Syria Calling

Young men all across Europe are decamping from their “homelands” and making their way to Syria to fight in the jihad against the Assad regime.

The news video below features an interview with one of these would-be mujahideen. Notice the overt threat against the German state: “If you interfere with us when we try to leave for Syria, it makes us very angry, and you know what Muslims do when they get angry…”

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Apropos, from today’s Dutch News: “Germany Arrests Arnhem Men on Their Way to Syria”.


00:00   Cologne, end of September, we meet Mustafa: his life
00:04   belongs to Islam and he would die for Islam.
00:08   He is only 24, but he saw the war in Syria.
00:12   It’s the first TV interview with a Salafist who
00:16   has returned from this war. It’s a very clear
00:20   fact in Islam that one has to lead the armed fight,
00:24   but now the first thing is
00:28   humanitarian help, because one must not forget
00:32   that, when it’s needed.
00:36   One has to give one’s body.
00:40   Mustafa says he has not fought in Syria, but the
00:44   young man of Moroccan origin calls for support for the fighters
00:48   with money and goods. He is angry
00:52   that German authorities prevent this. This causes
00:56   great hatred among Muslims,
01:00   then you should not be surprised if something will happen later
01:04   in Germany, because one fights Islam
01:08   and as they say, (German version of “Karma”):
01:12   as you call into the forest, the echo comes back. Because of this attitude
01:16   returnees like him are being monitored by security forces.
01:20   The problem is that there is an increasing number of them. From N. Westphalia alone,
01:24   50 young men went to Syria this year.
01:28   From Germany far more than 100. Those who return
01:32   are considered dangerous. We do not know exactly,
01:36   and we have to investigate this: what orders do they bring back?
01:40   Therefore after their return they are monitored very closely by the intelligence services.
01:44   Their orders could go
01:48   from networking, to money collections, to possibly
01:52   a concrete order. We have to expect this,
01:56   and therefore we observe them specially. Those observed are mainly
02:00   young men, because they easily get enthusiastic about Salafist philosophy.
02:05   Many look for the group-feeling, as during this action in Frankfurt
02:09   in September. “Allah is bla-bla-bla.”
02:13   They only intend to engage themselves for “oppressed Muslims” in Syria, but
02:17   it is just this which preachers use to stimulate emotions.
02:21   According to information from ZDF (German state TV),
02:25   immediately after this rally, about 2 dozen young Muslims went
02:29   to Syria via Turkey. Among them were at least 5
02:33   minors, the youngest 15 years old.
02:37   We know that minors are seduced into the Salafist scene
02:41   and are radicalised. In individual cases we observed
02:45   that minors travelled to Syria to fight there.
02:49   Once they are in Syria, some join
02:53   Salafist terror groups, who sometimes using child soldiers,
02:57   fight against the Assad regime and also kill other Muslims.
03:01   A few weeks ago, according to Human Rights Watch,
03:05   here in the Syrian/Turkish border region,
03:09   hundreds of Alawite Muslims have been murdered. The killers
03:13   are being feted in such internet clips, and if they
03:17   die in the fight, then Salafist commandos distribute
03:21   Martyr Videos. In this case it is Muslims from
03:25   Germany, all killed in the civil war. The message:
03:29   this example should be followed by others from “home”.
03:33   The martyr’s death
03:37   is the best way to die. And this death
03:41   I wish for myself, and every Muslim
03:45   brother and sister. Mustafa
03:49   wants to fight for an Islamic world, die for it if necessary.
03:53   For the investigators, the fight by the Salafists in Syria is terrorism.
03:57   For him it is the completion of his faith, without compromise.

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8 thoughts on “Syria Calling

  1. The problem of Jihadists in our midst grows exponentially while common sense is in very short supply. This can only end badly.

  2. The influx of these mujahideen in any great numbers onto the so called ‘rebel’ side in Syria could spell disaster for Assad and his regime. If this is the case the ‘rebels’ may choose to continue onto Turkey and roll on into all Islamic lands until the ‘faithful’ have been brought back into the Umma.

    Interesting times lay ahead!

  3. Perhaps instead of looking at Rhodes or Malta we should look at Yarmouk or other battles that occurred when Byzantium was swept away.

  4. The issue is not who are these allamands [“allemand” is German in French] going to Syria and why they are going there. The issue is who are the Germans who allowed the parents of these Muzcreatures to immigrate to Germany and why they have so allowed. It’s the latter that German public opinion and German law should seek to punish, first of all.

  5. Is it too much to hope that the Germans will do now what they should have done when these “youths” or their parents applied for admission to Germany in the first place? KEEP THEM OUT! REFUSE TO TAKE THEM BACK!
    I suppose it is too late. A nation with half a brain wouldn’t have admitted them or their parents at all. How is it that the people who terrorized half the world seventy years ago can’t even stand up for their lawful interests now?
    Of course we live in a country that was galvanized into total war on December 7, 1941, but now agonizes about “Why do they hate us?”
    It’s hard to tell which of us is the more pathetic now.

    • Indeed it is too late for Germany. More Western nations will follow.

      Kenan Kolat, chairman of the Turkish Community in Germany [TCG], emphasises, at the TCG meeting in Baden-Württemberg, that 80% of the German population below six years of age is of immigrant origin. Kola: “In twenty years immigrants will make up 75% of the population. Germany must see this reality.” These people will rule and lead Germany, emphasis Kolat and aims his words at the parties who will form the next government: “Dual citizenship is the most important item on the TCG’s agenda. The SPD [Socialist party] has promised it to us. If the SPD breaks its promises for a second time and disappoints voters of Turkish origin, the Turks will not forget it.”


    • In Belgium the men (oops! Youths!) going to Syria first loose their social wellfare entitlements = money and are stricken from the local population registers. When they come back they are arrested for (in a nutshell) warmongering. These actions are in spite of national politicians who produce the usual “poor background” babble.

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