Tahitians Say Farewell to the Koran

When I heard about the anti-mosque demonstration in Tahiti, I thought, “Egad — there’s no place left unenriched, except possibly Easter Island and Antarctica!”

Coming next: The McMurdo Sound Mega-Mosque.

Many thanks to Bear for translating this French news video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Good evening, welcome to the premiere in the news…
00:04   Tonight ‘sharia we cannot mess with’, a cry of the heart from
00:08   the anti-mosque protesters was heard loud and clear on the streets of Papeete this morning.
00:12   Many hundreds of Polynesians, ‘not racist but realist’,
00:16   according to their slogan. it’s a first in Polynesia.
00:20   The protest against the opening of a mosque has finally assembled
00:24   400 to 500 persons, despite the long weekend. Far from being
00:28   used to protest marches, the Polynesians brandished signs and decorations
00:32   against the Koran and Islam. (reporters’ names)
00:36   ???
00:40   We want to protect our children against the invasion of this
00:44   religion that comes to kill us. After all, that is what sharia is.
00:48   All hostage-taking situations, all terrorists’
00:52   crimes like that are committed 90% by
00:56   Muslims. It is sufficient to me as an example to be afraid
01:00   of them. A true culture shock: ‘not racist but realist’.
01:04   The protesters screamed ‘no to the mosque’, adding ‘sharia we cannot mess with’.
01:08   A scene we would never have imagined seeing one day in Papeete.
01:12   Would you have ever imagined as a police officer controlling a protest
01:16   like that one in French Polynesia? I imagine nothing; I present the reality.
01:21   Refrains that we do not hum anywhere else.
01:25   ???
01:29   and slogans that are not half measures: no to Islam, no to the imam.
01:33   Yes to pork, yes to the “wahine” or when the Tahitian colours.
01:37   are waving high. Hurray for the pig!
01:41   We are going to eat the pig with the taro!
01:45   Not for them, you are doing everything you can so they
01:49   leave your country? Absolutely, absolutely.
01:53   We do not want them in Polynesia. we have our
01:57   religion. While the police block off the road
02:01   of the Muslim cult in order to avoid any “overflow”, the younger generation lets
02:05   itself go: “we say no to the mosque”,
02:09   “we do not want to wear the veil.”
02:13   Everyone is here. Everyone is singing.
02:17   Its the heart of Polynesia speaking, it’s super!
02:21   The protesters received much support during their passage through the capital,
02:25   while they were reminding of their attachment to the Bible. After 3 km of walking,
02:29   the anti-mosque demo arrived in front of the gates of the assembly.
02:33   They placed signs
02:37   as funeral flowers as if to say farewell to the Koran,
02:42   and to the mosque.

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8 thoughts on “Tahitians Say Farewell to the Koran

  1. Pigs may save Tahiti, just as they saved Indonesia’s Kalimantan (Borneo). When Communism was threatening Indonesia in the 1960’s, they encouraged Christian missionaries to work on that island to thwart the Communists. Why not Islam? The natives loved pig-meat, and so the Indonesian Muslims knew they wouldn’t have a chance to convert them to Islam. The natives’ love for pig meat is also frustrating the Muslim dawah in Thailand and the Philippines.

    • Hmmm…you just explained why good ol’ boys (and their kin) here in the American South, will never convert. That’s black and white goobers, since both eat just about every thing but the squeal.

      Hog jowl, pickled pigs’ feet, etc. Not to mention real country ham – the kind you have to soak and soak to get some of the salt out. They also sell it by the slice in room-temperature vacuum bags. I like hog maw and feet, but that Virginia ham is simply too salty…

      Salt-cured bacon is mighty fine, though. It’s not as salty as the joints of ham, but even more importantly, it doesn’t have the slime on it that you find on the big brand names commercial bacon, the ones I have to rinse and dry in order to be able to touch ’em, much less fry the slices.

      “Canadian” bacon is really a Danish process, btw. The big pigmeat packers in Ireland sent their managers to Denmark to learn how to do it correctly.

      So…”the natives’ love for pigmeat” south of the Mason-Dixon line in the US will mean no Islam or Jewish converts here. That’s fine with the Jews, thankyouverymuch. Islam? Could be a problem.

      OTOH, I know some Muslims who like wine…maybe because they’re Persian…so dietary rules don’t appear to be hard and fast for everyone.

  2. I hope they either demolish it or convert it into a church, just like the muslims do to everyone else’s stuff.

  3. Dont lay too much store in muslims drinking or doing any forbidden acts, all laws are off as long as the aim is to hurt or kill infidels!

  4. I recall a piece a few years ago, about Muslims agitating for sharia law in Barbados. I thought, “Barbados?! What the hell are they doing there?”. Then I realised how stupid I was for not immediately being aware that there are Muslims in every non-muslim country on the planet, causing trouble, because that’s the deal with Islam, the whole point of it. Same with this. I think I read they’re on Pitcairn Island as well.

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