Muslimas Beat up “Filthy Jew” in Montreal

The context of this video is the proposed new law banning religious garb and symbols in Quebec, which Muslims understand (quite accurately) to be aimed at the hijab.

A Montreal man provoked an extreme reaction from some Muslim women in a restaurant when he asked them what they thought of the proposed law.

Many thanks to Susan K for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this video of the incident:

Here’s what Vlad had to say in his intro:

There is a lot of information I don’t have yet but expect to have within the next 24 hours.

But here is some of what I do know.

I believe this happened very recently, Sunday, Nov 3rd 2013 at a coffee shop in Montreal. Tim Horton’s I believe. (Except no apostrophes allowed in Quebec you know!)

I believe that the Jewish man simply asked the women how they felt about the proposed law banning conspicuous religious clothing and symbols, that would have affected them all. He started filming them when they began to be hostile to him. Which was, as I understand it, right away. So yes there was some activity before he began filming, but nothing that one would normally think of as a provocation, and frankly, even if there was, does it justify this?

The police did come and tried to make him delete this video and also talked him out of pressing charges. He now regrets his decision to not press them.

They apparently attacked him again outside the coffee shop. I don’t have video of that yet.

Youtube pulled this video down and threatened to close this man’s account as well.

Video transcript:

0:00   Savage
0:02   It’s you the savage here. You’re trying to get on people’s nerves, filthy racist
0:05   filthy racist
0:10   What’s your problem? What am I going to do with you? (She then hits him.)
0:16   Call the police, please.
0:19   Me, it’s me that’s gonna call the police. You’re filming, it’s you that’s filming (inaudible) you bastard. You’re upsetting us for no reason.
0:24   Stay, stay here.
0:26   I’ll call the police. You’re filming. You’re taking… you’re getting on our nerves for no reason.
0:30   Mehria (sounds like the name Mehria, Afghan)
0:42   What’s the address here? (Mother on the phone)
0:47   (Inaudible)… you bastard.
1:27   Shut the f**k up, shut up, you bastard …
1:42   You stay here. We wait for the police.
1:44   No. It’s her that’s calling them. Filthy piece of s**t.
1:47   What did you say?
1:49   I said Jew s**t. You’re Jew s**t. You insult veiled women, you’re only Jew s**t. There…
1:55   Go f**k yourself, filthy Jew.
2:00   Sit down, sit down. (the mother)
2:10   Apparently, yes, we threw… (mother on phone)
4:44   Let’s go. (the mother)

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17 thoughts on “Muslimas Beat up “Filthy Jew” in Montreal

  1. As this film shows its not what is on their heads it is what is in their heads – veiled or unveiled.

    Banning conspicuous religious clothing and symbols is an own goal and will to some extent conceal the visibility and saturation of the conquest.

  2. Just look at the hatred in the Muslim eyes in this video and compare it to the hatred of the Muslims around the state of Israel and the hatred of the Muslims over the last 1400 years towards Hindus and Zoroastrians.
    Our clever western politicians come from First World Countries. If we are puzzled by their actions and decisions over the last 50 years and we can’t understand them, it is because they are so clever that ordinary people can’t comprehend them. But Muslims and other politicians from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and esp Sweden, Holland, France , Britain, Canada, USA, … Can understand each other perfectly well. Are we not lucky to have such clever politicians so that we don’t have to think. They will do all the thinking for us. Don’t believe what your eyes, ears, and mental senses tell you. Just believe or wonderful, democratically elected politicians. How could they be bad if democratically elected. We gave them the mandate. After election they are free to turn themselves into servile dhimmis.

  3. I can’t imagine that he couldn’t still press charges.

    However, he would then have to face threats of violence and probably threats of death and if he has a family . . .

  4. That daughter is a nasty piece of work. No doubt about her understanding of things. The longer we, in the western world, avoid facing the truth, the more doubt there is that our societies will survive. Is it possible that China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India and Japan will be the lights of the world for the next thousand years, with the rest smothered into sullen silence by the tyranny of Islam ?

  5. It’s a hoax. You see this stuff go up on YouTube all the time, there’s a flurry of grief from the liberals for a few days then it gets pulled down or forgotten. Try googling racist abuse on bus/train etc and you’ll see some examples.

    They are setting up the so called anti racist agenda. Prime the proles to start standing up for minorities etc. Helps the spread of Islam, world gov by central Caliphate.

    They pay some crisis actors, Google is of course in on the whole sham – largely owned by elite Zionist sympathisers who see the Muslim takeover as another opportunity…

    Time to stop jumping at shadows every time a so called mall shooting or racist abuse incident hits the internet…

    • ummm. this is GOV, not theonion. Your are a funny poster or something else.

      “every time a so called mall shooting”

      yes all of those dead bodies were just stage actors picking up extra work. The must be making pretty good money now since

      is all faked too


      • Not as funny a poster as you might imagine, JBP.

        Whilst I doubt Google is participating in spreading disinformation videos for some strategic or political reason, there’s no doubt the msm is active in disseminating footage from events that are almost certainly staged eg racial abuse of Christians/foreigners, some of the so called mass shooting, Islamists inciting violence etc.

