Rand Paul Goes Against the Narrative

“Until Asia Bibi is freed, not one dollar of U.S. aid should go to Pakistan.”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) departs from the “narrative” — the one followed by the media, the Obama administration, and most of his colleagues in Congress — and talks about the worldwide epidemic of persecution against Christians, mostly at the hands of Muslims.

At about 16:00 in this video Sen. Paul shows that he has bought the line about the tolerance, inquisitiveness, and scientific accomplishments of the Islamic Middle East during the Middle Ages. He obviously could use some instruction from Fjordman, Robert Spencer, Steve Coughlin, and other experts who have studied the history of Islam in great depth.

However, the fact that a sitting United States Senator could say these things in a public forum should be enough to make us all stand up and cheer:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

2 thoughts on “Rand Paul Goes Against the Narrative

  1. Where is his teleprompter? Seriously: Are we seeing America’s next president? I just wrote him in support, referring to this GoV article, and I suggest those of you who agree do likewise. His contact form is at


    If you’re outside the US, you will have to find some fictitious US address to make your message accepted by the IT system. (It goes without emphasising that this condition should be mentioned.)

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