More on the Downing of the Syrian Helicopter

In response to comments on the translations from Zuerst! and Politically Incorrect, JLH sends these two follow-ups. The story about the beheading of the pilots of the Syrian helicopter may or may not be true, but no video has yet emerged.

First, from Frankfurter Rundschau, September 18:

Die beiden Piloten sollen mit Fallschirmen abgesprungen sein. Es gab unterschiedliche Berichte, wonach syrische Rebellen die beiden Piloten getötet oder gefangen genommen haben sollen.

Both pilots are said to have parachuted. There were varying reports, according to which Syrian rebels killed or captured both pilots.

From Facebook:

#Syria #Realsyria: Published activists picture of the pilot who was driving the chopper Syrian dropped by defenses Turkish above the village of Yusufiya Jebel Turkmen in the countryside _ Latakia, said activists that the pilot descended from the helicopter by parachute on the area under the control of the fighters, militants from the state _ Islamic quickly seized him and cut off his head.

[ghastly photo omitted]

#Syria #Lattakia #Turkey #Jihad #Qaeda #Photo Activists have published a photo of a pilot, who was driving a Syrian helicopter downed by Turkish Air Defense above al-Yusfia village in al-Turkman mountain of Latakia countryside, the activists added that the pilot has landed with his parachute on an area under the control of radicalized fighters of the Islamic State and al-Muhajereen battalion, who immediately took him and beheaded him. Syrian Center for Documentations apologizes for the cruelty of the photo. — with Hamdy Elbatran.

3 thoughts on “More on the Downing of the Syrian Helicopter

  1. This is the first that I have ever heard of pilots “parachuting” from a helicopter.this story has a strange smell about it.

  2. Yes, I would have to say that, because helicopters (for obvious reasons) do not use ejection seats and the recommended means of dealing with an emergency landing is to auto-gyro down, it is not fully credible that any helicopter pilot would parachute from a stricken helicopter.

    It would only make sense if the helicopter were flying at an exceptionally high altitude, which would be highly unusual.

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