Geert Wilders: Dutch Politician of the Year

The Dutch television program “Een Vandag” has announced that Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), is the politician of the year in the Netherlands (in Dutch).

According to the PVV:

Geert Wilders Politician of the Year in the Netherlands

This evening, the Dutch public television channel 1 announced that the Dutch public has chosen Geert Wilders MP, chairman of the Party for Freedom (PVV), as Politician of the Year 2013.

For many months, the PVV has been the largest party in the Dutch polls.

The party is an outspoken opponent of the tax and austerity policies of the Dutch government. Mr Wilders and his party are also indomitable defenders of Western freedoms, such as freedom of speech. These freedoms are threatened by the process of Islamization that is currently going on in the Netherlands and other nations.

For more information, see Snaphanen (Danish), Geert Wilders’ website, NRC (Dutch), and Blik op Nieuws (Dutch).

11 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Dutch Politician of the Year

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  2. 3 big cheers for geert wilders, and to hell with all multi culti left wing enabelers, and anti white nazis.

    If you meet people thst are multi culti lefties, its time now to be brutal to them in words and deeds, like they are doing to white europeans, fight back in your attitude towards these multi culti nazi brownshirt scum, let them know its dangerous now to be a multi culti nazi.

    Ban islam now!

    Burn the koran and ban it!

    Deport all muslim [epithets] to qatar and saudi arabia.

    [Down with] islam nazi ideology forever!


  3. Perhaps Paul Wilders IS indeed better suited to such an award.

    For a start his “Christianity” is proven, whilst the brother, perhaps an apostate who has flirted if not definitively converted to Judaism (jury out), connives with Spanish heretics and Fabian socialists to undermine religious freedoms for Prodestants, Evangelicals and mainstream Catholics in his homeland.

    meanwhile, under theological cover, he is inducing a marriage of cross-faiths to return Netherlands to Islamic/Christian rule of a sovereignty foreign and Moorish i.e. Opus Dei sect.

    Perhaps we are better served by the so-called heathen brother, even if he is willing a Christian auto da fe!

    Discussions welcome – pls no slights on my religious background previously explained.

  4. Actually I heard it WAS Paul Wilders. Perhaps that was MSP lies but also perhaps there is only actually one of them i.e. Paul and Gert are only the same but running different fronts? Is that possible?

  5. Great news! Fantastic to see that not all of Europe is lost in the sewers of liberalism and political correctness. God bless Geert; I say a prayer every night for his continued safety.

  6. Geert Wilders is an absolute hero, I cannot speak highly enough of him, I wish I could vote for him…

  7. The dam is going to burst in two places then.

    Holland and Greece. In Holland we get a Philosemitic Golden Boy in Greece we have an anti-Jewish Golden Dawn. both detest Middle Eastern and African immivasion.

    It’s going to be terrific.

  8. Please note that 35.000(!) Dutch viewers participated in the poll. This same week the Parliamentary Press in the Netherlands conducted a similar “politician of the year 2013” contest where only journalists where allowed to vote. Obviously Leftists politicians won in this contest, both Dijsselbloem(Minister of Finances,Labour Party) was elected Politician of the Year 2013, Van Ojik(Chairman, Greenleft) won the “Talent of the year” prize.

  9. Perhaps mention one of those brilliant ideas Zeno,

    Groenlinks is a party which had a pro-pedophilia chairman from 2003-2006(Herman Meijer). Many of its members are known frauds, terrorist (supporters) and generally icky. Under Halsema they actually tried to get the “down-syndrome” vote, providing us some hilarious television segments of Halsema standing next to a young man with down-syndrome explaining his reasons for wanting to vote Groenlinks: Green is his favourite colour. His second option was Feyenoord(football club), but unfortunately they were not an option.

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