Tommy Robinson on BBC One

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, appeared this morning in the program “Sunday Morning Live” on BBC One.

His appearance was accompanied by an online poll: “Does the English Defence League represent a view that needs to be heard?” The results of the poll are not visible outside the UK, but I was told earlier today that 95% of the respondents answered “Yes”, that the EDL should be heard.

Samira Ahmed was the program’s presenter. The other studio guests were Inayat Bunglawala of Muslims4UK, and Esther Rantzen, a television personality and former BBC presenter.

Video 1:

Video 2:

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  2. Tommy came over very well and it now looks like HE may be able to use the
    Quillam ‘think-tank ‘ rather than the other way round. He sounded just as
    resilient and upbeat as the old Tommy. He hasn’t changed his position one

    • The Quilliam spokesman seemed reasonable. But the underlying problem will not go away. British people were born in what is now India and Pakistan for three hundred years, at NO time we they regarded as natives of those places, rightly so, what was sauce for the White Christian goose, is now sauce for the Brown Muslim gander .

  3. It was good to see Tommy defending the EDL after his last lot of interviews. The worlds a complicated place. I wonder if the 3 documentarys he’s filmed in the last year are still going to be screened?

  4. As I’ve been saying, he may have been unable to take any more of the pressure applied to him (which is understandable) but now the press & the media can’t start beating the EDL=rightwing drums whenever he opens his mouth to speak. Now at least he has a chance to say his piece.

    What will he say, & will anyone listen?

    Well time will tell.

  5. When I began watching the video I couldn’t help but notice Tommy’s body language toward the Muslim seated in the middle. It appeared to me that Tommy couldn’t sit far enough away from him, and I have to admit that after listening to the Muslim spread his taqiyya, I can understand why.

    I also noted, that Islamic extremism, as it was being described, was not being expanded on as to what really drives the ‘radical Muslim’ – the real problem being of course that it is not an extremist view of the Qu’ran that causes ‘radicalism’ but simple fundamentalism as dictated by the Qu’ran under jihad – and to me, that lack of acknowledgement of such a fundamental issue is like ignoring the elephant in the room. Has the false mantra, that Islam is a religion of peace, blindsided those whose positions should have made them aware of such a falsehood, or are they simply avoiding the issue?

    Even Tommy did not mention fundamentalism?

    No mention either, of why it is that Muslims will self identify as such. And this is an issue that needs to be discussed because it goes right to the core of what Muslims believe. So why is it that Muslims will do this, but the reasons for it are never openly discussed?

    Again, is this issue deliberately avoided?

    I noted the Quillam representative – a Muslim of course, side track the panel’s discussion by highlighting the increasing attacks against Mosques – instead of supporting Tommy’s concerns about the increasing personal attacks on Tommy by the Quillam reps brethren, and on that note, what exactly is the REAL agenda of Quillam?

    I sincerely hope that Tommy is wary enough when dealing with that organization!

    Tommy on the BBC now and given a suitable hearing? Was that one of the carrots offered to him to leave the EDL?

    • It’s fascinating to see Tommy talk about Luton. He does appear to care a great deal about his old town, and he’s obviously got a lot of Muslim friends from there.

      I think that Rantzen is practicing a form of self deception though. One only has to look at Lebanon or Iraq to understand the ethnocide that awaits the English. She seemed to relish the idea as a mediator between Muslim (Pakistani) and Anglo. I cannot think of any place in the world where these groups have gotten along.

      • Dan, I didn’t take much notice of Rantzen – apart from forming the opinion, that although she is very well spoken, as the English would say, I found her to be a distraction to what was being discussed – maybe a plant? But who knows?

        And you are quite right in putting forward your thoughts about the incapability of the Muslim within the Westernized and Anglo influenced nations, because there is nothing more anti-Western and anti- Anglo, than Islam!

    • Inayat Bunglawallah is not from Quilliam. The presenter clearly said he was exMCB and now had his own group Muslims 4UK. Do try to get your facts right.

      • The Usama Hasab fellow was from Quilliam. Please keep up! Tommy looked quite relieved when Usama backed him up by highlighting Islamic terrorist incidents.

