Does the MCB Tolerate Extremists?

On the BBC’s “Sunday Politics” program on November 3, Andrew Neil discussed the problem of extremists and fundamentalists within Britain’s Muslim community. His guest was Farooq Murad, the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), who was faced with some very hard questions — most of which he adroitly dodged:

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5 thoughts on “Does the MCB Tolerate Extremists?

  1. Do not be fooled this is about political abstraction and moving the contentions into the inertia of the middle ground where they will eventually be smothered and cast into the Multikulti wilderness, a propaganda offensive to neutralise the political territory on the Conservative Party’s right flank.

    • Wistrich is a poor scholar.

      William The Bastard brought Jews into the UK. My understanding is that the Anglo-Danish elite banned them.

      Edward I kicked them out for a mix of cynical and practical reasons. They had accumulated a great deal of wealth since his ancestor William brought them over in the baggage train of the invasion. He may have owed them debts himself but I understand that about 25% of the equivalent of English GDP was tied up in Jewish hands.

      I personally think that Edward set the stage for the emergence of a NATIVE merchant class by booting out the rather more chummy closed shop of Jewish merchants. Is it possible that Edward had reasonable cause for excluding an alien population? Yes. In the same way that Henry VIII liquidated the assets of Catholicism in the realm…sovereignty isn’t bean bag.

      Wistrich absurdly uses the canard of the blood libel, as if that’s why a statesman excludes a powerful immigrant population. One should also look at his essay as Anglophobic drivel, as it dredges up 1,000 years of grudges. it reminds me of Anthony Julius’s absurd attacks on the English.

    • Do you think that the attempt to tarnish and damage English literary genius like Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens is anti-English?

      I most certainly do. Now, if you want to look at the rot that has set in with the UK, look no further than this malicious sort of “scholarship”.

      If you can’t see who is doing the knee capping and who is getting knee capped you are not paying attention.

  2. “This Islamist radicalism has helped shape the direction of overall Antisemitism in the UK.

    Populist Antisemitism has become the British peoples assimilation into the jihad.

  3. It’s clear there was a hostility to jews in Britain, even before WW2. It certainly existed among the middle & upper classes, not sure about the working class. But since the arrival of muslims in towns from the 1970s onwards, the muslim hatred for jews has spread to infect almost the whole of the Left. Naturally the Left can’t rail against the likes of the BNP being crypto-Nazis without their own jew-hatred undermining their opposition to the BNP. So they just dress it up as being “anti-zionist”. It is a rare occurrence indeed to meet a British socialist who’s not a jew-hater/anti-zionist.

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