Eat Your Nazi Heart Out!

As reported by Tundra Tabloids yesterday, a major brouhaha has broken out among Sweden’s chattering classes over Finnish Christmas cookies that — horror of horrors! — look like swastikas.

But Swedes who live near the Finnish border can relax: there will be no pastry-based blitzkrieg from the east. The alleged racist confections are actually poinsettia cookies — julstjärnekakor in Swedish — and eating them at Christmas has been a Finnish tradition since long before the first brown shirt ever sieg-heiled in a Munich bierkeller.

But that doesn’t matter when Nazi fever sweeps the nation. If all you have is a Nazi hammer, everything looks like a racist nail. Especially those über-WAYCIST Finns!

As KGS pointed out, there are plenty of other crypto-swastikas in Finnish public life, including Nazi reading cubicles in the Rovaniemi University library. If you don’t believe me, check out his post to see the photographic evidence.

It seems an intensive denazification program is the only hope for Finland.

Does Charles Johnson know about this? Someone send him an urgent lizardgram!

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Here’s the story from Avpixlat, as translated by Google with help from Fjordman:

Poinsettias causes Nazi panic

Nazi Cookies — When the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet published a recipe on Sunday for traditional Finnish poinsettia cookies, the left intelligentsia came to life with accusations of Nazism, because they believe that the cookies look like swastikas. The uproar in Sweden has amused the Finns, who have now made a politically correct alternative available.

After SVT [the Swedish state broadcaster] drew attention to the recipe in a piece entitled “A swastika with your coffee, anyone?”, the reactions were many and intense. A reader writes that this is not a new product, but has been one of the most common and traditional pastries baked in almost every Finnish home at Christmas for the last hundred, perhaps several hundred, years — and in Finland no one has ever linked any cookies to swastikas.

“In Finland eating poinsettias it is an old Christmas tradition. If you want to be a geeky journalist, go ahead and turn it into a swastika. Talk about seeing ghosts in broad daylight or making a sensation out of nothing,” writes Denise Lindell from Finland.

I’m told that instructions on how to make politically correct alternative cookies are presented in the accompanying video, which aired on Finnish TV and pokes a little fun at Finland’s western neighbor. Unfortunately, it’s in Klingon Finnish, but we’re hoping to get a subtitled version in a day or two.

How do you say “Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers” in Swedish?

19 thoughts on “Eat Your Nazi Heart Out!

  1. Looks like a pinwheel to me. As for Charles Johnson, he’s still obsessing over Glenn Greenwald and Sarah Palin’s “word salads”. Really, Charles, get a life. You’ve become very unoriginal and so very passé.

  2. So why wait all this time?
    The pinwheel poinsettias were regular fare during ww2, and for decades afterward without one eyelash batted in self-righteous Sweden.
    What’s changed?
    When did “looks like” turn into “is”?

  3. Send for the straitjacket! The padded cells will be full one day…hopefully…..

    I have a Roman Living History Group- Legion X Gemina, and we have a beautiful replica “Dura” scutum (shield) that displays a few “swastikas” around the boss. At the last show we did, an angry woman demanded that we remove it and “destroy it” or she would report us to the Police. These “swastikas” are actually a symbol of good Fortune and based around the Greek key pattern- also used in other Indo-European ancient cultures and China but also India. Romans of the 3rd Century wore this symbol on their sleeves.

    I quite aggressively told the fool to “Shove off” but the inevitable happened. An “Ocifer” turned up in the form of a Park Warden, who called the Police, who thankfully in this case agreed with us and told the woman to stop wasting Police time. Even when they left she followed us around the park as we marched shouting and pointing out us as”Nazis”…..

    Nobody tried to stop her and by the time we returned to the carpark and museum to change a small gathering of “yoof” vegetable life” had accumulated at the entrance. We came out of the museum in our modern clothes accompanied by chants of “Stop the SS Romans!”. A letter was sent to the museum demanding that they ban us “racists” and Roman “Nazis” from future appearances. The fact I wear a black tunic did not help matters. Luckily the museum supported us. We have been their “legion” for quite a while as the “Ninth”…in a previous “incarnation”.

