OSCE Warsaw: FGM and Honor Violence

Below are four related interventions read at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Session 3 “Tolerance and Non-Discrimination II, Prevention of Violence Against Women and Children”, Warsaw, September 24, 2013.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for recording these videos, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading them.

Video 1: FGM — willfully harming women is a crime against humanity (English voice-over)
Marie-Louise Hoffmann-Polzoni, representing Women For Freedom

Pax Europa

Video 2: Sexual exploitation and violence against women: Unaddressed problems in Northern Europe
Liz Schmidt, representing BPE Austria

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Video 3: The difference between domestic violence and honour killing
Valerie Price, representing ACT! for Canada

Pax Europa

Video 4: Recognizing the Problem: Female Genital Mutilation Permitted in Teachings of Islam
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa

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6 thoughts on “OSCE Warsaw: FGM and Honor Violence

  1. In 2013 we should not be even hearing of these evil savage atrocities taking place in OUR countries and worse, let alone doing nothing out of fear of being called a ” racist” or Islamophobe” !!
    So as Voltaire said “to find out who rules you look to the people you may not criticise ‘ is very clear, are we already covertly under Sharia ???

    No sane decent person can possibly agree these crimes are ignored, but every decent person should fight , protest in their millions against this and purge our societies clean of such.
    Thankfully attention is being given to these atrocities.
    But not enough. in GB mainly the EDL and Liberty GB who are slandered and criticised as racist extremists !!
    The left, those do-gooders, those bastion of ” human rights” those so-called ” anti-fascists “are silent ! The ” Guardian” goes ballistic if even Muslim terrorism is mentioned !
    Truth has become the new ” hate-speech”.
    And the police officers themselves, they are humans I imagine ?? Men and women with families of their own, they don’t speak out why, for fear of losing their jobs ? Why else? Everywhere they cover up Muslim crimes and Danish police have admitted this to ensure no ” panic amongst the population” are they crazy, have we abandoned law and order or something
    We are now living it seems in the time of ” lawlessness ” prophesied in the Bible and when ” good will be called evil and evil good “

  2. Anna, I agree. And what about the hospital personnel and the doctors and nurses who see the results of the FGM and know that there are other girl babies/children in the families? What is their moral and legal culpability?

    Lawsuits should be brought– by third parties if necessary. That’s probably what it would take.

    • Yes ! I would be so disturbed. Would not be able to remain silent. ( or sleep ) I can’t keep silent as it is and drive most people crazy and I wonder if I am on another planet. What it is about barbarity they don’t understand ???We should demand these mutilated girls , plus those at risk are forcibly taken from their families into foster families/care.
      Only children of EDL and UKIP supporters are considered ” at risk”. You couldn’t make it up.
      Beam me up Scotty.

  3. It is against the law. Repeat: it is against the law. And no one is prosecuted, either as perpetrator or as abetter. Even though both are criminals.

    So Europe is living under de facto Shariah law. Shariah is obviously the real law of the land.

    Thinking about it I’m almost amazed that they arrested the killer of the soldier named Rigby. I guess that he had to be arrested because the murder was so public.

    I’m only being a little sarcastic here.

    The UK is now a country in which children who are British citizens are allowed to be tortured and maimed. And almost no one protests.

    I agree Anna. You wonder what planet you are on.

    Question for those who live in the UK: does the BBC report about this? Are there any articles in Guardian?

    Of course the same thing is happening in the United States but in lower numbers I think.

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