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  1. Excellent graphic.

    I think we have now seen the high tide of the Multicult. Educated men and women can, I suspect, understand that Mandela was a communist, racially hostile and a harbinger of much worse to come in places like Woolwich and the finish line at the Boston Marathon. There might be a bit of daylight between Jihad and what Mandela did but their’s not much daylight between those who’d bomb you for Allah or bomb you for gibsmedat.

  2. The U.S. used some nasty tactics during the civil war. Sherman, and all that. But when the war is over, that’s when the nastiness can either be put back in the can along with the whoop-*ss, or it can be ramped up.

    When the revolution of 1789 won power, it ramped up the nastiness. When Mandela’s revolution won power, it scaled it down. Today is far from perfect in SA, but it’s gone much better there than in Angola, Mozambique, or Zimbabwe, to name some handy local comparison yardsticks.

    The difference, I hold, was Mandela’s policy of “truth and reconciliation”. His own conduct during the war having been not so squeaky clean, nor that of his enemies, everyone could see the practical utility of letting bygones be bygones all the way around.

    And for a wonder, and to the great relief and happiness of SA, that’s just how it went. No purges, no last ditch stands, no nothing. Just—-peace.

    How simple. We say we wish for it every Christmas. Give the man his due. Whatever else he did, and however bad it was, the peace that he forged over the time of his leadership held. And it is for that, primarily, that he should be remembered. The rest? That should not be forgotten either. But it is secondary.

    • “The rest? That should not be forgotten either.”

      Your assessment is inappropriately cavalier as a remembrance of the many thousands of black and white victims of Mandela’s excessive torture and violence in the direct service of communist goals.

      Prison was too good for the mass murderer. Hell will do.

    • Never understood the West’s infatuation with a vile communist/terrorist who never repudiated Communism and in fact supported various Communist regimes like Cuba and NK and basically kept the country marginalized.

      Well things certainly didn’t get better for either blacks or whites in SA after the ANC took over. Murders and rapes skyrocketed and are now the highest in the world, then you had that insane notion among black men that having sex(often rape) with young girls would cure AID’s or prevent it.

      Then Winne’s Mandela’s necktie parties for her political opponents. Yeah a real improvement.

      Economically the country has dropped some 12 points. When the blacks take over white farms(as they also did in Rhodesia) they are unable and unwilling to learn or work them properly and what was once productive farm land goes fallow.

      Once the ANC drives out or simply murders most of the whites the country will go the way of Zimbabwe and hence another basket case and the butt of jokes about African incompetence and bloody handnedness.

      • You [epithet concerning ancestry and species] leave Mandela alone you [eptithet concerning urinary/excretory functions]

    • Woah there.

      The violence ramped up. Apartheid was substantially less violent than the transition to black rule. The transition was substantially less violent than today.

      You are [name-calling redacted]. I reckon you will see a full genocide in SA quite soon. The gibsmedat mentality of the blacks is only increasing in ferocity these days.

      • If that which you predict happens, it will happen literally over Mandela’s dead body.

        And you can still call me names.

        But I just don’t think it will come to that. There are structural factors at work in SA. The ANC isn’t the only power locus, and the others, collectively, have the strength and the will to contain it, in my opinion. The lessons of Zimbabwe, Angola, and Mozambique are clear, near, and one would think, very sobering. Things in those places have worked out worse for the winners than they have worked out in SA for even the losers.

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