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Two young men have been prevented from traveling from the Netherlands to wage jihad in Syria. One was arrested, and, interestingly, the other has been confined to a mental hospital. The authorities estimate that about a hundred “Dutch” men have already joined the jihad in Syria.

In other news, a Yemeni man killed his 15-year-old daughter for talking on the phone with her boyfriend.

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Financial Crisis
» Celente Warns: The Collapse of 2014: “If You Don’t Have Your Money in Your Pocket It’s Not Yours”
» China Worries, European Banks, Earnings Pressure World Stocks; Dollar, Yen Up
» Foreign Tourists Aid Spain’s Recovery, Up 4.6%
» Portuguese Police and Armed Forces on Strike Over Austerity
» A New Court Battle for ObamaCare
» Diana West Responds to Conrad Black
» Dizzying Success of ObamaCare Inspires Private Sector
» Federal Prosecutors File Documents Implicating Deceased Tsarnaev Brother in 9/11/11 Triple Murders
» Government War on Conservatives Still On
» How ObamaCare Hurts You if You’re Looking for a Job
» In His Confusion He Blurted Out the Truth, Father of ADHD
» Latest Republican Failure a Surprise?
» Leno: ‘Easier to Join Al Qaeda Using Their Website Than it is to Sign Up for ObamaCare’
» Military Sources: Obama Administration Purging Commanders
» Mysterious Phone Calls From 865-6696 May Install NSA Surveillance Code on Your iPhone
» Report: NSA Spied on 124 Billion Phone Calls in One Month
» Trevor Loudon, Advocate for Freedom
» When Did the Cuban Missile Crisis Become Kennedy’s “Victory?”
Europe and the EU
» Arrest Made in Abduction Attempt of 4 Year-Old Girl at School in Motril, Spain
» Benedict XVI Surprised by IOR Chief Sacking, Says Secretary
» Dutch Jail Man for Preparing to Take Part in Jihad in Syria
» EU-Canada Trade Deal to Yield Netherlands Billions of Euros
» Francesco Hounye Had Been in the UK for Just Three Days When He Was Set Upon by the Gang, Who Smashed a Bottle in His Face as Well as Kicking and Punching Him in the Vicious Assault.
» Gang That Killed Lecco Native Were Not British, Say Police
» Germany: Holy Logic: Computer Scientists ‘Prove’ God Exists
» Greece: Parliament Cuts Off Golden Dawn’s State Funding
» Italian Man Accused of Stealing Job Killed in Kent
» Italy: Berlusconi Alimony Payments More Than Halved to 1.4 Million
» Lawyer Wants Wilders’ Inciting Hatred Case Reconsidered
» Netherlands: ‘UN Resolution Against Santa’s Helper?’
» Netherlands: Save Zwarte Piet Petition Claims 500,000 Likes in a Few Hours
» Norway: ‘She is Willing to Die’: Father of Teen Jihadists
» Spain: Bill Gates Buys 6% of Construction Group FCC
North Africa
» Egypt: Cairo: Police Fled Before the Attack on the Church of the Virgin Mary
» Seven Dead in Tunisia Clashes Between Police and Islamists
Israel and the Palestinians
» Halt to EU Funds in Israeli Settlements ‘Important’
» Mayor Confirmed in Jerusalem, Netanyahu Relieved
Middle East
» Saudis Announce They’re Going to Arm Al-Qaeda
» Yemeni Kills Daughter for Talking on Phone With Boyfriend
» Russia Getting Eaten Alive by Black Widows
» Somali-Swedes to Fight Russia With Clubs
South Asia
» Afghan Intelligence Service Removes Heroin-Addict Members
Australia — Pacific
» NZ: Fined for Ordering Woman to Remove Burqa
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Somalia: TV Reporter Critical After Assassination Attempt
» Finland: TEM: Migrant Youth at Risk of Marginalisation
Culture Wars
» Common Core Global Communion
» Credit Suisse Launches Gay-Friendly Company Index
» Interpol Chief: Arm Citizens Globally to Prevent Terror Attacks

Celente Warns: The Collapse of 2014: “If You Don’t Have Your Money in Your Pocket It’s Not Yours”

If there’s one thing that should be clear, it’s that nothing the government or their banking partners have done to solve the economic crisis has been for your benefit. They’ve enriched themselves, yet again, on the backs of the American people.

All the while, they’ve told us that everything is getting better. But anyone who’s paying attention know that nothing of the sort has happened.

We continue to shed jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people are still losing their homes. Personal debt is rapidly approaching 2007 levels. The U.S. government has borrowed more money than what we can ever hope to repay.

We are still in the middle of it and it’s only going to get worse.

If you think it’s over, that they saved us and we’re out of the woods, then you’ve got a lot of pain coming your way.

And if you think you still have plenty of time to prepare, that it’s decades or years away, you’d better think again.

Trend forecaster Gerald Celente predicted the collapse of 2008 in remarkable fashion. And now he’s warning of a similar crisis to come next year.

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China Worries, European Banks, Earnings Pressure World Stocks; Dollar, Yen Up

(Reuters) — Global equity markets fell on Wednesday on mixed corporate results and concerns that new scrutiny of euro zone banks could prove costly for its weaker members, while the U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen held small gains sparked by worries over Chinese monetary policy.

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Foreign Tourists Aid Spain’s Recovery, Up 4.6%

48.8 million since start of year. Italians down 9.9%

(ANSAmed) — MADRID, OCTOBER 22 — Foreign tourism is a key sector helping Spain get out of the economic crisis, according to data on the month of September released Tuesday by tourism ministry agency Frontur. Foreign tourism picked up 4.6% since the beginning of the year compared to the same period in 2012, Frontur said.

Overall 6.5 million tourists visited, 6.7% more compared to the same period last year.

Italian tourists decreased 9.9% — after the 19% registered in 2012 — along with visitors from Portugal, down 8.4%. Tourists from northern countries grew 17.7% — some 3.6 million — while Russian tourists grew 30% — about 1.3 million.

The most popular regions were Catalonia — up 6.6% and covering 25.9% of all arrivals — the Balearic islands — up 7.3% with 20.5% of the total, Andalusia — up 3.9% and 13.1% of the total and Valencia — up 11% and 9.9% of the total.

Madrid went down, attracting 6.4% but was chosen by 3.1 million foreigners, 6.7% less than last year. September however recorded a slight growth, up 1.5%.

