Confrontation in Cologne

A peaceful demonstration in front of Cologne Cathedral against the persecution of Christians turned ugly yesterday when Muslim counter-protesters, undeterred by any police intervention, got close-up and physical with the Islam-critics.

Below is a translated account from Politically Incorrect about what happened. The author, Sebastian Nobile, was in the thick of things during the day’s events:

Cologne: Aggressive Muslims disturb Protest against Persecution of Christians — Police watch idly

If one has spent a day like we did yesterday — in the shadow of the beautiful cathedral of Cologne, but under very unpleasant circumstances — it gives you something to brood about. One can surely speak of a success, when remembering that many people heard our words and have read our signs, but it is a success with a weird bitter taste. The police have knowingly exposed us to violence and aggression by angry Muslims and have only towards the end, when very many attacks had already happened, somehow done their job — but by their inaction, they have consciously put health and life of our demonstrators to a severe risk.

About 50 people came to support us on this difficult matter (see announcement), which was organized in Cologne by our non-party, independent alliance against persecution of Christians. As distinguished speaker we could welcome Michael Mannheimer. In addition, councillor of the City of Cologne, Jörg Uckermann from Pro Köln, joined us for the good cause as he had already done at our last rally. So for the moment, we were able to provide people with information in a quiet atmosphere.

The police stayed discreetly in the background and there were no cordons, which was quite useful for our purpose because you can get in touch with the people.

However, even in the most risky situations police still remained in the background, so we were completely left on our own and had more contact that afternoon than some of us were looking for. I witnessed some physical attacks by angry Muslims for example against my girlfriend, but also against Jörg Uckermann and others. I even partially had to ward off some attacks myself, and one of our stewards had to push an aggressive guy to the ground who wanted to damage our speakers. When things became more and more tumultuous and threatening, for some hysterical Muslim men and women started hitting, screaming and attacking our protesters, I asked the police a several times, via our speakers, to finally protect us. Though I told them about the attacks, there happened… nothing.

For another 15-20 minutes nothing happened except that the assaults went on, and then things developed as they had to. While I was speaking on the microphone, an apparently left slob ran towards me, grabbed the microphone and smashed it on the floor. Trying to escape up the stairs to the cathedral, I ran after him and dragged him to the ground. Suddenly, police woke up, wrestled both of us to the ground and one officer said to me: “Are you calm? Are you calm?” I think I was the only calm person in this situation, but since I had to expect that the police would have continued to just stand by, I had instinctively used my law to get hold of this guy — a law everyone has in Germany. And that was just the right thing because otherwise this guy would have been off and away. However, I will now face a charge for “intentionally hurting someone” That’s probably because I’m so outspokenly dangerous, with a mad glint in my eyes and my threatening, chubby appearance. For the next quarter of an hour I was then surrounded by at least twelve — now very brave — policemen, while they checked my ID.

Many of us were concerned due to these incidents. I keep asking myself whether it is purposeful to risk an uproar in order to make people aware of the persecution of Christians, or if it’s that what it needs. Anyway, what was our crime? How have we “provoked”? — as a cocky official explained to me, who virtually told me that we would have to reckon with all this, if we would provoke. We have mentioned facts, revealed uncomfortable truths and we have brought one of the main reasons for the persecution of Christians in this world on the agenda: Life and teaching of the so-called prophet Mohammed and the imitation of thousands of his followers that take the calls for prosecution of the “infidels” literally. Of course we have also mentioned the persecution in Communist countries, and we have often stressed that it is not about to rush against Muslims. All of this does not seem to matter, as everyone knows who has taken part in a demonstration once, where Islam has been criticised.

One of the protesters reports:

“There were scuffles. At that moment police should have acted. L. was punched. Even a 72 -year-old woman was attacked by the Muslims. Two eggs were thrown. A policewoman watched idly and did nothing. Police did not want to protect this rally and its participants. If paving stones instead of eggs had been thrown, they also would not have been worried. It was obvious: We should back down. We should cancel the rally from fear. Only when it became clear that the participants would not relent, but would rather resist, police woke up. They only protected the Muslims. We were considered fair game…

That there were plenty of insults against us by parts of the Muslims, indeed, must not be mentioned. The typical: Nazis, Racists etc, but this time it was really bad, as an elderly gentleman was told by an African: “Hey, I f*** your wife every day”, combined with some obscene gestures. Showing the middle finger is almost mandatory. Of course, the police saw it, and of course it had no consequences for the offenders. An African guy danced in front of the speaker, wiggling his abdomen. Conditions in this country have already become indescribable.”

Read the rest, and see the photos and videos, at Politically Incorrect, or at Vlad Tepes.

