Hisu ni flagon de vereco kaj liberigo

Note: this is an Esperanto version of “Let us Raise a Flag of Truth and Liberation” by Geert Wilders, published here yesterday. Many thanks to K. From Germany for the translation.

The translator includes this note:

As Esperanto is an artificial language, one cannot talk about native speakers, but rather a fandom. This fandom, or rather its partitions in the Western world, is suitably infested with wannabe do-gooders and PC-fanatics pandering to Islamic falsehood as much as any other group, despite clear awareness that the inventor of this beautifully crafted language, Ludvik L. Zamenhof, was Jewish.

So I believe they deserve a message. I know many Esperantists run Google search alerts to detect any new writings in the language, thus they will discover your website. Notably, there are Esperanto-speaking dissident groups in Iran and some more unexpected locations.

Nova saudaraba flago de Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders estas la estro de la PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid, Partio por libero) en Nederlando. Agnoske gravan datrevenon en ĉi tiu monato, S-ro Wilders ekentreprenis ambician projekton, kiun li klarigas sube.

Hisu ni flagon de vereco kaj liberigo
de Geert Wilders

Ĉi tiun monaton antaŭ naŭ jaroj, en novembro 2004, policistoj ekipitaj per kuglosekuraj vestoj kaj mitraloj forkondukis min el mia hejmo kaj veturis min al sekura loko. Tio ĉi okazis du tagojn post la filmfaristo kaj islamkritikisto Theo van Gogh estis murdita de islama atakanto en hela taglumo sur Amsterdama strato. La polico portis min al sekurejo ĉar islamaj krimuloj estis minacintaj mortigi min ankaŭ. Ĉar ankaŭ mi parolis la veron pri la Islamo, la plej granda minaco al nia libero kaj nia civilizacio.

Ekde tiu rimarkenda dato antaŭ naŭ jaroj mi estas perfortata vivi sub daŭra protektado de la polico. Mi loĝis en armebarakoj, malliberejoj kaj sekurdomoj. La minacoj kontinuas ĝis ĉi tiu tago kaj senhavigis min de mia privatsfero kaj mia libero.

Sed mi parolados plue. La flago de Saudarabio fiere proklamas la Ŝahadon aŭ la islaman deklaracion de kredo: »Ekzistas nenia dio krom Alaho kaj Mahometo estas la mesaĝisto de Alaho.«

Memore de la pasintaj naŭ jaroj, memore de la miloj da viktimoj kiuj estis mortigitaj dum tiu periodo de islamaj murdistoj en Londono, en Moskvo, en Mumbajo, en Najrobo kaj sennombraj aliaj lokoj, kaj memore de la milionoj da homoj — virinoj, apostatoj, ne-islamanoj — kiuj ĉiutage suferas diskriminacion kaj humiligon per la malbona ideologio de Islamo kaj subpremiga islama Ŝario-leĝo, mi ofertas al la islama mondo novan flagon — flagon kun deklaracio de vereco kaj liberigo: »Islamo estas mensogo, Mahometo krimulo, la Korano veneno.«

Nur kiam la islama mondo ekscias tiun ĉi veron, eblos ĝi liberigi sin mem de malbono kaj fari la mondon al pli bona kaj sekura loko por ĉiuj homoj.

Nur kiam la libera mondo ekscias ke la Islamo estas ĉefe totalisma ideologio pli ol religio, eblos ĝi defendi siajn liberojn kaj indojn.

Languages available for “Let us Raise a Flag of Truth and Liberation”:

Arabic † Esperanto Italian
Croatian * Finnish Portuguese
Czech French Russian *
Danish German Serbian
Dutch Hebrew * Swedish
English Hungarian  

(* = assigned but not yet received; † = received but not yet posted)

8 thoughts on “Hisu ni flagon de vereco kaj liberigo

  1. I’m going to make one of those nasty assertions.

    I suspect that the West is keeping itself in the good graces of Islamic Turkoaraberberuigers because at some point the West will sponsor a Muslim revolt in China’s western provinces. When China become #1 economically I expect to see the US and Britain sponsor a massive insurrection in Islamic Provinces within China.

