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One of our Dutch contacts sent us an email this morning, apropos of the nascent anti-euro movement that includes the Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom, PVV) and Front National (FN), with Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats, SD) apparently soon to come on board:

I personally think the alliance of the PVV with Vlaams Belang, Front National, and Sverigedemokraterna makes the Euro left shiver with fear. All of them are now firmly democratic parties, all of them firmly reject the Euro and the EUSSR and all of them are vilified to almost unbelievable levels.

A fortnight ago the PVV organized a small demonstration in The Hague. About 2,000 participants showed up. Amongst them a few (five) extreme right wing misfits of Voorpost. They carried big “Prinsenvlaggen”.

Can you guess what happened? Of course you can…

Those five misfits were shown prominently on every news media present. The PVV was ignored as much as possible, and linked to right-wing extremism.

The Prinsenvlag is orange-white-(lighter) blue. For a while, this was promoted by the NSB (Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging, the Dutch fascists) to replace red-white-(dark) blue; at that time (late ’30s), the Dutch flag could be either. There is nothing extreme about this flag at all, but the association with the NSB tarred it forever. Of course, this is kept alive as much as possible: we have to have a bogey to fight against.

This morning’s news items also included (possibly coincidentally) this story about a renewed attempt to prosecute Geert Wilders, the leader of the PVV, for “incitement of hatred”:

Lawyer Wants Wilders’ Inciting Hatred Case Reconsidered

Lawyer Gerard Spong is to ask the High Court to reconsider the 2011 case against Geert Wilders for inciting hatred.

Spong was instrumental in getting the original case heard and was disappointed when Wilders was found not guilty.

Spong told tv programme Pauw & Witteman on Monday evening he has now asked the procurator general to take recourse in the interest of law, a special procedure in which the High Court in hindsight decides if a lower court has explained the law clearly and properly.

The ruling of the earlier case is not affected and there is no question of anti-Islam PVV party leader Wilders being punished.

The lawyer wants a clear ruling on whether Wilders was guilty of discrimination and inciting hatred with an eye to future similar cases, he told the tv programme.

The procurator general refused a similar request last year, but Spong is using a recent report by the Council of Europe to back up his latest effort. That report said the Netherlands is not doing enough to counteract racism.

Geert Wilders is hugely popular. The PVV now polls ahead of all the other parties in the Netherlands. Mr. Wilders proposes to turn off the immigration valve, and he wants out of the European Union.

Therefore he must be stopped. Watch carefully over the next few months as he becomes a media bogeyman all across Europe.

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  1. It’s important not to bury under the bush that Gerard Spong is a Jew. Jews in every Western country are aggressively in the forefront of the progressive madness, and no one calls them on it except the neonazis. But just because neonazis also spread lots of preposterous lies and extreme malice, it’s no reason to run away from the things they point out that are true. To anyone for whom this comment rings a bell, I recommend a new book by David Gelernter, “America-Light.” Gelernter is a proud Jew, philosopher of Jewish theology, computer scientist, painter and all around polymath — and he blames America’s Jewish intelligentsia for the progressive destruction [again, the double-entendre] of the United States. But precisely because he is who he is, all this is not a theme that rough yokels and psychopaths have the delicate mental instruments for dissecting.

    • Reminds me of Hans Litton the guy who put Hitler on the witness stand.

      The main difference is that Hitler had deep support in German aristocratic and industrial circles.

      Wilders has very few allies in high places.

  2. Lets hope this idiot succeeds in getting the law altered! Geert is very popular. Long term this will give people impetus to support him when they can see even more evidence of Islam favouritism – and it just serves to further prove him right.

  3. A propos the Dutch Nazis hijacking news coverage of a PVV demo, E. Michael Jones,, recounts that, in the days of anti-war protests about the war in VietNam, marxists would usurp the leading position in the procession in order to create the impression that everyone else was following them.

    As to this Mr. Spong’s petition for reconsideration of Mr. Wilders’ acquittal, does Holland not have legal protection against double jeopardy? I know England recently, to its enduring shame repealed its legal protection against double jeopardy.

    Mr. Seiyo, thank you for the referral to America Light.

  4. I have to say that I totally agree with Takyuans comment above, the more I look into this the more I realise the absolutely undeniable and pivotal role JEWS have played in the imposition of multiculturalism and all its horrors upon the West. I have always admired Gates of Vienna for its focus upon the truth about these issues but I must also say that their persistent blindness to this phenomena (like ignoring for instance the fact that the Bolshevik regime as well as all the other Communist regimes in 1920s Europe were HEAVILY dominated by Jews and that the Communist parties and other Leftwing movements of Europe have always seen Jews MASSIVELY overrepresented as a proportion of the total population, within their ranks). Golden Dawn are more friends of European civilization that the Zionist traitors who are seeking to set up ‘kosher’ nationalist groups throughout Europe which are liberal in everything save their opposition to Islam-which is, just coincidentally, the main enemy of Israel as well . The truth is that Jewish groups, and Jews in general (with a few honourable exceptions) have been absolutely at the forefront of attacking and repressing any of the groups which tried to save Europe and the West from the coming horrors. For them to try and ‘hijack’ the movement now in order to save themselves (as they can see people are waking up) is to little too late.

