Islam in Switzerland

I don’t like to think of Switzerland as having the same dire problem with cultural enrichment as the rest of Western Europe. And it’s true that the Swiss are better off than most Western countries: they have just scheduled a referendum for early next year to decide whether quotas on further immigration will be enacted.

However, as you will see in the following TV news report, there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Switzerland, both “moderates” and “extremists”, all doing their best to Islamize the Confoederatio Helvetica.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this video:


00:04   Are we really still in Switzerland?
00:08   many of you will ask this
00:12   when you see the next report: it shows many of the radical Islamists
00:16   are unapproachable. This causes fears among the people
00:20   The Burka ban in Tessin proves it. While not many Muslims
00:24   join the extremists, real numbers
00:28   don’t exist. According to authorities
00:32   Islamists are a threat. Thomas Vogel & (?) tried
00:36   to approach the world of radical believers. They met with
00:40   distrust and closed doors.
00:44   A non-descript hotel in Winterthur. Islamists collect
00:49   money for Syria. Invited by a preacher from Germany
00:53   via video. “The exact address…
00:57   we will publish one day before”.
01:01   When the ‘Rundschau’ team arrives, the organisers are marking 2 separate
01:05   entrances: for women & for men.
01:09   Canton Police are already in the hall. They will note what the speakers
01:13   say. Journalists are not allowed in.
01:17   The media distort a lot
01:21   and we Muslims are not stupid, just so you know.
01:25   You are afraid of the Public! No, if we were afraid of the public
01:29   then we would not live in Europe. We would go
01:33   into some mountains.
01:37   (unclear)
01:41   (Abunatschi?) is a radical Muslim who organises distribution of Korans
01:45   “Islam is the only truth”
01:50   Islam is the salvation from eternal punishment in hell
01:54   I swear by Allah, who does not accept Islam
01:58   and dies without Islam, will go for all eternity
02:02   to Hell. Swiss authorities have refused entry to the hate preacher
02:06   More guests arrive in Winterthur
02:10   the mood is unsettled. We are prevented from filming
02:14   (not clear)
02:18   we are from… (unclear)
02:26   next day in Zurich – Next fundraiser for Syria
02:30   this time the organisers allow us in
02:34   The ‘ Islamic Central Council’ has invited Abdul Azil(?) from Germany
02:38   The Berlin Constitution Protection service labels him
02:42   the leader of the ultra-conservative Salafist scene
02:47   the Prosecution investigated him for hate speech
02:51   however: without success
02:55   He who helps someone in difficulties
02:59   in this world, Allah helps him on the day
03:03   of resurrection. And he who helps someone
03:07   with his problems, Allah will
03:11   reward him on the day of judgement. The 35 y.o. preacher
03:15   is a star among the young radical Muslims. Among his own kind he speaks
03:19   clearly, with journalists not so much: “Are you in favor of stoning?”
03:23   “these questions have no place in Germany…
03:27   or in Switzerland. It’s a question
03:32   which goes into a void and stays there. The Muslims in the hall
03:36   show solidarity.
03:40   (??? very unclear)
03:44   Donations amount to 36,000 SF
03:48   The fundraiser
03:52   is interrupted for the 5 pm prayer. About
03:56   400,000 Muslims live in Switzerland. Every 7th practices
04:00   his religion and prays regularly. Rather unproblematic
04:04   according to an enquiry by the Swiss Federal Council about Muslims
04:08   in Switzerland
04:13   Would there not be a loud minority of radical Muslims
04:17   as the Islamic Central Council under Blanchot (?)
04:21   Blanchot (?) calls to jihad.
04:25   Does jihad mean only to whip out your weapon and that’s all?
04:29   or does Jihad mean
04:33   much more? Suicide bombers and terror
04:37   attacks, jihad also stands for the merciless fight against
04:41   the Western system. You gave a speech about Jihad
04:45   as a “Holy war”. Is there a “Holy war” in Syria?
04:49   Firstly…blabla
04:53   you would not ask this if you knew what “jihad” means
04:57   I have clearly defined “jihad”: it is (unclear)
05:01   Muslims on the way to Allah, it has the most different forms
05:06   humanitarian forms like social assistance
05:10   (unclear )
05:14   e.g. housing orphans. Blanchot (?)
05:18   shows himself as “caring” but families are separated in the hall
05:22   the public is divided into men and women
05:26   Near Zurich:
05:30   Here women are among themselves
05:34   a first Swiss fashion show for Muslimas
05:38   Fashion for the confident
05:42   religious Muslima. Headscarf is mandatory.
05:46   Hair represents sensuality. The participants have
05:50   nothing to do with “extremists”.
05:58   I have started wearing the scarf at 15
06:02   it belongs to my identity it is part of me
06:07   You cover your hair, and the whole body except
06:11   yours hands and face: why?
06:15   because I believe…err… as I understand…
06:19   that’s what Allah wants from us. I believe
06:23   that Allah gave us rules which we obey and it is better
06:27   for us if we obey them.
06:31   The fashion show is interrupted many times, to praise Islam
06:35   Most in the hall are moderate, but there are some
06:39   radicals. Under the models is a Somali
06:43   born and raised in Switzerland
06:47   Her Facebook profile shows an armed jihadist
06:55   on the net radical preachers report