    • The very first thing I noticed in this video was Robinson’s body language toward that muslim. He couldn’t get far enough to his left to get away from him.

      Otherwise, Robinson was very good, didn’t say anything different to what I heard him say before he left the EDL.. It remains to be seen what will happen with Quilliam. They’re a suspect organisation to me. There is stil not enough info at this stage. We’ll have to see what’s happening in six months.

  6. I have to laugh at Geller’s latest efforts to make herself out to be in the right again. Tommy didn’t tell her what he was going to do, so she’s washing her hands of him. Oh dearie me – as if anyone living in the UK cares what Geller thinks – about anything!

    Well there would be a certain Roberta Moore, if she’s not skedaddled back off to Brazil or wherever she came from – Geller’s heir apparent to the CJ movement in the UK at one time.

    Funny how Geller isn’t calling for her to take centre stage in the UK now, isn’t it?

    • If anyone needed any further proof of how foolish and self centered Geller/Spencer are, her reaction to this should be enough to put a dead person off. Lots of folks here stateside could care less about Geller and her agenda which seems to be me, me, me.

      I have no use for Geller or her trappings and companions. At this point she does the CJ more harm than good. She lost my support for the obvious reasons.

      I recall all too vividly how Geller and her cronies strong armed their way into ripping SIOA into and under Geller/Spencer control. A black day for the CJ in the USA as far as I am concerned.

      Tommy did a good job here on the BBC. I think there is substance that he may have more ‘freedom’ to do what he really feels what he must and needs to do. As Nick said, Time will tell!

      • A bit of clarification: I hold Robert Spencer in much higher regard than I do Ms. Geller. His knowledge of Islamic history and seeing islam, sharia law for what these truly are, make me have respect for Spencer and beyond. I have read several of his books and they have all been very good, very worth anyone’s time.

        • Robert Spencer made a curious remark in one of his post’s in answer to a comment, something to the effect that the comment poster shouldn’t reiterate the nonsense on GoV about the TR affair. That was an odd remark to make as Pamela Geller had initially backed TR but then when she discovered she had been misled came out against him on that account deeming him to have been ‘broken’, the oddness arising from the fact that the GoV take on what must have transpired was along these lines from the word go, if not in such dramatic form.

  7. It is as I thought it would be: from this panel discussion – and note that the compere was a Muslim so the odds were stacked – Tommy Robinson is pursuing the same agenda as he did in the EDL, but now through the “respectable” Quilliam Foundation. For the time being. His replies to Bunga Whatshisname were very good, eg quoting the representative of the local Muslim community on Luton radio as stating “In an ideal world homosexuals would be executed and women stoned for adultery”, noting Bunga’s support for the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, etc. Plainly Tommy had done his research and wasn’t buying into the “repentance” demanded of him by Bunga.

    Esther Rantzen’s contribution was illuminating: when asked did the EDL represent legitimate concerns she answer say “Yes”, but she responded by citing her experience of two veiled women having publicly accosted and upbraided her in the street on the unIslamic practice of voting. That’s a former BBC broadcaster’s way of saying: Yes.

    I suspect the readers of GoV will derive much satisfaction from Tommy Robinson in the forthcoming years as he becomes more sophisticated and more media savvy. Clearly he has not abandoned the Counterjihad in the least.

  8. s ducain on October 13, 2013 at 4:25 pm said:

    Tommy came over very well… He hasn’t changed his position one

    What position would that be, exactly? That most Muslims are decent moms and pops like the rest of us, and that the problem is “Islamism” (not Islam) as acted out by a Minority of Extremists, along with “neo-Nazis”?

    Julius O’Malley on October 13, 2013 at 8:25 pm said:

    It is as I thought it would be: from this panel discussion – and note that the compere was a Muslim so the odds were stacked – Tommy Robinson is pursuing the same agenda as he did in the EDL

    What agenda would that be, exactly? One based on the conviction that most Muslims are decent moms and pops like the rest of us, and that the problem is “Islamism” (not Islam) as acted out by a Minority of Extremists, along with “neo-Nazis”?

      • Esther Rantzen wrapping the British people in a comfort blanket reassuring them against the message and shielding them from their post-multikulti fears – the fear of growing-up into nationhood.

