            And we demand the preservation of our historical identity. Nothing less.

      • Takuan, yes I realise that full democracy is an illusion. As Winston Churchill once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with your average voter”. Although that average voter is probably better informed in Sweden than, say, in the US… so why, then, are Swedes voting for a future death of their society through multi-kulti? As you say, information is now state-controlled (via schools), or corporate-controlled (via the MSM).

        However, there are still other outlets, such as the one where we are conversing, the world-wide web. And regarding subjects such as the Religion of Peace, the information is even easier to find. All one needs to do is go to a bookshop, buy a Koran, and go to chapter 9, verse 29 – or a multitude of other, similar, verses. The evidence is all around us, and easily available – even on websites such as the Guardian, where on comments threads about Islam, the comments of the naysayers are by far the most-recommended. Comments that could be straight out of JihadWatch or Gates of Vienna.

        So, seems like many people are informed, perhaps better than we realise… the big question – why does this not translate to more success at the polls? Why are voters informed and having well-founded opinions, but then behaving like sheep when faced with voting, and thinking that only the Labour or Conservative horse, or the Swedish Social Democrats are the ones they can back?

        My suspicion is that the answer lies in a variety of factors, that may be used to influence the transfer of information – not least the “good old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure”. In the case of the proud marxist Spitting Professor, in his comfortable, well-paid taxpayer-funded job, likely surrounded by other proud marxists with similar opinions, he has chosen perhaps the easiest way out – that of avoiding conflict with all of his peers. In the case of students in their early university years, it may be the ambition of being popular and “on the side of the people” that may be the deciding factor. For the few young ethnic Swedes left in Malmo, it may be instincts of self-preservation that drive them to attempt to fit into their new, enriched surroundings.

        After summing up all of these factors for all of the population, it may become clear why the majority still votes to remain lambs to the multi-kulti slaughter… And at the end of the day, does Europe’s indigenous population still care more about their identity, or about having a peaceful and stress-free life, with no needs to worry apart from following their mid-table football team, racing their BMW or arranging a cheap flight for their next weekend break?

        • note – “good old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure” was suggested by Hillary Clinton (to combat those holding “incorrect” opinions on the Religion of Peace)

          • Yes.
            I remember that she wanted to turn the U.S. into one big high school, where peer pressure determines everyone’s behavior to a totalitarian degree.
            So much for the anti-bullying campaigns. If she has her way, if the OIC has their way, bullying will be the chief mechanism for social order, forget the rule of rational law.

        • I’ll have a lot more about this in published form. I am not talking about a perfect democracy but about a demos that is half-able to vote on issues based on superficial but true knowledge of social reality at home and a faint –but again, true — cognizance of such matters abroad. You are wrong that the average Swedish voter is better informed than the average American one — as long as the comparison is made excluding the 1/3 of America that comes from culturally enriching backgrounds. I grant that the Swede may be equal (*) at that part of HS curriculum related to facts: e.g. math, physcis, biology etc. But when it comes to social reality, and voting and having relative opinions, it’s not even close — the American is far ahead. I enclose a link to a few thoughts about democracy expressed by Ron Paul — thoughts that I and millions of Americans share (while not sharing some other of Dr. Paul’s thoughts):

          (*) I did not say “better” despite repeated PISA tests showing Scandinavian and Western Slavic countries far ahead of the U.S. in educational achievement. If race is factored into the U.S. PISA results, U.S. Whites are at the same level as Western Europeans are, exceeded for both only by East Asians [have data links; all relevant to the Jason Richwine case].

          • The last Pisa report from December 2013 shows that Sweden now is below the mean of the OECD countries.

            The Swedish school system of today is a catastrophe, and the decline started in 1969 when the “baccalauréat” no longer was a “baccalauréat”.

            This betrayal of the recent young generations in Sweden makes me very sad.

          • “when it comes to social reality, and voting and having relative opinions, it’s not even close”

            I’d be interested to find out more. Seriously. Youtube is awash with videos highlighting many Americans’ lack of, for example, basic geographical knowledge. i’m not aware of large numbers of Swedes having similar issues.

      • With that thought in mind T S, perhaps ole Heinlein had it completely right, only one who is a veteran has the rights, duty’s and is responsible enough for being a citizen? Who would have thought in todays day and age, that an idea from the past would maybe make to fruition in the future. It is true that democracy as we know it is dead, and that is the fault of a complacient and lazy public who didn’t pay attention and didn’t care as long as they got their goodies. What we end up with in the end is still a crap shoot though, I am betting on a quasi-military/royalty type scenario.

        • @ G.I.

          Some links On PISA:

          Comparing group intelligence is tricky business. For instance, based on personal experience I always ask myself why the random Japanese clerk, auto mechanic, plumber, barber or architect one encounters in daily life is so much more competent than his equivalent in the U.S. , France etc. The answer that comes to mind is “Higher-mean-IQ” — and it is higher for the Japanese(104/5, v. 100/1 for Whites). But if it’s so, how come the U.S. and the larger European countries produce high-level thinkers at a far more prodigious rate than Japan does. My answer — and I am just an intelligent dilettante in this area — is in a different dispersion pattern. If the standard deviation is set for Whites at 15, for Orientals it’s a little below 13. Which means that +4 sigma for Whites is 160 IQ, and a +4 sigma for Orientals is under 156 IQ. Larry Summers gave a similar explanation for the scarcity of women in high levels of math and science despite an average IQ similar to that of men; he lost his job for this unwelcome explanation but it was based on… science.