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Portuguese Police and Armed Forces on Strike Over Austerity

To protest 2014 budget passed by government

(ANSAmed) — LISBON, OCTOBER 23 — In addition to regular workers, security forces have also taken to the streets to protest the Portuguese government’s austerity measures and the 2014 budget, which calls for cuts to the defence sector. The national association of Armed Forces sergeants has announced that it will be staging a protest in Lisbon on November 12, while another one will be held by the police officers union. These two latest initiatives are coming in addition to the strikes called by unions immediately after the government passed the budget. On October 25 postal workers will go on strike and on November 8 state employees — a sector hit especially hard by the austerity measures — will. On November 9 transport and communication workers will also be on strike. The least popular measures to be brought include a reduction in wages for state employees and a 5-hour increase in work hours per week, a rise in the retirement age to 66 years old, and a halt to reversibility pensions if the accumulated total is over 2,000 euros per month. The budget aims to bring in savings of 3.9 billion euros (2.3% of GDP) in order to comply with the parameters imposed by the EU-ECB-IMF troika in agreement for the 78 billion euros granted in 2011, and lead to a 4% deficit for 2014.

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A New Court Battle for ObamaCare

In a bombshell development that could potentially cripple ObamaCare, U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman ruled that the lawsuit aimed at blocking health care subsidies in states not running their own healthcare exchanges could move forward. The judge denied a request by U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to dismiss the suit, but also declined to grant a preliminary injunction sought by the plaintiffs in the case. Friedman has promised to rule on the overall merits of case by mid-February.

The plaintiffs in Halbig v. Sebelius contend that the Affordable Healthcare Act offered states a series of “carrots and sticks” to encourage them to set up healthcare exchanges. According to the suit, the biggest carrot was the offer of insurance premium subsidies, in the form of refundable tax credits from the U.S. Treasury, to low- and moderate-income resident in states that set up the exchanges. If a state refused, the stick was a federally-established, federally-run exchange with no subsidies at all…

One of the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Michael A. Carvin, contended the federal government’s approach amounted to giving each state “an offer you can’t refuse,” tempting them with generous subsidies to get them to set up state-run exchanges. When they refused to do so, the administration chose to ignore the law.

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Diana West Responds to Conrad Black

Why is NRO trashing American Betrayal, dismissing Vladimir Bukovsky, whitewashing Alger Hiss, and glorifying FDR?

Conrad Black has now published three attacks at National Review Online against my book American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, but I would bet the $4.1 million Black has to pay the U.S. government in fines related to his fraud conviction that he hasn’t read the book.

In his most recent attack — this time against a positive review of American Betrayal by famed Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov at Breitbart News — Black mocks Bukovsky for, in Black’s telling, imagining that FDR believed that the capitalist and Communist systems were on a path of “convergence.”

“Convergence theory” shows up in more than half a dozen listings in American Betrayal’s index. Nonetheless, Black writes:…

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Dizzying Success of ObamaCare Inspires Private Sector

[Note: This is satire.]

The Day One dizzying success of Obamacare has inspired several industries in the private sector to similar heights of achievement. “The private sector is always languishing behind the government,” said Jay Carney in a White House press release earlier today, “especially in terms of technology and efficiency. It is hoped that by our showing the world that success is achievable, others would be inspired to do as well.”

Indeed, with the government to lead the way, private sector businesses, and even other governments, are beginning to think they could succeed, too.. Consider some of the Obamacare inspired success stories of today:

Last week, Ford rolled out its Pinto II. Always on the cutting edge of green energy, the Pinto II boasts the new Internal Eco Drive, or IED powered engine. Selling like hotcakes, 8,327 Pinto IIs rode off the lot in the last seven days, and dozens of them carried their satisfied owners home without exploding. “We believe 48 of our new cars may have made it home safely, and there are reports of two or three more in another country that did the same. We’re just so grateful that our president showed us what’s possible,” said a Ford spokesman

In other news, Microsoft released its new SacreBleu! operating system. “We’ve had some bugs and glitches with the system initially,” said Microsoft on their website, “but just like ObamaCare, we’re seeing amazing success. Some of our customers, only 99.98%, reported system crashes and total data loss, but one man in Maryland said his computer is working just fine after installation. We’re waiting to hear what happens when he attempts to go online or actually install a program.”…

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Federal Prosecutors File Documents Implicating Deceased Tsarnaev Brother in 9/11/11 Triple Murders

Federal Prosecutors filed documents in Boston Tuesday, October 22, 2013 implicating deceased Boston Marathon Massacre brother, Tamerlan Tsarneav, in the triple murders in Waltham, Massachusetts on 9/11/11. The basis for the federal prosecutors filing was the statements of accomplice Ibragim Todashev shot to death in his Orlando home in May 2013 during an interrogation session with an FBI agent and Massachusetts state troopers. While the prosecutors have previously informed jailed brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev about this matter Tuesday filing in federal court in Boston was to deny further access to the information to surviving Dzhokhar and his public defender counsel. See our May 2013 NER article, “Refugee Jihad Terror in Boston” for background on the 9/11/11 Murders and our Iconoclast post on the killing of Todashev in Florida under bizarre circumstances…

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Government War on Conservatives Still On

The government’s war on conservatives hasn’t stopped. On Saturday, Christine O’Donnell revealed a second onslaught from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in addition to the illegal accessing and abuse of her income tax records by the Internal Revenue Service. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is investigating the IRS on that. News recently broke that the IRS targeted Dr. Ben Carson, for the first time, immediately after he criticized Barack Obama.

O’Donnell revealed on Saturday morning that the FEC is demanding payment of tribute (my words) to settle false accusations invented by a George Soros front group. Perhaps such shakedowns are an FEC money source like country speed traps.

For example, in 1996, in the U.S. Senate race in Illinois, the FEC demanded that Republican Al Salvi pay $200,000 in fines to settle Democrat complaints filed against him. The same, now-infamous Lois Lerner worked at the FEC before carrying her partisan witch hunt over to the IRS.

The FEC kept lowering its demands for money from Salvi, coupled with frightening threats. The FEC dropped its ransom demand to $100,000, then to $40,000. Finally, Lois Lerner offered to drop the case if Salvi pledged never to run for office again. Nearly four years and a hundred thousand dollars in legal fees later, Federal judge George Lindbergh threw the case out, shocking FEC attorney Lerner (who argued the case in court). “We never lose!” Lerner said to Salvi afterwards. But four years of scandal destroyed Salvi’s political career.