    It’s a long term prediction but I’ll stand by it. If the US and British establishment are playing “”Deep Chess” or “The Great Game” a lot of our soft peddling with Islam must have something to do with geostrategic threats posed long term by China. They only way that we could embroil the Chinese in a military disaster without getting our hands dirty is by sponsoring a massive Islamic rebellion in China. Of course vice versa is also true. China could be a major sponsor of Islamic insurrections in Europe. Their curious alliance with Albania provides a clue as this policy.

    Enjoy !

  2. “If the US and British establishment are playing “”Deep Chess” or “The Great Game” a lot of our soft peddling with Islam must have something to do with geostrategic threats posed long term by China.”

    The US or British establishment is not playing deep chess with China or Islam. The powers behind those “establishments” have already staked out their claims and are just negotiating their cash out. You and I are just pawns in the exchange.

  3. Napier, I think you’re getting ahead of yourself. I’ve lived with Chinese people for a while, and they’re really very down-to-earth folks. They don’t take nonsense from anyone attacking the very essence of who they are, nor do they allow the West to dictate the speed of their own reforms. They do have issues and unsettled bills, but will come around eventually. For the moment, more troubling than their dealings with Islam is their looming conflict with Japan, but that’s a different story.


    My comment above with the article reads a little harsh, or rather incomplete, as I realize. I didn’t think ahead about how it would look being published along. So I feel I need to add a few more words (in English, lol).

    If one were to put poor old Zamenhof in a time capsule and beam him straight into our time, he would appear as naive as the people I criticized above. Because that’s the spirit of his grand project, a means of easy communication to help bring about peace among all human beings. And we Esperantists are a dreamy, idealistic bunch who want the same thing. But let’s not forget what’s happening in the real world. Blessed is he to have been spared the experience of the century that came after his passing. While he did live in a truly multicultural environment with all its tensions, the one thing he did not have to suffer is the abysmal, indelible islamic hatred against Jews. This is evidenced by his doomed, even more idealistic follow-up project of “hillelism”, in which he tried to unify the monotheistic religions. He wouldn’t do such a thing again today, most certainly.

    Esperanto has suffered banishment under the Nazis, and it took until the internet age to regain and exceed the popularity it already had before. If Islam gains any more ground, all bets are off. The Islamic idea of peace is a shroud over the last person to object. Many of our idealistic friends have yet to realize that.

    Karaj samideanoj, vekiĝu!

  4. I’m glad you did Esperanto as it is the language of the Baha’i New World Order. The Baha’i adopted the political spy’s language as a way to differentiate the Baha’i version of world domination from the Baha’i islamic founding.

    “Because that’s the spirit of his grand project, a means of easy communication to help bring about peace among all human beings. And we Esperantists are a dreamy, idealistic bunch who want the same thing.”

    You Esperantists are useful idiots for the destruction of Nation States. I know what the belief is, building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is a false and evil notion that guides islam and by ‘progression’ the Baha’i. Communists have this problem as well, they call it Utopia. Grand world engulfing government with its own internal post-national language. Esperanto is just that, a language for the elite to hide their true intentions from the peons.

    The Nazis banished the Baha’i and Esperanto because the Baha’i with their adopted language of internationalism is a fundamental competitor for world domination. Even then, the Baha’i made clear their belief in open borders and ‘Unity in Diversity’.

    Knowing that Esperanto and the Baha’i go hand in hand is why I think George ‘Soros’, who was raised to speak and write fluent Esperanto, is a Baha’i.

    • If you open a window, the flies come in. Wish them NWO [individuals whose qualities I deride] would leave conlangs alone, there is no basis for the claim that having a tool to communicate on equal footing is going to tear nations down. But Fasc-Islam is going to. The only useful idiots here are those who let themselves be occupied with chasing ghosts, for that keeps them blind to reality. It’s so tiring.

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