          Nothing Heinlein wrote or spoke can go wrong with me. Note that democracy originated in the Greek polis, and was exercised only by free men, all of whom were soldiers in an hour of need; even Socrates. I am hesitant to lay out my view of the likely future scenario as I am a citizen of a country so drunk on empty slogans, including particularly “democracy,” and so Orwellian by now that I’d probably be afoul of some Star Chamber statues if if I did. In Part 7 of “The Bee and the Lamb” I wrote about the libertarian economist Hans Hermann Hoppe and his idea that democratically elected politicians are inherently inferior to hereditary aristocracy [I’d agree, but only if we found a method to eliminate the flaws that rotted aristocracy from within in the first place]. There is a book, “Beyond Democracy,” whose subtitle is “Why democracy does not lead to solidarity, prosperity and liberty but to social conflict, runaway spending and a tyrannical government.”

          • “But if it’s so, how come the U.S. and the larger European countries produce high-level thinkers at a far more prodigious rate than Japan does.”

            IF. IF. IF.

            It is ALL in the way that people measure 1) intelligence and 2) success. Clearly, current intelligence tests are inadequate to the task.

            For good or ill, spirituality is a HUGE part of intelligence and success. While both Jesus and Mohammed exhibited intelligence and achieved success, the leaders and the societies that accepted their influence are polar opposites with regard to their spirituality.

  7. Afterthought:
    “I just clarify a few points here, and then I will never more waste my time on your pathetic blog:”

    Yes, please do depart, Erik, and never to heard from again with any luck.

    P.S. I could, I suppose, have expressed that more crudely forcefully but I could not bring myself to do so in fear of being accused of being over-educated. Rgds, S III.

  8. That’s one fierce professor for sure. But how come his fearsome aggressiveness is pointed against a harmless blog thousands miles away, while Muslims are establishing sharia zones in his very neighborhood? They are also antimarxists, not to mention how little they care about equal rights. Shouldn’t he fight them first?

    • No, no, no. You see the academic is all about the abstract not the reality. And certainly not the immediate reality of Muslim rape, robbery and welfare fraud of his Swedish home. Fascism, of which there is none in Sweden, is the shibboleth; the all-inspiring evil one trains their focus and energies upon – this is enabled by the fact that the Holocaust of 70 years ago marks Nazism out as unarguably bad. And the spitting professor naturally extends that deserved opprobrium to any political thought right of centre – as does the entire Western Left. He’s spent his whole life doing it, professionally and personally.

      Someone in this thread asked: what is the professor’s attitude to Jews? I can tell you with certainty because he is an archetype. He champions them in his public rhetoric, but doesn’t actually know any personally except perhaps a secular, left wing, gay academic, journalist or artist. Practising Jews are almost certain to be written off by him as contemptible “Zionists”; and I can guarantee you the professor loathes Zionists and Israel with every fibre of his being.

      What is extraordinary, apart from a middle aged man expressing his impassioned “hatred” so vociferously (and thus disturbingly, because very few psychologically stable adults embrace and invoke hate), is the fact he returned to GoV half a year later to post his hate screed. A sane person, comfortable with their own weltanschauung would not bother doing so. I very much doubt the Baron, Dymphna, Fjordman or any of the regular posters at this blog would bother to return to any left wing blog after a lapse of half a year to spray it. It is the mark of a deeply neurotic man. And one with far too much time on his hands.

      Anybody who proudly proclaims he is a Marxist in 2013 is a dishonest fool stuck in a time warp.

      • he Holocaust of 70 years ago marks Nazism out as unarguably bad. And the spitting professor naturally extends that deserved opprobrium to any political thought right of centre…

        Except that the Nazis and their ilk were socialists, as Jonah Goldberg proved back in 2009. Yes, there have been dictators on the faux “Right” – Franco comes to mind – but the Big Lies have been from the Left. Nazism and Communism were merely the bloodiest.

        That book is still going strong, in yet another edition. And the flame wars surrounding it continue also:

        Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning

        The very Convenient Lie re fascism – i.e., that it is from the Right – continues on, but it is now a much harder argument to make in the US.
        What is extraordinary, apart from a middle aged man expressing his impassioned “hatred” so vociferously (and thus disturbingly, because very few psychologically stable adults embrace and invoke hate), is the fact he returned to GoV half a year later to post his hate screed.

        I am fairly certain that the emails we got in July or August 2011 were also by him. That same deeply adolescent frothing and inability to maintain ego boundaries were disturbing. The man needs professional help in the form of some kind of psychological therapy. However, that would be an undertaking fraught with problems given the intensity of his negative feeling states. Whatever the original injury, it has festered into a life-sucking scream.