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How ObamaCare Hurts You if You’re Looking for a Job

We already knew that many employers plan to cut workers’ hours to stay under the threshold of Obamacare mandates. This makes full-time jobs — much less full-time jobs with health benefits — harder to come by.

It’s more difficult to track the phantom jobs that just don’t exist today because of Obamacare’s strain on employers. But the latest report from the Federal Reserve confirms that they are all too real.

The Federal Reserve collects feedback from businesses and issues reports about the economic outlook. Its latest report directly links Obamacare to a lack of hiring. In fact, it cites Obamacare’s mandates and regulations 10 times.

Examples from the report (emphasis added):

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In His Confusion He Blurted Out the Truth, Father of ADHD

“ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”

These were the words of Leon Eisenberg, the “scientific father of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),” in his last interview before his death.

Leon Eisenberg made a luxurious living off of his “fictitious disease,” thanks to pharmaceutical sales. Coincidentally, he received the “Ruane Prize for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Research. He has been a leader in child psychiatry for more than 40 years through his work in pharmacological trials, research, teaching, and social policy and for his theories of autism and social medicine,” according to Psychiatric News.

Yes, it was even admitted that they are his THEORIES. The medical industry is using the guise of helping children to depersonalize and disconnect our children from a healthy, normal upbringing…

Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, a founding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, in 1998 stated, “ADHD is fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction.”

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Latest Republican Failure a Surprise?

The capitulation of the leadership of the Republican Party in the showdown over the what was sold as a “government shutdown,” should not surprise anyone.

What is surprising is that, in light of the track record of the conservative party, so many people would expect any other result.

Isn’t this the conservative party that always folds its cards when the liberals/progressives/socialists go “all in”?

In fact, what has this party ever conserved, other than the liberal victories of it’s supposed adversary?

And is this anything new under the sun?

It might be instructive to examine what Robert Lewis Dabney wrote about these folks way back in 1897:

“This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn.”

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Leno: ‘Easier to Join Al Qaeda Using Their Website Than it is to Sign Up for ObamaCare’

As NewsBusters has been reporting, late night comics are having a field day with the disastrous rollout of the President’s health insurance exchanges. NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno began the program Tuesday saying it’s “easier to join al Qaeda using their website than it (is) to sign up for ObamaCare.”

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Military Sources: Obama Administration Purging Commanders

Nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the Obama administration this year, leading to speculation by active and retired members of the military that a purge of its commanders is underway.

Retired generals and current senior commanders that have spoken with TheBlaze say the administration is not only purging the military of commanders they don’t agree with, but is striking fear in the hearts of those still serving.

The timing comes as the five branches of the U.S. armed forces are reducing staff due to budget cuts, and as U.S. troops are expected to withdraw from Afghanistan next year.

“I think they’re using the opportunity of the shrinkage of the military to get rid of people that don’t agree with them or not tow the party line. Remember, as (former White House chief of staff) Rahm Emanuel said, never waste a crisis,” a senior retired general told TheBlaze on the condition of anonymity because he still provide services to the government and fears possible retribution.

“Even as a retired general, it’s still possible for the administration to make life miserable for us. If we’re working with the government or have contracts, they can just rip that out from under us,” he said.

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Mysterious Phone Calls From 865-6696 May Install NSA Surveillance Code on Your iPhone

All across America, people who have Sprint service on their iPhones and other mobile devices are receiving repeated calls from the number “865-6696” without any area code. Sprint message boards are full of thousands of complaints of people experiencing this issue, but no one seems to understand the true reason why these calls are being made.

When the call is answered, no one is there. Attempting to call the number back does not work. Spelled out on the phone keypad, the number “865-6696” spells out “UNKNOWN,” adding to the mystery of where these calls are originating or what their purpose might be…

To find out, I called a contact I’ve known for a few years who is an expert in cyber security. He’s been one of the people closely watching the Edward Snowden disclosures and the NSA surveillance issue. He obviously asked me not to reveal his identity, so I won’t.

He told me that this has been going on for over a year and that he believes the phone calls are a vector by which the NSA can install surveillance code onto iPhone devices but only if you answer the phone. Once you answer, a so-called “digital payload” is quickly downloaded to your phone while you are saying “Hello? Hello?”

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Report: NSA Spied on 124 Billion Phone Calls in One Month

The National Security Agency recorded information about more than 124 billion phone calls during a 30-day period earlier this year, including around 3 billion calls from U.S. sources, according to a tally from top-secret documents released by multiple news outlets.

Documents revealing details about the NSA’s Boundless Informant program show that information regarding billions of phone calls and computer communications was collected by the agency from across the world.

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Trevor Loudon, Advocate for Freedom

“Absolute power is when a man is starving and you are the only one able to give him food.” — Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean dictator (The Times, UK, July 9, 2004)

Trevor Loudon is a ball of energy. A New Zealander, Trevor is more passionate about saving America from the scourge of communism than most Americans are. Why would he care about what happens to America?

He worries because without America, there is nobody to save the rest of the world in times of trouble and to carry the torch of personal freedom. Trevor should know because his country is run by socialists and progressives. Trevor wrote a very telling 688-page book about “The Enemies Within, Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.”…

“There are over 100 members of Congress who could not pass a security clearance to clean the toilets at a military base in the United States. If you were a foreign agent and had friends in the Communist Party USA, Democrat Socialists of America, and the labor movement, would you not try to take advantage of such a relationship? Many members of Congress are linked to hostile foreign powers.”

[Comment: A must read article — especially for Americans.]

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When Did the Cuban Missile Crisis Become Kennedy’s “Victory?”

Even Democratic luminary Dean Acheson despaired: “This nation lacks leadership,” he grumbled about the famous “Ex-Comm meetings” so glorified in the movie Thirteen Days. “The meetings were repetitive and without direction. Most members of Kennedy’s team had no military or diplomatic experience whatsoever. The sessions were a waste of time.”

But not for the Soviets. “We ended up getting exactly what we’d wanted all along,” snickered Nikita Khrushchev in his diaries, “security for Fidel Castro’s regime and American missiles removed from Turkey and Italy. Until today the U.S. has complied with her promise not to interfere with Castro and not to allow anyone else to interfere with Castro. After Kennedy’s death, his successor Lyndon Johnson assured us that he would keep the promise not to invade Cuba.”

In fact Khrushchev prepared to yank the missiles before any “bullying” by Kennedy. “What!” Khrushchev gasped on Oct. 28th 1962, as recalled by his son Sergei. “Is he (Fidel Castro) proposing that we start a nuclear war? “But that is insane!…Remove them (our missiles) as soon as possible! Before it’s too late. Before something terrible happens!” commanded the Soviet premier.

