“Islamophobia” Is Undefined

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Below is the intervention read by Ned May, representing the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw, Session 6 “Freedom of religion or belief”, September 26, 2013.

We owe a big thank-you to Henrik Ræder Clausen for doing the recording, and to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading it:

The prepared text is available here, or as published at OSCE (pdf format).

This intervention was an abbreviated version of a longer piece…

…a four-page ICLA statement published at OSCE (pdf; HTML version) , which in turn was an executive summary of a much longer paper, “The Problematic Definition of Islamophobia”, published by ICLA on September 20 (posted here by the Baron in a slightly different form as “Stalking the Mythical Islamophobe”, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5).

The entire sequence was the result of careful preparation by the ICLA Research Group, which did all the advance work during August and September. Because I sat on the sidelines and watched it happen, I know how hard they all worked to deconstruct the Turkish definition of “Islamophobia”. They just barely got it finished before the Baron left for Warsaw.

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