16 thoughts on “Confrontation in Cologne

  1. Why doesn’t someone write Fifty Shades of Blue? Police everywhere seem without conscience…psychopathic personalities addicted to power…enjoying “work” that gratifies their wont for extracting sadistic pleasure.

  2. These arrogant Leftists and their Moslem clients are going to “get it” very soon…I have seen this in foreign countries as a child-Cyprus 1959/60, Lebanon and elsewhere. It is when they start acting so arrogantly, that the total and utter shock of the “backlash” hits them…..I can always sense change in the wind and the UK is there now as is Europe…

    Cops I know have had enough pandering to these creeps and their agendas. The Army have had enough- they hate the Government and everyday people in my travels tell me “We have had enough”…..

    Hell is coming Ladies and Gentlemen and we told them for years what to expect if they did nothing. This will make the “Holocausst” seem like a vicar’s tea party….

    As Caesar said at Pharsalus- “Theybrought it on themselves!”

    What do they expect if they trash and abuse a host’s hospitality?

    • What is coming is going to make a Serb blush, think a Balkans on steroids, the funny thing is the Armies of Europe will side with the natives, not the muslims. It will also be interesting to see where the whole bloody thing kicks off and where the politicians are going to flee to avoid [consequences that threaten their bodily integrity]?

      • Who would want the people responsible for this.
        I can’t see any country wanting to give shelter to them.

  3. It looks like the days of Nero and Diocletian might come back soon, those days when Christians were routinely tortured and killed for their faith. And the main culprits will be not Muslims, but the secular ruling elites who apparently want to destroy Christianity by any means – even by using Muslim fanatics. Which seems a bit silly – if Muslim extremists get enough power they will exterminate proponents of secular society with the same vigour as they will kill Christians.

  4. This is the way it is always going to be, the state mercenaries (police)
    committing political violence against peaceful and democratic citizenry. All
    those who think there is going to be a backlash, preceded by a ‘tipping point’
    need to understand that our enemies will always use state apparatus against us. It was never going to be physical confrontation between citizens and
    nutty Moslems. They (the State) are organised, we need to be very much more
    organised to have the best chance to win.

  5. If the police will not protect peaceful demonstrators then groups must employ stewards with enough muscle and determination to keep the enemy at bay.

    • when we talk of the police i think it is important to differentiate between the ordinary cop and the political placemen at the head of the organisation

  6. If you don’t fight back with overwhelming force and allow yourself to be bullied beaten and brutalized by a mob of low life savages then the savages will party on. If you elect a governments that facilitates and supports the savages then this and worse is what happens and will continue to happen – and get worse. If you just stand there while the enemy crosses the border and attacks you in your homeland there really isn’t much hope. It all beggars belief really.

  7. The Germans, other Europeans and Westerners who nowadays collaborate with the Islamists are not different from those who collaborated with the Nazists in the Second World War which was won at great human cost and the victory only to be now given away on a silver platter to the IslamoNazis. Shame on the leftists cowards and appeasers who have not learnt and do not wish to learn from history.

  8. The police in this instance acted like cowards.
    Anywhere they do not protect the Christian, whom they know, against the Muslim, who they should also know to be more violent in faith and doctrine, they are cowards.

  9. I truly do not get this continued behavior by the police, in places like Cologne and in the UK. Will there ever be a change or tipping point before all hell breaks loose? Does not seem like it.

    • The tipping point is here, all it is going to take is someone to fire the first shot and then let slip the dogs of war.

      • In my opinion, the police would be ordered to crack down harder and riot police and even military squads would be called in to restore “order.” At best Muslims and the protestors would be equated with each other in the mainstream media. More likely the MSM would blame the indigenous Europeans for their bigotry and violence.

        The only way in which there could be a different outcome would be a situation in which a prominent individual, in person, took the side of the protestors. There was a march in Paris a while back in which, for the first time, the police did their jobs and actually protected the marchers.

        Why? What made this one different? There was a prominent, well-known writer and intellectual “personality” in this march/protest. To have allowed him to be attacked or to have the police attack him would have aroused condemnation (and too much interest) among those with some influence and voice in Paris. So the marchers were protected.

        • Tommy Robinson showed us the way, which is why he was bullied, bought or
          terrorised into getting out of EDF and into
          a eunuchised group of talking heads. The Establishment were worried by the marches, having witnessed the partly
          successful street movements in other
          countries. So this is obviously the way to go
          to garner support while at the same time
          crowding the LibLabCon axis of corruption
          and their ‘ Elite ‘ masters. But this time round we should utilise dozens of cameras,
          sound-recorders and our own stewards.

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