So much for the gallant Knights of Camelot forcing the Russians’ retreat. In fact, the Castro brothers and Che Guevara’s genocidal lust is what prompted the Butcher of Budapest to yank the missiles from their reach.

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Arrest Made in Abduction Attempt of 4 Year-Old Girl at School in Motril, Spain


A 52 year-old Morrocan man was arrested after attempting to abduct a four year-old girl at her school in Motril, Spain. He entered a the school shouting “We will invade this country, we will teach your children (“and” or “to”) impose Islam in Al-Andalus”. (Arab name for the Iberian peninsula). He grabbed the victim by the arm. The girl’s father, who was present, was able to save his daughter after a struggle with the assailant and return her to her teachers.

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Benedict XVI Surprised by IOR Chief Sacking, Says Secretary

Prelate describes relationship of mutual esteem between popes

(ANSA) — Vatican City, October 22 — Benedict XVI’s secretary admitted in an interview Tuesday that the pope emeritus was caught off-guard when the Vatican bank chairman was ousted during his tenure in May 2012.

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi was sacked by the Institute of Religious Works (IOR) supervisory board amid reported disagreements over moves to get on the UN’s white list of states with top credentials against money laundering.

“Benedict XVI, who had called Gotti to the IOR to bring forward the policy of transparency remained surprised, very surprised” by the no-confidence vote, prelate Georg Gaenswein told newspaper Il Messaggero, when questioned whether Benedict XVI had been kept in the dark on the matter.

Benedict XVI “esteemed and loved him, but out of respect for the competencies of those who were responsible (for the decision),” the pontiff “chose not to intervene in that moment”, but later was in contact with the ex-chairman through “discreet” means.

Gotti Tedeschi was replaced seven months later by German banker Ernest von Freyberg, who has focused on transparency and international compliance as the IOR copes with questions into its past and scandal stirred by the June arrest of a man who once led a key Vatican accounting unit, Msgr Nunzio Scarano, who is accused of trying to smuggle 20 million euros into the country.

IOR ex-head Paolo Cipriani and ex-deputy director Massimo Tulli resigned following the arrest.

Gaenswein also admitted that his role as secretary, which puts him in an unprecedented position as a go-between for two popes — “a reigning pope and a pope emeritus” — has been, at times, “a nice challenge”.

“I have had some difficulty, occasional disagreeable experiences regarding misunderstandings and jealousies, but in the meantime, the waters have calmed,” Gaeswein said.

This said, Gaenswein assured, “Fortunately, there is a relationship of sincere esteem and fraternal affection between (Benedict XVI) and Francis I”.

Gaenswein said there is no chance Benedict would ever interfere with Pope Francis’s leadership.

“Anyone who knows Benedict XVI knows this risk does not exist. He has never and will never intrude on the government of the Church. It is not part of his style,” Gaenswein said.

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Dutch Jail Man for Preparing to Take Part in Jihad in Syria

One man has been jailed for a year, four months suspended, and a second sent to a psychiatric hospital for planning to go to Syria to take part in jihad or holy war, Nos television reports.

The court ruled that preparing to go to Syria, such as buying a plane ticket and collecting money, can be seen as preparation for murder. In turn, this means preparing to go to Syria and take part in jihad is punishable by law and a terrorist action, Nos television quoted the court as saying.

The court ruling is significant for the public prosecution department because until now there had been no jurisprudence on the issue. The ruling also has implications for other young men who plan to go or have gone to Syria, Nos said.

The public prosecution department also hopes the ruling will have a deterrent effect on other potential fighters.


The Dutch counter terrorism office estimates around 100 young men have gone to Syria to support the rebels against president Assad. The organisation warned that those who return could be more prone to take terrorist action on Dutch soil.

The public prosecution department had urged the court to jail Omar H for three years. During a search of his house police also found 10 metres of fuses, one kilo of aluminium powder and a number of dvds with jihadist material.

He had been released from jail pending his trial but was picked up in a train in Germany on his way to Istanbul, Nos television said.

On Tuesday it emerged two other Dutch men from Arnhem had been arrested in Germany en route for Syria.

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EU-Canada Trade Deal to Yield Netherlands Billions of Euros

‘The trade agreement between the EU and Canada is expected to benefit the Dutch economy to the tune of €600 million to €1.2 billion a year,’ said Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, following the announcement that Canada and the European Union have reached agreement on a raft of trade measures.

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Francesco Hounye Had Been in the UK for Just Three Days When He Was Set Upon by the Gang, Who Smashed a Bottle in His Face as Well as Kicking and Punching Him in the Vicious Assault.

Detailed CCTV footage captured the attack on 22-year-old Mr Hounye, who was left covered in blood and needed 23 stitches in his face.

Mr Hounye had been out for the night in the Brick Lane area of East London with a friend he had been staying with when he was attacked.

CCTV images show Mr Hounye and his 23-year-old pal being followed by a number of Asian men as they made their way back to the friend’s home in Shadwell, before a confrontation is seen to begin.

Police do not know what sparked an argument, but the exchange quickly became heated and the suspects threatening and aggressive.

One of the men grabbed the bottle that Mr Hounye was drinking from and smashed it against his face.

Mr Hounye desperately tried to escape and sprinted across the street to get away, but the group chased after him and continued to beat him before they eventually ran away.

The victim was taken to the nearby Royal London Hospital with deep slash wounds to his head and around his right ear.

He needed 23 stitches to his face and more stitches internally. He has suffered permanent scarring and a chipped tooth.

In a statement, traumatised Mr Hounye, who had come to London to study, said: ‘As a result of this incident I am now scared to go out on my own in London.’…

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Gang That Killed Lecco Native Were Not British, Say Police

Motive unclear for beating death of Italian man in Kent

(ANSA) — Milan, October 23 — Seven men arrested in the killing of an Italian working in a restaurant in Britain were not British, police said Wednesday.

The motive for the killing of Joele Leotta, 19, remains unclear as initial reports said he was accused of stealing jobs when he was attacked.

“They are of foreign nationality, not British,” police said of the suspects. “We are not treating the incident as racially motivated”.

Leotta died after he was kicked and punched by a gang of men aged 21 to 45 inside his apartment in the town of Maidstone in the county of Kent.

Initially, nine men were taken into custody but two were later released.