    This situation is now out of control. This is the modern equivalent to witch and heresy hunting- the same pig ignorant mobs of morons….Next it will be the same people dressed as Moslems when they “revert”…

  4. I still don’t understand what exactly makes national socialism so scary. The ideology is a pile of crap, which has been proven by history. Only other socialists can reasonably be scared, for the reason that one rotten branch of socialism can discredit the others.

  5. Another example of how magical perception and thinking restrains the use of reason.
    If you turn words and symbols into totems of specific things, and if you then fear them, rest assured, they will hunt you in your dreams and down here on earth.

  6. The point of the swastika/Nazi silliness is to get you to take responsibility for the Feelings of the Chosen Victim Groups: blacks, browns, Jews, gypsies, etc., etc. As the Hitler memories fade into the dim, forgotten past, they get more and more desperate. No one cared about the Stars and Bars thirty years ago, nor the swastika. The pressure to make you abase yourself will increase until there is a social explosion … Or until you hate yourself so much that you die out and go extinct.

    Really, there is no logical end to white guilt other than extinction.

    • If you spend all your time focusing on the injustices of the past, then you won’t recognize the injustices of the present.
      This is a operative principle of the status quo as we see it.

  7. In Finland eating poinsettias it is an old Christmas tradition.*

    Having been raised in a sub-tropical climate where poinsettias are weedy things that have to be hacked back or they’ll take over, I’d like to mention that the plant has a milky fluid some of us are sensitive to…just in case YOU get the job of going outside to whack away at the top 5 feet or so to keep them “shaped”. Or even if you’ve brought home a potted plant and decide to take off a bit of it. Watch for leaks.

    The red things are bracts. They’re the big bright come-on to signal insects, birds – whatever – to come over to visit the very small (and quite non-descript) little yellowish flowers in the middle of the bract. Those bracts are what gave it another of its names – “lobster flower”.

    That name got eclipsed when some American dude named Poinsett was the ambassador to Mexico and brought those weeds…umm, flowers…back here, thereby sealing my fate. Wish we’d had weedwhackers back then.

    The pink versions are rather nice – in their place.

    *Yes, I do know she was referring to the pastry, not real poinsettias.

  8. The Swedish reaction to the Finnish Christmas pastry is yet another sign of their national derangement. They have a Muslim immigrant fuelled rape epidemic they ignore, whole neighbourhoods of their main cities are no-go zones for police and firemen due to the perils for infidel authorities who dare to enter pockets of Dar al Islam, their welfare state is being systematically abused by aforesaid immigrants … but traditional Finnish pastries very vaguely resembling a swastika is newsworthy.

    An examination of Swedish conduct during WW2 vis-a-vis the Nazi Reich perhaps explains the peculiar behaviour of post-War Sweden. “Neutral” Sweden not only willingly supplied the high grade iron ore that sustained the Nazi war machine, but militarily critical industrial products such as ball bearings as well as small calibre antiaircraft guns. Sweden permitted across its territory throughout the war the rail transit of hundreds of thousands of German troops from Norway through to Finland thence to the Eastern Front. I recall a figure of 600,000 troop transports back and forth.

    At the end of WW2 Sweden emerged not only physically unscathed, but industrially and economically exceptionally robust: a major factor in their post-war prosperity. It is the unacknowledged national shame of Sweden that I believe drives their insane multi-culti PC saturated national polity: exemplified by the late egregious Olaf Palme who inexplicably is lionised as a Swedish national hero.

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  10. The acute relevance of this sort of nonsense is that it fits in with and connects to the overwhelming sociopolitical fact throughout the PC MC West that Muslims have become the “New Jews” — ever vulnerable to, and threatened by, the “New Nazis” — namely, “Islamophobes” (i.e., anyone overly critical of Islam).

    Were Muslims not undergoing a global revival of their Islam and of its perennial jihad against the West (and the Rest of the world), this would be a minor footnote to the story. As it is, it is its colossally overarching context.

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