A Call for Christians to Defend Themselves

This Syrian bishop’s stance is a refreshing one for those of us who are used to the mealy-mouthed platitudes and absolute pacifism dispensed with depressing regularity by Western Christian leaders. Will the percentage of Christians in our countries have to be reduced to single digits before we realize that organized self-defense is the only alternative to the annihilation of Christianity?

Needless to say, Bishop Al-Khoury is Orthodox.

The report from ANSAmed:

Syria: Orthodox Bishop to Press, ‘Christians Take Up Arms’

Luqa al-Khoury, ‘all methods of self-defense are legitimate’

(ANSAmed) — Beirut — A Greek Orthodox Syrian bishop invited young Christians to take up arms to defend “the homeland” and the Christian presence in Syria.

In an interview published on the website of Panarab-Iraqi newspaper Azzaman, and republished Tuesday morning in several Middle Eastern media outlets, Bishop Luqa al-Khoury said, “Every Christian youth capable of taking up arms, should do so and defend Syria […] Christians are prayerful and peaceful, but it seems that today, faced with these people, prayer and peace aren’t enough anymore.” The Syrian bishop confirmed his stance on Libyan TV’s LBC, saying that declarations attributed to him by Azzaman weren’t correct, but that, “in this situation, all methods of self-defense are legitimate.” Al-Khoury added, “Syrian Christians won’t leave Syria of their own will, because they are attached to their land.

Christians and Muslims have been living (in Syria) for over 1,600 years […] Syrian Christians aren’t afraid even though the main goal of those who target the churches is to attack Christians’ historic identity.”

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16 thoughts on “A Call for Christians to Defend Themselves

  1. What are the alternatives? The muslim version of Belsen, Austwich or worse? How anyone can celebrate these muslim lowlives as “rebels” is depraved.

  2. It’s certainly an improvement for a Middle Eastern Christian to advocate paramilitary self-defense; however, the larger context in which Al-Khoury is doing so is one of simply a call to take up arms in self-defense against a recent eruption of the Tiny Minority of Extremists — so that the Syrian Christians can go back to enjoying the dhimmitude status quo they had before:

    Christians and Muslims have been living (in Syria) for over 1,600 years […]

    This quasi-dhimmitudinous mindset seems oblivious to the fact that the Islam of the “good Muslims” in whom Al-Khoury believes is the same Islam of the “bad Muslims” (the Syrian rebels), and that the Muslims who follow the former are enabling the same monster that drives the latter.

      • We expect the TRUTH instead of false pablum that reinforces the myth of the moderate Muslim to delusional Westerners who are much lied to because Westerners desperately wish for the lies to be true….

        Thou shalt NOT lie.

        • I don’t know whether moderate Islam exists or not, however, in Syria, like in other Muslim countries, there are quite a lot of Muslims who are happy to peacefully coexist with Christians. (I have seen with my own eyes Muslimw who prayed in Christian churches.) And Christians there are grateful for that. That’s one point.

          The other point is that we should not speak like armchair strategists or armchair moralists. The Bishop in question believes his duty is to save his flock from violent death, rape, and other atrocities, and not to make a general political statement. He is not a politician, after all, but a spiritual father, whose heart bleeds for his children. Try and put yourself in his place, than you would, perhaps, not feel like criticising him.

  3. Wonder if we will see the young men of the West join the Christian call to arms in Syria?

    • The English Archbishop of Canterbury has read about the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and the rest of the world. He is frothing with rage, is utterly incandescent, he has urgently contacted the Holy Father in Rome. They apparently are going to join together and sort this out.

      These genocidal jihadi’s better watch out for the sternly worded letter that lands in their sandbox some time soon.

    • I was wondering about the same question. I would love to see the headlines when the Leftist media howls about “foreign fighters’ – no, wait – they will call them “mercenaries”, who dare to help their coreligionists.

  4. We couldn’t be bothered to protect our cousins in South Africa.

    Good luck defending ethnic Arabs who happen to be Christian.

    • Arab Christians have as much right to live as any other Christians. That’s one point.

      Another point: if Western Christians do not defend Christians who live under the Muslim yoke, they might face a similar fate in future.

      By defending I do not necessarily mean armed struggle. Even strong statements from all Christian leaders of the West – starting with the Pope, huge public demonstrations in Europe and America, petitions to the Western leaders with a demand to denounce the carnage of Christians in Muslim countries and other massive peaceful protests might make a difference. If not for Christians in Muslim lands, at least for Christians in the West who would show that are a force to be reckoned with.

      However, most Christian leaders of the West continue to show shameful indifference to the plight of persecuted Christians of the East.

      • With all the filthy lucre influence at work in Europe is it any wonder that Brussels Sprouts is about to issue visa free travel to our arch enemies the unreformed and rising Turk Islamist. Keep this up and EU and elsewhere Christians will be par with Egyptian Copts. Echoes of the beginning of the multicultural Byzantium end times.

      • Yes – activism is the order of the day. Muslims have been for too long living under the mistaken impression that our collective tolerance to their activities means we are weak and will never strike back.

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  6. God Bless the Crusades! About bloody time the Christians start defending themselves. Deo Volente.

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