06:59   what happens to women who don’t want to wear the scarf
07:03   they will never ever go to paradise
07:07   blabla and the scent of it
07:11   they will never smell it
07:15   blabla Dear Sister
07:20   so that eyes gawp at you
07:24   you are ready to go into the hell fire
07:28   the words of a popular internet preacher
07:32   If the preacher
07:36   is correct, this one will get to paradise. Petra
07:40   Rachima from Elsau. The Swiss woman has
07:44   joined Islam aged 25. Today she wears the veil in the village.
07:48   She keeps the dress & veil, despite hostilities
07:52   which she endures.
07:56   There were situations in the bus
08:00   where I was called “veil tart”, “all Muslims belong in prison”
08:04   “all veil tarts stink”
08:08   etc. etc. Only rarely does Petra
08:12   leave the house, and only to go shopping.
08:16   In the village she attracts attention. “One is worried…
08:20   I don’t know who is underneath, one is frightened…
08:25   we feel insecure…and frightened.
08:29   of people who hide.
08:33   Petra Rachima is Waitress by trade, but as veiled woman
08:37   she finds no more work. She is isolated in society
08:41   and spends most of her time at home. She posts
08:45   continuously on forums, always submitted to Allah.
08:49   always fighting. Her faith is the most important thing in the world for her.
08:53   When they fight us, we are on the right way,
08:57   errrr… hmm… giggle
09:01   I am rather a strict Muslima than
09:05   errr… looking for modern …errr…
09:09   and do the wrong thing in the end…
09:13   This house in Zurich has been
09:17   converted into a mosque. Friday prayers are attended
09:21   by approx. 500 Muslims. Mainly from Arabia and
09:25   Africa. The ritual washing before the prayer is
09:29   anchored solidly in their heads.
09:33   What these men think politically is unclear. This mosque is considered “moderate”
09:37   but some are under observation by intelligence services
09:42   Extreme Islamists present a continued threat to Switzerland
09:46   it says. “I don’t know those extremists”
09:50   and the intelligence services have perhaps…
09:54   different information which I, a simple man, don’t have
09:58   therefore I cannot answer you. But in our mosque
10:02   which is frequented by Muslims
10:06   there are no dangerous Muslims. Would you
10:10   notice it if there were? Yes Yes
10:14   there are opinions, but only opinions. The mosque is the eldest of town
10:18   today she bursts out of all seams. A steward silently directs
10:22   the believers to free places. Arabic
10:26   is not understood by many here. A translator translates the sermon of the
10:30   Imam into German.
10:34   Believers: fear Allah and make sure
10:38   that you don’t die without being Muslim. Many Muslims
10:43   who meet here for prayer are annoyed
10:47   that they are compared with jihadists
10:51   they have nothing to do with them, to the contrary, they feel at home in Switzerland
10:55   and accept the political system in which they live
10:59   In the mosques we are not allowed to ask questions. Interviews
11:03   are only allowed outside. We meet two women who leave the mosque
11:07   via a side entrance. You have
11:11   been seated in a room, separated from men. Yes Yes
11:15   (broken German) we alone women
11:19   Why are you separated? “it’s always …
11:23   men and women separate, it’s good, isn’t it? A man from the mosque
11:28   joins us, pushes the microphone away and reprimands the women
11:32   “you know they are analphabets…(broken German)
11:36   Swiss TV. “Yes, you are Analphabets for us Muslims”
11:40   because you always ask the same questions
11:44   these are questions which we are interested in. “Well go to school and learn something!”
11:48   Go and educate yourself about Islam, or Catholicism or …blabla
11:52   You are looking for any (crap?). Why do you offend us now?
11:56   I don’t offend you. You offend us each time with the same questions.
12:00   I only ask questions. Female: please answer
12:04   politely. Male: “be quiet”. Woman: “no no
12:08   “Be quiet, now I speak with the man”
12:12   “Islam is peace”
12:16   Islam is not terror, Islam is not violence
12:21   Islam does not humiliate women
12:25   Islam is something different. The majority
12:29   of Muslims is peaceable, no doubt, but
12:33   critical questions about radical currents within their communities
12:37   these Muslims have to accept. To react
12:41   aggressively, or to exclude the public is the wrong way.

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  1. Make no mistake, the swiss media are as pc as anywhere else. Insofar it was refreshing to hear a few skeptic tones from some of the journalists involved in this clip.

  2. An advanced country like Switzerland has lost its way, its purpose its direction, its values, its everything. So, they say, nature hates void, Europe is void of everything despite of what they hallucinate about childishly. Now they are mesmerized by the Islam and its direct direction, solid determination, steely will, fierce decisions, manly attitudes, mature thinking, future planning for taking over Europe and eliminating the dirty zombies. That’s why “democracy” go to hell” is appropriate. Life is an eternal struggle. Every day every hour. Since eternity. Allah helps those who are alert, not drunk and half-dead.

    • That sounds like what the Nazis and their muslim partners were saying way back. Wasn’t there some kind of backlash that cost upwards of fifty million lives? I imagine the unprincipled cowardly islamic lowlife is being watched aghast for now.

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