“You cannot even talk about a racial motive, as an investigation to determine (what) happened is still in progress,” police spokesman Richard Allan told ANSA.

Leotta, who may also have been stabbed in the attack, had travelled from his home in the northern town of Nibionno, near the city of Lecco, to Britain 10 days earlier to learn English and find work.

A friend of the victim sustained injuries to the neck, head and back that do not threaten his life. Authorities say Alex Galbiati was being treated in hospital.

Leotta’s family, informed of the killing on Monday, has travelled to Kent.

They are being assisted by the Consul General of Italy in London, Massimiliano Mazzanti, who told ANSA that he is following the case closely.

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Germany: Holy Logic: Computer Scientists ‘Prove’ God Exists

Two scientists have formalized a theorem regarding the existence of God penned by mathematician Kurt Gödel. But the God angle is somewhat of a red herring — the real step forward is the example it sets of how computers can make scientific progress simpler.

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Greece: Parliament Cuts Off Golden Dawn’s State Funding

Leaders of far-right party involved in criminal organization

(ANSAmed) — ATHENS — Greek lawmakers voted to cut off state funding to the far-right Golden Dawn party early on Wednesday, the latest effort by the government to clamp down on a party it has branded a “neo-Nazi criminal gang”, as daily Kathimerini reports. Golden Dawn had steadily risen on the back of an anti-austerity and anti-immigrant agenda to become Greece’s third-most popular party, until the killing of a left-wing rapper by a party supporter last month triggered the government crackdown. A legislative provision passed by 235 lawmakers in the 300-seat parliament suspends state funding to political parties if their leaders, or a tenth of their lawmakers, are charged with involvement in a “criminal organization” or “acts of terrorism”. The move could deprive Golden Dawn of a major financial resource.

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Italian Man Accused of Stealing Job Killed in Kent

Gang attack Lecco native working in England, friend recovering

(ANSA) — Milan, October 23 — An Italian man working in a restaurant in Britain was killed by a gang who accused him of “taking jobs,” local media said Wednesday.

Joele Leotta, 19, suffered kicks and punches from a gang of about eight men aged 21 to 45 in the town of Maidstone in the county of Kent.

Leotta, who may also have been stabbed in the attack, had travelled from his home in the northern town of Nibionno, near the city of Lecco, to Britain 10 days earlier to learn English and find work.

A friend of the victim sustained injuries to the neck, head and back that do not threaten his life. Authorities say Alex Galbiati was being treated in hospital.

Leotta’s family, informed of the killing on Monday, has travelled to Kent.

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Italy: Berlusconi Alimony Payments More Than Halved to 1.4 Million

Appeal expected after ex-premier wins bid to pay Lario less

(ANSA) — Monza, October 22 — An Italian court has cut by more than half the massive monthly alimony payments ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi must make to his estranged wife Veronica Lario, media reports said Tuesday.

A court in Monza has reduced Lario’s monthly alimony to 1.4 million euros from a previous award of three million per month set in December 2012, the daily Corriere della Sera reports.

Economic conditions were cited as a reason for the reduction to the alimony payments initially established by a Milan court.

It is expected that the new alimony package will be legally challenged by Lario, who was married for 22 years to one of Italy’s richest men and a three-time premier of the country.

In April, Berlusconi lost an appeal in a Milan court against the three million euro monthly alimony payments, leading the ex-premier to denounce the “unreal” verdict from “feminist and Communist judges”.

That left him one last appeal to a top court to cut the alimony of Lario, with whom he has three children.

But in the meantime, in July Berlusconi quietly launched a second case against the alimony payments, as well as a formal bid for a full divorce, in the court of Monza, leading to Tuesday’s ruling.

Monza in the province where Lario now lives, in the town of Macherio.

Lario left Berlusconi after he attended the 18th birthday party of an aspiring starlet and friend in Naples in 2009, accusing him of consorting with minors. The couple had been together for 30 years in total.

Following a three-year legal tussle between the separated couple, the courts initially gave Lario 36 million euros a year but awarded Berlusconi sole possession of his luxury villa outside Milan and his vast business empire.

The couple’s marital ups and downs have been well publicized over the years.

A media firestorm lit up in 2007 when Lario demanded a public apology from her “flirtatious” husband in a public letter to the editor of the La Repubblica daily, which published the contents on the front page.

“I am asking for a public apology, given that I haven’t received a private one,” she wrote in the letter.

The pair made up after Berlusconi said sorry and presented her with an expensive birthday present, disguising himself as a dancing sheikh.

When Lario filed for divorce after Berlusconi’s appearance at Neapolitan teen Noemi Letizia’s birthday party, the ex-premier told the gossip magazine Chi that he regretted the end of his “love story”.

Born Miriam Raffaela Bartolini, former actress Lario was Berlusconi’s second wife.

Berlusconi was smitten after seeing her perform topless in a Milan play in 1980.

Berlusconi announced late last year that he intends to wed for the third time, and is engaged to Naples-born Francesca Pascale, a woman almost 50 years his junior.

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Lawyer Wants Wilders’ Inciting Hatred Case Reconsidered

Lawyer Gerard Sprong is to ask the High Court to reconsider the 2011 case against Geert Wilders for inciting hatred.

Sprong was instrumental in getting the original case heard and was disappointed when Wilders was found not guilty.

Spong told tv programme Pauw & Witteman on Monday evening he has now asked the procurator general to take recourse in the interest of law, a special procedure in which the High Court in hindsight decides if a lower court has explained the law clearly and properly.

The ruling of the earlier case is not affected and there is no question of anti-Islam PVV party leader Wilders being punished.

The lawyer wants a clear ruling on whether Wilders was guilty of discrimination and inciting hatred with an eye to future similar cases, he told the tv programme.

The procurator general refused a similar request last year, but Spong is using a recent report by the Council of Europe to back up his latest effort. That report said the Netherlands is not doing enough to counteract racism.

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Netherlands: ‘UN Resolution Against Santa’s Helper?’

De Volkskrant, 23 October 2013

“Zwarte Piet” — or “Black Pete”, as the faithful assistant to Saint Nicolas is known in the Netherlands — is once again the focus of controversy because of his role and his skin colour, explains Dutch daily De Volkskrant. Santa Claus is derived from Saint Nicholas.

Verene Shepherd, who chairs the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, says that she considers the character of Zwarte Piet — a white person in blackface dressed as a 15th-century pageboy — provides an image of Blacks derived from the colonial period.

The working group is scheduled to present a report on the issue to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, says the paper, which could lead to “a recommendation that the Netherlands stop celebrating the feast of Saint Nicholas”.

