Marine LePen: After Lampedusa, We Must Be Firm

A boat full of illegal migrants caught fire and sank near the island of Lampedusa last week, killing hundreds of people. This tragic incident caused much hand-wringing among the EU elites, who hold Europeans — and especially Italians — to be at fault when would-be immigrants overload unsafe boats and die in the attempt to make it to the land of milk and social benefits.

Marine LePen, whose party the National Front is now leading in the French polls for the EU elections, speaks with uncommon common sense about the consequences of showing “compassion” towards these desperate opportunists from the Third World. To welcome them and succor them can only guarantee a true “Camp of the Saints” crisis, with all the suffering, privation, crime, death, and social unrest that would inevitably ensue.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A relevant article from AGI illustrates the attitude decried by Ms. LePen:

Italian Integration Minister Asks to Amend Immigration Law

(AGI) Lampedusa, Oct 6 — Italian Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge has called for an amendment to a controversial immigration law, following the sinking of a boat carrying African migrants off the coast of Lampedusa on Thursday.

“It is absurd that the survivors are to be placed under investigation for illegal immigration. We must debate this point in the coming days. Laws on immigration must be revised, particularly the provision that makes illegal immigration a crime.”

The minister referred to the law pushed through by right-wing parties in 2002, the so-called Bossi-Fini law. “The Bossi-Fini law needs to be re-examined. This is not only my opinion and I’ll discuss it with several ministers in the days to come”, Kyenge said from Lampedusa.

Video transcript:

00:00   at the EU (I think)
00:04   Following the tragedy of Lampedusa
00:08   European Governments prepare to facilitate
00:12   the access of foreigners to Europe. It is clear
00:16   that the diplomacy of emotion is the most dangerous and least adapted
00:20   to the situation. It is exactly the contrary we have to do.
00:24   The moment you let these men and women think
00:28   they can risk their lives and if they manage
00:32   to put foot on European territory, they will be saved
00:36   and they can remain on European territory
00:40   and they can be taken care of, and their children can be schooled for free
00:44   and they can get free medicals, I say “free” in quotation marks
00:48   of course it’s not “free” it’s paid for by our communities
00:52   that they get social housing, that they benefit
00:56   from social services which we cannot afford
01:00   even for our own compatriots, then they will attempt this adventure
01:04   and you will be personally responsible
01:08   MORALLY for the deaths which will happen
01:12   during this terrible risk taking. Obviously the only means
01:16   to stop those deaths that multiply is
01:20   to send a clear signal of firmness, to explain that it’s not worth to attempt
01:24   this crazy adventure because we will be firm
01:28   and we will send these illegal immigrants back home
01:32   this is the only solution which is viable, which is humane
01:36   humane, for them and for us.

Hat tip for article: C. Cantoni.

15 thoughts on “Marine LePen: After Lampedusa, We Must Be Firm

  1. True compassion, requires a firm application of just law. Superficial piety will create misery in the long run.

  2. Exactly the same thing has been happening in Australia. However, here the Government is determined to stop the flow by turning back the boats as much as possible, and by preventing those who do arrive from gaining permanent residency. The Opposition lost government partly because they were not tough enough against boat people, but even they don’t pretend that illegal immigration is a good thing.

    • I think the tide is turning. There is growing opposition to what is happening in Europe – and the few that are in favour of it seem to be getting fewer. How much support do Europe’s elites really have? What is their power founded on? Wishful thinking and sentimental hot air?

    • In Australia under the left (Greens/Labor) government, border control was all but given up completely over the past 6 years.

      This resulted in a whole “Illegal Immigration Industry” with pigs at the through greedily gobbling down rewards, in form of cudos, political opportunities, and, of course financial benefits. I speak of the “Greens” and assorted leftist politicians, the media, lawyers, people smugglers.

      The modus operandi of these illegal boat arrivals (a majority of them muslims) went something like this:

      Take a regular flight from Iran/Iraq/wherever to Indonesia, where they needed no visa. There they paid a people smuggler about 10 000 Dollars per person, embarked on a boat and – when some way (often only a few sea miles) towards Australia, they called their Australian “contacts”, declaring they were in “distress” (and sometimes they were – we will never know how many drowned), their Australian contacts called our Navy who then had to “rescue” them. Towards the end of this Left Government, our Navy was basically forced to provide a taxi service with 2 to 3 illegal boats “in distress” nearly on a daily basis.

      This was reprehensible on so many levels – for one, the REAL refugees in REAL danger, who had neither the money nor the contacts were languishing in some forsaken refugee camp, while the pushy ones jumped queue and took their places. Australia’s humanitarian intake of REAL refugees is one of the most generous (per capita) in the world, yet the “illegal immigration industrials” labelled Australia with the usual insults as “raaaaacists and blablabla”.

      The last government (we now have a conservative one since the 7 September) had so lost all control, that we dont even know how many of the illegal arrivals are on the streets – unchecked. One of the methods of those illegal boat arrivals was to destroy (or sell) their identification papers – consequently officials dont really know WHO is behind the name of Mohamed, Josef or Mary. Anecdotally, there have now been already incidences of sexual assault by some of these people. One person had actually been on the Interpol most wanted list and it took our Officials 6 months to find out that he was living somewhere on a farm here. His (taxpayer funded lawyers) cited as defence that he had done “nothing illegal” in the months he was in Australia.

      Anyway, I think I stop here. Hopefully our new Prime Minister, Tony Howard, very much maligned by exactly these vested interest referred to above, will have a spine, where the others had marshmallows.

      And yes, Malcom is right, the election outcome was due in no small part to this illegal immigration issues, because the Green/Labor government had forgotten to vote in a new People, as much as they despised the present one – (contempt that was very much reciprocated).

  3. Cécile Kyenge Kashetu is obviously not an italian name. Google for her and you will see why this foreign minister, seated in a strategically advantageous position (‘integration minister’), feels so much sympathy with southern intruders that legalising them is one of her top priorities. And seen the EU treaties, giving them a legal status for Italy means they will have one in the EU.

  4. Funny how the hand-wringers are totally silent about the ongoing genocide of Christians throughout the Muslim world.

  5. Correction

    Just look at the changes in the last decade. My old University- a very good one- UCL London now has 80% foreign students. The old stolid “cockney” of East London and their native upper crust “Sloans” from which HRH Diana, are now an endangered species. London is almost an Islamic city. This is genocide. Their even “annexing” traditional shires like Fulmer now- and even in my own old Saxon hundred, near Windsor the colonisers are not even waiting for Churches to be empty of their congregations before trying to pressure the priests to sell them to turn toward Mecca. In my ow Parish, a still very much used Roman Catholic church, which is unique and its almost brand new community centre, supposedly only to be used by the Parish, is now almost in the hands of a Moslem group who want the Church as well, which still has packed masses

  6. If it is legitimate for the US to remove incentives (jobs) for people to enter the US illegally, is it not legitimate for Europe to discuss removing the incentives (welfare) for people to enter Europe illegally?

  7. What is ridiculous is that the survivors are not being tried for murder of their fellow-passengers who have died. But of course, that would require the insane policy-makers to be tried as accomplices, and since they have as a class evaded prosecution for even more serious crimes than mass murder, I suppose it is “unrealistic” to expect the law to be applied.

    • Good point.

      However, we used to have navies that would sink these boats. I’m sick watching the cloying sympathy for these invaders.

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