Satan’s Followers Love Music

The following instructional video from a convert to Islam in Mexico explains (in Spanish) why music is haram, and should be avoided by observant Muslims. The young woman giving the advice makes a few exceptions, however, especially for the Artist Formerly Known as Cat Stevens.

Many thanks to IzM for the tip, to Fausta for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Los Seguidores de Satanás Aman a la Música (Satan’s Followers Love Music):

Note: The speaker in this video says “god” (dios) and not “Allah”.


0:00   IslamicHouse Produccion presents
0:09   Satan’s Followers Love Music
0:16   Salaam valei (sp?). How are you?
0:21   Dear people of Thank you for writing. We will answer a letter from Allen.
0:28   You say you are Muslim. Salaam waleikum (sp?).
0:32   You ask about music: Why can’t I listen to the Koran, read the Koran for a few hours, and after,
0:37   I want to listen to music. Why shouldn’t listen to music?
0:47   Well, regarding music, the Koran is very clear: When one reads the Koran,
0:51   all doubts disappear, are gone
0:56   all fears go away, the soul is calmer,
1:02   all problems are solved.
1:04   Many wonderful things happen when reading the Koran.
1:06   It is such a beautiful reflection in the life of every human being
1:12   that the Koran is always a blessing.
1:16   I imagine that you want to listen to music
1:20   after the Koran, after anything, you want music.
1:24   Listening to music is haram.
1:26   The writers say that anyone who writes books, music,
1:34   whatever, it’s all their imagination, their desires,
1:39   what their souls’ desires dictate.
1:42   What does the music say?
1:45   Let’s suppose that you’re listening to romantic music.
1:49   What does romantic music say? “Oh, I miss you, my love,”
1:53   and you start remembering your girlfriend,
1:54   if you’re a woman, the boyfriend,
1:59   yes, you start missing someone.
2:00   If it [music] talks hard rock, Metallica,
2:04   Lincoln Barr [?], [unintelligible] all that horrible music, you know,
2:10   I know it’s cool, the instruments,
2:17   but listen to one of their songs
2:21   and you’ll notice everything they’re saying. They’re always talking about drugs,
2:24   of Satan; some even talk about Jesus, of the Cross.
2:29   They talk about horrible things: “How am I going to stalk you”, “I’ll have you”, and other ugly words.
2:33   And sometimes they don’t talk about things that are ugly,
2:36   it’s all kinds of music. I want to explain to you about all kinds of music.
2:41   What does it drive you to? It drives some to, as I told you, to the girlfriend, [unintelligible]
2:47   it drives others to want to take part in the things they say,
2:52   it drives other to want to invent worse lyrics to write worse songs.
2:57   Or it drives them away from god, which is the greatest thing.
3:01   When it drives you to do worse things or
3:06   makes you want to dance [wiggle] or
3:08   want to go a club to dance, to a party,
3:11   you start to want to do other things that aren’t allowed.
3:14   You waste time.
3:18   And what happens? You forget your center.
3:22   People start to change, people who listen to music,
3:26   start to change, only, to only use their time entertaining themselves.
3:32   “I liked this one, now I’ll listen to this one!”
3:36   “Now I feel like listening to this music, or this other one.”
3:39   What for? To waste time? To distance yourself from your lord?
3:43   How are you going to find time to ask god,
3:49   to ponder his creation?
3:52   to ponder the work he gave you, to thank him
3:56   for everything he’s done for you, what he’s given you.
3:59   Some of us complain because we’re not, we’re not pretty, we’re chubby,
4:03   or too skinny. But we say, he gave me health,
4:07   he gave me the ability to talk, to communicate. He gave me intelligence.
4:11   He gave me an even greater gift: to open my heart
4:15   so I can understand that my life doesn’t end here
4:20   if I behave better.
4:25   So music completely disorients you. It gets other ideas in your head
4:29   that later sidetrack you off the path,
4:33   takes you in other paths, away from god.
4:40   When will you remember god, then?
4:43   it reaches so deep within you,