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Netherlands: Save Zwarte Piet Petition Claims 500,000 Likes in a Few Hours

A Facebook page which acts as a petition to preserve the role of Zwarte Piet has been liked 500,000 times in less than a day.

The 500,000th visitor liked the site shortly before 08.00 on Wednesday. ‘Don’t let the Netherlands best tradition disappear’ the page, named Pietitie (Peteition) says.

The debate on the role of Zwarte Piet, played by a white person in black-face make-up, flared up last week when it emerged a UN human rights committee is looking into claims it is racist.

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Norway: ‘She is Willing to Die’: Father of Teen Jihadists

The two Norwegian-Somali teenagers who left last week to fight in Syria have told their father that they are ready to die in the struggle.

“Both in the email and the phone call, she told that she has traveled to Syria to participate in jihad and perhaps die there,” he told he channel. “She is willing to die.” He said he believed that the two sisters, aged 16 and 19 years old, had been brainwashed.

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Spain: Bill Gates Buys 6% of Construction Group FCC

(ANSAmed) — MADRID, OCTOBER 22 — US magnate Bill Gates has bought 6% of Spanish construction company Fomento Construcciones y Contratas (FCC) for 113,54 million euros becoming the company’s second-largest shareholder after Esther Koplowits, a Spanish businesswoman who keeps 53,9% of the capital through B-1998, the company said in a statement.

The statement released on Monday said that, after the sale, FCC keeps a portfolio of 242,031 shares, worth 0.19% of the capital while 39.9% is on the market.

Company shares went up 13% at the opening of Madrid’s stock Tuesday on news of Gates’ investment.

FCC vice chairman and managing director Juan Bejar told reporters that Gates has entered the company ‘for the long term’ and confirmed that the company is solid. He also said this could lead to more investments by Gates in Spain: ‘When he chose Spain, with FCC as a first step, it was because the country is attractive for him in general terms’, he added.

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Egypt: Cairo: Police Fled Before the Attack on the Church of the Virgin Mary

For the Administrative Director of the parish, the security forces fled up a side street instead of defending the faithful . Yesterday the funeral of the four victims of the shooting.

Cairo (AsiaNews) — The security forces charged with protecting the Christians of the Church of the Virgin Mary in Warraq were not present at the time of the Islamist attack that left four dead and over 20 injured. This was revealed by the Administrative Director of the Coptic community of al- Warraq ( Giza ) , who stated that he saw the guards sent by the Ministry of the Interior leave the building during the massacre ..

When questioned by investigators, the man said that he was working in his office — located above the entrance of the church — when he heard the shots. He looked out the window, noting that the security personnel had fled up a side street leaving unguarded the church . This witness reopens the controversy about the responsibilities of police and members of the army, already accused by Christian leaders of doing nothing to prevent attacks by Islamists or defend buildings and places of worship. Eye-witnesses of the al- Warraq attack confirm that despite numerous distress calls , police and ambulances only arrived on the scene two hours after the shooting.

The October 20 attack, is the first deliberate attack on a church in the capital since July 3, the day of the fall of the Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. According to reports three people were involved in the shooting, which targeted the marriage of two young people. Investigators believe that in addition to the two men aboard the motorcycle, a third accomplice had infiltrated among guests.

Yesterday thousands of people attended the funeral of Miriam Nabil, a victim of only 8 years, and the other three people who died in the shooting, all from the same family. In his homily, bishop Youannas said: “The blood shed by innocents is never in vain in the eyes of God and the Church . Those responsible for this act delude themselves if they think they will stop us from attending church. After this incident our community has gained more strength, thanks to the sacrifice of our martyrs . “

The case of al- Warraq has provoked harsh criticism from Muslim authorities. Ahmed al- Tayyeb , Grand Imam of Al-Azhar (the most important university of Sunni Islam ) , described the attack as an act of “ crime against religion and values €‹€‹.” The grand mufti Shawki Allam said that “the attacks against churches are prohibited acts by Islamic Sharia”. As for the political front , one of the leaders of the Freedom and Justice Party , the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood , wrote on Facebook: “I condemn with the greatest firmness this attack and demand an investigation .”

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Seven Dead in Tunisia Clashes Between Police and Islamists

(AGI) Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia), Oct 23 — At least seven people have died in clashes between the Tunisian National Guard and Islamist militias in the Sidi Bouzid area. In recent days security forces had killed 10 militiamen near the border with Algeria, and local authorities reported that they belonged to the Ansar al-Sharia group.

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Halt to EU Funds in Israeli Settlements ‘Important’

Guidelines will stop illegal activities, Palestinian president

(ANSAmed) — BRUSSELS, OCTOBER 23 — The coming into force at the beginning of 2014 of EU guidelines prohibiting the allocation of EU funds and financing to Israeli bodies with offices in the Occupied Territories is of “crucial importance”, said Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas at the end of talks Wednesday with EU president Herman Van Rompuy.

Abbas urged European and foreign companies operating in Israeli settlements in the West Bank to halt their activities in the area, since they are “against international law”. He stressed that his words should not be taken as against the State of Israel, since “we want to live side by side with this country” and to create peace with it. It should instead be seen as “against the settlements created in Palestinian Occupied Territories since 1967 and in the Palestinian capital, East Jerusalem.”

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Mayor Confirmed in Jerusalem, Netanyahu Relieved

Low turnout at municipal elections

(ANSAmed) — TEL AVIV — Secularist mayor Nir Barkat was reconfirmed on Wednesday as mayor of Jerusalem after a sleepless night during which his religious rival Moshe Leon appeared about to defeat him thanks to a low turnout at municipal elections Tuesday. Barkat won with 51% of the vote, followed by Leon with 45%.

Barkat was tacitly supported by Premier Benyamin Netanyahu while Leon was supported by Likud Beitenu’s deputy leader Avigdor Lieberman and the leader of Orthodox party Shas Arie Deri. His victory would have endangered the coalition government.

Tel Aviv’s outgoing mayor Ron Hulday was re-confirmed for a second mandate after beating his rival, leftist candidate Nitzan Horovitz with 53% of the vote.

In Nazareth, radical left MP Hanin Zuabi was defeated, obtaining 12% of the vote against outgoing mayor Ramez Jeraisi who was confirmed with 45%. She was hoping to become Israel’s first Arab woman to become mayor.

