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  1. Here’s the bottom line for me: Those of European descent and culture are under attack by the Left and it’s minions. They play a dirty game against us. First they allow all the other ethnic groups to engage in ethnocentric if not openly racist behavior towards everyone else and in addition they are given special privileges by the state for employment and free benefits of all kinds. And the same goes of different sexual orientation. They are openly allowed to threaten businesses, schools and groups who do not support their agenda as in the case of Chik-a-filet and the Mormon church.

    If straight, Christians of European descent did the same against a Mosque the entire weight of the federal government would come down on them.

    We’re not Copts yet, but we’re getting there.

  2. Good points as always, i can see clear paralels with antisemitism. Also a word that lost its meaning. One can only cry wolf so many times…

  3. The final solution for progressives is the elimination of white people, so the arsenal chemical weapons are the refugee convention hand in hand with multiculturalism and hand in hand with destruction of the famility (and the resulting auto-genocide), all to undermine the nation state and social cohesion.

    So Pat, you are right about “Racism” being used to tactically eliminate an opponent, but the real end to the means is a final solution for the carriers of the ‘original sin’.

  4. Yes, indeed.

    Of course, the only feasible explanation for the double standards, special pleading and supine attitude of “progressives” in regard to Islam is that they’re latent racists themselves, it’s a bizarre form of therapy. Apparently some idiots still believe in the myth of the “Noble Savage”.

    And these hypocrites don’t like like to be ‘outed’—I was banned from “Loonwatch” after questioning the admin’s transparently biased “outrage” at rampant “Islamophobia”.

  5. Karl Marx taught that capitalism was fatally flawed and would inevitably collapse of its own weight. Lenin couldn’t wait for capitalism’s “inevitable” collapse and was willing to institute totalitarianism in order to force the communist “paradise” into being. The Frankfort Group, frustrated by capitalism’s continuing success and by the severe under-performance of the communist nations, changed the focus of the progressives away from the glorious superiority of communism (since that superiority was nowhere in evidence) and onto the disparagement of capitalism, which was portrayed as being so evil that ANY change would be an improvement. (Note Obama’s slogan of hope and change. He doesn’t say what change. The implication is that any change would be an improvement. Note also his “forward” slogan, which is an old communist slogan. Forward to where? Wherever the progressives tell you to blindly follow, of course!) It was the Frankfort group who created the philosophy of mindless and libelous attack on the existing order. It was they who formulated the strategy of using the race card to destroy American values, and to use an expanding-to-infinity welfare state to destroy American solvency. The source of all evil is not money, it is the Frankfort group and their poisonous philosophy which now dominate our schools and politics.

    • What is scary about the Frankfurt School is that so many things going wrong in the West today can be traced to their 50-80 yr old plans of how to destroy the west from within.

      They identified that the main obstacle to communism and the main foundation of capitalism are nuclear families. Their logic was that when the people are divided into such small units as families, they are by nature incentivized to compete with each other instead of working together as a commune.

      Many things going wrong in the west in the last half century (patriot shaming, mass immigration, feminism, gay marriage, high divorce rates, promiscuity and single motherhood, the welfare state, ecology) that most people at first sight thought were some sort of inevitable natural progression to “modernity” happening purely by chance, were in fact massively pushed by the left as a means to undermine the cultural and philosophical underpinnings of the west.

      But nothing of this is happening by chance. After their “long march through the institutions” the leftists have gotten into positions of cultural influence (schools, universities, media, nowadays also into churches) and started a mass reeducation, but not with the intent to improve anything as people would instincitvely expect of intellectuals, but to change the western culture in such subtle but crucual ways, that capitalism _has to_ collapse under its new own weight, the weight they added to make it collapse.

      As the Germany communist Willi Münzenberg plainy stated: “We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.”

      And it works.

      If their end goals werent so evil, one could actually say that their strategy, execution and results (so far) were nothing short of brilliant.

  6. I am so reminded of the several attempts by the Obama admin to identify those that did not agree. So many people flooded the web sites with “self confession” that they had to shut the thing down.
    Never the less, the NSA is now known to hoover up your email mailing lists along with your buddy lists. It is absolutely chilling.
    In some respects, GOV is protected because you are a well known web site and anything the Feds might do against you will be countered by a team of lawyers from free speech orgs. Not so the little guy.
    If the gov’t gets their claws into you and you are a little guy you will become just one other statistic that pleaded to something to make it stop.

  7. Babs, what on earth are you talking about? “I am so reminded of the several attempts by the Obama admin to identify those that did not agree. So many people flooded the web sites with “self confession” that they had to shut the thing down.”
    Agree with what? Who? Confess to what? What websites? What thing got shut down?

    • You don’t remember the Obama “snitch” site and phone number of a few years ago? It was so absurd that thousands of people phoned in or went on the web site and “self confessed” just to clog the thing up. It was taken down after a few weeks due to tremendous ridicule.

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