        The tongue in cheek 95% poll predates Tommy’s NewEra road to Damascus, and should be credited to the keyboard warriors and foot soldiers – the British Patriots of the UKCJM and the EDL.

    • The problem is and always will be, Islam. As a basic minimum requirement, Moslems MUST be allowed to leave Islam, as any Christian, Hindu etc can leave their religion. But they will never accept any change, however small, in their way of doing things. That is what will always lead to trouble.

      • The problem never was and never will be Islam. Europeans, and their offspring, must decide to unapologetically defend themselves or not.

        What Muslims want, or do, has no bearing on that decision.

    • Do not lose sight of that fact that many of these people are subject to extreme social conditioning, like many I know Islam for what it is, an extreme xenophobic political religious ideology, however I also understand that there are a number of Muslims who follow it because they have no choice, the intelligent approach to the Islamic problem is full on exposure to freedom of expression where it and all its hate gets exposed to open ridicule, then how many of these cultural Muslims will stay? This is the battle front and manjy of you should be aware that this is what we need to win!!!

    • “What position would that be, exactly?”

      You have to crack the ground before you can plant the seeds.

    • 95%!!!! The programme compere was shocked at the result. But what does it say about the native Brits? Great news as far as I can see.

  9. You are a brave man Tommy Robinson! While I for political reasons don’t go much on the EDL- I admire real courage and you have it in plenty- both you and your partner head of EDL. I salute you! There are too many “flat-bottoms” sitting behind computers these days, instead of what they should be doing!!! I know it may not mean much but I will hold a Mass for you and your families. And if any “Church” bans you or refuses the sacraments- I will be more than glad to give them to you and your families-indeed all the EDL who are Christians. I wish you well! Ignore the “flat bottoms” and “Yours Offended” of Islington and “Gaza on Thames”, or Adbul bin liner al jihad, and a myriad other “Useful Idiots”. None have the courage you two have shown! None- We’ll get through this dark time gentlemen- I know we will and into “sunny uplands” of Traditional Christian England…..
    God’s Speed

    Father Guy

  10. I think Tommy Robinson and Quilliam will not make comfortable bedfellows and that he will dissociate from them at the first opportunity.

    • He will dissociate himself from Quilliam at the time of his choosing: when he has gathered enough intelligence from the inside and can thoroughly discredit each discreditable individual within it and each nefarious organisation that supports it. That may be years away, may be only 6 months away. Remember Quilliam is chock full of reformed Islamists, some may be genuine, some not. TR is now perfectly positioned to establish what the real agenda of Quilliam is.

  11. It seems the papers here in the UK are not impressed with Tommy Robinson’s latest actions. The Guardian (Sunday 13th) has a piece by Matthew Goodwin ‘Tommy Robinson’s EDL resignation was disingenuous nonsense’ – available on line – and the Sunday Times also had an article by Rosie Kinchen ‘For You Tommy the War Isn’t Over, – The former leader of the English Defence League says he left to avoid the boozing and violence, but his views on muslims are unchanged’.

    Both articles are ‘hatchet jobs’, attacking and belittling him personally, Ms Kinchen is particularly ‘bitchy’, they obviously do not think he has caved in nor is he finished.

  12. Tommy robinson, has made smart smart move!

    I see now that tommy has repositioned himself, so as to fight the muslims from the inside, play them at there own game.

    He has hatched an air of legitamacy, and now has access to real media, and seems that tommy is still tommy, he hasnt sold us at!

    Tommy looked better, and sounded better in this bbc debate. He looked more relaxed, composed, more experienced, and has improved as a speaker!

    I c improvement here.

    Tommy made these muslims in this debate look like the liars they are, he exposed one of them with pass quotes the muslim nazi had made about murdering non believers.

    Keep going tommy, but i fear the quilliams will, regret taking you onboard, and probably are already planning your departure.

    Get some body guards tommy, its going get lot more dangerous out there.

    You should have basic security at all times.

    Ban islam now!

    Islam = Nazis

    • Me too. Could hardly believe it when I watched the video. Maybe it took the BBC by surprise?

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