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Saudis Announce They’re Going to Arm Al-Qaeda

by Daniel Greenfield

The Saudis are not happy that the infidel American mercenaries have yet to be deployed in Syria. The House of Saud has gotten used to assuming that the United States will jump when their fattest member tells them to.

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Yemeni Kills Daughter for Talking on Phone With Boyfriend

(AGI) Sanaa, Oct 23 — A 15-year-old girl was burnt to death by her father in Yemen for talking with her boyfriend on the phone. The incident took place in Shabaa, a remote village in the southwestern province of Taiz. News reports sayd the girls was discovered by her father while she was talking on a cell phone with her boyfriend. According to ancient tribal traditions in some parts of Yemen, any contact between a man and a woman before marriage is forbidden. The 35-year-old father was arrested.

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Russia Getting Eaten Alive by Black Widows

Monday’s suicide bomb attack in Volgograd was not the first such attack in Russia, and it will not be the last. Since 2000, suicide bombings have become increasingly frequent in Russia, and “black widow” suicide bombers have been integral to this.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed at least six people and injured at least 33 others. Reports in Russia, however, suggest that the bomber was Naida Asiyalova, a 30-year-old woman from Dagestan — an insurgency-ravaged and predominantly Islamic republic in Russia’s troublesome North Caucasus region — who had recently converted to Islam and who was married to a known Islamic militant. If this is the case, it would represent the latest in a long line of terrorist attacks by black widows from the North Caucasus. From 2000 to 2004, all but five of the 25 Chechen-linked separate suicide bombings in Russia included women.

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Somali-Swedes to Fight Russia With Clubs

A famous Swedish bandy coach and Somali refugees are out on thin ice, and aiming for Siberia and the bandy world championship. With little time to practice, they are hoping for at least some goals.

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Afghan Intelligence Service Removes Heroin-Addict Members

(AGI) Kabul, Oct 22 — Sixty-five Afghan intelligence service agents have been dismissed after it was discovered they were heroin addicts. The announcement, which came from the agency, comes a few weeks after an alarming report from the United Nations, which revealed that Afghanistan risks becoming a narco-state. Eighty percent of opium produced in the world comes from Afghanistan and last year saw an increase in opium production. The agents were discovered as part of a project to rid the intelligence agency of addicts.

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NZ: Fined for Ordering Woman to Remove Burqa

A foreign student had nightmares after a shopper in a Dunedin supermarket told her to either take off her burqa or leave New Zealand.

Farm worker Yuet Rappard appeared before justices of the peace in the Dunedin District Court yesterday and was found guilty of offensive behaviour and fined $500 for telling a student to remove her burqa on May 17.

Rappard, representing herself, did not dispute that she told a University of Otago student to take off her burqa at Gardens New World, but told the court she was expressing her freedom of speech.

“I said, ‘Shame on you, you should take it off. When in Rome you should do as the Romans do’.”

Rappard, who moved to New Zealand from the Netherlands when she was a child, believed burqas should be banned and felt “intimidated” when she saw people wearing them.

The student, whose identity was suppressed, said being shouted at, first when she was at the checkout and then a few minutes later outside the supermarket, left her shaken.

“I was crying and shocked. I just felt lonely and scared,” she told the court.

She had since had nightmares and the incident had affected her studies.

Checkout supervisor Caitlin Jenkins, who was serving the student when the incident happened, said Rappard moved to within 10cm to 15cm of the student’s face before shouting at her to take off the headscarf.

“I think she called her a dirty Muslim and I think she said, ‘You’re from New Zealand — take off the head scarf’.”

The incident left her and others in the supermarket shocked and she and another customer apologised to the student.

“I was quite offended. I didn’t really know what to do.”

When she witnessed the woman shouting at the student again outside the supermarket she told her boss, who called police.

Rappard said that she did not use the words “dirty Muslim” and was not shouting.

Police prosecutor Tim Hambleton said Rappard’s actions were “morally repugnant” and qualified as offensive behaviour because onlookers were shocked.

In finding her guilty, justice of the peace Ashley Broad said he did not deny the importance of freedom of speech, but said people exercising the right “must not be offensive”.

Rappard was fined $500 and ordered to pay court costs of $130 and witness expenses of $50.

Speaking outside court, Rappard was unrepentant.

The guilty finding was an example of political correctness “gone mad”, she said.

“Telling a woman to take a burqa off is in my mind not offensive,” she said.

Asked if she would act in the same way again, she said: “Not in a supermarket, probably.”

Muslim University Students’ Association vice-president Bilal Barekzai said people in Dunedin were generally “quite tolerant” and this case was an isolated one.

Muslim women chose to wear headscarves and outlawing them would be restricting their freedom, Mr Barekzai said.

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Somalia: TV Reporter Critical After Assassination Attempt

Mogadishu, 23 Oct. (AKI) — A reporter for a UK-based private TV channel is in a serious condition in hospital in the Somali capital Mogadishu after gunmen shot him in neck, chest, and shoulder, according to a press watchdog.

Mohamed Mohamud, who was unconscious after Tuesday’s attack in Mogadishu’s Wadajir district, underwent surgery at a local hospital, The Committee to Protect Journalists said.

Somali security forces arrested three suspects after the attempt to kill Mohamud as he drove to work early on Tuesday.

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud issued a statement condemning the attack.

“There must be no impunity,” he stated, urging an immediate investigation.

It was unclear if 26-year-old Mohamud, who works for Universal TV, had written any sensitive articles before the attack, which was not immediately claimed by any group.

A record 12 journalists were murdered in Somalia in 2012 — the deadliest year, on record for the Somali press — according to the CPJ.

Those assassinated included Universal TV reporter Ahmed Farah Ilyas. Another reporter for the broadcaster, Abdulkadir Omar Abdulle, survived an assassination attempt last year.

Of the 33 journalists murdered in Somalia since 1992, the killers of all but one have gone unpunished, the CPJ said.

Along with Syria it is among the deadliest country for media workers, said the CPJ.

Al-Qaeda aligned Al-Shabab is routinely linked to attacks on journalists. But the Somali government largely ousted its militants from Mogadishu in 2011.

The spate of recent attacks raises concern that reporters have since been targeted by “a widening field of politically motivated antagonists,” the CPJ said, without elaborating.

Universal TV, which was established in 2005, covers news for the Somali diaspora with correspondents based in countries including Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Kenya.

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Finland: TEM: Migrant Youth at Risk of Marginalisation

Immigrants in Finland have lower incomes than the general population, are at risk of marginalization from society and even have less living space than Finns. That’s the conclusion of a new report on integration published on Wednesday by the Ministry for Employment and the Economy.

