Don’t Send us Back to Italy!

The civil war in Syria and the crackdown in Egypt have prompted a new surge of refugees pouring into southern Italy, most of whom land in Sicily and the island of Lampedusa. The new arrivals are not fools — they know that the welfare-state grass is greener in Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Britain, and those countries — especially Germany and Britain — are preferred final destinations.

However, the EU’s rules on migrants require the country of entry to take responsibility for illegal immigrants after their landing. Northern European countries have tightened up their border controls, creating a culturally enriched backup of people desperate to make their way north to the land of milk and welfare benefits.

As noted in The Local:

Syrian asylum seekers are living camped out in between commuters and tourists at Milan’s busy rail hub, their number growing by the day as charities and city officials try to help.

Dozens of migrants are turning into hundreds at the city’s central train station, their attempts to reach longed-for destinations in northern Europe thwarted by stepped-up border controls.

Many of them landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa, where twin shipwreck tragedies this month killed at least 400 migrants, and have since gradually made their way up the peninsula.

Italy is demanding that the EU revise its rules on migrants, thereby lifting some of the burden from countries that serve as ports-of-entry for the boat people — which, in most cases, means Italy.

The German TV news report below describes the situation of illegal immigrants who have made their way to Hamburg. Note that those who protest their deportation are not objecting to being sent back to their country of origin, but rather to Italy. The Italians don’t lavish as many benefits on their culture-enrichers as the Germans do.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   A fight has broken out about Hamburg’s refugee politics.
00:04   In the past few days this fight
00:08   about a group of Lampedusa refugees has intensified.
00:12   Nearly every day
00:16   there are protests against deportation,
00:20   and for a generous offer of residence. Before this demo the SPD-led Senate
00:24   had received this ultimatum from leftist groups:
00:28   Police interventions like this one “must be stopped”.
00:31   Over the last days, police search around railway stations and in the streets
00:35   for refugees like Ale al-Hassam.
00:39   He was stopped by police near Hamburg’s central station.
00:43   “They took my documents
00:47   and took me to the station. They asked me how long
00:51   I had been in Germany.
00:55   I should go here, tomorrow, I don’t know what I should do there
01:00   I have to go there, I don’t know what I’m going to do there.”
01:04   The aim of these controls: the city wants to
01:08   examine each case of the Lampedusa men individually. The refugees want to avoid this at all costs.
01:12   They have been fighting for months for residency
01:16   as a group without verification of individuals.
01:20   On the grounds of St. Pauli church, the men don’t have to fear any police.
01:24   The police do not enter these premises.
01:28   However, whoever dares going to the corner shop
01:32   has to expect a control.
01:36   He will be fingerprinted, photographed.
01:40   Then they get a note telling them they should report in 14 days
01:44   to the Foreigners’ Registration office. What follows is logical:
01:48   It will be deportation. Many refugees
01:52   don’t leave the church grounds at the moment for this reason.
01:56   Kwajo hopes also to escape deportation to Italy this way.
02:00   If we now have to
02:04   go to Italy, then we have nothing;
02:08   we don’t get any house in Italy.
02:12   St. Pauli Church will continue to support the men.
02:16   Food, sleeping bags, everything
02:20   has been financed by donations. The city of Hamburg wants to help the refugees only
02:24   when they disclose their identity.

Hat tips for the articles: Fjordman, Insubria.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Send us Back to Italy!

  1. Let the Germans that think so strongly about this take these refugees into their homes. Oh no! Not me! the Gov’t should do it…

  2. We got to stop these savages! These invaders who are trying to overrun and steal away our countrys, cultures, trying to make us out to be racists, and bigots if we protest, trying to silence us with false guilt.

    Who the hell are these muslim savages?

    These evil left marxist traitors standing behind them, egging them on, the left using these fools as there own private proxy army to kill us, silence us, carry this genocide against our western cultures, countrys, churches.

    This is a war. Its begun.

    These boat people, these bogus asylum seekers, these muslim islam savages must all be turned back, turned away, back to there own countrys.

    We must do it, and we must start arresting these cancerous new nazi marxist enabelers, who playing the race card against anyone who is seeing the truth as ti where this is all leading.

    The racists are tge left marxists, they are the architects behind the anti white genocide being now perpetrated against all white western europeans.

    Geert wilders
    Marine le pen
    Paul weston
    Tommy robinson
    And the other enlightened, we salute you!

    Ban islam now!
    Ban the koran
    Arrest all anti white left wing nazi marxist traitors!


    • Yes it is a war and the Left is indeed using Muslim and 3rd immigrants as foot soldiers.

      As to why it’s rather self-evident, these people are not productive and never will be, they don’t fit into a 1st world civilization, they are made for being on the dole. Hence they become a powerful voting bloc for the Left and their patronage system and they won’t rebel.

      They are also good for intimidating the native Westerners as well.

      Of course the elites have no understanding of the Muslim mentality. They don’t get that once the Muslims get to say 30% of the population they will take over and put hot lead into the idiot elites that fostered their ascendency and turn Europe into a 3rd world cess pit.

  3. We need to get rid of the EU, bunch of anti-white traitors and hypocrites… funny how they call us racist and don’t let us deport all those non-white invaders, but in the meantime other European countries tighten up their border controls… a clear sign that Europeans don’t want to be overrun by non-whites, especially muslims, but the EU don’t care about what people want.

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