Decapitating Christianity in Germany

The area around the German city of Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia is experiencing a wave of vandalism directed at shrines and religious statues. These incidents may be totally random. It may be that miscreant “youths” pick out statues and decapitate them for no reason. No one seems to know.

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Video transcript:

0:00   Who would do such a thing? It looks like pointless vandalism.
0:04   To date, 27 Christian statues and symbols were destroyed in the Münsterland region.
0:08   Only last weekend 14 new incidents were counted.
0:12   A resident from Ibbenbüren reported one of them.
0:16   Heinrich Westerkamp is shocked.
0:20   The processional statue of St. Joseph in Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck
0:24   was listed as an historic monument and was the pride of the village.
0:28   Now, it is destroyed. On Sunday night the statue was decapitated.
0:32   Well, of course I was shocked.
0:36   Especially after such desecrations
0:40   had already occurred at various other places.
0:44   Certainly, I was shocked by this new incident.
0:48   However, it’s sad to say, I assumed this could happen.
0:52   A few kilometres away, at St. Barbara Church,
0:56   the offenders also committed vandalism on the night between Sunday and Monday.
1:00   The statue of St. Barbara was pushed from its base with brute force.
1:04   Father Greiwe is still perplexed.
1:08   Well, I feel for the people for whom these statues are important.
1:12   Often a candle was placed in front of St Barbara. People come here, looking for contemplation.
1:16   Other statues were also affected, set up by families
1:20   that were grateful, or for whom it had a special meaning.
1:24   I’m sorry for the people for whom this was important and precious.
1:28   Currently there is no evidence for who is behind the attacks.
1:32   Investigators consider that it could be vandalism or religiously motivated.
1:36   Police are investigating at full speed and in all directions.
1:40   We know how important this issue is to the people,
1:44   and we hope to track down the offender.
1:48   Since September, 27 cases of vandalism have been reported.
1:52   More information on the topic of the day on
2:00   There you also find the complete programme.

14 thoughts on “Decapitating Christianity in Germany

  1. Nothing new to the civilized world here. In west Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California after 911 a muslim or muslims did much the same. Especially vile was the desecration of the iconic statue of Santa Monica on the palisades overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Not much reporting.

      • Check out the Culver City and Santa Monica local press. Come to think of it I will do the same.

        • Start with Wikipedia: Saint Augustine’s Church, Culver City, California for October 28, 2001. There are quite a few other press stories from that time that give the muslims name rank and serial number as well as the local barracks he was stationed at.

  2. Oh I think we have some idea who is behind this considering a Jordanian asylum seeker in Munich was just arrested for the same thing. Our Islamian hordes just marking their new territory I presume.

  3. Quote:
    Who would do such a thing? It looks like pointless vandalism.

    Pointless sir?
    Why don’t you study the history of Christianity under Muslim domination? Then you can tell us if it is pointless.
    Islam is a replacement culture.
    Muslims will destroy everything that they did not bring with them.
    And your government gave them permission to do so!

    • Of course, it is not pointless. Christianity is under attack from both secularist political elites of the West and Muslim fanatics. Christianity is entering a new era of martyrdom and Christians should now be ready to suffer and die for their faith. There will be no more ‘comfortable’ Christianity in this world.

    • Frightful.
      How did crime come to be so indifferently done, and provoke so much indifference?

  4. Anyone who shows up at this website is already aware of this creeping evil.

    When I try to tell some of the younger generation what is happening and explain why, they label me a ‘phobic’ or a hater and say I am ranting. It is so difficult to politely pull someone’s head out of the sand.


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