Firing on All Eight

As you may have noticed, Gates of Vienna has been out of service a lot lately, especially for the past two or three days. The most recent outage coincided with the final transfer of our blog to a higher grade of service.

Our latest absence occurred when the new site was fully in place, but before the new IP address for had propagated to all the DNS servers. That process is now complete, and we’re back in business.

The new service is more expensive, but we expect it to take care of most of the problems we’ve been having.

The wheels are back on the car, it has a fresh coat of paint, and we’re once again firing on all eight cylinders.

7 thoughts on “Firing on All Eight

  1. Eight cylinders = Pretty neat 🙂

    Yes, it’s been tough lately, and just when we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, GoV went down for the longest stretch yet.

    What happens at JW (which is now up again) is probably unrelated.

    In any case, the new hosting can carry a lot more than the old. The sheer amount of articles in the database (over 14,000 – reading the archives is good on a rainy day) and comments (130,000+) takes real computing power to handle, which we have now.

    We stilll don’t have any direct evidence of a Denial of Service attack, but I’m sure the future holds some of that, too. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

    Merry Christmas, and enjoy all that reading stuff Baron keeps providing y’all with!

    • Henrik-

      Y’all?? Y’all???

      Obviously, you’ve been hanging around the Baron too long. It’s starting to wear off on you…well, good Lord A-mighty, as they say around here. I wonder if they can get you an honorary membership in the Sons of the Confederacy…those poor mis-led descendants of the Cavalier gentry who settled here and did what England told them to do, including taking in her slave cargoes.

      Well, me boy, you certainly slaved away in the bowels of Gates of Vienna for a long time. Wouldn’t have been so bad if the hosting service hadn’t stepped on your work and kept us off line longer…

      I am sooo glad that’s all over, but I suspect that sooner or later we’ll get the Eject! Eject! notice once more when the The Reavers start poking holes in things. It will take them a while.

      I hope.

      Meanwhile, our gratitude to you for the hours of work. I hope the things you learned will be applicable in other areas of your endeavors.

  2. The DNS migration reached Sderot this morning at about 9:00 (7:00 GMT) so it must now be about complete so welcome back after 2 – 3 days what with the weather n’all, (dripping wet and oh so cold! its about 4 degrees Centigrade with no heating)

  3. Be warned! Ve haf your new IP address.

    Signed: Eric HoldRand BeeSenca II…, er, Anonymous.

  4. A long time coming. Good to see you’ve got your long awaited upgrade.

    You might do a backup of putting your ip address online so people can also bookmark that.

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