        That’s why I said I was concerned for his students. It is a shame the university authorities didn’t act on their own concerns when he was brought before them to explain himself…

  9. The Spitting Professor was lonely on Christmas Day. Unlike most of us he had no one to love, hence more spitting. What a sad man. Many of us wrote to him and the u of Lund back in the summer letting them know, such a man should not be infecting young students with his warped view of mankind. If it is indeed him, but I think you caught him at it again, then the U of Lund has no choice but to release him from hurting any more students. I would love to hear from ones he has already indoctrinated with his very wrong idea-he doesn’t even seem to understand the basic terms, even though I agree they have all been bastardized.

  10. Whoever it is, this is exactly the type of person in the West that scares me.

    A true authoritarian at heart that proclaims hatred.

    Of course, he acts for humanity!

    I wonder how he feels about Jews.

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  12. TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE Professor!! That about covers anything you say about fascists and YOURSELF!

  13. I am sorry I cannot believe that this writing is from a University Professor. The author of this post comes across as infantile. Surely an educated man would be able to make a constructive and logical argument against the views of this site.
    “I hate this site and you will not silence me”. ” I hate you, and I will always hate you”. These are not the words of an educated man, these are words used in the playground by a 5yr old having a wee temper tantrum.

    • You ain’t seen nothing yet. There are thousands, literally thousands of professors who are as cuckoo as our Swedish friend here. Try this (White Jewish-American) one, for instance:, given to statements like “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.” Or read up on Judith Butler or the grand man of current German pseudointellectualism, Jurgen Habermas.

      In a couple hours of work I can put together a dossier of 300 more of this ilk. A month’s work would yield 3,000 at least. I assert that those people are, literally, insane. In contrast, this one isn’t: he is Black, racist, and acting rationally as a sworn enemy of me and mine:

  14. It is pitiable that this man cannot bring his considerable passions to bear to defend the beauty of Western European culture.

  15. The book “The Psychotic Left” by Kerry Bolton is a good exploration of the minds of these people. Psychologists actually became interested in the brains of marxists way back in the late nineteenth century, and the conclusions they arrived at, are far from flattering to the marxists. It is a sad state of affairs that I now spend so much time reading about Islam and the sick minds of progressives. That is not what I had planned to do at all.

    • “It is a sad state of affairs that I now spend so much time reading about Islam and the sick minds of progressives. That is not what I had planned to do at all.”

      Same here. A few years back, it’s not what I’d have imagined myself doing… I guess it’s thanks to the incompetence of our MSM and politicians, coupled with the absurd levels of political correctness in our societies that there are now so many people prepared to dedicate significant time to learning about Islam.

        • you should continue the cooking blog. If good food means more home cooking, and less kebabs from takeaways, then it may not only help nutrition – but also combat Islamisation. Two birds with one stone…

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  17. Socialist and a Marxist…..tell me something I don’t know.

    Im a Classically Liberal Anglo Christian.

    We are mortal enemies.

    • Nah…you’re not enemies because he’s not worthy of it. Just avoid him unless you have an umbrella or a big handkerchief.

      Life is too short for mortal enemies, especially the child-type, who can only spit in fury. How about some compassion instead? It’s healthier for you. Hatred eventually corrodes the container. Save it for someone worthier of your ire.

      I’ll admit he’s kinda creepy in a Swedish sort of way. Minnesota is full of his collateral relatives.

  18. That guy is a common commie hypocrite. There are alot of them here in Sweden. Move on, nothing to see here 😉

  19. “One of the ten Progressives or so, worldwide, that I like and respect, Camille Paglia…”

    Camille Paglia may be smart about some topics unrelated to the problem of Islam, but about that most urgent and hoary problem, she has been unconscionably remiss and retrograde.

    Just to pluck one example from many one could adduce from a pillbox:

    But the now widespread stereotyping of Islam as medieval and inherently violent and intolerant ensures eternal war.

    • I agree. But I have to like someone among the couple hundred million Progressives, relatively speaking. It impresses me that she, a lesbian, comes out consistently against feminazism and in defense of men and a men-run world.

      • Lots of ignorance out there. If we confine our reading or spending time with only those who understand Islam’s ugly side, we’re the losers. I’m a Christian -it is my spiritual center – but that doesn’t mean I don’t have atheist friends…

        …perfect is the enemy of good enough.

        • “…perfect is the enemy of good enough.”

          On the problem of Islam, Camille Paglia is not good enough. Indeed, she is positively damaging, because she is reinforcing the meme that is killing non-Muslims.

          • Her field of interest is American culture and in that she is an important voice. Almost a lone voice from the Left. I’ll take what I can get. Refusing her ideas because she is missing out on what is central to my own ‘mission’ would feel like a mistake in strategy.

            Of course she’s not ‘good enough’ on Islam. But her voice on the damage being done to men and women by our own culture is crucial since there are so few who are willing to speak up. She can cause change at the margins and that’s what we need. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say her message is necessary even while it remains insufficient.

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