An Anniversary That Will Live in Infamy

November 16, 2013 will mark the eightieth anniversary of the recognition of the Soviet Union by the United States government. In her recent book Diana West cites that moment as the beginning of what she calls the “American Betrayal”.

The Center for Security Policy will convene a symposium on November 15 to discuss the significance of that dire day in 1933, and Diana West will be one of the panelists. Other participants will include M. Stanton Evans, Major Stephen Coughlin, Christopher Farrell, and Frank Gaffney. If you’re in the DC area on Friday, a trip down to the headquarters of Judicial Watch will be well worth undertaking.

Below is the press release from CSP:

Center Convenes Symposium on Subversion in High Places:

The Legacy of FDR’s Normalization of Relations with the USSR

Eightieth Anniversary of Deal That Facilitated Penetration of U.S. Government, Society

Washington, DC — Eighty years ago this Saturday, President Franklin D. Roosevelt agreed for the first time to recognize the Communist regime of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. He did so on the basis of formal undertakings by then-Soviet Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov that the Kremlin would not engage in subversive actions in America.

The rest, as they say, is history. And a sordid and still unfolding history it is.

The Center for Security Policy is pleased to convene a symposium to review that history — both that of the immediate post-normalization period, of World War II, of the Cold War and of today — from noon-2:00 p.m. at the headquarters of Judicial Watch at 425 3rd Street, SW, Suite 800, Washington, D.C. 20024.


  • Diana West, author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character;
  • M. Stanton Evans, author of Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government Relations;
  • Christopher Farrell, Chief Investigator, Judicial Watch; and
  • Stephen Coughlin, author of the forthcoming book, Catastrophic Failure.
  • Frank Gaffney, President, Center for Security Policy, moderator.

Where: Judicial Watch, 425 3rd Street SW, Washington, D.C. Suite 800

When: 12:00-2:00 p.m., 15 November 2013

“The 16th of November 1933 is a day that truly should live in infamy. This symposium will explore its significance both in terms of much of the most sordid history of the 20th Century — and as the predicate for similar forces at work in the 21st.”

Space is limited and RSVPs required. Contact Jordi Chervitz for reservations at 202-719-2411 or

9 thoughts on “An Anniversary That Will Live in Infamy

  1. This year is also the 80th anniversary of the catastrophic famine in the Ukraine induced by the Communists’ forced collectivization of agriculture there. The cruelty of the methods employed in that atrocity is well described in the first chapter of Timothy Snyder’s “Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin.”

  2. — and as the predicate for similar forces at work in the 21st.

    So what are those similar forces?

    Call me cynical but the retrospective post cold war ice gazing comes across as misdirection into cold war 2, one that will be fought on a neoliberal globalisation agenda from a platform of American hegemony.

  3. Orwell’s “Animal Farm” comes to mind. Funny how things haven’t changed all that much. We are now playing a game of “Putin Take” with Russia.

  4. Not that I am going into the deeper issues if West’s book, the act of recognizing the Soviet government is nothing more than recognizing reality. Regrettable as it is, Stalin and the Bolshevik party were the government of the state founded on the ruins of the Russian empire. Pretneding otherwise was/is silly, and if the USA and USSR had been without diplomatic contact during WW2 and the cold war, nothing good could have come of that.

  5. “An Anniversary That Will Live in Infamy”
    Really? Then why USA and Britain and France are friends with Wahhabism, Muslim Brotherhood? Which is worse Muslim Brotherhood, which has a strategy to take over USA in 30 years or recognizing the Soviet Union?
    Are there 6 high ranking from the Soviet Union right now, at this moment in the the White House , which will soon become Black House, ruling USA and its foreign policies, or there are 6 probably more Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Caliphates ruling USA. Just a few days ago, while trial of Morsi is underway, facts came out that there are 30 persons from the Muslim Brotherhood lobbying The white black house. I don’t know why they waste their time because The Muslim-brotherhood-in Chief- Command will do the work and lobbying for them.
    I just finished the excellent book The death of the Grown-up by Diana West. She explains in it how America, and indeed the the whole western world has turned into children with superficial thinking, a nation where its people never grow up and never mature. Their brains stops growing at 13 and stays their for ever. No brains. No philosophy, no ideology, no thinking, no discipline, loose life, anything goes, no consistent thinking, no providing for the future, live in the now, waste things and talk, and talk about ideal things, talk about problems created by our superficial thinking and don’t know how to solve them, no faith in anything, no virtues, and no virginity, sincerity?? what is sincerity? I don’t know I don’t care, is the new motto of the pure, and progressive generation of xyz generation that they are born with infinite knowledge.
    Putin wants to save his country this horrible fate that is befalling the western nations. Just tell me why is Putin bad? Or for that matter anyone like him?
    Import 30 million Muslim Brotherhood? That’s fine. White are forced to leave their Albion. That’s fine. The people will vote for the next government that it will do the same. That’s fine. Are the western countries in decline? Gosh I don’t know… I don’t care. Is our country free? Of course except don’t criticize some peaceful religions. Is our media free? Of course if they criticize Russia and China. Is my article going to be moderated and published? Probably. Does our media impose self-censorship? Ohhhhh Noooooo . Well except in some “sensitive” cases you know… we are tolerant people if things concern Muslims.
    Do you feel free to attack Christian symbols. Oh ye because we are a free country. Do you feel free to attack Muslim symbols? Could you change the subject? We are tolerant people.

  6. As a former US Foreign Service officer, I have mixed feelings.

    On the one hand, I admit to being a dyed-in-the-wool anti-Communist. On the other, the realities were that the USA could either deal with the Soviet states (including Communist China), or bankrupt itself in an unending confrontation with them. By the same token, I would welcome a rapprochement with Iran (albeit I firmly recognize that the ball’s in their court; that they have chosen continuing enmity; and that we’ll have to be careful in such a relationship).

    Still, I think that we had too many who were idealistic about Marxist-Leninist “social experiments” shaping our policies towards the Communist giants; and I think that Henry Kissinger proved how overrated he was in his fawning assessments of the Chinese Communist leadership. It was the same trouble with that one-eyed Pole Brzezinski, for whom the trouble with the USSR was not that it was Communist and totalitarian, but that it was Russian.

    And, last of all, when I was in China, and stumbling over corvee, child labor, use of prison labor to make export items (that was how Jiang Qing herself spent her last years), and hamfisted persecution of religious and political minorities back in the 1990’s and dutifully reporting it back to Washington, the brilliant Bubba Clinton’s administration decided to give Beijing permanent MFN status. It frankly took me until this maladministration’s aiding and abetting the genocide of Syrian Christians at the hands of Qaida and Ikhwan sympathizers to make me feel so ashamed of the government I served. It’s something that makes me strongly suspect that the Clintons are bought and paid for by Beijing.

  7. Recognizing the Gov’t in the USSR in 1933 was the correct thing to do. The United States, in the midst of the Great Depression desperately needed foreign trade. And then, Great Luck. The Rooskies did the job killing Nazis. Before WW 2, FDR was told by the US Army that given the landscape of Western France, a cross channel invasion, facing the total might of the Nazis would fail! The civilized world needed the Russians on the Eastern front. And keep in mind, at any given moment Stalin might have decided on a new treaty with the Nazis, so we had to continually placate him. Rewriting history to throw [offal] on FDR is getting old. Just fact the facts of the truth.

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