        I’m not sure about the endless lists on sites like the one you pointed to. My gut feeling is that much of that so called Islamic mayhem is faked too, certainly the stuff happening in Europe or nth America would be part of the fear campaign they are spreading but the don’t actually Need to carry it all out, lots of help from compliant cops, willing actors and a few smart( ish) Islamic types gets the job done.

        • I don’t know from where you are getting this information. Obviously anyone can try to fake anything.

          However, our European colleagues report that, time after time, rather than trying to play up these incidents, the police and authorities are trying to play them down or cover them up.

          • That’s part of the game….helps support the illusion of lawlessness whilst control is in place.

            Check what Israel is doing on border crossings. Do you think that because it’s worth stopping even Muslim every time or to give the illusion that control is in place when they are
            texting through Islamists.

            I saw the same thing when I visited Norway. They are faking crimes to aid feeling of hysteria even when they don’t know who is to blame.

  6. If I was hit by those two savages I would have laid the both of them out. No mercy and I mean it.

  7. Another opportunity for what, poboy ? Google, like all msm, and all main stream politicians, has been downplaying, lying if you will, about the threat that Islam is to our society, our civilization. That downplaying is not unlike the downplaying that took place in Britain of the threat of the Nazis, great pressure was put on those putting on plays and doing films to avoid anything that painted Hitler in a bad light…..just what peaceloving people do when trying to avoid wars. As with Hitler, we will not avoid a war this way, we will simply make our situation more desperate, until, when war is inevitable, our advantages will be much reduced and we will be in a desperate battle to survive.
    As to Zionists, it may have escaped your attention, but they are at the top of the elimination list for Islamists, ahead of Christians, some millions of whom actually still manage to live in moslem dominated lands, albeit at increasing risk to their lives.
    And Google is, of course, not ” largely owned by Zionist sympathizers” ( one of it’s cofounders was Jewish ), though that does show you, poboy, in an appropriate light.
    The damage that islam has already done to our civilization is immense, physically, financially and in the dimunitian of rights that war always brings together with a self censorship that most writers and publishers employ rather than end up threatened and attacked by muslims. The damage that will be sustained before we finally appreciate that we have no choice but to fight for our rights will be vastly greater because we so don’t want to fight, we so can’t imagine a religious war in this modern age and we so don’t understand how very sure Islamists are, indeed most moslems are, that their role, their job, their only reason to exist, is to conquer the planet for allah and mohommed.
    So, good luck to all you young guys – cause this old gal may be gone before the battle is joined. Too bad, i’d like to know how it comes out…..does the stifling tyranny of dogmatic islam really triumph over the ascendant hubristic western civilization ?

    • If anything, the Msm have bee ignoring the real threat that comes from Islamists, probably infiltrated by security services already, working hand in hand with international capital ( and yes that may be Google, Microsoft et al) and on some occasions eg Arafat, with Israel to implement a blurred Islamic state worldwide.

      They certainly aren’t trying to conquer the planet for Allah, as you say, but rather for the sake of a business plan.

      Christianity, by dint of it’s largely irrelevant role nowadays in western culture, marginalized, reliant of archaic pageant at best, disengaged with the lives of the great majority, confined to a history cas in most of western culture..sad but true…will probably one survive
      by some radical transition into a new form. It’s happened before, and it may be that’s what this new Pope is all about.

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  9. The parable of Nero fiddling while Rome burned is not that far-fetched in our own time.
    The West always fiddled and tried to avoid conflict because life is too short and too sweet.
    Pre-WWII Britain is the perfect example. In deep shock after the previous military encounter. Britain, in particular, appeared to be incapable of responding to Hitler’s conquests on the continent.
    But this time, we lack those important institutions, religious and cultural, which made it possible to arouse the population to defensive action. Our leadership – themselves products of the Age of Aquarius – is no longer capable of arousing the population to the defense of our civilization. Having been denuded of “nationalism” and the pride that goes with it, as well as the “counter-cultural” devastation – along with the spread of dope-culture – which “deracinated” all of our youth – our capacity to respond to the Islamic challenge has been degraded greatly.
    I wish I had good news.

  10. The good news, Scorpio, is that you, and so many others, understand what’s taking place. There is a deep well of nationalism in most western countries, though that is offset in some circles by a sort of ‘white man’s guilt’ for having built and run empires in years past. The dope culture in no way undermines our ability to discern an enemy and fight, indeed I doubt many of the politicians who are busy misleading us are dope takers, and as to ‘deracinated’, an interesting term, and i’m not sure how you mean it, but I am sure that I would be pleased to have a Chinese Confucian to my left, an Indian Hindu to my right, a Jamaican Rastafarian an Ethiopian Jew and a Canadian Atheist as my fellow warriors when the moment comes. A broad alliance of people, societies and nations that appreciate how fatal islam is to humanity, and who, peacefully possibly, but ultimately any way required, work together for a different future for our planet.
    We do have major problems with the political left, who in their anti colonial, anti capitalist, anti American, anti British anti Israeli anti…, have made a pact with the devil in their alliance with islam…….but they will not prevail.
    So chin up Scorpio, we’re not licked yet, and I don’t think we will be. But, like WW2, we’re going to leave it till the last minute before we finally, respond, and that’s not a clever thing to do.

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