Sweden’s Revolving Door

At one time the campaign slogan used by Swedish Social Democrats was “Alla ska med” — “Everyone must come along”. Now the same catchphrase seems to be the motto for the whole country.

A Russian woman and her children were recently thrown out of Sweden via the front door, and immediately returned through the back door, ready to draw the dole and apply for asylum all over again.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Illegal immigrants deported at a cost of SEK 250,000 — two weeks later, the entire family back in Sweden again

It was expensive when a woman from Russia and her four children were deported from Sweden earlier this year. A police escort and chartered aircraft cost taxpayers more than a quarter of a million crowns. But it was only two weeks before the whole family was back in Sweden again.

In March of this year a woman and her four children were expelled to Russia. The deportation cost taxpayers over 250 thousand crowns when the immigrant family was put on a special chartered plane to Moscow with six policemen. The reason that the family is not considered able to ride regular flights to Moscow, according to the police, is that there was a risk that the woman or the children “could start screaming.”

“In this case, if the lady or the kids started screaming, then the captain might have to cancel the trip so that other travelers would not take offense at that,” says Willie Aflarenko, head of the Border Police Dalarna-Gävleborg, to SVT.

Two weeks after the deportation was carried out, the woman was back in Sweden with her children. They had taken the bus to Dalarna through Belarus, Poland, Germany and Denmark. The woman’s asylum application has previously been rejected by both the Migration Board that the Migration Court.

The reason that the woman believes that she should be allowed to stay in Sweden even though she already had been denied asylum and deported, is that she is afraid of being beaten by her husband.

Her husband is currently serving a prison sentence in Sweden for having assaulted the woman, but after his sentence has been served will face deportation to Russia.

According to Wikipedia around 600,000 Russian women are battered by their men every year.

7 thoughts on “Sweden’s Revolving Door

  1. A more important story from the same source (google translated)

    “Swedes under 45 soon in minority

    The government’s immigration policy means that the number of Swedes who are younger than 45 years in the foreseeable future [redan inom överskådlig tid] will be fewer than the number of immigrants in the same age group. The consequences for today’s children and adolescents could be severe , says an expert. …

    The immigration-critical circuits have produced a number of forecasts to suggest that the Swedes will become a minority in their own country by the year 2050. …


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  3. Russia needs a population infusion and allowing this deadbeat to leave the country really makes sense for them…. leaves lots of room for the 50,000 …mostly Syrian Orthodox Christians that Putin has just recently offered visas and re-settlement help. The Russian Orthodox Church is already raising money and even clothing for families and teddy bears for the little kids for playthings.

    Over 50,000 people are working on their own papers as I write… from camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

    Russia, Why not encourage your own garbage to go to Sweden, Denmark or even BELGIUM and in their place, take in many , many nice folks displaced by a war, not of their own making (HELLO Obama war making “king” ).
    I read Sweden is taking in MANY, MANY muslims from Syria…as many as they can get there…. sounds like so much FUN for the native indigenous people of Sweden….not!
    The WEST is taking in the deadbeat muslims and RUSSIA taking the productive and creative CHRISTIANS! I do believe the RUSSIANS have the better idea.

    And one more thing, I have it on good authority from certain charities in the USA that trying to bring Christians from the SYRIA is a LOST cause… the State dept. WILL NOT ALLOW IT!! Muslims on the other hand are welcomed as many as they can get!

  4. Russia is taking in Syrian Christians? Congrats-they will not be dissapointed.AttackKAT, You are right-As a Pole, I for one thing believe Polish authorities should not hold anyone coming form Chechnya and heading for Germany back.Truth is-80% want to go there-and thus the Polish state is wasting its resources on these people while being constantly harrassed by German do-gooders for not being f.e “culturally sensitive enought” (meaning-paying more benefits, providing for halal ect) ALL THE WHILE Germany is gleeful for not having these problem. Around 20%, probably people who are really in danger if they went back, are willing to integrate into Polish socjety.These should, of course, be welcomed and given a Chance to rebuild their lives, acquire citizenship ect. Dear Gates of Vienna, not only we Poles but also the Italians and Greek are constantly criticizes for, I dont, know, not sufficiently providing for the “refugees”, even of being not “inclusive” enought, as if it were the Italians fault that these “refugees” want to go to Sweden ect where working and contributing to the local socjety is optional. Could You write about how these “refugees” are so “endangered” that Poland,Italy,Greece is not “safe” enought for them? Also, Id like to mention that I REALLY hate to hear about how “poor” these “refugees” are-while I am typing this islamic thug-armies (“Seleka”) are terrorizing the truely poor inhabitants of the Central African Republic. Thousands of children had to watch their parens being murdered for being Christians, their homes burned down by people looking quite similar to the “refugees” of Lampedusa.Why is nobody offering them a chance for a better life?

    • Many of the newest refugees arriving in Lampedusa , Italy are Syrian Roman Catholics and get no better treatment than the Black muslims from Africa….according to a prominent refugee re-settlement group.

  5. Was the Russian woman in question an ethnic Russian? Or an ethnic Chechen? Or an ethnic Gypsy?

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