4:46   even when you’re thinking about god,
4:49   it engraves so, that they say, “he’s got the music in him”.
4:53   That’s why music is haram.
4:57   Because you follow the steps of people who are off track. You’re just entertaining yourself.
5:01   wasting time, doing nothing for god.
5:07   Just living life in amusements.
5:10   So don’t listen to music, so you don’t keep wasting time.
5:17   Better yet, our music is to worship god.
5:23   I’d rather follow and remember god
5:27   than to remember a song
5:31   that leads me to nothing.
5:34   [male voice, “cut it”, in English]
5:36   The example I’m about to give you, I don’t know if you knew,
5:40   I think everybody knew,
5:44   but many people don’t listen to all kinds of music, (wipes eye) Cat Stevens.
5:50   Cat Stevens was a pop singer many years ago.
5:55   I believe since the 70s. Imagine, he wrote his own songs,
6:05   imagine how much he earned,
6:07   imagine how much money singers earn.
6:10   This gentleman searched religion for some reason he was fed up of singing for people.
6:16   He was fed up of all that lived in that social circle,
6:22   the alcohol, the drugs,
6:25   his soul felt sick, as did his body.
6:30   The money he earned was never enough.
6:35   He needed to feed his soul,
6:39   not just money, women, no, that wasn’t what he searched for. (she’s making a good pitch for the life of a pop singer, guys!)
6:44   God definitively touched his soul.
6:48   God touched him so he could understand that
6:51   this was not life. God chooses people in these special cases.
6:57   And he left all of this
7:00   For god. He searched in Buddha,
7:04   he searched in other religions until he found Islam and said, “this is it!”
7:09   “This is my religion, this is my god, the only one,
7:12   “he is my creed”, and he asked for forgiveness
7:15   and converted to Islam. Now he’s Josef Islam. He lives in London,
7:22   and he writes, it’s not singing, it’s adoration of the lord.
7:30   He makes CDs of tranquil songs
7:33   about children, about women, how to treat women,
7:37   and in all of them, how to love god.
7:39   Because god is the one we must love. He sings. He teamed up with
7:44   the brother of Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace,
7:47   named Benjamin. [note: Not according to this]
7:50   They both sing to Allah, yes, they write for Allah.
7:55   When one sings with Josef, it’s for adoring god, for remembering god.
8:02   And there’s no better path than being a Muslim.
8:05   [Sings, in English: There is no]
8:10   It says, there’s nothing I’d rather be than a Muslim. [Singing] Al ham du de la, al ham du de la am a Muslim [sp?]
8:15   All his songs are about Islam.
8:19   And he left all the money he was making, he left it, it didn’t matter to him.
8:27   Then, Islam enters in many people’s hearts,
8:30   [unintelligible] they realize that music really is not a path to god.
8:36   The path to god is Islam. The path of the Koran.
8:39   I hope you have understood it.
8:43   Excuse me if I didn’t explain myself well. I hope you have understood and continue your prayers.
8:48   We will explain more of your questions in another video.
8:54   [titles:]

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  1. This feeds into something I’ve been thinking for awhile now: converts are perhaps even more dangerous than the rank and file Muslims. They have this fervour and need to prove their devoutness to the religious leaders, so they go even further than perhaps ordinary Muslims would by declaring music, intimacy, and being a human in general “haram”. Often times, I’ll see a white convert who looks more Islamic than people from Pakistan! Their newfound, burning love for Allah no doubt will translate into misery for the rest of us.

    After all, how many converts have flocked to Syria?

  2. Dear friends, just a small correction- salam aleikum in arabic is a common greeting, meaning literally ‘peace upon you’

  3. Islam is life without happiness, it is life in a boring vaccuum, that is why they love to die because their lives are such drudgery and so full of hatred and evil devoid of goodness and beauty. What a horrible thing to be enslaved to the zombie death cult of islam.

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