    • Dan —

      It’s obvious that you haven’t read much material here at Gates of Vienna; otherwise you would have noticed that despite our “blindness” we have written extensively on this topic. In some cases the author has been Takuan, in other cases myself or someone else.

      I hate the topic, not because of what it deals with, but because it acts as flypaper for hardcore Jew-haters, who come over here and say vile things. The result is that Dymphna and I have to engage in far more intensive monitoring of the comments than is usually the case. If I have to close this thread to comments, readers will know why.

      If I had to choose between Golden Dawn and the commissars of the World Socialist Revolution, I might just have to shoot myself instead, because there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between them. National or International Socialist totalitarian violence and repression — take your pick.

      Golden Dawn and Jobbik are truly Nazi/fascist parties, right down to the stiff-armed salutes, the uniforms, and the Horst Wessel song.

      Because the central authorities of the EU insist on characterizing real democratic nationalist parties — VB, PVV, FPÖ, SD, FN, etc. — as “neo-fascists”, the ascendancy of true fascism à la Chrysi Avgi becomes that much more likely all across Western Europe.

      We work to avert that outcome by supporting forms of nationalism that don’t depend on socialism and Jew-bashing.

      • I entirely understand and support this with respect to the policy of GoV. Moreover, the concentration on Jews is a fixation of some, and therefore unproductive. My task with the comment above was to heighten the reader’s awareness with respect to a salient determinant of the subject person in this particular case. If the topic were Obama voters, or “Abrahamic religions why-can’t-we-all-get-together” and the subject person were a woman I’d seek to flesh out the gender rather than ethnicity-specific role in this attitude. If the issue were white self-hatred and the subject were a Scandinavian person, it’s that personal detail that would be a suitable fulcrum with respect to discussing Scandinavians as a group.

        The majority that is being imperiled, i.e. Westerners who value what it means and what they are, have to find the courage to speak up to the internal groups that spearhead the destruction. Among those, modern women are by far the dominant group. Jews as a group are far less destructive than socialists are as a group, or academics.

        Complaining about Islam and Muslims cannot be ultimately effective unless we identify and address the groups among us that are chiefly responsible for the blindness with respect to Islam and Muslims, and so much else besides. Western males have to find a voice to speak as a group to Western females; Western centrists and capitalists to Western socialists; Eastern Europeans to Western Europeans, Western cultural or traditionalist conservative Christians to Western “progressive” Christians, Western gentiles to Western Jews.

        We cannot run away from these issues; not even the last one. But treating them in depth and with fairness is beyond the means not only of this website but of any I know of — except such with money from the Left that would not touch such topics with a 10-ft. pole.

      • I’d agree with that completely, apart from the lack of a body count among the Golden Dawniaks. They have yet to barge a team into a Communist party meeting and kill half a dozen opponents. Same with Jobbik. They are not far off being Fascists or Falangists but there was something peculiar about the Nazis. Something almost exceptional about their behaviors, something extra that sickens the soul. It’s not even the antisemitic stance, which is a common enough thing in European history, no it’s the willingness to suspend the law and kill opponents who have legitimate points to make.

  5. The Jews can be broken off Leftism by asking: “Which Jew has white privilege; Moshe Kantor, or Yigal Amir?”

    More pressing than the Jew is the Left in general. Good questions would be:”Was Stalin a fascist?”, “Are Trotskyites soft on fascism, compared to Anarchists?”, “As even Antifa admits there exists Left-Antisemitism, why would the Antisemitism of Hitler prove him to be on the Right?”

    • The issue with Adolf.

      He got a lot of white men killed.

      He wasn’t precisely a white supremacist was he? In some ways he is responsible for the demographic mess in Europe.
      In some ways I also think that the allies became insane. The post war settlement prevented the repopulation of Germany, with migrating Russ or Pole workers, which was the breeding ground for European civilization.

      Germany could have assimilated millions of Slavs.

      The insanity of total war mixed with the iron curtain destroyed the demography of Europe.

    • This addresses some of the issues that Diane West skirted around.

      IF and it is a big IF, Hitler had been assassinated by Stauffenberg or Todt or Canaris in 1942,43,44…

      …would the allies have still conducted their eventual genocide on the Germans? The allied did kill far too many of them and the post war settlement blocked to possibility of replenishing Western Europe by erecting the Iron Curtain. I ascribe some of it to incompetence but a lot of it was malice and deliberate progressive insanity.

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