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Common Core Global Communion

Our nation is being hypnotized and manipulated by skillful propagandists. Most debates about Common Core are very off-track. Stay focused. This is a power-play. The Common Core Standards aligned to funding in federal legislation, HR 5 and SB 1094, will ultimately have total control of education, nationalizing education in the United States of America. Common Core will be used to TRACK individual students to meet individual standards. By stopping the Common Core Standards in your state, the federal government will not have the legal authority to access your child for tracking individual workforce plans and funding attached to your student.

Choice legislation is waiting in the wings. Charter schools are lining up at the federal trough for Title I funding that will follow the child in the choice legislation. By stopping HR 5 and SB 1094, we can stop the funding that follows the student linked to choice at any private, public or charter school. This legislation will diminish representative government and feed the charter school socialist take-over of education. Common Core was needed first to identify the student.

This is Obama’s Dream Come True: public funded- private charter schools with unelected school boards. This is a complete erosion of representative government; Control of K through 12 education; Obama expanding federal money for daycare starting at birth; the international connection, the Bologna Model, calling colleges in the United States to be “tuned” into this agenda of global convergence. Socialism is knocking on our front door and on all sides. We must act, now.

Overview of Propaganda

The educrats want the debate to be off track away from the power that will be able to mandate to the individual student, just like the individual mandate in Obamacare. Do not agree to this power-play. The debate about which academics in the Common Core should be taught, is a side issue. It’s like debating which flavor of poison should be given to everyone, when poison is the issue. The word is CONTROL. The national standards, the national curriculum, and national testing, are being put in place. Your child is called human capital that will be molded to fit the global child for the new world order. True academics are being replaced by dumbed down, subjective standards.


Situations were used for the student to respond to. The answers were “yes, maybe, no.” One story is about Midnight Artists that go out late at night and vandalize. The student is placed in a vandalizing situation and made to roll play in the first person, and asked if they personally would join the club to vandalize, scored toward group think, collectivism.

The first question is, “ in this situation I would join the club when I knew,” ‘my best friend had asked me to join’. Scoring to sub-scale #3, what is your willingness to honor self-made commitments to individuals or groups; you got 1 point for yes, (I would join the club if my best friend would join,) 0 points for no. If the student said “ No” I would not go out to vandalize with their best friend, that is a weakness, that student got a zero because there was not a willingness to commit to a best friend. Thresholds measure at what point your child will act. The sub-scale was looking for your loyalty to your best friend. So the government desired answer was “Yes” you would go out to vandalize if your best friend was going to do it. Everything was geared to group goals and group action.


This test was scored toward breaking down individualism and geared toward group thought. The scored data was used for research to develop controversial curriculum which has grown into vast programs of Character Ed, Civic Engagement, Social Justice programming, Self-Esteem programs, Interdependence, Cooperative Learning, Environmentalism, Redistribution of Wealth, Death Education, Bullying, Sexuality, etc, usually embedded in regular curriculum and sometimes in classes on their own.

These programs actually teach the opposite of what you might think they teach. It’s not about discipline, self-control, or honor. It’s breaking down individualism.


Cradle to Age 21

Remember, it doesn’t matter that your child is smart or has a high IQ…what matters is the right attitudes and values. Benjamin Bloom’s “whole child theory” of teaching, which is challenging the student’s fixed beliefs, includes the affective domain and must be taught from early ages to change American thoughts and values. SB 1094 calls for testing ‘across domains,’ the whole child, values included starting at birth. This is why the Pennsylvania EQA is so important. The test, which was a model for the nation, shows you exactly what is wanted in the future citizen.

[Comment: Important two part article on the Communist indoctrination aka “re-education” program. Colleges are also in the plan (see part 2).]

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Credit Suisse Launches Gay-Friendly Company Index

AFP — Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse has launched what it says is the first market index and portfolio based on gay-friendly policies.

The LGBT Equality Index ranks companies by how well they respect the rights of employees and other members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

“Our hope with the index and the portfolio is that companies across America, but eventually also across the globe, will say, ‘We see a clear a business case for us to change our model and adopt LGBT friendly policies,’.”

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Interpol Chief: Arm Citizens Globally to Prevent Terror Attacks

Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble told ABC News that one of the only ways to prevent terrorists from hitting soft targets was to arm citizens globally, noting that the Westgate mall siege would have been averted far quicker if it had taken place in gun-friendly areas like Denver or Texas.

Noble’s statements are a powerful rebuttal to the anti-gun lobby, especially given his background. The Interpol chief was formerly the head of all law enforcement for the U.S. Treasury Department.

Stressing that an “armed citizenry” was the only option besides turning soft targets like shopping malls into enclaves surrounded by “extraordinary security” perimeters, Noble suggested that the siege in Kenya, which dragged on for days and ended in the slaughter of 60 civilians, represented a huge public relations blow for gun control advocates…

As we reported last month, an off-duty SAS soldier armed with a handgun helped save at least 100 lives during the Westgate siege, returning to the building a dozen times to rescue hostages.

Noble’s argument that guns in the hands of responsible citizens can prevent bloodshed is backed by hard statistics.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/23/2013

  1. This is the very real future danger,the travelling jihadi.At present these retards are fixated by Syria,libya ,and a collection of states in east Africa,but once any European country takes decisive action to curb the predations of Islamic tyranny,this is where they will turn their attention ,Holland,danmark,sweden Norway,all of these have a population in the five million region ,and with the eussr granting “free movement of peoples”the enemy can have an army inside any of these countries within days,displaying a level of violence that any normal European will have difficulty in dealing with.The supreme threat of islam comes from within our own countries.

    • Brings to mind the rant from a mohammedan token-lord in the British parliament back in 2009 who threatened to “mobilize 10,000 jehadis outside the building” to prevent a real politician from Holland visiting. EU free movement states the obvious. How eventually could the proverbial **** not hit the fan? Rome will be needing all it’s legions back this side of the Rhine soon – I imagine.

  2. Unfortunate police unspeak or possibly the language of dhimmitude policing, reads more like a mitigation statement verging on a justification.

    “We believe the suspects picked a fight with the victim as he was obviously not from the local area and they took exception to the fact that he was a bit different.

    The victim has an Italian accent, his own style of dress and mannerisms and, when challenged by the Asian males, answered them back.

    They retaliated by grabbing the bottle and launching a vicious attack that has left him scarred for life.”

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