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Jamal Badawi is an Egyptian-born Canadian imam and a popular lecturer on Islamic doctrines and Shariah. As reported here previously, Prof. Badawi will visit Tennessee next month to share his expertise at an interfaith event at the Murfreesboro Mosque.

Prof. Badawi is unabashed in his support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his name is associated with an alphabet soup of unindicted co-conspirators in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial. With the President of the United States firmly in the Muslim Brotherhood camp, there is no longer any need for US agents of the Ikhwan to conceal their proclivities.

The following report from Canada fills in some more background on Jamal Badawi. Tennesseans, take note!

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript of the subtitled French portions:

00:16   Based in Canada, Jamal Badawi is among
00:20   the most influential Muslims in the world
00:32   Engaged mainly in the relationship between sharia and Muslims living in the West
00:36   he is one of the 7 executive members of the Fiqh council of North America
01:41   In 1994
01:45   al-Alwani, the founder of “Fiqh Council of North America
01:49   has signed the concept of “fiqh al-aqalliiyat” in a fatwa
01:53   concerning the participation of Muslims in North-American politics.
01:57   Before this fatwa, the majority of Muslims living in North America
02:01   were hesitant to participate in the political life of infidels. This would have seemed
02:05   to go against Sharia which forbids all alliance with infidels.
02:09   This also seemed also deny the hope to see North America eventually submit
02:13   to Sharia. This decree has eliminated these doubts.
02:53   He also works at the core of 2 organisations created
02:57   and presided over by Qaradawi i.e. the ‘European council of fatwa
03:01   and research’ and the ‘international Union of Muslim jurists’.
03:05   He is also member of the North American Islamic society, of CAIR-CAN
03:09   recently re-baptised “National Council of Canadian Muslims’ and of
03:13   the American Society of Muslims (MAS)
03:38   The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) have adopted a kind of Sharia which permits
03:42   Muslims in minority to suspend, temporarily, the strict adherence to the laws of Islam
03:46   so they can concentrate on proselytizing which they call “dawah”.
03:50   The dawah aims equally at the conversion of Westerners, as to instill in Muslim minorities
03:54   a feeling of belonging and obligations towards the Ummah.
03:58   The Muslim community have implanted themselves in Canada
04:02   where many people converted, and where
04:06   mosques and schools have multiplied.
04:10   However, our community needs more mosques
04:14   more centers, more schools. These institutions aim to
04:18   to protect Muslim minorities from the temptation to adopt a non-Islamic lifestyle
04:22   and to defend them against what they call “Islamophobia”.
04:26   These organisations recruit Muslims and help them to organise
04:30   so as to avoid their assimilation into secular cultures. They also devise tactics
04:34   that will reverse the demographic balance in their favor.
04:38   They work at implementing Sharia gradually, in step with Muslims
04:42   becoming a more significant demographic force.
04:46   With their dawah, Qaradawi, Tariq Ramadan and Badawi have constructed a
04:50   wide network of establishments.
09:04   The Islamic State, or Caliphate is a prerequisite for the full application of Sharia
09:08   In the West where Muslims are still in minority
09:12   there is no Islamic state yet. Meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood
09:16   have created a group of highly hierarchical organisations
09:20   a kind of Caliphate prototype.
09:36   Qaradawi has presided over the initial meeting of the International Union of Islamic scholars
09:40   in 2004 in Ireland. This union, of which Badawi is a member,
09:45   represents the highest global authority on sharia and it
09:49   co-ordinates strategically organisations such as the “Fiqh Council of N. America’ and
09:53   the ‘European Council for Fatwa and Research’.
09:57   In 1997 Qaradawi has also started “”
10:01   an internet site which functions as an archive for fatwas, where Islamic jurists
10:05   give directives to Muslims of what is permitted or forbidden to do in the West.
10:09   And yes, Jamal Badawi does write
10:13   for this internet site. The objective of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West,
10:17   according to Qaradawi, is the conquest of the West, not by violence, but
10:21   by Dawah and demography. Qaradawi also stressed that while awaiting
10:25   the institution of a Caliphate in the West, it would be in the interest of the Ummah
10:29   to create autonomous Islamic communities at the very heart of the non-believers’ countries
10:33   enclaves which would pledge to live, not by the rules of the law of Western democracy,
10:37   but by the Sharia.

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  1. As I said on Vlad’s blog this man makes an interesting point; would you rather 80 lashes or would you rather 15 years in prison?
    Keep in mind HMS used to meet out punishment in lashes.
    I think I might chose the lashes instead of the 15 years.

  2. Bad-wawi’s zabiba seems rather modest for someone of his perceived influence. Bad you ain’t bangin’ hard enough. More zealousness needed boy!!

  3. I wonder if the neural sciences can draw a correlation between the zebiba and brain trauma injury like in the National Football League (NFL)? It seems the more prominent the zebiba the crazier the wearer.

    After many generations of denial the NFL is finally taking action to eliminate brain injuries. Isn’t it about time, after 1400 years of inaction, the rational world takes drastic action against a similar enabler of brain trauma? islam.

  4. Badawi like so many others of his supremacist cult clearly state their intentions of subversion and eventual destruction of our societal institutions and culture. We remain tolerant to this intolerance at our peril.

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